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Pb oil gas_downstream-en_07_2011_g


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Productos ABB especiales para Oil & GAS etapa downstream

Productos ABB especiales para Oil & GAS etapa downstream

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  • 1. Measurement ProductsTrusted measurement solutions fordownstream oil and gas operationsEnhancing production efficiency
  • 2. Expertise in measurement technologyDelivering increased productivityAs a leading supplier to the oil and gas industry, ABB provides themeasurement technology needed to operate downstream refiningand petrochemical plants safely, productively and profitably.With proven high accuracy and reliability, ABB’s measurementproducts combine high performance with the lowest cost ofownership, giving customers predictable and safe operation.ABB’s global reach means it can provide equipment and expertisewherever it is needed. Customers anywhere in the world canrely on on-time delivery and expert support for their equipmentand systems, enabling them to get their installation on-line asquickly as possible and to keep it running.ABB and its heritage companies have been leaders in innovationand technology for more than 100 years.Aztec Bush Beach Engineering Limited Pressductor®2 | Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations
  • 3. Trusted measurement solutionsOptimizing your production efficiencyWorld-class measurement solutions for the oil and gas ABB’s portfolio includes sensors, transmitters anddownstream industry related equipment for:ABB provides an extensive portfolio of measurement products − − Process liquid and gas analyzersfor use throughout the downstream chain. From refining through − − Emission analysisto petrochemical production, ABB’s measurement products − − Pressure measurementprovide the accuracy and durability needed to help operators − − Temperature measurementoptimize the efficiency and performance of their processes. − − Level measurement − − Flow measurementWith certifications including TÜV, NACE, ATEX, FM, FMC, − − Liquid analysisIECEx, CSA, SAA, GOST, INMETRO, PCEC and KGS, ABB’smeasurement products provide safe performance in oil, gas,refining and petrochemical operations worldwide. “When a leading chemical company in Mississippi wanted to quickly bring their plant back into operation following Hurricane Katrina, ABB was there to help. Damaged pH analyzers, as well as pressure and temperature transmitters were quickly replaced and repaired to help bring the plant back on-line.” Steve Gongwer, ABB Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations | 3
  • 4. Safe and predictable operationMeasurement products for refining LPG Gas plant Crude Storage Gasoline Crude Isomerization Gasoline Distillation Unit Naphtha Feed Gas Diesel Alkylation Oil plant Vacuum Distillation Unit Gasoline Cat Fluidised Catalytic Gas Coker Cracking Unit (FCCU) Hydrocracker Gasoline Other products DieselBlending & Crude distillation Hydrotreating & HydrocrackingTurning crude oil into the vast array of derivative products ran- Effective hydrotreating, or hydrodesulphurization, is a criticalging from fuel oils through to the chemicals used in thousands stage which helps to remove contaminants from the crudeof everyday products requires the highest levels of control. oil that could affect both equipment and product quality atDistribution, process control or process monitoring, each later stages in the refining process. ABB’s equipment at thisprocess in the refining stage requires accurate and reliable stage includes process analyzers to help measure processmeasurement for highest levels of productivity, profitability efficiency and enable the effective removal of sulphur andand safety. At the crude distillation stage, ABB’s products other contaminants. Close control of temperature andhelp to enable the effective separation of crude oil into its key cracking severity are major requirements in a hydrocrackingcomponents, ready for the next stage in the process. These process. ABB’s temperature sensors and process analyzers helpcomponents include naphtha, kerosene and light and heavy to provide the data needed to produce the optimum conditionsgas oils. for production of jet fuel, diesel, LPG and high octane gasoline fractions.4 | Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations
  • 5. In control of any processPetrochemical production solutions Benzene Toluene Xylene Ethylene PolypropylenePetrochemical production EOEG, TDI and MDI productionThe production of chemicals from petroleum or natural gas is Amongst the various petrochemical derivatives, the most sig-an essential part of the chemical industry today. Chemicals nificant are ethylene-based products, TDI (Toluene Diisocya-derived from petrochemical compounds are a key ingredient nate) and MDI (Methyl Diphenyl Diisocyanate). Together, thesein products such as detergents, fertilizers, medicines, paints, chemicals are used in a wide variety of everyday products.plastics, synthetic fibers and rubber. Around 200 distinct ABB’s measurement products play a key role throughout thechemicals are derived from petrochemical production pro- production of these chemicals, ranging from measuringcesses, including simple hydrocarbons such as methane and process flows; managing temperature and pressure conditionsethane, aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene and toluene, and monitoring discharges to the water cycle, through toolefins, including ethylene and propylene, naphthenes and analyzing and recording fugitive emissions from process plant.various other derivatives. ABB’s measurement products arewidely used throughout petrochemical processes to helpachieve and maintain the optimum conditions for safe, efficientand profitable production. Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations | 5
  • 6. Measurement solutions 1/4A comprehensive portfolioDid you know? For over half a century, ABB has developed, manufactured andinstalled analyzers for the downstream oil and gas industry. One of the largestanalyzer portfolios in the world was designed to improve process performance,productivity, capacity and safety of your processes.Product category Process analysisInstrument type Process analyzerMeasuring technique Photometer Electro- Paramagn. O2 Thermo- Combined TCD chem. O2 magn. O2Product series PUV3402 PIR3502 AO2000 AO2000 AO2000 AO2000 EL3060 EL3000 EL3060 EL3000 EL3060 EL3000 ACXProduct imageProduct type System solution Multiwave UV Multiwave IR Magnos206 Magnos206 Magnos206 photometer Limas11UV Magnos27 Option for Limas11R Caldos27 Caldos25 Limas23 Uras26 Uras26 Uras26 Phase Solid Liquid X x Gas x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xCertification Ex II 1G Ex II 2G x x X x x x x xEx II 3G x x x x x X x x x x x x xRefining Blending Crude distillation x x X X x x x x Hydrocracking x x X X x x x x Hydrotreating x x X X x x x x xCEMS* x x X X X x x x x X Petrochem EOEG x x x X X X x x xTDI X x MDI X x CEMS* x x x X X x x x x X * Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems6 | Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations
  • 7. Measurement solutions 2/4Serving the downstream chainDid you know? ABB has invented many measurement devices to help thedownstream oil and gas industry, including the first commercial on-line gaschromatograph, the first SIL2 certified guided-wave radar level transmitterand SIL2 pressure transmitter.Product category Process analysisInstrument type Process analyzerMeasuring technique TCD FID Laser FT-IR-Spectrometer Chromatograph Vapor in-situ pressureProduct series FTPA2000 NGC8200 PGC1000 PGC2000 PGC2000 PGC5000 RVP4500 RVP4501 RVP4503 RVP4550 MB3600 ACF-NT AO2000 AO2000 AO2000 EL3000Product image FTPA2000-HP460/360Product type MultiFID14 NMHC FTPA2000-HP260 MB3600-HP10 All Purpose All Purpose MultiFID14 NGC8206 PGC1000 PGC2002 PGC2005 PGC2007 PGC2009 PGC5007 Caldos25 Caldos27 Caldos27 Emission LS25 RVP Phase Solid x Liquid x x x x x x x x x x xGas x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Certification Ex II 1G Ex II 2G x x x X X x x x x x x x x x xEx II 3G x x x x x x x x x x x x x xRefining Blending X X X x x x x x xCrude distillation x X X X x x x x x xHydrocracking X X x x x xHydrotreating x x X X X x x x xCEMS* x x x x Petrochem EOEG x X X x x xTDI x X X x x xMDI x X X x x xCEMS* x x x x * Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations | 7
