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After a soft-launch in March, we've re-branded to account for news and blog content that we'll be releasing over the next few months.

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The New IR Smartt Website

  1. 1. The New IR Smartt Website
  2. 2. Motivation Version #1 focused on a minimalistic design aimed at a corporate audience. Our marketing strategy has evolved to include a major focus on content creation and blogging. The original site design was “soft-launch” orientated and didn‟t plan for this explosion of content. Our graphic design team was itching for a new project to take on using Twitter Bootstrap
  3. 3. Version #1
  4. 4. Home Page Location-based branding. With shots of the the Colorado River just to the north of the city of Austin. More focus on sectional links. With featured images pointing to services and company information. „Who We Are‟ now more prominent, including an explanation of our mission and values front and center. Retained focus on industry news and How-To articles written by our Social Media team.
  5. 5. E.g. Home Page
  6. 6. Our Services The Our Services pages have been simplified with a more prominent 2nd navigation. We‟ve focused on branding services visually to create recognition throughout the site and Social Media. Services have been slimmed down. We now focus on 4 core services, the rest have been let go. No more „Industries‟, at least not right now. When 2.1 comes out in October, we‟ll add a combined „Case Studies‟ and „Industries‟ section.
  7. 7. E.g. Our Services
  8. 8. Online Branding Our Online Branding service is now focused on the following areas:  Social Media Channels  Executive Profiles  Websites  Investor Centers
  9. 9. Business Intelligence Our Business Intelligence service is now focused on the following areas:  Competition Monitoring  Campaign Reporting  Real-Time Social Alerts
  10. 10. Social Engagement Within our re-branded Social Engagement service, we‟re showing public companies how to:  Monitor Social Media  Identify Influencers  Become thought Leaders
  11. 11. Content Strategy Our re-branded Content Strategy service assists public companies with:  Effective Multimedia Use  Lead Capture Opportunities  Improved SEO on PR  Digital Media Packages
  12. 12. About Us IR Smartt has been developed as a niche business that we believe has an absolutely premium product. Our company and our people will be the main drivers of this philosophy. We seek to provide clarity and enact positive change through close collaboration with our clients. The About Us section of our new website attempts to communicate our values and professionalism.
  13. 13. E.g. About Us
  14. 14. Company As well as devising strategy, we play a hands-on role in making it work side-by-side with our client. Our job isn‟t simply to present an idea, but to see it through to implementation and become an integral partner in the process.
  15. 15. People The people who have come together to form IR Smartt share much more than industry knowledge. We champion tangible value which sets us apart in the Investor Relations industry. Our commitment to transparency defines how we how we work together.
  16. 16. News We‟ve enhanced our News section to handle all of the existing and future content that we have. Sharing functions exist for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The Disqus commenting system has been installed. Custom post types have been created for Videos and Slideshows, and auto-format themselves for your device. ‘Popular Series’ have been categorized to give faster access to the most relevant information.
  17. 17. E.g. News
  18. 18. Contact Us Really cool Google Maps API integration in the header of this page. (Ask us about it!) Simplified inquiry contact form. More focus on Social Media (hey, we‟re a Social Media company after all). Contact information and newsletter signup can also be seen throughout the website.
  19. 19. E.g. Contact Us
  20. 20. Useful Footer Version #1 was incredibly simple, consisting of only a few text links to primary pages. Version #2 has more of a focus on Social Media, links to recent news on the blog, and email newsletter subscription form and text links to our main services pages. You can find our Privacy Policy here if for any reason you need to see what we do with your browsing information.
  21. 21. E.g. Useful Footer
  22. 22. Other New FunctionsResponsive DesignVersion #2 to be completely responsive ensuringcompatibility on any device or screen size. Whether yourechecking us out on a tablet or mobile device, youll neverneed to scroll.Built with Twitter BootstrapWeve utilized the Twitter Bootstrap framework to limitdevelopment time and deliver rapid prototyping. This will beincorporated into future investor center projects as well.
  23. 23. Future ReleasesClient LoginsIn the next few months, well be releasing IRSmartt.comVersion 2.1 which will include a closed environment withprofile and media storage for all of our Social Media clients.Live ReportingWere working on a series of reporting plugins for our clientsthat will provide real-time information on their Social Mediaand website activity. The aim? To prove the ROI of SocialMedia for any public company.
  24. 24. More Info? To read the full blog visit: Or for more information about IR Smartt and our Social Media strategies for the Investor Relations industry, please contact us on: Website: Email: