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ISB Sports Handbook

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ISB Sports Handbook

  1. 1. Team Sports Handbook Policies, procedures, & practical advice for parents
  2. 2. Team Sports Handbook
  3. 3. We in the Athletic Department work closely with our Raider Dear Parents, Aiders, a sports parent volunteer group. As a parent of an The mission of the ISB Athletic Department is ISB student you are automatically a member and we strongly to make sure that all students have the oppor- recommend your involvement as parent participation is an tunity to participate and experience the bene- integral part of the Athletic Department. fits of sport while being part of a team. Our sports programme is competitive and one of ISB competes in both the ISST’s and DoDD’s conferences the most successful in Europe. and, as a result, we offer more team sport opportunities for all ages than any other school in Europe. Our campus already Athletics as an extra-curricular activity is an integral part of our boasts excellent sports facilities, and we are currently in the students’ education and growth at ISB, all the way from ele- planning process of building a state of the art sports complex. mentary school to the high school. Through participation in ath- letics, students will mature physically, emotionally and socially. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following They will learn to take responsibility for personal growth by pages of this handbook. You will find answers inside to many developing integrity, commitment and dedication. Students will of your questions regarding rules, regulations and the athletic develop values such as time management, goal setting, work programs offered at ISB. ethic, leadership and sportsmanship. Combined with a healthy lifestyle, these values build strong character and prepare our So we look forward to the future as it will be a fun and exciting graduates for success beyond ISB. time of sportsmanship, learning and getting to know others in the spirit of friendly competition. Everyone Included, Everyone We welcome back a strong coaching staff with some of the Challenged, Everyone Successful! most respected coaches in the ISST’s and DoDD’s athletic conferences. Our coaches are not only teachers of sport but teachers of character and development. They strive hard to Sincerely make sure that each student has a challenging but fun experi- ence during the respective sports season while never losing Jason Baseden sight of their academic mission. Athletic Director “The primary goal of the International School of Brussels is to educate students. ISB believes that a wide offering of competitive sports adds value to the educational experience of the participants. ISB values the intrinsic benefits of sports participation. Emphasis is placed foremost on participation and good sportsmanship where coaches are teachers and role-models for athletes, fostering positive attitudes, teamwork and respect for rules. Participation in team sports at ISB is a privilege which may be revoked due to inappropriate behaviour or insufficient academic progress. Academics will always take precedence over sports where such decisions must be made.” Another word on sportsmanship . . . As stated above, good sportsmanship is highly valued at ISB. While ISB takes great pride in winning and success, it does not condone “winning at any cost”. ISB strongly discourages any and all pressures which might tend to neglect good sportsmanship. We ask all parents to help instil this quality in our athletes by setting a good example at athletic events. Team Sports 1
  4. 4. Structure of the ISB Sports Programme Most ISB competitive team sports are played within the league framework of either the International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST) the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) or in some cases, a combination of both during the same sea- son. The regular season of competition in either organisation will culminate in a tournament. Competitions may also be scheduled with local teams. Each of the above organisations establishes guidelines for participants. Where ISB has not established more stringent guidelines, the guidelines of the organisation in which the team is participating will apply. ISST and DoDDS manuals are retained in the Athletic Department and are available for your review. Schools participating in the International School Sports Tournament (ISST): American Community School of Athens, Greece British School of the Netherlands American Community School of Cobham, England Cairo American College, Egypt American Community School of Hillingdon, England Frankfurt International School, Germany American International School of Vienna International School of Brussels, Belgium American School in London, England International School of Dusseldorf, Germany American School of Tel Aviv Munich International School, Germany American School of Paris, France St. John’s International School, Belgium American School of the Hague, Netherlands Tasis, England Antwerp International School, Belgium Vienna International School, Austria Bonn International School, Germany Zurich International School British School of Brussels, Belgium British School of Paris, France Schools participating in the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDD’s) athletic programme: AFNORTH, Netherlands