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2010-2011 IRCM Annual Report
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2010-2011 IRCM Annual Report



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  • 1. INSTITUT DE RECHERCHES CLINIQUES DE MONTRÉALAffiliated with the Université de Montréal2010-2011 ANNUAL REPORT 1
  • 2. THE IRCM a leading biomedical research institute located in the heart of Montréal Our priorities institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Conquering cancer | Living with a healthy heart | Fighting infectious diseases | Understanding embryonic development and the nervous system | Exploring the complexity of biological2 systems | Accelerating clinical research 3 | Participating in ethical debates
  • 3. 35 researchers – IRCM research institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report professorsdiscovering4 152 scientific publications 5 $18.8 million in research funding
  • 4. 20,000 yearly visits at the IRCM clinic institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 406 health professionals treating 7 20 physicians specialized in hypertension, cholesterol, obesity and diabetes
  • 5. 7 core institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report facilities8 innovating 5 specialized services 9 3 research platforms
  • 6. 7 institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report new declarations of contributing invention10 11 11 new patent filings (or applications)
  • 7. 113 } Master’s and PhD students 57 institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 61 61 scholarship holders training postdoctoral fellows12 13 408* teaching hours * at the Université de Montréal 316 hours (25 of our researchers) at McGill University 92 hours (13 of our researchers)
  • 8. institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Independent non-profit institution Founded in Affiliated with the Université de 1967 Montréal Associated with McGill University IRCM Clinic affiliated with the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM)14 15 425 Funded by Quebec ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (MEDIE) Supported by the Fonds de researchers, students and employees recherche du Québec – Santé 38 (FRQS) Member of the Université de Montréal’s RUIS (Réseau A budget of million dollars universitaire intégré de santé) Dr. Jacques Genest, founder of the IRCM, surrounded by doctors from Montréal’s Hôtel-Dieu
  • 9. MISSION institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 2011 To understand the causes of diseases To find diagnostic tools and means of prevention and treatment16 17 To train a new generation of high-calibre scientists To contribute to Quebec’s socio-economic development by facilitating the commercial development of new discoveries
  • 10. Messages from management 19 Planning the future 26 discovering Research programs 29 treating IRCM Clinic 45 innovating Core facilities and technology platforms 55 institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report contributing Technology transfer 59 training Tomorrow’s researchers 63 participating18 Science for all 73 19 Research funding 77 Administration 78 IRCM Board of Directors 80 IRCM Management 82 Organizational charts 86 Financial statements 88 IRCM Foundation 90 Messages from management 99 supporting Benefit activities 103 volunteering IRCM Foundation Board of Directors Give for Life campaign Board 107 108 Messages giving The impact of your donations Partners and donors 116 Research Funds and Chairs 111 123 from management
  • 11. 20institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 21
  • 12. Message new laboratories and a new clinic, two new Board members: Monique Message a PhD in bioinformatics and who is review of our governance rules and Jérôme-Forget, an important figure STRATEGIC PLANNING currently working as a postdoctoral from the Chairman revision of our bylaws, in-depth in Quebec’s political scene and from the President fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer of the Board review of our affiliation contract with currently Special Advisor at Osler, and Scientific When the Board of Directors Institute and Harvard Public School the Université de Montréal, creation Hoskin & Harcourt, and Michel adopted our strategic plan, we of Health in Boston. He will join This message will be my last of the ombudsman position and Lespérance, a lawyer who pursued Director quickly got to work to set up the the institute in January 2012 as as Chairman of the Institut de appointment of its first title-holder, his career at the Université de elements required for us to complete Assistant IRCM Research Professor establishment of a Communications Montréal. The year 2010-2011 was marked by all measures planned for 2010- and Director of the Bioinformatics recherches cliniques de Montréal’s Committee to improve the Institut’s the implementation of the elements 2015. It is my pleasure to present and Computational Genomics Board of Directors. After six visibility. required to carry out the projects to you, in the following pages, the research unit. His laboratory will be wonderful years chairing this Board, On behalf of the entire management defined by our 2010-2015 strategic challenges of this strategic plan. part of the IRCM’s Systems Biology the time has come for me to pass on Following the IRCM’s 40th team and all Board members, I plan. and Medicinal Chemistry research institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report the torch. anniversary, which we celebrated in wish to sincerely thank Claude A. RECRUITMENT program. 2007 in the presence of its founder, Garcia, who left after serving on Before presenting you with a report With Louise Lambert-Lagacé now Dr. Jacques Genest, we launched the Board for numerous years, for of this year’s activities, I would like I was honoured to welcome two INSTITUTIONAL FILES at the helm, I am confident it is in a major fundraising campaign his contributions and continued to take this opportunity to sincerely new researchers this year. Hua Gu, excellent hands. in collaboration with the IRCM commitment, particularly on the Audit thank Gérard A. Limoges, outgoing with a PhD in genetics from the Website Foundation that will continue until Committee. Chairman of the IRCM’s Board of University of Cologne in Germany Our management team, as well as During my time on the IRCM’s Board, 2015. Directors. and Professor of immunology at employees in the Communications I have had the pleasure to meet outstanding individuals: passionate Thank you to everyone and long live Columbia University before his and Information Technology22 Finally, I had the pleasure of the IRCM! THANK YOU TO arrival at the Institut, is now Full departments, persistently worked 23 researchers, devoted nurses and confirming the renewal of Dr. Tarik GÉRARD A. LIMOGES IRCM Research Professor, holder on the development and launch of doctors, promising students and postdoctoral fellows, knowledgeable Möröy’s term of office as President of the André-Aisenstadt Chair of our new website. Today, we are very and Scientific Director. Since his Gérard A. Limoges, C.M., FCA For five years, I have had the Excellence, and Director of the new happy to offer a website with a new and hard-working management arrival, he has shown remarkable   pleasure of working with Gérard, Molecular Immunology research look and user-friendly appearance: and staff members. With them, I leadership skills that have been an energetic man who truly cares unit. He is part of the Immunity and www.ircm.qc.ca. have shared the pride of belonging evidently reflected in all sectors of for the future of the Institut. In fact, Viral Infections research program. to a prestigious institution known activity at the Institut, and which I the summary of accomplishments Jennifer Estall, who received a IRCM’s evaluation by the FRSQ the world over for the quality of would hereby like to recognize. included in his message accurately PhD in molecular biology from Following a visit in February 2011 its research, and one where a describes his commitment to our the University of Toronto and who by the Fonds de recherche en santé stimulating and convivial environment ACKNOWLEDGMENTS institution. I am very grateful for was a postdoctoral fellow at the du Québec (FRSQ), known today as prevails. his warm welcome upon my arrival, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Fonds de recherche du Québec I would like to earnestly thank my as well as for the support he has Harvard Medical School in Boston, is – Santé (FRQS), we received our MY TIME AT THE INSTITUT colleagues on the Board of Directors provided me over the past five years. currently Assistant IRCM Research research centre’s evaluation report for their support. I wish them success I would therefore like to thank him Professor and Director of the and are extremely proud of its I think I can rightly congratulate in the pursuit of their respective personally, and on behalf of everyone Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes results, the conclusions of which led myself for what we accomplished mandates under the chairmanship at the IRCM. On behalf of us all, on research unit in the Cardiovascular the evaluation committee’s chairman during my chairmanship: revision of Louise Lambert-Lagacé who will, whom Gérard has made a lasting and Metabolic Diseases research to qualify the IRCM as a “jewel of the Institut’s legal status, undoubtedly, perform her duties impression, I wish him success in the program. I also had the pleasure of Quebec” and recommend the implementation of a new alliance with characteristic effectiveness and future and, once again, thank you. of announcing the recruitment of restitution, or even the increase, of with Univalor to support the transfer of our technologies, inauguration of enthusiasm. I welcome the arrival of Benjamin Haibe-Kains, who obtained the IRCM’s funding. This is excellent
  • 13. news, as this financial support is the Cardiovascular and Metabolic by the Montreal Council on Foreign crucial to the proper functioning of Diseases research program. Jean- Relations (MCFR). It was a great our institute. François Côté was appointed opportunity for me to share my Associate Director of scientific concerns about research funding in Agreement with McGill activities in the Academic Affairs general, and particularly in Canada. I University office. I thank him for accepting this would like to thank Pierre Lemonde, new challenge and also thank Benoit MCFR’s President and CEO, for Historically, the Institut and McGill Coulombe who previously held the inviting me to this prestigious University have engaged in an title. platform. informal arrangement, by which IRCM researchers, holding an RESEARCH PROGRAM CHANGES In closing, I would like to note that, adjunct professor status in McGill’s once again this year, our researchers institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Faculty of Medicine, held certain The year 2010-2011 saw numerous obtained excellent results in their privileges allowing them to supervise changes in the IRCM’s research grant applications, especially those graduate students registered at the programs. Some of our researchers for the Canadian Institutes of Health University. I am pleased to announce retired while others reoriented Research (CIHR) where their that an agreement has now been their scientific careers to hold new success rate was high above the formalized by way of an official letter, positions, either within the Institut national average. signed by both institutions – McGill or in prestigious research centres University and the IRCM – and abroad. I wish to thank them for Finally, I want to thank the entire24 now includes the supervision of their work and accomplishments at IRCM community, researchers, 25 postdoctoral fellows registered at the the IRCM and for the quality of their students, employees and Board University. research projects. members, for their commitment and dedication. Each in our own way, we INTERNAL APPOINTMENTS GIVE FOR LIFE MAJOR are contributing to our institution’s FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN development and success. Management changes were made in the Academic Affairs department. The IRCM Foundation’s major Tarik Möröy, PhD Timothy L. Reudelhuber accepted fundraising campaign continues. to become the new Executive Many donations have been Director of Academic Affairs. As confirmed. In this respect, I would such, he became a part of the like to thank everyone who supports Institut’s administrative management the Institut. Your contribution is very team and a member of the important. Management Committee. He is also responsible for the academic MEETING THE BUSINESS staff. I wish to thank him, as well COMMUNITY as Christian F. Deschepper who held the position over the past few I was privileged to meet members years. Dr. Deschepper took over of Montréal’s business community for Dr. Reudelhuber as Director of when I spoke at a conference held
  • 14. Clinical research boost A new and innovative training program for international graduate students has been submitted to the Université Boosting clinical research requires collaboration between de Montréal, and planning is underway at the IRCM for its basic science researchers and clinical researchers in implementation. a synergistic approach. To achieve this, we must better support and accelerate communication between basic Strategic Projects Advisor and clinical research by exploiting their complementarity. The IRCM created the position of Strategic Projects An ad hoc committee was created in partnership with Advisor, which will be held by Martin Godbout, former CHUM to make recommendations for a clinical and President and CEO of Genome Canada. He will assist institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report translational research model including appropriate the Institut in developing projects for extensive strategic performance indicators and conditions for success. grant applications. His services will also enable the IRCM and its scientists to identify new funding possibilities and Creation of a formal hospital alliance seize opportunities that might otherwise be lost. with CHUM Successful clinical and translational research at the Scientific Advisory Board IRCM must assuredly involve increased access to a26 hospital environment and clinical researchers. Thus, a A Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by Alan Bernstein, 27 formal alliance with the Centre hospitalier de l’Université has been formed. Made up of seven members, this de Montréal (CHUM) as a main partner in clinical committee’s main objective will be to advise the Institut on research will give both organisations an important its scientific orientation, clinical and translational research, In recent years, the field of life sciences saw major transformations, as strategic advantage. For the IRCM, CHUM will offer technology transfer strategies and means of forging privileged access to a clinical environment and patients successful alliances with other research institutions. well as a rapid and substantial expansion in Quebec and Canada. Analysis of with complex medical conditions, as well as a potential This committee will also conduct a full institutional and the Institut’s recent evolution, in parallel with that of biomedical research, pool of clinical researchers. For its part, the IRCM will scientific review of the IRCM every five years. provide CHUM with its world-renowned expertise in basic allowed for certain observations and led us to conduct a strategic planning science and its modern research equipment. comMiTTEE MEMBERS: Alain Bernstein, Chair; John Aitchison (Institute for Systems Biology, USA); Peter Bruns (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, exercise. USA); Gordon Fishell (New York University, USA); Paul Frenette (Albert Consolidation of our alliance with the Einstein College of Medicine, USA); Roderick R. McInnes (Lady Davis Université de Montréal and training Research Institute, Canada); Walter Rosenthal (Max-Delbrück Center for PLANNING prioritisation Molecular Medicine, Germany); Alfred Singer (National Cancer Institute, USA).  The IRCM must consolidate its university affiliation with the Université de Montréal in order to maximize collaboration between the Université and the Institut, THE FUTURE and reassert its position as a leading research centre for graduate studies.
  • 15. The Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal was the first research centre in Quebec to bring together basic science researchers and clinical researchers under one roof, thereby becoming the forerunner for institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report translational research centres. --   5 discovering research programs - 3528 152 research units * scientific publications 29 262 * researchers and clinicians 39 laboratories were operational in 2010-2011 ** ** including postdoctoral fellows and students - August 31, 2011
  • 16. institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report “In 2010, we published the results of a study in the scientific journal Current Biology, from the Cell Press group, which demonstrates that a key mechanism in the control of cell motility could eventually lead to the development of new cancer-treating drugs that could block the spread of tumours. As many as 90% of cancer patient deaths are attributable to metastasis, which explains30 the importance of understanding the molecular mechanisms at the basis of this 31 harmful process.” JEAN-FRANÇOIS CÔTÉ, PhD Associate IRCM Research Professor Director of the Cytoskeletal Organization and Cell Migration research unit Jean-François Côté, Nadine Fradet, research assistant, and Manishha Patel, doctoral student
  • 17. “In our laboratory, much like many other scientists around the world, we are institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report trying to uncover our nervous system’s innumerable mysteries. Our work focuses on motor neurons, which control muscles and are located in the spinal cord. Recently, we discovered a new piece of the puzzle in the development of our nervous system, which was published in the scientific journal Neuron of the Cell Press group. Our experiments shed light on poorly-understood mechanisms of32 neuronal development. In fact, our breakthrough offers the scientific community a 33 new basis for explaining how the function of very few molecules can be modulated to produce a vast array of neuronal connections.” ARTUR KANIA, PhD Associate IRCM Research Professor Director of the Neural Circuit Development research unit Artur Kania and Tzu-Jen Kao, postdoctoral fellow
  • 18. CONQUERING Cancer research program “The Cancer research program brings together researchers interested in basic cell CANCER proliferation and signalling mechanisms, breast cancer and tumor suppressor genes, leukemia and lymphoma, tumour angiogenesis, cell migration and metastasis. The general research objective of our program’s members is to understand the molecular mechanisms governing the neoplastic process, such as normal and Research units pathological hematopoiesis, ciliopathies, cell motility and dissemination, and signalling in normal and cancerous epithelial and endothelial cells. Projects in institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Jean-François Côté, PhD – Director, Cytoskeletal Organization and marie trudel Cell Migration – Associate IRCM Research Professor this research program aim to discover new molecular targets and develop new Jean-Philippe Gratton, PhD – Director, Endothelial Cell Biology therapeutic approaches and/or molecules to counter cancer progression.” – Associate IRCM Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Endothelial Cell Signalling and Angiogenesis MARIE TRUDEL, PhD Tarik Möröy, PhD – Director, Hematopoiesis and Cancer – Full IRCM Director of the Cancer research program Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Hematopoiesis and Full IRCM Research Professor Immune Cell Differentiation Director of the Molecular Genetics and Development research unit34 35 Katrina Podsypanina, MD, PhD – Director, Breast Cancer Biology – Assistant IRCM Research Professor Marie Trudel, PhD – Director, Molecular Genetics and Development – Full IRCM Research Professor William Y. Tsang, PhD – Director, Cell Division and Centrosome Biology – Assistant IRCM Research Professor Jean Vacher, D.Sc. – Director, Cellular Interactions and Development 2010-2011 – Full IRCM Research Professor 7 teams 2 scholarship holders from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS): Jean-François Côté and “Projects in this research program aim 2 Canada Research Chairs 17 publications by the program’s researchers William Y. Tsang to discover new molecular targets and 1 researcher honoured: Tarik Möröy was selected by 1 New Investigator Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR): William Y. Tsang develop new therapeutic approaches Canadians for Health Research (CHR) as Researcher of the Month in January 2011. 6 operating grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health and/or molecules.” CHR is a national organisation dedicated to promoting health research in Canada. Research (CIHR), 3 recipients, $3.2 million: Jean- Philippe Gratton, Tarik Möröy, William Y. Tsang
  • 19. LIVING WITH Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases research program “The cardio-metabolic research program groups together researchers working A HEALTHY on the biology of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Collectively, our projects lead to a better understanding of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, including genetic factors, hypertension, dyslipidemia, endothelial cell dysfunctions and HEART metabolic disorders. This research is conducted by basic researchers as well as clinical researchers, thereby increasing the clinical relevance of our work. This institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report year, our research program was enriched by the arrival of Dr. Jennifer Estall, CHRISTIAN F. DESCHEPPER Research units allowing us to benefit from her expertise in the molecular pathophysiology of Christian F. Deschepper, MD – Director, Experimental type-2 diabetes.” Cardiovascular Biology – Full IRCM Research Professor Louis-Gilles Durand, O.Q., PhD, ing. – Director, Biomedical CHRISTIAN F. DESCHEPPER, MD Engineering (laboratory closed on December 31, 2010) Director of the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases research program Full IRCM Research Professor Jennifer Estall, PhD – Director, Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes36 Director of the Experimental Cardiovascular Biology research unit 37 – Assistant IRCM Research Professor Pierre Larochelle, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FACP, FAHA – Director, Cardiovascular Pharmacology Claude Lazure, PhD – Director, Neuropeptide Structure and Metabolism – Full IRCM Research Professor Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret, MD, PhD – Director, Metabolic Diseases – J.A. DeSève Chair of Excellence 2010-2011 Timothy L. Reudelhuber, PhD – Director, Molecular Biochemistry of Hypertension – Full IRCM Research Professor M. Ram Sairam, PhD – Director, Molecular Endocrinology – Full IRCM Research Professor Nabil G. Seidah, C.M., O.Q., PhD, MSRC – Director, Biochemical 10 teams 2 researchers honoured: Pierre Larochelle is appointed Neuroendocrinology – Full IRCM Research Professor – Canada Professor Emeritus, a rare honour granted by the Research Chair in Precursor Proteolysis 1 Canada Research Chair Université de Montréal; and Timothy L. Reudelhuber is Gaétan Thibault, PhD – Director, Cellular Biology of Hypertension honoured by the American Heart Association’s Council (laboratory closed on January 31, 2011) 1 IRCM Research Chair for High Blood Pressure Research as honorary speaker for the 2010 Arthur C. Corcoran Memorial Lecture 56 publications by the program’s researchers 1 grant of $20,000 from Diabetes Québec: Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret
  • 20. FIGHTING Immunity and Viral Infections research program “The Immunity and Viral Infections research program integrates researchers INFECTIOUS interested not only by the development of immune cells and the regulation of their functions, but also by viral infections, especially those involving viruses that infect immune cells. The scientific mission of our research program is DISEASES to understand the signalling mechanisms that play an important role in the development, the function and the diseases of the immune system as well as to explore how viral infections, namely HIV/AIDS, lead to immune dysfunctions. institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Éric A. Cohen Collectively, our studies have led to a better understanding of immune cell Research units regulation in normal and pathological conditions such as during autoimmune Éric A. Cohen, PhD – Director, Human Retrovirology – Canada Research Chair diseases, viral infections and immunodeficiency. This year, Dr. Hua Gu, a in Human Retrovirology renowned senior immunologist, joined our research program. Dr. Gu’s work on Vibhuti P. Dave, PhD – Director, Lymphocyte Development (laboratory closed on December 31, 2010) antitumor immunotherapy will help strengthen our translational research.”38 39 Javier Marcelo Di Noia, PhD – Director, Mechanisms of Genetic Diversity ÉRIC A. COHEN, PhD – Associate IRCM Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Genetic Director of the Immunity and Viral Infections research program Diversity Director of the Human Retrovirology research unit Hua Gu, PhD – Director, Molecular Immunology – Full IRCM Research Professor Canada Research Chairholder in Human Retrovirology – André-Aisenstadt Chair of Excellence in Immunology Paul Jolicoeur, MD, PhD, MSRC – Director, Molecular Biology – Full IRCM Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Studies of Pathogenesis of Retrovirus-Induced Diseases Woong-Kyung Suh, PhD – Director, Immune Regulation – Assistant IRCM Research Professor 2010-2011 André Veillette, MD, MSRC – Director, Molecular Oncology – Full IRCM Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Immune System Signalling “our studies have led to a better 7 teams 17 publications by the program’s researchers understanding of immune cell 3 Canada Research Chairs 1 operating grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health regulation in normal and pathological 1 IRCM Research Chair Research (CIHR), $700,000: Éric A. Cohen conditions...”
  • 21. UNDER- Neurobiology and Development research program Understanding embryonic development and the nervous system Participating in ethical debates STANDING “Researchers in the Neurobiology and Development research program focus their efforts on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control the THE NERVOUS development of different organs. Certain groups are interested in mechanisms controlling cell proliferation, differentiation, polarity and death during the development of the nervous system, pituitary gland, limbs, bones, kidneys and institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report SYSTEM michel cayouette epithelial tissues, while others study hormone action mechanisms or guidance mechanisms that allow axons to find their target within a complex neural network. One of our teams also explores ethical questions related to neurosciences. Hence, our researchers’ work is based on simple reasoning: in order to better understand the pathology of diseases and develop effective therapeutic strategies, it is40 Research units absolutely necessary to know, in detail, the mechanisms that control the normal 41 Michel Cayouette, PhD – Director, Cellular Neurobiology – Associate development of our organs. The knowledge acquired should thereby have a major IRCM Research Professor impact on diagnostic, prevention and treatment strategies.” Frédéric Charron, PhD – Director, Molecular Biology of Neural Development – Associate IRCM Research Professor MICHEL CAYOUETTE, PhD Jacques Drouin, D.Sc., MSRC – Director, Molecular Genetics – Full IRCM Director of the Neurobiology and Development research program Research Professor Associate IRCM Research Professor Director of the Cellular Neurobiology research unit David R. Hipfner, PhD – Director, Epithelial Cell Biology – Assistant IRCM Research Professor Marko Horb, PhD – Director, Molecular Organogenesis (laboratory closed 2010-2011 on June 1, 2011) Artur Kania, PhD – Director, Neural Circuit Development – Associate IRCM Research Professor Marie Kmita, PhD – Director, Genetics and Development – Assistant IRCM Research Professor – Canada Research Chair in Molecular 8 teams 3 operating grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Embryology and Genetics Research (CIHR), $1.6 million: Michel Cayouette, Éric Racine, PhD – Director, Neuroethics – Associate IRCM Research 1 Canada Research Chair Jacques Drouin, Marie Kmita Professor 36 publications by the program’s researchers   1 grant of $120,000 from the Cancer Research Society: 1 scholarship holder from the Fonds de recherche du Frédéric Charron Québec — Santé (FRQS): Michel Cayouette 1 grant of $45,000 from Parkinson Society Canada: 1 New Investigator Award from the Canadian Institutes Jacques Drouin of Health Research (CIHR): David R. Hipfner
  • 22. EXPLORING THE Systems biology and medicinal chemistry research program “The Systems Biology and Medicinal Chemistry research program mainly aims to develop and use mid- and high-throughput analytical methods to map human COMPLEXITY networks of protein interaction (interactome). Collectively, our researchers are interested in protein-protein interactions, as well as in protein-DNA/chromatin, protein-RNA and protein-metabolite interactions. They also strive to better OF BIOLOGICAL understand the dynamic regulation of these networks, and their malfunctioning during diseases. Certain members of the research program are developing chemical institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report SYSTEMS benoit coulombe compounds that can interfere with the interaction or activity of proteins, and cellular and viral enzymes. In addition, our researchers have set up powerful technologies allowing them to maintain the high pace of their discoveries in Research units genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, synthetic chemistry, screening and imaging for many years to come.” Jacques Archambault, PhD – Director, Molecular Virology – Associate IRCM42 Research Professor BENOIT COULOMBE, PhD 43 Benoit Coulombe, PhD – Director, Gene Transcription and Proteomics – Full IRCM Director of the Systems Biology and Medicinal Chemistry research program Research Professor Full IRCM Research Professor Yvan Guindon, C.M., PhD, MSRC – Director, Bioorganic Chemistry – Full IRCM Director of the Gene Transcription and Proteomics research unit Research Professor Éric Lécuyer, PhD – Director, RNA Biology – Assistant IRCM Research Professor Marlene Oeffinger, PhD – Director, Ribonucleoprotein Biochemistry – Assistant IRCM Research Professor François Robert, PhD – Director, Chromatin and Genomic Expression – Associate IRCM Research Professor Peter W. Schiller, O.Q., PhD, MSRC – Director, Chemical Biology and Peptide 2010-2011 Research – Full IRCM Research Professor   7 teams 1 New Investigator Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR): Marlene 26 publications by the program’s researchers “our researchers have set up powerful 2 scholarship holders from the Fonds de recherche Oeffinger 1 operating grant from the Canadian Institutes of technologies...” du Québec – Santé (FRQS): Éric Lécuyer, Marlene Oeffinger Health Research (CIHR), $410,109: Éric Lécuyer
  • 23. Hypertension Diabetes Obesity institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Hypercholesterolemia Nutrition44 treating Multidisciplinary team Doctors, nutritionists, kinesiologists, nurses 3 specialized research clinics 45 Hypertension clinic Nutrition, metabolism and atherosclerosis clinic Obesity, metabolism and diabetes clinic
