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Knowledge Media - SUSE



Scottish Government Nov 2013

Scottish Government Nov 2013



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Knowledge Media - SUSE Presentation Transcript

  • 1. IRISS Knowledge Media
  • 2. Integration Developer Interactive Developer Interactive Designer Media Manager Knowledge Manager
  • 3. Leading IRISS’s knowledge management work ! Advising on the use of technology and new media
  • 4. We know about the legal side of things: ! ‣ copyright ‣ licensing ‣ data protection ‣ ethical matters
  • 5. We design and build: interactive learning materials
  • 6. We design and build: web-based publications !
  • 7.
  • 8. We design and build: websites !
  • 9.
  • 10. We support and encourage the use of web-based tools for communication and knowledge sharing ! (commonly known as social media)
  • 11. We have skills in ‣ audio ‣ video ‣ video storytelling
  • 12. Underpinned by…
  • 13. Knowledge Management Strategy ! ! …will enable people involved with social services to use knowledge of what works to deliver the best quality care and support…
  • 14. …many forms of knowledge ! ! • • • • • experience of practitioners, people who use services and carers examples of how others have solved problems user and carer perspectives summaries of research evidence practitioner experience and wisdom
  • 15. The role of personal storytelling in practice IRISS Insight No 23
  • 16. Storytelling influences change - at individual practice level and at organisational level
  • 17. Listening to stories can lead to better person-centred care and improved services
  • 18. Hearing personal stories engenders greater ★ understanding ★ empathy ★ reflection !
  • 19. Benefits the teller as it can ! ★ empower ★ encourage personal growth ★ build resilience
  • 20. Ethical issues telling stories can be demoralising and disempowering for the teller
  • 21. SUSE Scottish Union of Supported Employment
  • 22. Worked with and planned the stories with SAMH Cornerstone RNIB Capability Scotland
  • 23. It’s all in the planning… IRIS S  Me dia  ( SUS www E  Di .iriss gital FIlm .o  Stor ing  S y  Pro ched ject ule Con ta c ts Set  u p Loca :  John.B tion: o  Joy the@co ce.C halm rnerston Balh e. ousi ers@ e   http: balh ousi //ww Monkba D a te ecar r w arbr oath .balhou ns  Care .uk  M  Hom / siec are.c anag e,  14 Time  Mon er.  T 12  A /view el  01 pril  2 kbar -­care 241   ns  D 013 8717 rive, -­hom Back 13.  Arb 10.3 e-­ba grou roath 0    (0 lhou nd 8 :4 0 ,  DD sie-­m  Trai 11   onkb n  fro Julie arns 2DS. m  G  Pert -­care lasg  is  49 -­hom ow  Q  and e-­ ueen  has   She    Stre an  a was   et  -­  A utoim ma d rbro mu n e  red ath) e  dis unda Emp ease nt  fro loyer  (sys m  he s and   tema r  last secu  have  be tic  lu  job  w en  ve re  em pus  e ith  an ry  re ploym rthym lucta  optic She   ent. atosi nt  to had   al  co s)  take appli mp a  her   ed  fo ny  ba on  in r  ove sed  i She    any   r  40   n  Du bega capa posit ndee n  to   city  a ions   . lose   nd  sh witho her  s She   e  str ut  su elf  co joine uggle cces nfide d p ro v d  to   s. nce,   ision  the  wor try and   kcho ,  by  t had   he  d ice  p very   .e.a. Julie low  e  from rogram  h m steem  her   work ad  alway local e,  after   . place s  wa being  jobc n me n p ro v entre  refe t  