Heidelberg, Germany American School of the Hague, Netherlands Hohenfels, Germany Ansbach, Germany International School of Brussels, Belgium Aviano, Italy Kaiserslautern, Germany Bad Aibling, Germany Mannheim, Germany Bad Kreuznach, Germany Munich International School, Germany Bamberg, Germany Naples, Italy Baumholder, Germany PATCH, Stuttgart, Germany Bitburg, Germany, Ramstein, Germany Black Forest Academy, Germany SHAPE, Mons, Belgium Bonn International School, Germany St. John’s International School, Belgium Brussels American, Belgium Vilseck, Germany Frankfurt International School, Germany Wiesbaden, Germany Athletic competitions are officiated by recognized, qualified referees/umpires. Officials are members of the SHAPE Athletic Officials Association or the Belgian Federation Officials whenever possible. 2
  5. 5. Athletic Department Athletic Director: Jason Baseden School Phone: 02.661.43.21 Fax: 02.661.43.20 E-mail: Staff Secretary Phone: 02.661.43.22 ISB sports teams are coached by qualified employees of ISB. Most coaches are also teachers at ISB, however some qualified coaches outside of ISB are hired solely as coaches for specific teams. All coaches, in their capacity as coaches, report to the Athletic Director who, in turn, reports to the Director of ISB. Questions or concerns which cannot be resolved by a specific coach should be referred to the Athletic Director. The following phone numbers are provided for emergency use only: Jason Baseden Athletic Director Michael Crowley Middle School Head Office 02.661.43.21 Office 02.661.42.71 Kevin Bartlett Director of ISB Félim Bolster High School Head Office 02.661.42.21 Office 02.661.4241 While the Athletics programme offers so much to our athletes, we offer a wide range of opportunities for parents to get involved with and support the Athletics throughout the year. We would like to extend a warm welcome to you from the Raider Aiders. As ISB has the largest athletics programme in the International School circuit - a statistic we are very proud of - we encourage our families to get involved. In the ISB commu- nity, Raider Aiders provides a range of services. We offer an after school refreshment programme at the “Courtside Café”; we offer concessions to visiting athletes, families and support- The RAIDER AIDERS ers during home sporting events; we support Team Parents in their role as “aid” to Coaches and teams; and we encourage school-wide participation in the Athletics programme - from Parent Volunteer Group volunteering to cheering. It’s not all hard work! Whether serving snacks at the The ISB RAIDER AIDERS is the Family Association’s group Courtside Café, grilling burgers at weekend concessions or of volunteers who donate their time and talents to support the working with the leadership team, getting involved with the athletics community here at ISB through a variety of commu- Raider Aiders is a great way to make friends, have fun and nity enrichment and fundraising activities. give back to the ISB community. 3
  6. 6. Offered at ISB Sports andbook Fall season Var JV U 14 U 12 U 10 League Cheerleading / Dance Cross Country Boys DoDDS & ISST Cross Country Girls DoDDS & ISST Field Hockey Girls ISST Football Boys DoDDS Lacrosse Boys (Club status) Soccer Boys ISST Soccer Girls ISST Soccer Boys/Girls ISST Tennis Boys DoDDS Tennis Girls DoDDS Volleyball Boys ISST Volleyball Girls ISST Volleyball Boys/Girls ISST Winter season Basketball Boys Var JV U 14 U 12 U 10 League DoDDS & ISST Team Sports Basketball Girls DoDDS & ISST Cheerleading / Dance Rugby Boys ISST Swimming Boys ISST Swimming Girls ISST Spring Season Var JV U 14 U 12 U 10 League Baseball Boys ISST Soccer Boys DoDDS Soccer Girls DoDDS Softball Girls ISST Tennis Boys ISST Tennis Girls ISST Track and Field Boys ISST Track and Field Girls ISST Golf Boys/Girls ISST Lacrosse Boys School team status 4
  7. 7. Athletic and Academic Eligibility ISB complies with age eligibility standards set by the International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST) and the Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS), which differ by organization and by sport. See appendix I and II for these guidelines. Where teams are defined as “Under (age)” the athlete must be under that age on September 1 of the aca- demic year of participation. The following are regulations concerning school attendance and procedures concerning academic eligibility to which ref- erence is made in the Athletic Code. All athletes must attend all classes the day before an away trip in which they will be absent for an entire day of school. If they do not attend all classes the day before a trip, they may not travel the next day. All athletes must attend all classes the day of a game, or until the designated time of departure in the case of an away game. An athlete absent from school on Friday is not eligible to participate in competition the following day (Saturday). Any athlete “skipping” a class will not be eligible for competi- tion on that day. If he/she “skips” a class on a Friday he/she will be suspended from play for the entire weekend. Athletes suspended from school may not participate in prac- tices or competitions until they are reinstated. Athletes are expected to maintain their academic standings while participating in the sports programme. The following procedures are intended to assist athletes in this endeavour. 