  • 24. ACCELERATING CLINICAL RESEARCH institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report IRCM Clinic The IRCM’s outpatient linic handles over 20,000 patient visits a year. The IRCM offers its clinical researchers the unique opportunity to follow their patients’ progress on site thanks to its external consultation services. The46 Institut’s infrastructure and distinctive conceptual model allows for clinical and 47 translational research, within the framework of an institution devoted to basic research. The IRCM Clinic boasts three clinics specialized in the fields of hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. Clinical research protocols are regularly developed, contributing to the development of new diagnostic approaches, the identification of new biochemical or genetic markers for cardiovascular risk and The clinic is funded the evaluation of new therapeutic approaches. This research bridges the gap directly by the Institut de between fundamental laboratory research and its applications in patients. recherches cliniques de Montréal and through Permanent staff – medical personnel funding from private sources, such as the Directors: Pierre Larochelle, Robert Dufour, Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret pharmaceutical industry, Nutritionists: Chantal Blais, Émilie Raymond, Sonia Fortin, Catherine Leroux government agencies and Nurses: Martine Gauthier (Head Nurse), Sylvie Blaquière, Lucienne Bourque, the Canadian Institutes of Maryse Dallaire, Joanie Houle, Hélène Larchevêque, Jennifer Levasseur, Annabelle Health Research. Mathieu Kinesiologists: Philippe Briand, Corinne Suppere Research assistant: Virginie Messier Technicians: Annie Tardif, Diane Mignault  
  • 25. Nutrition, metabolism and atherosclerosis clinic “The Nutrition, Metabolism and Atherosclerosis clinic’s research activity institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report deals with the characterization and treatment of hyperlipidemia, that is to say the increase of cholesterol or other fats in the blood. We are studying the nutritional, genetic, biochemical, pharmacological, and molecular components of these diseases to better understand their cause and how to provide appropriate treatment. Several research projects are currently underway, mainly on the48 family deficit in lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase in Quebec, the role of 49 PCSK9 in the transmission and expression of familial hypercholesterolemia, and the use of antisense oligonucleotides in the treatment of refractory severe hypercholesterolemia. Approximately 100 patients are participating in these projects.” ROBERT DUFOUR, MD, M.Sc. Director Robert Dufour, Café scientifique on cholesterol
  • 26. Hypertension clinic “The Hypertension clinic assesses and treats patients referred for their high blood pressure. Our research protocols study new hypertension diagnostic methods and treatments. Studies are also conducted to improve our understanding of the role of the autonomic nervous system in hypertension and its effects on the vascular function. In addition, following the promising results obtained from the Éducoeur institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report and Éducoeur-en-route research projects, the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal developed an additional research project to evaluate the interdisciplinary interventions of kinesiologists, nutritionists and nurses with a diabetic and hypertensive population in six health and social services centres in the Montréal region. Another 3,000 patients will be recruited and their progress50 51 will be followed for two years following an interdisciplinary intervention. Also, the results obtained in the Éducoeur-en-route research protocol with patients in family medicine groups led to the implementation of a new program by the Société québécoise d’hypertension artérielle. All information pertaining to this program is also available at the IRCM Clinic and on our website.” PIERRE LAROCHELLE, MD, PhD, FRCPC, FAHA, FACP Director Pierre Larochelle, Café scientifique on hypertension
  • 27. Obesity, metabolism and diabetes clinic “The endocrinology clinic allows us to follow the progress of patients suffering from various metabolic disorders, obesity, and, more particularly, type-1 and type-2 diabetes. Patients can benefit from the support of our multidisciplinary team. We have numerous ongoing research projects. Among them, two projects have the potential of significantly improving patient care in the coming years. Diabetes secondary to cystic fibrosis. In recent years, the life expectancy of institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report people with cystic fibrosis has gradually improved and now exceeds 40 years. As a result, new major complications have emerged, such as diabetes secondary to cystic fibrosis. With our colleagues at CHUM, we are attempting to shed light on the mechanisms involved in the development of this type of diabetes, and the correlation between elevated blood-sugar levels and changes in weight and52 pulmonary function. Development of an artificial external pancreas. Type- 53 1 diabetes is treated by administering insulin by injection or with an insulin pump. In recent years, the development of systems continually measuring blood- sugar levels under the skin has allowed patients to have a better overview of their diabetic profile. With our study, we want to develop data processing tools that will link this profile to an insulin pump in order to automatically manage blood-sugar levels, thereby making treatment easier. In addition, Dr. May Faraj, visiting scientist at the IRCM, is working to identify new relationships between hypercholesterolemia and the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.” RÉMI RABASA-LHORET, MD, PhD Director Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret, Chantal Blais, Véronique Perrault, Café scientifique on diabetes
  • 28. 7 core facilities Animal facilities and animal experimentation Chemical biology Flow cytometry Histology Microscopy institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Molecular biology and functional genomics Transgenesis and microinjection54 innovating 3 ultra-specialized research platforms National platform on protein interaction Proteomics discovery platform (mass spectrometry and proteomics – bioinformatics) Research platform on obesity, metabolism and diabetes (PROMD) 55 5 specialized services Electrophysiology, molecular modelling, nuclear magnetic resonance, protein sequencer, specialized equipment 50 people serving research
