Linda & Erin Peacecorps And Sportcorps


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Linda & Erin Peacecorps And Sportcorps

  1. 1. SportCorps “Putting Cleats on the Ground”
  2. 2. Overview Through 25 years of focused research, innovative programming and extensive outreach, Sport in Society has utilized the power of sport as a vehicle for achieving individual and collective health. We educate and support leaders both locally and globally to create sustainable programs and systems that lead to a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment.
  3. 3. The Issue: Unhealthy Urban Communities …and inclusive Sport has the capacity to environment necessary …healthy… create a safe… for individual and collective well-being. • Lack of opportunity • The eventual cost of • Urban youth have only 1/3 translates not only into inactivity is more than $112 the opportunities to physical inactivity, but also billion in wages lost, health participate in sports as into criminal activity, with care expenses, and suburban children FBI data showing a tripling ultimately, in human lives • Urban girls participate at of juvenile crime in the • Children born today are half the rate of boys after school hours expected to live shorter • Primary barriers to youth between 3- 8 p.m. lives than their parents as a sport participation are result of their overwhelming transportation, safety, • Poor safety is associated inactivity and poor diet with lower physical facilities and access • Overweight children are at • Children who do not have activity and higher increased risk for Type 2 consistent access to adult prevalence of overweight diabetes, cardiovascular guidance and support have in children problems a higher incidence of at-risk behaviors
  4. 4. THE HEALTH CONNECTION “The mission of Fitz UYS Health Connection is to improve the health and well- being of urban youth through physical activity and healthy development. “ SportCorps builds upon the Fitz UYS Health Connection program and its outreach model. The Health Connection has had a positive impact on more than 20,000 children through... •focused programming •in-depth training •strong local partnerships •creation of community touch points
  5. 5. History of Success •Co-Creator of The Boston Youth Sports Congress •Chaired working committees for Healthy Development, Urban Girls, Facilities and Transportation, and Disability •Co author of city wide needs assessment, Play Across Boston •Member of White House Obesity Task Force •Recognized by Academy of Arts and Sciences •Member of Harvard Prevention Research Center Community Advisory Board •Advisor to the World Sport Chicago Legacy Committee
  6. 6. Evolution of a Community Wellness Model Health Connection & Double Dutch SportCorps Play Across Boston Mass. League Boston Youth Health Connection Partnership: Sports Congress Expansion Health Corps 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2010 City-Wide Athletes in Baylor Health Working Service Care System Committees Junior Coaches Community Meetings in Academy Every Neighborhood
  7. 7. The Solution: SportCorps “Putting Cleats on the Ground” Vision: Mission: Objectives: To harness the To mobilize • Create global impact power of sport to individuals to in a scalable and create healthy increase access to sustainable fashion communities physical activity and • Engage and healthy development empower individuals opportunities in local to improve the and global health of their local communities communities • Showcase sport as a change agent
  8. 8. SportCorps Action Plan SportCorps Members Community Asset Mapping Placed in Neighborhood Creation of Tailored and Collaboration Building Health Centers, Schools, Community-Specific Model Community Organizations • Build relationships with • Conduct nationwide • Implement physical physicians , health center neighborhood needs activity programming staff, community members assessment to linked to healthy and university partners determine physical development initiatives activity opportunities • Community organizing – • Provide prescription policy for physical activity • Work with clinicians, support existing sport and healthy development schools, parents and programming key community leaders • Delivery of need-based • Provide nutrition, to strengthen the diversity, leadership, and programs that fill gaps health of each violence prevention community • Coordinate with SIS curriculum resources and SportCorps University Research Fellows
  9. 9. Long-term Sustainable Impact …and inclusive Sport has the capacity to environment necessary …healthy… create a safe… for individual and collective well-being. • Create sustainable physical • Increase opportunities for • Increase access for all activity and healthy physical activity youth to traditional and development • Promote overall healthy non traditional sports opportunities that lay the development- social, participation foundation for greater emotional, physical, and • Increase girls physical overall community health academic activity and safety • Provide life-skills training • Bring key community • Provide training in our to youth and youth service stakeholders together to nationally recognized providers develop a long term violence prevention partnership to increase curricula • Link youth and their parents to health services physical activity and and physicians healthy development
  10. 10. SportCorps - “Putting Cleats on the Ground” Community University Organizations Schools Housing Authorities Health Center School School Community Center