1. High School athletes who have received 2 “D” grades or 1 “F” grade on a quarter report, or warning notice, will be identified and reported to the Athletic Director by the High School Head. 2. The Athletic Director (AD) will inform the coach who will speak to the athlete about his/her academic work and, on a coach/athlete relationship, discuss associated problems. The coach will then consult with the AD. 3. The athlete will attend a meeting with the Head and the AD (teachers and coach included, if necessary), to deter- mine what changes in the student’s level of athletic partici- pation will help to improve his/her academic standing. Each athlete will be treated on a “case by case” basis. Remedies may range from no action to withdrawal from the team. It is recognized that it can be detrimental to withdraw an athlete from a team and that his/her academic work may actually suffer as a consequence. In some cases athletes will not be allowed to miss days of school to participate in athletics, therefore missing away trips. 4. If there are to be severe sanctions, the athlete’s parents will be invited to attend a meeting with the Head and AD to discuss the student’s welfare. The academic progress of Middle School athletes will be monitored by the Middle School Head. 5
  8. 8. Selection Tryouts will be held at the commencement of the sports season. Approximate dates of the sports seasons are as follows: Fall season: First week of school until mid-November. (Football practice starts prior to the start of school.) Winter season: Mid-November until Mid-March Spring season: Mid-March until the end of May Students are advised of tryout sched- ules through announcements and/or postings at school. Students may try out and play for only one ISB team each sports season. Students must meet the age and grade eligibility requirements of the ISST or DoDDS organization in which the team com- petes. (See Appendix I and II) Skill levels will be objectively assessed during tryouts. Coaches may consid- er other factors, such as attitude, lead- ership, spirit, etc., when evaluating candidates. Team selection will be BSA posted promptly following the comple- tion of the tryout sessions. Athletes who do not make the team are encour- aged to discuss areas for improve- ment with the coach so that they might “For over 50 years the BSA has been providing kids with the chance to develop as qualify for the team in the next season. athletes in a positive, friendly environment. It’s all about getting kids on the field, developing their skills and teaching them how to be part of a team.” If an eighth grader is selected for a Amy Anderson, Executive Director - BSA Varsity team the parent(s), and coach must meet to discuss the ramifications of placing a student of this age in a ISB and BSA work hand in hand to make sure all of our children have the opportu- Varsity situation. Housing concerns, nity to take part in being on a team. The majority of BSA trainings and games take especially the freedom and lack of place on the ISB campus and ISB students make up a great deal of BSA’s partici- supervision this sometimes entails, pants. We like to think of BSA as an extension programme for the ISB Athletic should be specifically addressed. Department. In some sports, tournament rules limit the number of players allowed to par- ticipate on a team. Under such cir- Brussels Sports Association cumstances, coaches will select par- Terhulpsesteenweg, 6B, ticipants from first the Varsity and then 1560 Hoeilaart - Belgium the JV team. If a team member will not be included on the tournament roster, he/she will be advised by the coach at least 7 working days prior to the tour- nament. 6
  9. 9. PRE-SEASON Obligations Physical Exams A yearly physical examination is required. The ISB physical form, available in the Athletic Department office and online, must be completed by a physician and submitted, with his/her date and stamp, to the ISB infirmary prior to the first competitive game/contest. Students may try out without a phys- ical, but may not compete. The physical covers all sports for one calendar year and may therefore be completed during the summer prior to the year of athletic competition. Physical examination forms will be kept on file at the infirmary. Participation and Emergency Medical Treatment Form Every athlete must submit to the coach the “Participation and Emergency Treatment Form” before the season begins. It is critical that all aller- gies, medical conditions and required medications be noted on this form. The coach will carry this form to all competitions. Uniform Deposit s at the begin- t of team uniform Every athlet e will receive a se ility to return all athlete’s responsib ning of the season. It is the ition. If the unifo rm is not rm in good cond athlete’s fam- items of the unifo good condition, the returned co mplete and/or in ent for the miss- accounting departm ily will be billed by the ISB the season. s) after the end of ing or damaged item( g Pre-season Meetin end a pre-season are expected to att Athletic Code Parents of all ISB athletes aches and to revie w athletic policies . d to read and sig n the ISB meeting to meet the co ormation at this meeting. rents are require to participation ive important inf ar, one prior to the Athletes and pa to the coach prior Parents will rece l meetings each ye Athletic Co de and submit it clearly states expe c- There will be three genera a contract which sports season. on a sp orts team. This is copy of the ISB Athletic beginning of each letes. A sample tations of ISB ath page 8. Code appears on 7
  10. 10. ISBAthletic Code 1. I understand that it is a privilege to represent ISB as an athlete on and off the playing field and I agree to do so in the best le manner possible. I will display good sportsmanship at all times and behave in an appropriate manner. 2. My academic work MUST come first. I will plan my time carefully. When I miss class due to travel, I will make sure my teach- p ers have been notified in advance and arrange for any make-up work or tests. I understand the procedures concerning academ- ic eligibility attached to the Athletic Code. m 3. If a teacher feels my academic standing will be harmed due to sports travel, the teacher may recommend to the Athletic Director that I not be permitted to miss class. sa 4. I will attend all scheduled team practices and games. I will make every effort to schedule appointments outside of scheduled practice times. If I must miss a scheduled practice or game, I will personally notify my coach in a timely manner. 5. I understand that the use of drugs will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension from the team and that I will be referred to the Dean of Students or School Head for further disciplinary action. 6. I understand that alcohol consumption and the use of tobacco have an adverse affect on athletic performance, and for that reason alone I will abstain from drinking and using any form of tobacco at the following times: - while on ISB campus - while on away trips - while representing ISB at any athletic contest - while visiting teams are in Brussels & until my hosting responsibilities have ended. Violation of this rule will result in suspension from the team for the remainder of the season. If the Violation occurs a second time, I understand I will be suspended from playing on any Raider team for the remainder of the year. 7. I understand there are certain requirements of myself and my family that include: - Participation in Raiders Aiders fundraising activities - Housing visiting athletes during "host weekends" and tournaments (ISST’s) - Assisting with Raiders Aiders concessions at home games 8. I agree to abide by any curfews which are set. I understand that the curfew will be no later than 23:00 when teams are vis- le iting ISB, that curfews are set by host schools on away trips, and I will respect any earlier curfew that hosting parents, includ- ing my own, may set. p 9. I understand that some trips may require a visa. Responsibility for obtaining the visa is mine, although I can call on ISB to pro- vide assistance. m 10. I understand that violation of this Code may lead to suspension or expulsion from the team. a 11. I understand that if I do not return my complete undamaged uniform, I will be charged 100€ . s I understand that I will be billed for participating in an ISB sports team towards the end of each season. If I decide to quit dur- ing the season I will still be billed 100%. If I am injured after the midway point of the season, I will still be billed for the full sea- son. If I am injured prior to the midway point, I will be billed 50% of the team travel fees. I understand that if I am selected for an ISST travel team, I will be billed separately from the regular sports season. Athlete’s Signature/Date Parent’s Signature/Date .......... / .......... / .......... .................................................. .......... / .......... / .......... .................................................. 8
  11. 11. TIME Commitment Participation in competitive team sports involves a consider- exception). The faculty is aware of sports schedules and will able time commitment on the part of the athlete. Practices are help students balance their academic programme with their held before or after regular school hours, depending on the sports participation, however, the onus is on the student to sport and availability of facilities, and students selected for a advise teachers in a timely manner of their pending absences, team are expected to participate in scheduled practices. to collect homework assignments, to arrange for make-up tests, to borrow class notes from classmates and to keep up Students may be authorized to miss a practice for reasons in general with all aspects of academic responsibility. Refer related to his/her academic programme. There will be no to the section of this handbook titled “Athletic and Academic practice on a Monday if the team returns from a competition Eligibility” for procedures in effect to insure academic stan- the preceding Sunday. dards are not compromised due to participation in sports. Students participating in sports will miss class time as it is Every effort will be made not to schedule games during the necessary to travel (sometimes great distances) to other times of mid-term and final exams. However, some non- schools for competitions. Days out of school for a single mandatory practices may take place. sport will not exceed seven (7) without specific authorization from the Director (tournament location may account for an Travel Travel arrangements for ISB athletes are made by the Athletic Department. Details of travel arrange- ments, with emer- gency contact num- bers, are provided to athletes on the Tuesday prior to a trip. Parents who do not receive this for their own lunches and personal purchases in the