was ted  to  w i d e r, rred    in  A  Balh o   onto rb ro a ousi arranged rk  in  a  ca  the   th. e  Ca terin  by  h Corn The   g  or   re  ltd er  em e r s to place . ploym kitchen ne me n t  dur ● J  type ent  c ation ulie  w  of  e o-­ord  was nv ould   inato  ag wo g r  with ironment ● S rking  en o  in  for   reed: ,so  a  loc 3   v h al  ca  a ● s e  contin ironment shifts  a  w re  ho . ued   uitab eek  t me to o  see offer ly  impres  underta  how ed  Ju ke  th sed  t ● S  she   e  pla he  st lie  a   woul he  co ce af fu d  cop revie ntinues   ll  time  po f  team,  to ment  for e  wit to  re  a  pe w  me sition  the   h  he ceive r e r  new eting Impa  supp ,  which  s xtent  tha iod  of  6  w s  bei ct he  h t  the ng  h ort  th eeks as  man eld  w , r ● J a ith  cl ough  the  since  a ulie’s ccep ger  of  th ient  a  work ● h  conf te e  ho nd  m c id e me anag hoice  pr d. ● s r  family   ence  an o g ra er  of and   d  sel he  is mme  the   fri f    now hom ,with  back ends  hav esteem  h The   e.  regu e  no  to  th Balh lar ticed ave  rece e  che o u si e conti ived    a  re  grou ery,   nue   a  mu ma bubb to p   suita ch  w ly,  pe rkable  d ble  e  support   has  a  ve elcom if rson ry  po the  p mp l o e  bo  she   ference ymen sitive ro g ra ost was    a We  w m t  opp p re v ortun me  by  o ttitude  to ould   iousl ff ities,   like  t y.  to  cl ering  pla employin o  film ients ceme g  pe We  w  Julie o  who  tellin i  have nts  and,   ple  with   -­  but ll  be  filmi g  he a  d wher  show  it  wo ng  in r  sto ry  as  a u atmo n  com e  appr isability,  well  an op sphe ld  be  goo  care  ho mitm  goin m re . d  to   ent  a riate,  offe d g  ab get  s e  so  we nd  p out  h   o me oten ring er  wo  gen need  to  b tial eral   rk. e  sen shots sitive  insid e  an  to  the  p d  ou tside rivacy  of  t  in  or der  t he  reside o  cap n 1 ture   ts the Loca tion Shoo t sum ing  plan mary
  • 24. ● Wh s  Care a nksbarn sie  Mo Juli t  mes Balhou r  an  optical sag e? me ere  at   g  h e  d  Ho e  fo ●  workin o  yo n  Care  Dunde dant.’ onkbar  and  I’ve  been is  I  worked  in n Wa u  h usie  M m  Julie e  redu h ave s  th Balho s  mad efore  t t    for p ro i e  -­  ‘I’ ut  wa  it.    B Julie  a  oth b  too  b gra s  the  f thing  lik d  I  really  love  some  that  jo mm irst   er  e Julie:   ths  an t  1 .  I  liked ● e?   time Sho mp rd  years r  x  mon x o [pro How loye  reco Home  f t  company  for   be    you  e lm  and fi rs  a  imp Sho en  her t. how mp to  d bou ymen orta instrum t  3  telling mplo  ma loye o  it   julie t  em  to  find  e ny  o d  so with nt  is  C ploy ry. uggled sto me out the o rn at  I  str ing one  Co rs] work? After  th rne erston  thr  out  of   Jul  you rsto oug e  in ie  B ng  were e  audio ill  be ne] h  th  sup Th w  lo eck 0)? ● Ho e  w ing  w por et,   tions  (4 record o rk ting Cor r?  applica cho  you ● counte ner any  job d  as  a i use w  m ou  en ily?  the s to Wh ● Ho ks  did  y ver  for our  fam  em ne at  is etbac  and  y oice-­o v ploy n  you  (2  & s  and  s  Co e  o hots ultie ● e r? rn e  job  hav at  diffic e m] other  s Tel    [w rsto ● Wh  to  find  a  and  self  este l  me ould ne? nability e 3)  you  i fidenc [aim  ab   act  did  of  con out s  to t  loss at  imp  jobs? by  m  find  red  Con ● Wh pt  to  talk  abou dition  to e u