Newsletter #14: The role of a dynamic Venture Capital eco-system in creating economic value.


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The Venture Capital industry, acting as an efficient resource allocation tool, is fundamental to promote economic development and to open new horizons for innovation and to establish Europe as a global platform for the harness and transfer of knowledge. However, despite the creation of the European Single Market more than two decades ago, the VC industry remains highly fragmented and there have not been solutions to foster capital market integration. Read more

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Newsletter #14: The role of a dynamic Venture Capital eco-system in creating economic value.

  1. 1. Awarded by Newsletter #14, 11th May, 2012e-Teams III @MIT Sloan 3 Weeks to deadline!2nd Ed Finalists - MediaOmics, All Desk, IS Deadline: 31st May – 24H00 GMTGreen, Musikki, Honorable Mentions - Alpha SIP,Watt IS and Go-to-Market wizards - Actual SUN Submit your project now.and Metablue, just returned from an immersive tripfrom MIT. Now you have up to 3 weeks to send us your application. You too can be part of the Alumni group that day by day continually increases the value of their start-ups and teams:2 Weeks of intensive networking, businessdevelopment and value proposition validation took  €7,0 million in investmentplace at Sloan with focused events at CIC,Masschallenge, Startup Clinic, Ideastream,  72 jobs createdInternational Showcase event, Dogpatch, amongothers. Teams focused on strategies on de-  4 start-ups with internationalrisking, building an advisory board, building a delegationsteam and a compensation package. The feedbackfrom guests’ speakers, investors and potentialpartners was very encouraging! Being one of the 20 selected teamsA special thanks to all the speakers involved in really depends on your effort!this uniquely developed bootcamp by our co-organisers, Charles Cooney, Leon Sandler, BillAulet, José Estabil, Luis Barros and Flavia ____________________________________Cardarelli.Wi-GO wins Imagine Cup 2012 in Portugal The role of a dynamic Venture Capital eco-system in creating economic value 2nd ed. Honorable Mention (P&S), By José Furtadowon the Imagine Cup 2012 in Portugal. They nowqaulify for the finale in Sydney, 6-10th July with Board Member Caixa Capital and International Venture Clubother candidates from 182 countries. Good luck! The Venture Capital industry, acting as an efficient resource allocation tool, is fundamental to promote economic development and to open new horizons for innovation and to establish Europe as a global platform for the harness and transfer of knowledge.The Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world’s premier However, despite the creation of the European Single Market morestudent technology competition, aiming at than two decades ago, the VC industry remains highly fragmentedImagining a world where technology helps solve and there have not been solutions to foster capital marketthe toughest problems. integration. As the EU Council itself recently recognized, it is
  2. 2. Awarded by necessary to address such a key issue and alleviate several barriers to cross-border operations. This fragmentation, although a natural result from the uniqueness of each country, is also partly due to the transaction costs that the national players come across when expanding outside their regions and areas of expertise.Building Global Innovators advancing The current crisis creates opportunities for new high growthCommercialization standards with ICA investments and is signaling the need to find creative solutions to support the promising entrepreneurial pool that continues toBuilding Global Innovators was part of an expert strengthen all over Europe. The turmoil brought on by the sovereigngroup at ICF bringing together worldwide debt crisis, however, has also created significant difficulties ininnovators engaged in focused sessions on fundraising for VC operators across Europe, as large institutions areexemplary practices in commercializing research short-term biased and risk-averse. As a result, we are likely to face aresults and evidence-based effective innovationmodels. more sustainable trend regarding the sources of funding allocation for this industry, with a more substantial decrease in the willingness of private investors such as pension and endowment funds to invest. Given the difficulties to ensure long-term sustainable funding, it is increasingly important to strengthen relationships within the industry and with potential investors who are continuously looking for new investments and opportunities to diversify the assets classes of their portfolios. In Portugal, there is a firm commitment to direct our economy towardWatch the summary video of the event. more knowledge based industries with a greater focus on entrepreneurship, with the capacity to compete in the global marketForbes: Top Startup Incubators And place and regain the path to higher economic growth. Given itsAccelerators ambitions, Portugal faces major challenges in developing a robustIncubators have become an increasingly important ecosystem supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, enhancingpart of the tech startup scene in recent years. A the capabilities and availability of all actors involved within thenumber of hot startups have emerged from these educational, scientific, technological, business and financialprograms, encouraging more new entrepreneurs apply. The main goal should be to generate a value channel of ideas to the market, leading to new and fascinating technologies and entrepreneurial endeavors ready to embrace the world. To do this,They’ve become so popular that about one however, it is fundamental that Portuguese start-ups and early stageaccelerator a day launches these days, says ventures gain access to international funding and markets so as toDavid Cohen, head of TechStars. Not only are achieve global scale and reach their true potential. It is alsothey popping up in many cities, but also in specific important to encourage and support top tier venture investors withverticals, such as education. Read more. multi-local internationalization strategies to expand their investment activities outside their natural markets, namely through a regular presence in Portugal.Energy Night, save the date to an excitingevent Caixa Capital, as part of the CGD Group, is focused on developing a pragmatic collaborative platform that greatly facilitates transnationalEnergy Night Portugal is an exciting event aiming access to co-investors, investee companies, funding and industrialat energy enthusiasts to share the most exciting partners. This is the rationale that inspired it last year, when it tookresearch emerging from Portugal eco-system. the initiative to invite some of the most successful smart fund managers and corporate, to launch the International Venture Club (iVC) in Lisbon, as a Pan-European operational alliance of direct venture capital investors.Professionals from industry, companies, start-ups, The iVC’s mission is to promote the venture investment activities ofuniversities, research institutions and general
  3. 3. Awarded bypublic are invited to attend and share their results its members, optimize access to capital and bring growth to theirnext 1st June, 18h30. Free upon registration. portfolios, through partnering, co-investing or promoting international exits. The members are committed to working together, promoting cross border investments, gathering financial and venture investors,The Next Big Idea – What’s yours? sharing experiences and opportunities, and establishing bridges to different capital market platforms and trade sale markets.Do you have a great idea? For a company, asocial initiative, a research or creative project? OnMay 16th SIC will listen to it and the most At the same time, Caixa Capital also participated in the launch of thepromising ones will join a mentoring program. European Venture Fund Investors Network (EVFIN), gathering theThey will be featured at The Next Big Idea, SIC most active fund of funds operators in Europe. EVFIN aims toNotícias TV show (Portuguese TV channel). facilitate cooperation, with one of its main projects being the creationRegistrations on Facebook. Ends May 14th. of a European-wide Fund of Funds. The goal is to establish the ground work for a pan-European market platform that will be available to any certified VC in Europe who has the intention to cover new regions. Based on both complementary networks, and the CGD Group’s relationship with the EIF as well as local public and private institutional partners, it is now promoting a Venture Capital Hub,LABS Lisboa starts off aiming to be a catalyst to scale-up start-up companies with an innovative high -growth value proposition. The Venture Capital HubLABS – Innovation Incubator of Lisbon just will contribute to enhance the Portuguese VC market by increasinglaunched a 2.000 m2 incubator in the heart of the the supply side of smart capital to finance venture initiatives and exitUniversity of Lisbon campus. Managed by Audax, routes, the transfer of best practices and specialized know how, andthe centre for entrepreneurship. the international networking and visibility. This represents a good opportunity to bring together our international partners and the Portuguese community involved in the private equity and venture capital arena.Check our site for new great job offers here The Venture Capital Hub, supported by local main players, will offer to international VCs operational support by means of introduction into the local ecosystem, shared human resources, pipeline ofSave the Dates – update your calendar now: investment opportunities, premises and logistics, as well as direct co-investment into venture deals and prospects for institutional 15.05.2012 MIT $100K Finale investment in their funds. 15-17.05.2012 Google AdAdwords course 16.05.2012 Beta talk@Braga It is up to the key players within this environment to create strong 17.05.2012 Entrepreneurs Coffee Break @ ISEG cross border liaisons among financial investors, venture investors, 21-23.05.2012 BioMed Israel 2012 universities, public agencies, and entrepreneurs, inducing a true 23-25.05.2012 Genera 2012 – Brokerage economic network that can effectively provide noteworthy added event in energy & value contributions. Only this way can we create an effective market environment for state of the art entrepreneurial activities and innovation in 24.05.2012 TCN UpStart Roundtable Portugal. 01.06.2012 Energy Night 2012 7-8.06.2012 Open Innovation Forum: Design meets Technology The Organization wishes to thank José Furtado for his contribution to the current Newsletter issue with this opinion article. More events around Europe? HereFollow us on
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