local information by Wednesday should contact the (destination) currency. Dinner and breakfast will be provided Athletic Director. Athletes must travel to games with their team by the housing family. Athletes playing at DoDDS locations but may return with parents if prior arrangements are made are expected to pay for all of their meals and personal pur- with the coach. All teams that travel will have a seasonal trav- chases. They should bring US Dollars for any purchases el fee associated with them. The parents will pay 75% of the made on a US armed forces base and local (destination) cur- fee and the school 25%. The fee for each sport will vary rency for any purchases off base. according to each season. You will be informed of this fee prior to the start of each sports season. A bill will be sent towards If travelling by plane or train, team members are expected to the end of each sports season. At the end of the season, when dress smartly; that is, dress shirt and tie for boys, slacks or ISST rosters are picked, the kids selected to travel to ISST’s skirt for girls, no jeans. will receive and additional ISST travel bill. Coaches will advise if passports and/or visas are required Travel arrangements are made so as to minimize time away when travelling. from school. Other considerations which come into play are: Parents are always encouraged to • Time for the athletes to unwind following a attend sports events at ISB, but it is long especially gratifying and encouraging journey for the team to have parents (fans) at • Time to eat on the road away games. Directions to all desti- • Mode of transportation nations are available in the Athletic • Time to practice upon arrival Department office. Talk to other • Time to take advantage of the culture of team parents, book hotel rooms if the destination necessary, make a weekend out of it. Come out and cheer our ath- While travelling, ISST athletes are expected to pay letes on. 9
  12. 12. HOUSING: General Information Housing Coordinator 02 661 4323 In general, teams playing under the auspices of ISST pro- At ISST tournaments, the following special curfew rules apply: vide reciprocal housing for visiting teams and teams playing 1. Athletes in grades 7 & 8 are not allowed out of the host’s under the auspices of DoDDS do not. This means that the care unless chaperoned by the coach or another parent. ISST athlete will be lodged and take some meals (dinner This applies to all days of the visit. and breakfast) in the home of a host athlete when travelling 2. All other athletes: entails an overnight stay. The host family is also to provide • Day 1 (arrival date) - Visiting athletes remain within host a packed lunch for the athlete’s trip home. The athlete play- family environment. ing within the DoDDS organization will normally stay in a • Other evenings followed by school days - 22:00 curfew. hotel or youth hostel unless other arrangements are made • Final day of the tournament - 23:00 curfew. Social by the coach. If arrangements are made to sleep in a gym events may be arranged by the host school with the on a cot or a mat, the athlete should bring a pillow and expectation that all athletes and coaches attend. Curfew sleeping bag. He/she will purchase his/her own meals in may be extended beyond 23:00 to accommodate such the local (destination) currency off base or in US Dollars events. ISB teams will attend such events and will not use while on base. the extension of curfew to participate in other activities. It is customary for the travelling ISST athlete to give his/her As mentioned above, this is a reciprocal programme and families “housing” family a small gift such as a box of chocolates in of ISB athletes are expected to “house” visiting athletes. Every appreciation for their hospitality. attempt will be made to match athletes by age and/or grade when assigning housing. ISB families will also be called upon to During regular season play, curfews are set by the Athletic house athletes during tournaments held at ISB even if their child Director of the host school for visiting athletes who are is not participating. The Athletic Department will present housing being housed and for the host athletes. The curfew will needs to families a minimum of three (3) days prior to housing not exceed 23:00. Hosting parents have the option of set- dates, subject to late changes. If the family of an ISB athlete can- ting an earlier curfew. Elementary and Middle school ath- not provide housing for visiting athletes they are required to letes in grades 5-8 who are in a housing situation are not arrange for another ISB family to fulfil this obligation for them. allowed outside the home during the evenings without par- The Athletic Office will maintain records on housing and will ent or coach supervision. insure that all families are doing their fair share of housing. HOST Family Information and Guidelines The Athletic Director will publish in advance the game sched- 7. Please provide your guests with a suitable meal at what- ule and itinerary which will be given to the coaches for distri- ever time may be necessary because of the scheduling of bution before the Wednesday preceding weekend games. their competition. This will include housing pick-up times, arrival and departure times and general information. A housing list with telephone 8. The use of tobacco, drugs and the consumption of alco- numbers of host families will also be posted and given to each hol are not permitted. Any violations should be reported guest athlete. immediately to the Athletic Director or person in charge of the weekend. 