on any [prom ith  this  c  pe ce  the rstone ● ople eople  w ’s  in  ver How ult  for  p  wit y v diffic  do h  d  high   olvem hy  is  it   tone [Wo e isab leve ● W orners e rkin s  it  wo  with  C ilitie ls  o nt  with iden ouch g  cl rk? f  ex s] you  in  t ? ). o  put   clus  the    w app tify  ap osely  w ramme ● Wh EA  in  Arbroath o ion   p ro ro a e  prog ith  t with rkcho p ch  t choic (via  D ● e  work in  th ice   o  a riate  w he  pe bout  th a ] llow pr o Wh o e  w ou  feel   al’  job? a  ea rk  pla ple  we ? o rk o g ra m at  did  y  it  wasn’t  a  ‘re ch  i ould  be [CV t  supp cem plac  sup m ● Wh ink ment  w ndiv , o  th e  e e? lace [diff  interv rt  is  o idua ents  fo port,  c [did  she xpe he  worp iew ffer e re r  ea a re ri e n where  t l  to    of   e nce   rs ced c ach  choice ●  be skills,   d? ieve h  pers  and  p ou  have  y twe s How on   ote  the ● DId en   orting  ma an n ir  g Sup  o ? ny  p oals d  take tial  em ● por ut  ben eek].  it  begin eop pl .]  a  p ted Wh efits How  did r  3  shifts  per  w le  a s? ●  an ers oyers   y  do t  fo d  U -­    rol re  s few  day ona w  we [promp he  first   e  o nsu upp ● lise e  ne ound  t f  th ppo d orte Wh ed   w  you  f rted e  sup d  (2 at  a sup out  ho  Mo p por ll  me  ab re  t 50) ● ● Te t  se he   dule ort  wo ? ment? ben lace rvic Are rke s] tone)? efits as  the  p es  a  the r] s] rners ng  w opp  job  to   nd   How  lo from  Co ported  Module ● em ortu wor  op pport  ( Sho up  su ploy p ker nitir nd  Uns t  4 elp  and ● s  su e rs s  ar ortunit ported  a  need  h  of   Is  th ch  a e  lim ies  r Did  you  between  Sup anager] em ● e  m e  si s  C Sho ited estri ploy are  Hom ference tua one [dif cted t  5 ] pport?  and  C ing   tion e  su tone rsto Jul  to   peo  imp o  receiv  with  Corners out ie  i ne? par ple   s ob  with ntinue  t n  th Sho ro v ticu  this  j ou  co eeting like  y m ing   e  k t  6 lar   d  hold ● Do pt  for  regular    Jul /  ar itch  get  an sec Jul  to ie? e  e en   ie  e tors [prom anaged mp Sho goi ?  [p ithe  have  m loye t  7 ng   ro b u  would r  ar k  yo rs  b abo Joy e  w rivi  you  thin eco ut  h ce   het ng   ● Do mi n and her er  w or  l ob? rstone? g  m  Ju Corne ll  time  j eav ork Joy ent  fu o re lie   ing erman  flex talk ce   e  p  wo and ow  hav ible ing rk     d  you  n  Ju ,  m ? (ou ● An is  job? lie   ayb tsid bout  th wal e  in t  bit  a e  h kin  bes  Jo om b? g  th at’s  the yce e) g  the  jo t] ● Wh rou ’s  o ou  like  i ce  gettin gh   [why  y ffic h ] ged  sin hom  chan ly  self ple  wit e? eo life ibb e mploy  p as  your    esteem  and  b ways  h lf tant  to  e In  what   r  regaining  se re  reluc  a ● t  fo ers  who [promp employ ave  for    h  do  you essage What  m ition? ● nd your  co lie.  like  Ju )  people anager  in  supporting e  M  with  a re  Hom usie  Group  people  and, o ploying ers  (Ca o  em f  Balh halm ements o  have ttitude  t oyce  C lk  about  role  o ng  plac h J ri e  a  positiv ramme  by  offe ies,  to  clients  w ● Ta it s  a  very g Shot  2 roup  ha upport  the  pro ment  opportun  g lhousie o  s loy “The  Ba and  continue  t  suitable  emp ill g y,    audio  w The ,  offerin isabilit d ate al” d  as ppropri  potenti be  use where  a ent  and or -­over  f ommitm voice shown  c 4  &  5) shots  ( 2 3
  • 25. Journeys Back into Work the video stories