  • 8. Measurement solutions 3/4Extensive know-how and global reachDid you know? ABB offers Asset Vision Professional, a comprehensive AssetManagement tool for PCs, that enables you to cost-effectively manage online andoffline device configuration, providing parameter setting functions, online monitoringand tuning, diagnostic alerts, asset monitoring and calibration management.Product category Temperature Pressure LevelInstrument type Sensors Transm. Sensors Transm. Switch Transmitter GaugeMeasuring technique PT100 & Remote Absolute Vibrating Multi- Thermal Mech. Pressure Guided Mag- Radar Laser Magnetic Thermo- seal Gauge level point disper- level switch wave neto- couple Differential sion radar strictiveProduct series Temperature Oil and Gas W-Series MT5000 MT5000 MT5100 TTF300 TTF350 LM200 2600T AT100 AT200 KM26 MS50 LM80 BETA RS80 TX LSProduct imagePhase Solid x x X X xLiquid x x x x x x x x x x x x x xGas x x x x x x x x x x x x xCertification Ex II 1G x x x x X X X XEx II 2G x x x x X X X XEx II 3G x x x x X1 X1 X1 xRefining Blending x x x x x x x x x x x x xCrude distillation x x x x x x x x x x x x xHydrocracking x x x x x x x x x x x x xHydrotreating x x x x x x x x x x x x xCEMS* Petrochem EOEG x x x x x x x x x x x x xTDI x x x x x x x x x x x x xMDI x x x x x x x x x x x x xCEMS* * Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems 1 Assumed8 | Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations
  • 9. Measurement solutions 4/4The ideal partner for downstream projectsDid you know? More customers buy Distributed Control Systems (DCS) fromABB than from any other vendor**. ABB’s measurement products are specificallydesigned to work seamlessly with an ABB DCS saving you time and money. **Source: ARC 2010 DCS Worldwide Outlook Study.Product category Flow Liquid Valve automationInstrument type Flowmeter Sensors PositionersMeasuring technique Differential pressure Coriolis Electro- Vortex/ Thermal Variable pH/ORP magnetic Swirl mass AreaProduct series Master FEP TZIDC-200 Sensyflow VA Master Pitot tube flowmeter Process EDP300 Coriolis FS4000 FV4000 Wedge Master Master TB(X)5 Orifice Venturi Torbar TZIDCProduct imagePhase Solid X X x Liquid x x x x x x x x x xGas x x x x x x x x x xCertification Ex II 1G x x x x x xEx II 2G x x x x x x x x x x x xEx II 3G x x x x x x x x x x Refining Blending x x2 x x3 x x xCrude distillation x x x2 x x3 x x x xHydrocracking x x x x2 x x3 x x4 x xHydrotreating x x x x 2 x x x x xCEMS* X Petrochem EOEG x x x x2 x x3 x x xTDI x x x x2 x x3 x x xMDI x x x x2 x x3 x x xCEMS* X * Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems 2 For all conductive liquid measurements up to 180 °C 3 For all dry gas measurements with low pressures 4 Sour water application, quench tower, waster water Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations | 9
  • 10. Accurate and reliable measurementExceeding your expectationsEliminating the effects of plugged Minimizing flow measurement errorsimpulse lines using Coriolis mass flowmetersPressure transmitters are used to measure pressure through Achieving optimum process efficiency in downstream refiningto level and flow. With hundreds of transmitters often installed applications requires accurate, dependable liquid and gas flowin inaccessible locations, any problem could mean that a measurement. It is especially important to be able to identifyprocess’s performance is based on incorrect information, sources of product loss or measurement discrepancies thatwhich could have long term consequences on both production could affect profitability or legislative compliance.costs and quality. The challenge to measure accurately while avoidingThe challenge of blocked impulse lines potential errorsWith pressure transmitters rarely directly connected to the Volumetric flowmeters have been the preferred method for con-processes being measured, the problem of blocked impulse tinuous flow measurement in downstream refining applications.lines is a common one. The small diameter pressure lines are For these flowmeters to deliver an accurate calculated mass orprone to plugging caused by products freezing or solidifying. standard volumetric rate, it is necessary to factor in standardWith no direct impact on the transmitter itself, the problem or normalized temperature and pressure conditions, which canis often difficult to trace. introduce potential errors. This is undesirable in applications such as mass balance, where accurate measurement is crucialThe solution is a transmitter with plugged impulse line for precise catalyst determination, calculating product yieldsdetection functionality and assessing plant performance.ABB’s 2600T pressure transmitters feature plugged impulseline detection (PILD). Many of the basic diagnosis functions The solution is the CoriolisMaster flowmeter series – accurateare accessible via the local HMI (Human Machine Interface). measurement unaffected by temperature and pressureAny functions that cannot be handled via the HMI can be Coriolis mass flowmeters are increasingly being used for highaccessed via ABB’s AssetVision software, which runs on accuracy applications, as they are unaffected by temperaturea laptop connected to the transmitter. Operators are guided and pressure. As well as their high accuracy and wide turn-through a simple process which assesses the background down, they also offer long term benefits through increasednoise, allows testing of the PILD condition and enables process efficiency, production cost savings and reduced costadjustment of parameters. The software can be used to ‘train’ of ownership. Coriolis mass flowmeters are ideal for liquid massthe transmitter to the process, enabling the background noise flow measurement applications throughout the downstreamalgorithm to adapt to the specific process conditions during refining chain, especially those subject to variations in productinstallation. Using this information, it can detect the variations density or where a product is priced by process conditions that indicate a plugged impulse line.ABB’s 2600T series gives accurate, reliable pressure measurement CoriolisMaster mass flowmeters are ideal for liquid mass flow applications10 | Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations
  • 11. pH measurement of overhead crude Effective interface level control in causticcondensed water wash processesCrude distillation units separate crude oil into a number of Alkylation is the reaction of propylene or butylene with isobutanefractions. to form alkylate. Sulphuric or hydrofluoric acid is used as the catalyst in the alkylation process. Alkylation plants includeThe challenge of dealing with acidic water a reactor, an acid separator and a caustic/water wash.Non-hydrocarbon contaminants and water vapor concentrate After the reactor, the mixture passes to the acid separator,in the upper part of the column and the overheads system. where the hydrocarbon and acid catalyst are separated.Vapors from the top of the column pass to a condenser and The mixture is ‘washed’ with caustic and water to neutralizethen to a vessel that separates gas and hydrocarbons from the acid and remove residual esters, caustic and salts.the water. The contaminants tend to collect in the separatedwater, turning it acidic. Left untreated, the acidic water can The challenge to prevent corrosiondamage piping, condensers and the upper portion of the Accurate interface level measurement is needed duringcolumn. To minimize corrosion, neutralization chemicals are washing to prevent corrosion and fouling of downstreamadded to the top of the tower, using the pH of the water from processes and to help achieve the optimum hydrocarbonthe separator to guide the dosing rate. Residual hydrocarbons mixture. Excessive levels will cause the caustic to carry intomixed with the condensed water can plug the porous reference downstream processes, impairing process efficiency andjunction used in most pH electrodes and hydrogen sulfide product quality. If levels are too low, then hydrocarbon(H2S) can also poison pH electrodes, reducing sensor life. carryunder may occur, reducing the mixture quality. Many level measurement technologies can encounter problemsThe solution against hydrocarbon plugging if the interface level becomes too small or there are stickyABB’s TB(X)564 high-pressure hot tap retractable pH sensor solids which can leave residue on the ideal for these applications. Rated up to 20 bar at 140 °C,with the option of a wooden reference junction, the TB(X)5 The solution enables accurate interface level controloffers added protection against hydrocarbon plugging. Sensor ABB’s level measurement instruments can solve theselife can also be prolonged by installing a sample conditioning problems and enable accurate interface level control insystem to cool the condensed water. caustic wash processes. Options include guided wave radar and magnetostrictive transmitters, mechanical and vibrating level switches and magnetic gauges.The TB(X)564 pH sensor is ideal for harsh environments ABB offers a wide choice of level transmitters and gauges Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations | 11