1. Please pick up your guests at the designated time. 9. Curfew hours set cannot be extended and any violation 2. Housing rules and guidelines are in effect from the time should be reported immediately to the Athletic Director or the visiting team leaves their school until the time they return person in charge of the weekend. home. Please discuss these rules and guidelines with your son/daughter and guests. 10. Please discuss evening plans with your guests and be satisfied with the arrangements. Agree on pick-up times, 3. When hosting athletes you stand in place of their par- transportation, etc., and do insist on the stated curfew hour. ents. Please exercise all supervision and care that you If you wish to set an earlier curfew then please do so. would normally exercise with your own children. Guests must adhere to your “house rules”. 4. Under no condition are visiting athletes to be housed 11. Insure that guests have your name, telephone number without adult supervision. and address. 5. Athletes are not permitted to change housing arrange- 12. Please provide your guests with a packed lunch for ments. their return journey. 6. Please arrange for suitable transportation. Normally this is If any problems occur while you are housing visiting athletes, expected to be a private car to and from the sporting events. please inform the Athletic Director. Team Sports 10
  13. 13. HOST Athlete: Responsibilities and ISST Regulations 3. Discuss arrangements with them for after the games. HOST ATHLETE RESPONSIBILITIES Please make sure you know these arrangements and inform your parents. 1. Each athlete must fill out the housing form at the begin- ning of each season (and have your parents sign) indicating 4. Try not to plan social activities on housing weekends that the dates on which you would prefer to house. Please do not include your guest(s). insure that you discuss the schedule with your parents so that no conflicts arise at the last moment. You will be given 5. Make sure your guest knows your address, telephone a schedule indicating the housing weekends. number and the most convenient public transportation to your house. 2. Please be punctual for the published pick-up times. Introduce yourself to your guest(s). It is important to give a 6. Remember the rules and regulations of ISST apply to friendly welcome, especially to the younger athletes who ISB athletes and you have a responsibility to uphold the may never have travelled away on a sports trip. You know rules throughout the season. The curfew hour also applies the feeling! to you. Awards ISST REGULATIONS FOR STUDENTS These regulations shall be followed by all students participat- ing in tournaments and other athletic competitions organized by the International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST). Any student who participates in an ISST event agrees by his/her participation to obey them. 1. Students shall obey all instructions given to them by their host parents as if these instructions were given to them by their parents. This applies to all activities inside and outside of their host’s home throughout the period of the tourna- ment or competition. At the end of the sports season a team banquet will be held where players will be recognized for their achievements. In 2. Smoking, the drinking of alcohol and the use of drugs are addition to ISST or DoDDS tournament awards, which vary by not permitted. sport, ISB recognizes achievement with the following awards: 3. Housing arrangements made by the responsible official Most Valuable Player Award - each sport of the host school may not be changed. Most Improved Player Award - each sport 4. Students must be in the home of the host parent by the curfew hour. Coach’s Award - each sport, parameters determined by the coach 5. These regulations apply to all students, both those from the host school and those visiting, throughout the period of John Norton Memorial Award - Rugby, for high level of the competition’s duration and, for visiting students, apply commitment, discipline and respect over the season also during the journey to and from the site of the event. Mr. Football Award - Football, for player most committed to Violations of these regulations will be reported to the respon- the team and to the sport of football sible ISST official and to the student’s School Head. Bobby Baskerville Memorial Award - Football, for out- standing leadership, attitude and sportsmanship on and off the field in addition to outstanding football ability Athlete of the Year - Senior boy and girl, presented at graduation Athlete of the Year -9th grade boy and girl, presented at graduation Athletes will be awarded a Varsity letter and a sports pin for the first year on a Varsity team in which they participate in at least 80% of the practices and games. Each year thereafter they will receive a bar pin for participation on the same team. All athletes will be awarded a certificate acknowledging their contribution. 11
