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Ramesh Kumar,Yog Sadhana Ashram

  1. 1. Presented at: The 10th International Conference Organized by: India Development Coalition of America Dates: January 10-11, 2014, Venue: Institute of Rural Research and Development, Gurgaon Presented by: Ramesh Kumar, Yog Sadhan Ashram, Gurgaon YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 1
  2. 2.   Vision - The Vedic Knowledge Of Hath Yoga And Raja Yoga Must Reach All Human Beings To Adopt Yoga as a Way Of Life. Mission –To Teach Yog Sadhan Practices Free Of Cost To Needy Persons Irresepective Of Cast And Religion  About the Founder  Yogeshwar Prabhu Ram Lal Ji Founded In 1916 Swami Mulakh Raj Ji Elevated Yoga Till 1960. After Swami Mulakh Raj Ji --Various Disciples Started Teaching One Of The Disciple Yogiraj Prof Chaman Lal Ji, Composed “ Yog Divya Ramayan “ In 11 Volumes. This Is Consolidation Of Vedic Knowledge and Cure Of Diseases Is Well Defined In These Books.     Yog Sadhan Ashrams Teach Strictly As Per “Divya Yog Ramayan” YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 2
  3. 3.  Poverty is not just about Economics but also ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ 1 2 3 4 Lack of Education Lack of Knowledge Lack of Human Values Lack of Body Care and much more How to Eradicate Poverty ? Yog Sadhanas Give a Holistic Solution to Problems of the Individual and the Nation YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 3
  4. 4. Yog Sadhanas Can Support in Eradicating Poverty  Health Body Reduced health expenditure  Healthy Mind    Yog  Sadhanas  Lead to      Better Thoughts /Plans Control over self More Productivity Control over Food Character Support to Reduced Health expenses Poverty Reduction Strong Nation More human /Respect all Stable Nation  YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 4
  5. 5. What is Yog Sadhana  Pranayam Cleaning )  Asanas  Meditation Shatkarma (Body Yog Sadhanas Yam and Niyam(Ethics Code ) YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 5
  6. 6. Healthcare a Drain on Resources       Lifestyle Effects In Rural Areas Anemia,Malnutrition, Diarrhea, Typhoid , Tuberculosis, Hypertension And Diabetes Coughing , Asthma Etc Lifestyle Effects In Urban Area Spondylitis, Back Pain, Eyesight, Migraine, Stress Onset of Diseases At Early Age, Like--Heart Attacks, Cancer, Obesity, Hyper Acidity, Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis Etc Yog Sadhanas Are Capable Of Curing Above Diseases YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 6 6
  7. 7. Pranayam (Science of Breath Control) What is Pranayam • Pranayam = Prana (Energy )+ Ayam( To Draw ) • Pranas Energy of the Supreme Being/ Life Force . * Anything Without Pranas Is Called Dead. • Pranayam To Harness This Energy . • Pranayam Strengthens The Nervous System . • Science Has Proved That Pranayam Works For Healing • Prana is the Life-Force YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 7
  8. 8.         BENEFITS (Better Mind and Body ) Prolongs life and strengthens heart, lungs and brain. Delights the consciousness, Purifies blood regulates BP TYPES OF PRANAYAM The Pranayama is of ten types. Nadi Shuddhi, Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom, Kapal Bhati mainly applied at Yog Sadhan Ashrams . Pranayam Self Healing a Gift from Nature YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 8
  9. 9. Yogi (Eats Once In A Day )  Bhogi (Eats Twice A Day )  Rogi (Eats Thrice A Day )  Gap Between Meals Min 2.5 Hours  Go More For Raw/ Fibrous Food  Eat Sprouts Daily  Avoid Junk And Packed Food Eat Satvic Food ---Fresh, Raw Form Avoid--rajsik Food: Spicy & Tamsik Food --Non Veg  Always Eat Less Than Your Hunger YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 9
  10. 10. Good For Activating Body Glands  Yoga Makes The Vertebral Column Supple And Strong  Geater Vigour And Longer Life.  Shat-karmas + Asanas + Pranayama Have A Unique Power To Cleanse Wastes Out Of The Body. No Other System Has So Wide- Ranging Impact On Human Body, Mind, And Intelligence.  YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 10
  11. 11.          Sarvotan Asana (Whole Body Stretching And Relaxing ) Skandha Chalan. (Heart, Lungs, Thyroid Etc ) Pag-chalan (Legs, Knees ) Nabhi-chalana ( Digestion, Weight Control ) Nabhi-chalan (Inverse).( Very Effective For Obesity ) Janu Prasar ( Bowel Functions, Thigh Fat ) Nadi-chalan ( Spine, Digestion ) Bala-machalan ( Stay Young Whole Life ) Unique Exercises For The Whole Body And Joints For Young And Old (103 Joints ) YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 11
  12. 12.  Nasal System  Bacteria,Toxins, Pollution That We Inhale. ‘Neti’ Cleans The Nose And All Organs Above Shoulders (Eyes, Ears, Nose And Brain) Remain Healthy.- Digestive System The Undigested Food And Waste In The Body    Vaman Flushing of Stomach (Good For Acidity ) Vastra-dhauti: Good For Cough, Asthma, Leprosy Etc. Varisara Flushing Of The Alimentary Canal. Rama Ban For Chronic Fever, Diabetes, Liver, Hyperacidity, Purifies Blood Etc. Kapala Bhati Vibrates Every Tissue Of The Body. In Kapala-bhati, There is A Play of The Abdominal Muscles And Diaphragm. YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 12
  13. 13. Some Cases Treated at Yog Sadhan Ashram Gurgaon and Delhi Weight Loss by overweight Ladies / Gents  Reduction in 5 kg to 10 kg in two months  Spondylitis  Arthiritis able to move in one weeks time  Hyperacidity (vaman and Dhoti )  Migraine  Lumber Pain ( In two weeks )-- One case  Jaundice ( one month thru neti ) –One case  Cold, Cough etc  YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 13 13
  14. 14. Train Volunteers And Yoga Instructors ,Willing To Teach Free To Others And Not Use For Commercial Use.  Support NGOs /Individuals Willing To Start Yoga Classes And Health Counseling Centers From Spare Land /Hall Of Neighborhood Temples ,Community Halls And Slum Areas In Various Cities   We Also Wish To Open A Yoga Wellness Clinic At Yog Sadhan Ashram, Gurgaon As Free Service To Poor And Needy , YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 14
  16. 16. THANK YOU Contact us GURGAON YOG SADHAN ASHRAM A 38, Rosewood City, Sector 49, Gurgaon 122018, Land Line 0124 -Ph 4266169, Mob 9971001318, Email:humanreform@rediffmail.com HOSHIARPUR PUNJAB YOG SADHAN ASHRAM 3L, Model Town, Hoshiarpur ,Punjab www.yogsadhanashram.co.in CHICAGO USA Yog Sadhan Ashram of Chicago 28W100 St. Charles Rd., West Chicago, IL 60185-1421 Phone: 630-293-9554 www.yogsadhanashram-usa.org Email: yogsadhanashramusa@gmail.com YOG SADHAN ASHRAM GURGAON 16
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