  • 12. Enhanced performance, reduced emissionsProven measurement technologyProcess gas analysis in ethylene Optimized gasoline and diesel blendingcracking processes with NIR analyzersEthylene is a common ingredient in key chemicals including Gasoline and diesel blending is a complex process, demandingpolystyrene, polyethylene and alpha-olefins, as well as ethylene fuel quality and legislative targets to be met while producing theglycol, vinyl chloride resin and acetic acid. Ethylene cracking product at the lowest possible cost. To meet these targets,plants crack feedstock chemicals in a rapid process at high various properties are measured and controlled including RONtemperatures around 850 °C. The effluent gases leaving the (Research Octane Number), MON (Motor Octane Number),cracking furnace enter a quench pot, where they are cooled RVP (Reid Vapour Pressure), aromatics, benzene, olefins,with water, before being fed to a fractionator where they are ASTM D86 distillation points and oxygenates.separated into specific chemicals, including ethylene. The challenge of slow response timesThe challenge to closely control the cracking process These measurements have traditionally been obtained eitherClose control of the cracking process is crucial. If the by interrupting the blend to obtain laboratory test results or byfeedstock is over-cracked, excessive coke can form in the using several on-line analyzers, such as octane engines andfurnace, causing it to deactivate. If the feed is under- gas chromatograph and distillation analyzers. Problems includecracked, the quantity of olefins produced will be reduced. the high capital and operating costs of multiple analyzers, slow response times and poor repeatability, lost product and reducedThe solution is monitoring the right cracking severity blender throughput, and increased inventory as well as storageABB’s process gas analyzers provide the data needed to costs.achieve the right cracking severity. Flue gas measurementusing ABB zirconia oxygen probes allows combustion optimi- The solution allows for real-time measuring resultszation through correct air/fuel ratios. Measuring the output ABB’s FT-NIR analyzers for on-line gasoline and dieselgases from the process at various points and measuring the blending enable rapid multi-stream and multi-property analysisnaptha feedstock quality with an FT-NIR analyzer can help to of gasoline and diesel blending components and final productenable the feedstock being cracked at the correct severity. streams. By accurately measuring in real-time, the analyzersFurnace decoking uses ABB’s NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) provide the data needed to optimize the blend, minimizeanalyzers to monitor carbon dioxide in the effluent gas during product re-blends and quality giveaway, and allow the useburn-off, with levels rising and then falling to zero as the coke of lower-cost feedstocks while meeting final product qualityis removed. targets.ABB measurement products deliver close control for ethylene cracking ABB‘s NIR analyzers provide real-time data for blending12 | Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations
  • 13. Controlling TDI and MDI emissions – Meeting global environmental emissionsmaximizing process safety standardsToluene diisocyanate (TDI) and Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate Accurate monitoring of emissions from refining and petro-(MDI) are widely used in polyurethane manufacture. Categorized chemical sites is becoming increasingly important to meetas volatile organic compounds (VOCs), both can cause irritation strict global environmental standards. Such monitoring needsto skin and eyes when diffused into air. A key ingredient in to include not only emissions of chemical substances releasedthe manufacture of TDI and MDI is phosgene, a highly toxic from the processes, but also the pollutant by-products fromchemical. Emissions of phosgene, plus other harmful chemicals combustion processes such as sulphur and nitrogen dioxides.involved in TDI/MDI production, need to be closely monitored Equal attention needs to be paid to waterborne emissionsto help comply with environmental, safety and quality that could detrimentally affect aquatic life, if discharged intorequirements. the water cycle.The challenge of safe TDI and MDI production The challenge of reliable emissions controlTDI and MDI production includes multiple stages, spanning Refining and petrochemical plant operators need to complyfeedstock input through to scrubbing and recovery of key with a range of legislative and regulatory emissions requirements,intermediates. To help maximize process safety and efficiency, covering exhaust gases and fugitive emissions through tothe chemical reactions at each stage need to be closed discharges to the water cycle. Failure to meet any of theseregulated. This requires measurement of both direct process could result in a process or even an entire plant being shutemissions and ambient conditions where emissions may arise down, incurring highly expensive delays and lost production.from fugitive leaks or malfunctioning equipment. The solution is a wide choice of gas and water analysisThe solution to achieve process safety and product quality equipmentABB’s Multiwave Process Photometers provide on-line ABB supplies one of the largest process, emissions & laboratorymeasurements of gas or liquid components for process analyzer portfolios, offering real-time analysis of the chemicalcontrol, product quality control, safety, catalyst protection composition and physical properties of a process sampleand area monitoring. They can be deployed throughout the or stream. Options include individual products through toTDI/MDI production process to analyze everything from complete skid-mounted or cabin-based systems, for measure-feedstock purity through to phosgene and solvent recovery. ment of both chemical and combustion gas emissions.The photometers offer fast, continuous analysis for accurate This range is backed up by a comprehensive range of liquidfeedback control, whilst dynamic sample temperature analysis products and systems, covering a wide range ofcompensation provides a stable reading. parameters including pH, conductivity, chlorine and ammonia.ABB‘s photometers provide fast, accurate on-line gas analysis ABB supplies a wide choice of gas and water analysis equipment Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations | 13
  • 14. Services for measurement productsPerformance optimizationDedicated to optimizing plant productivity and performance, ABB’scertified services enable improved utilization and performance ofautomation equipment, processes and personnel. ABB providessupport from the planning phase through to commissioning andfull lifecycle servicing, in accordance with international industrystandards, enabling the utmost safety and environmental protection.ABB’s performance optimization services: “When a superior technical solution isProductized life cycle services needed for a problem, ABB can help.− − Start-up: dimensioning, installation, commissioning−− Operate and maintain: maintenance, calibration, Take ABB’s HF Alkylation process acid spare parts and repairs, support and remote services, analyzer for accurate measurement of training and eLearning hydrofluoric acid and acid soluble oils,−− Rebuild or replace: retrofits, upgrades,−− Migration planning, replace and recycling for example. Developed with one ofService agreements ABB’s leading customers, the analyzer− − Flexible service agreements is now helping refineries worldwide to−− Globally supported, locally delivered−− Tailored from basic service agreements to Full Service ® achieve enhanced personnel safety, contracts according to customer’s needs process control, corrosion monitoring and catalyst efficiency.” Mike Simpson, ABB14 | Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations
  • 15. Offering integrated automationDelivering value added solutionsMain Automation Contractor and Main Electrical Contractor “ABB’s experience integrating measure-ABB minimizes customers’ risks by providing integrated ment and control solutions eliminatesproducts and solutions as the Main Automation Contractor(MAC) and the Main Electrical Contractor (MEC). Solutions the need to work with multiple suppliers.for downstream refining and petrochemical automation include As an industry leader in automation,a full range of instruments and field devices, combined with we enable optimal project delivery,applications such as pump optimization, emergency shutdown(ESD), compressor efficiency monitoring, and abnormal situation meet demanding cost and schedulemanagement. requirements, and manage risk.” John Wilson, ABBBenefit from ABB’s integrated automation offering− − Lower costs: 20% project cost saving potentials due to reduced spending on engineering, start-up and maintenance− − Lower project risk due to a single integrated team with global reach and resource−− Reduced expediting and inspection due to a single source supplier− − Faster schedule: engineering, commissioning and start-up time reduced− − Best use of technology: truly integrated solutions for long-term benefitsABB’s integrated automation solutions Intelligent field HV/MV power instruments switch gear Automation distribution distribution Consulting Analyzers Intelligent LV power solutions Telecom systems systems Motors Safety Drives Electrical Automation MEC: Main Electrical Contractor MAC: Main Automation Contractor ABB integrated solutions Trusted measurement solutions for downstream oil and gas operations | 15
  • 16. Contact usTo find your local ABB contact visit: Note: PB/OIL_GAS_DOWNSTREAM-EN Copyright© 2011 ABB All rights reservedFor more product information