  14. 14. ISST Eligibility Guidelines ELIGIBILITY FOR COMPETITION ELIGIBILITY FOR COMPETITION VARSITY TEAMS JUNIOR TEAMS 1. All students must be enrolled as full-time students at the 1. All students must be enrolled as full-time students at the school they represent. school they represent. 2. Competitors must be 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18 years of age 2. Competitors must be 12, 13 or 14 years of age on on September 1st of the academic year they are competing. September 1st of the academic year they are competing. For Rugby the minimum age is 15 years and maximum age is 17 years on September 1st of the academic year. 3. A student may participate on only one team and in one sport during any given weekend or tournament series of 3. A student may participate on only one team and in one games (except in swimming relays as per rules). sport during any given weekend or tournament series of games (except in swimming relays as per rules). 4. It is recommended that no student be eligible to repre- sent their school unless a physician’s statement is filed at 4. It is recommended that no student be eligible to repre- the school. sent their school unless a physician’s statement is filed at the school. 5. Each student and his/her parent or guardian must sign the ISST rules.* These rules also apply to dual meets 5. Each student and his/her parent or guardian must sign between ISST schools. the ISST rules.* These rules also apply to dual meets between ISST schools. 6. In sports where both varsity and junior teams exist, stu- dents must be less than 15 years of age by September 1st Appendix 6. In sports where both varsity and junior teams exist, stu- to participate in the junior division. dents must be at least 14 years of age by September 1st to participate in the varsity division. DODDS Eligibility Guidelines The following is an excerpt from the Department of Defense No student may participate on a high school team who has Dependent Schools Athletic Policy Handbook. Some sports not entered the ninth grade. Students must be officially are not offered at ISB. enrolled in the particular school for which they participate. However, a ninth grade student from a feeder school is eligi- 1. Age ble to participate for the high school varsity or junior varsity Any student who, on the first day of September, has programme. Seventh and eighth grade students from a feed- reached or passed his or her 19th birthday, will be ineligi- er school are eligible to participate for the high school junior ble to practice/participate in athletic events. A contestant division in gymnastics. who is age-eligible prior to the first of September remains eligible throughout the school year. 4. Seventh and Eighth Grade Eligibility Exceptions that include seventh and eighth grade students 2. Eight-Semester Rule in unofficial or exhibition capacity are granted for the follow- A student shall be eligible for competition only during eight ing sports: consecutive semesters after entry into the ninth grade and a. Cross Country b. Golf prior to graduation. c. Tennis d. Wrestling e. Track and Field 3. Undergraduates Only Only students currently enrolled in grades 9 - 12 shall take These exceptions are granted with the following limitations: part in any contest. An eligible student is defined as being 1. No varsity or junior varsity participation. enrolled in at least one-half of the periods offered. 2. No overnight travel unless specifically authorized by the Area Superintendent. Foreign students required by their country’s regulations to 3. Participation does not exclude a willing 9 - 12 grade stu- attend a 13th year of school will be allowed to compete dur- dent. ing their 13th year providing: 4. No team points awarded for seventh or eighth grade par- ticipation. a. They meet all age and academic eligibility require- 5. All seventh and eighth grade participants are clearly iden- ments. tified before the contest begins b. They will not violate the eight consecutive semester 6. Seventh and eighth grade students are not authorized to rule during the last year of competition. Their eight con- travel to or participate in conference, district, regional, or secutive semesters commence with the semester of the European Championships. first year they participate on a team. 12
  15. 15. Handbook Team Sports
  16. 16. SPECIAL OLYMPICS Each year the students enrolled in the ECC, ES, MS and HS At the Belgian National Games the students Special Education classes compete in the Belgian Special compete in a range of disciplines: Olympics. To prepare for the National Games students undergo rigorous training designed for their individual events. All year, - Sprints (50m, 200m & 400m) students participate in a Physical Education program as well as - Long Distance (1500m (individual & unified runs) & 5000m) Therapeutic Horseback riding and the older students are - Softball Throw enrolled in a weekly Running Club. - Long jumps - Horseback Riding (Dressage & Gymkhana) Their hard work and dedication is always rewarded with many medals. The Special Olympians bring home the gold and the glory and contribute to the Raiders Spirit! Team Sports Handbook We live in a world of limited resources and increasing demand. Becoming an international citizen is about understanding the environmen- tal impact of decisions we make, and the responsibility this understanding brings. It is for this reason that all school publications are printed using vegetal The International School of Brussels a.s.b.l. ink on FSC (products from controlled Kattenberg 19, 1170 Brussels, Belgium. sources, managed forests, recycled Tel: +32 (0)2 661 42 11 wood or fibre) or 100% recycled Fax: +32 (0)2 661 42 00 papers.