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Parent presentation for students in Gr 8 going to Gr 9 In 2009-10
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Parent presentation for students in Gr 8 going to Gr 9 In 2009-10


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International School Bangkok online registration information.

International School Bangkok online registration information.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Registration Signing up for Grade 9
  • 2. Registration Timelines for Future Grade 9 Students 2009-2010
    • March 3 Registration Meeting for Parents of current Grade 8 students. 6:00 p.m. MPB
    • March 4 Registration meeting for current Grade 8 students moving to Grade 9 Chevron theater 1:15 pm
    • March 10 Grade 8 students should have received course
            • recommendations from Middle School teachers/counselors in the following areas: Math, Modern Language, IS, ESL
    • March 12-13 Parents may clarify course recommendations with M/S teachers/counselors at Parent Teacher meetings.
    • March 13-18 On-line Registration for all Grade 8-11 students. Grade 8 Students—See teachers and middle school counselors for assistance as needed.
    • May 22 Students receive course verification forms
    • May 25-28 Students have 4 days to correct any course placement errors.
  • 3. Registration Timelines for Students 2009-2010
    • August 6 First Day of School – Student Schedules distributed in Comm. Groups
    • August 7-14 Student schedule conflicts reconciled
  • 4. Begin with the end in mind….
    • What do you want to have accomplished by HS graduation?
    • What HS courses do you need for possible college majors/degrees?
    • Is an IB Diploma desired for college/university entrance?
    • What is a realistic academic load for you? How will you fit in your co-curricular activities?
    • What can you do to enhance your co-curricular activities?
  • 5. Current Grade 8 Students
    • Required Courses For Grade 9
      • English 9
      • World Civilizations
      • Math (by teacher recommendation)
      • Chemistry/Physics or Biology (Math level and language prerequisites apply)
      • PE 9
      • Electives (2)
      • Freshman Seminar (.5 credit)
      • Alternate Electives (3) Required
  • 6. Choices
    • Modern Languages – 2-3 years recommended of the same language.
    • Science – Chemistry/Physics in 9 th grade will be followed by required Biology in grade 10; physics or chemistry can be taken as an elective in grade 10 as well.
    • Students in Accelerated Geometry or AAA and with appropriate language competency may request Biology in 9 th grade which must be followed by both one year Chemistry and Physics classes in 10 th grade
    • Math - are you where you want to be? Double up? Summer school?
    • Fine Arts - Have you completed the requirement? Do you want to pursue Art, Music, Theatre or Dance?
    • P.E. - Where will the two credit requirements fit during the four years of high school?
    • Plan your registration with a four-year plan in mind. See Page 47 for work sheet and ISB graduation requirements.
  • 7. Fine Arts Options
    • Grade 9 Students may select the following
    • Fine Art electives:
        • Fundamentals of Dance Drama Production
        • Band Jazz Band
        • Guitar Intermediate Dance
        • Strings Class Voice
        • Drama 3D Modeling
        • Les Chanteuses (Women’s Choir)
        • Sculpture & Jewelry King’s men (Men’s Choir)
        • Industrial Design Drawing and Painting
        • Yearbook (Erawan) Journalism
        • Photo Journalism Design
        • History of Rock and Roll Stagecraft and Theater Design
  • 8. New Courses for 2009-10
    • Creative Writing
    • Speech Communications
    • Introduction to Thai Culture and Language
    • Japanese Native 2
    • Spanish Native
    • Stage Craft and Theater Design
    • History of Rock and Roll
    • IB Music
  • 9. Additional Registration Information
    • Thai citizens must be enrolled in Thai for Native Speakers class, or IB Thai A2; the Thai teachers will indicate the appropriate level of Thai for each student.
    • ESL students who are enrolled in EAP Center and ELW Language Workshop should also have an 8 th class.
    •   Math placement is by teacher recommendation. Current teachers will inform students of their math course recommendations.
    • Please understand that all recommendations are based on current grades. These recommendations may change by June
  • 10. 9 th grade Science alternate
    • Students with a strong interest in science who wish to pursue three full credits of Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) in grades 9 and 10 may select a year of Biology in Grade 9 followed by Chemistry and Physics (both year-long courses) in Grade 10.
    • Students opting for this science program must be:
    • appropriately placed in Accelerated Geometry or Accelerated Advanced Algebra in 9th grade and
    • have a proven proficiency in mainstream 8th grade English class with a B+ or higher average.
    • Application forms can be collected from the 8 th grade counselor from March 11 onwards and returned no later than March 18.
    • Students will be notified of their placement by March 31.
  • 11. 9 th grade science routes 1 :All 9 th grade students are automatically registered for Intro to Chemistry/Physics 2: Students may apply for alternate route below: must be placed in Accelerated Geometry or AAA in 9 th grade and have a B+ average in 8 th grade Humanities English
  • 12. You know you’re ready for online registration when you have…
    • Read the Program of Studies
    • Completed your worksheet
    • Your Power School user name and password information
    • Followed the instructions on page 49 of the Program of Studies.
  • 13. Online Registration—this is what you’ll see. March 13-18
    • Log in at
    • Enter your Powerschool username and password.
  • 14. Online Registration March 13-18
    • To continue the process click on Class Registration
  • 15. Dialogue Boxes will provide a very short description of the requirements. A more in-depth description is available in the Program of Studies.
  • 16. Selecting Electives
  • 17. Alternate Course Selections
    • All students are required to select 3 elective course alternates.
    • Failure to select alternates indicates you want the administration to select alternate courses for you.
    • This would happen only if you can not get into a class for some reason
    • If we select a course, you will not be allowed to drop this course at a later date.
  • 18. Submit
    • When the student is done, click Submit.
  • 19. Confirmation
    • You must see this page after you click Submit.
    Crs Num Course Type Cr Hrs 1 41001 English 9 Required 1.00 2 42005 Accelerated Geometry Required 1.00 3 43002 Intro: Physics/Chemistry Required 1.00 4 44001 World Civilizations Required 1.00 5 45203 French III Required 1.00 6 46203 Concert Band Required 1.00 7 48001 Physical Education 9 Required 1.00 Total Credit Hours Requested 7.00 1 46204 Intermediate Band Alternate 1.00 2 46405 Intermediate Dance Alternate 0.50 3 46901 Industrial Design Alternate 0.50 Total Alternate Hours Requested 2.00