Guardianship (WS37)


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A workshop, in partnership with the Scottish Refugee Council, on supporting unaccompanied asylum seeking children who enter Scotland. The workshop will focus on the particular needs of these young people and the ways social workers can help prepare the young people. Contributor: Aberlour

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  • Operational since 1 st September 2010 Cover the whole of Scotland – working with 8 LA across Scotland
  • Operational since 1 st September 2010 Cover the whole of Scotland – working with 8 LA across Scotland
  • Operational since 1 st September 2010 Cover the whole of Scotland – working with 8 LA across Scotland
  • Guardianship (WS37)

    1. 1. Scottish Guardianship ServiceCatriona MacSweenService Manager andScottish Refugee CouncilClare TudorChildrens Policy Officer
    2. 2. Why do children flee their country? War/conflict  Inter-ethnic/ Inter- Persecution for imputed religious conflict political opinion  Female Genital Cutting Trafficked to the UK  Sexuality Fear of sexual violence/  Land disputes/blood sexual slavery feuds Conscription of child  Forced (underage) soldiers marriage Human Rights abuse  Fear of honour killing
    3. 3. What are separated childrens needs/issues? Meeting basic needs – food, shelter, safety, time to adjust and recover Physical and mental health issues, including pre-flight and on-route experiences and the after-effects of trauma Cultural needs – Halal food, religion, cultural differences Communication needs Understanding and navigating complex immigration and welfare system Limited formal education leading to low levels of literacy or numeracy Fear and mistrust of adults in positions of authority Uncertainty about their future, lack of stability Age Assessments and age disputes
    4. 4. Who cares for these young people? Social Work - Statutory responsibility falls to the Local Authority they arrive into up until the age of at least 18 Supported under The Children (Scotland Act ) 1995, sec 22, 25 and possibly 29 (Leaving Care) SW is “care manager” throughout stay UKBA placed itself under Sec 55 Duty (BCI Act 2009) - requires the UK Border Agency to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in discharging its immigration, nationality and general customs functions
    5. 5. Definition A Guardian is someone who A Guardian is on the child’s accompanies children and side, can explain what is young people when they happening to them, will listen claim asylum or are trafficked to their views and experiences and are cared for by health, and speak up for them when education and welfare needed. services. A Guardian will also help a A Guardian will help a child or child or young person to plan young person to be actively their future, whether in the involved in decisions that UK or elsewhere. affect their life and to get the help they need, when they need it.
    6. 6. Facts and Figures Supported 103 young people Average age on arrival 16-17 75% boys versus 25% girls 22% from Afghanistan followed by 18% Vietnam, 13% Somalia, 12% Iran and 11% Nigeria 33% present with indicators of trafficking Working with young people from 17 countries and 26 different languages
    7. 7. What is our approach? Holistic, child centred and rights  Responsible adult role based  Bridging, linking and co-ordinate Secure base & building resilience  Contribute to the identification of Asylum teachers & sense makers durable solutions Additional time spent with young  Supporting Agencies people  System Improvement Flexible and bespoke approach  Participation groups Independent Advocates  Tea and toast!