  • 29. STRENGTHENING OUR TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Research services Core facilities and technology platforms Technology platforms Executive Director: Louis-Gilles Durand Assistant Director: Judith Cotton-Montpetit National platform on protein interaction Innovation is at heart of a society’s development, and to conduct research is to continually innovate. The IRCM’s Director: Benoit Coulombe core facilities therefore allow researchers to remain at the forefront of modern science, achieve important Core facilities Proteomics discovery platform56 scientific breakthroughs, and offer cutting-edge training to tomorrow’s scientists. Animal facilities and animal experimentation: Director: Benoit Coulombe 57 Director: Ion-Ovidiu Jumanca Mass spectrometry and proteomics To facilitate innovation, the IRCM ensures that it provides its researchers with the best technologies. Over the Animal facilities Head: Denis Faubert years, its core facilities and technology platforms have proven to be extremely useful and effective. Certain Head: Julie D’amours Bioinformatics discoveries may not have been possible without these state-of-the-art resources. Animal physiology Contact person: Johanne Duhaime Head: Manon Laprise Research platform on obesity, metabolism and Our facilities support projects in molecular biology and functional genomics with possibilities of high-throughput Chemical biology diabetes (PROMD) sequencing, as well as in cellular biology, chemical biology and animal biology. We also make a microinjection Contact person: David Gagnon Director: Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret service and a proteomics discovery platform available to our researchers. We have also created a research Expert advisor: Jacques Archambault Contact person: Diane Mignault platform on obesity, metabolism and diabetes, and are continuing our efforts to install a new bioinformatics Flow cytometry platform. Head: Éric Massicotte Other specialized services Contact person: André Veillette Electrophysiology In 2010, thanks to funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), we acquired new high-performance Histology Contact persons: Artur Kania, Michel Paquet scientific instruments: a high-throughput sequencer (HiSeq 2000), a high-throughput microscopy system Head: Dominique Lauzier Molecular modelling (imageXpress Micro), a high-density microarray scanner (InnoScan 900), and an instrument for the transfection Microscopy Contact persons: Peter W. Schiller, Brian Wilkes of cells in 96-well plates. These devices once again help strengthen our technological advantage, and allow us to Head: Dominic Filion Nuclear magnetic resonance offer our researchers the most powerful tools. Molecular biology and functional genomics Contact persons: Yvan Guindon, Michel Prévost Head: Odile Neyret Protein sequencer Expert advisor: François Robert Contact person: Claude Lazure Transgenesis and microinjection Specialized equipment Director: Qinzhang Zhu Head: Richard Cimon Supervisor: André Veillette  
  • 30. $1.5 million in revenue for the Institut, its laboratories, and its researchers accumulated over the past five years 73 % of IRCM researchers shared their discoveries with the Technology Transfer Office institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 32 contributing patents duly issued for major discoveries in the past 25 years 11 7 new patent filings (applications) in 2010-201158 59 new declarations of invention in 2010-2011 The IRCM’s mission states that the institute must contribute to Quebec’s socio-economic development by facilitating the commercial development of new discoveries. To carry out this mission, the Institut’s Technology Transfer Office collaborates with Univalor, a limited partnership whose goal is to accelerate the transfer to industry of research results. In 2010- 2011, the Office’s efforts led to the implementation of three research collaborations and to the negotiation of two contracts with biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical partners locally and internationally. The Technology Transfer Office also participated in funding applications for the commercial development of new promising technologies.
  • 31. Promoting the commercialization of our discoveries institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Technology Transfer Office Director: Stéphane Létourneau, L.L.B., M.Litt. Technology Transfer Officer: Dominique Bergeron, PhD60 61 therapeutic reprofiling / New therapeutic applications Drug reprofiling is a well-known process by which old drugs learn to perform new therapeutic tricks. The use of known drugs to treat additional diseases can prove to be very cost effective, since the drug has already been tested in animals and humans. “My team and I accomplished an extremely promising drug reprofiling, thanks to the discovery that the cellular enzyme called AID (Activity-Induced Cytidine This discovery will dramatically Deaminase) is a substrate, or “client”, of another cellular protein called Hsp90. increase the number of The AID protein is a target that had already been shown, or was suspected to diseases that known Hsp90 inhibitors can target. In fact, be involved in, a variety of human diseases, but for which no drug is presently Hsp90 inhibitor drugs could available. Now we know that Hsp90 inhibitors can also downregulate AID.” be reprofiled for treating diseases where AID is JAVIER MARCELO DI NOIA, PhD overexpressed. The most likely Associate IRCM Research Professor applications would be for Director of the Mechanisms of Genetic Diversity research unit chronic myelogenous leukemia Canada Research Chairholder in Genetic Diversity (CML) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), and could also include other cancers, Javier M. Di Noia and Alexandre Orthwein, doctoral student as well as inflammatory and   autoimmune diseases (colitis, allergies).
  • 32. 2010-2011 Students and postdoctoral fellows 61 postdoctoral fellows institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 74 doctoral students 39 Master’s students training 57 scholarship holders Completed fellowships and awarded degrees62 13 postdoctoral fellowships 63 12 doctorate degrees (PhD) 13 Master’s degrees 63 undergraduate internships ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Members: 1,188 New members in 2010-2011: 45 Postdoctoral fellows: 19 Doctoral students: 13 Master’s students: 13
  • 33. TRAINING STUDENTS FROM AROUND THE GLOBE “Training the next generation of scientists is a key element in the IRCM’s mission TOMORROW’S statement. Each year, we welcome nearly 150 Master’s and doctoral students, and approximately 50 postdoctoral fellows. The students are generally registered at the Université de Montréal or McGill University. In addition, we have about RESEARCHERS 60 undergraduate students pursuing research internships. These students and postdoctoral fellows come from all over the world, making the IRCM a very institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report cosmopolitan institute whose diversity reflects that of the city of Montréal. TIMOTHY L. REUDELHUBER Academic Affairs department Executive Director: Timothy L. Reudelhuber, PhD The Institut also contributes to raising young people’s awareness of the benefits of Associate Director, scientific activities: Jean-François Côté, PhD Associate Director, student affairs: Jean-Philippe Gratton, PhD choosing a research career in biomedical sciences. Therefore, we regularly invite Advisor: Johanne Langevin high school, CEGEP and university students to visit our laboratories and meet our Agent: Virginie Leduc64 Chief, Documentation centre: Nicole Campeau researchers. 65   Our students and postdoctoral fellows particularly excelled this year in different scholarship competitions. For example, two of our students received the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.” IRCM Research Day TIMOTHY L. REUDELHUBER, PhD Executive Director, Academic Affairs Full IRCM Research Professor The IRCM Research Day offers students and Director of the Molecular Biochemisty of Hypertension research unit postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to present their work to their peers. A true forum for scientific exchanges, this event allows them to showcase the quality of their research projects and their communication skills. Once again this year, the day was a great success. Thanks to the generosity of our partners, we granted 16 awards for the best posters and oral presentations. For more information on scholarship holders, refer to the IRCM’s academic report. In 2010-2011, 49 nominal scholarships and 11 internal scholarships were granted to the IRCM’s graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
  • 34. Recipient of a 2011 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship “Through the Developmental Biology program at McGill University, to which I institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report am registered, I was able to rotate between three laboratories during my doctoral studies, and have been at the IRCM for almost one year, where I will complete my PhD. I was drawn here by the cutting-edge methods used in Dr. Frédéric Charron’s research unit, such as novel axon guidance techniques. I am proud to have received this scholarship and represent Canada on an international stage. It will undoubtedly offer me many opportunities to broaden my scientific horizons,66 67 and will also free up laboratory funds, which could then be used to develop further innovative methods.” JIMMY PENG Recipient of a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral student in the Molecular Biology of Neural Development research unit, directed by Dr. Frédéric Charron Research project – Investigating axon guidance by Shh at the midline of the visual system and spinal cord
  • 35. Recipient of a 2011 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report “After completing my bachelor’s degree in Benin, I received a scholarship from the Canadian International Development Agency, allowing me to pursue my Master’s studies at the Université de Moncton. I wanted to work on diabetes and obesity for my doctorate, and chose the IRCM due to Dr. Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret’s excellent reputation. In fact, as my supervisor, he has since inspired me to become an endo- crinologist, through his work and commitment. In our extremely competitive field,68 69 receiving a scholarship like this one will set me apart from others and open many doors for me in the future.” BELINDA ELISHA Recipient of a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral student in the Metabolic Diseases research unit, directed by Dr. Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret Research project – Cardiac adiposity and cardio-metabolic risk factors associated with obesity or type 2 diabetes: role of epicardial fat
  • 36. IRCM Student Association The IRCM Student Association brings together the institute’s students and postdoctoral fellows. It also fosters their relationships with other members of the internal community and represents them in dealings with governing bodies. The Association acts as a liaison between students and postdoctoral fellows and scientific management, in order to institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report facilitate interaction and cooperation, thereby positively contributing to the IRCM’s development. Moreover, the Asso- ciation maintains ties with other student bodies at the Université de Montréal and McGill University. “I have been a student at the Institut for five years now, and continue to be satisfied with my decision to pursue my graduate studies at the IRCM. In fact, over the years, I noticed the broad scope of the science conducted here, both by70 the researchers’ excellence and by the students’ work. In order to promote the 71 warm atmosphere that reigns in the internal community, I became President of the Student Association. Choosing a work environment to pursue one’s graduate studies is very important, and the Association can make a difference by bringing students together on social and academic levels. So I confirm my choice in the IRCM by ensuring that I am among the front runners for the years to come. ” FRANÇOIS GODIN President, IRCM Student Association 2010-2011 Doctoral student in the Bioorganic Chemistry research unit, directed by Dr. Yvan Guindon
  • 37. _4 institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report international symposiums and public conferences72 participating _3 _3 cafés scientifiques social networks 73 14 appearances on radio and television shows and public forums
  • 38. INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUMS PUBLIC CONFERENCE As part of the Brain Matters 2 international conference, a Each year, the Institut’s researchers organize international public event was organized to discuss the challenges of symposiums in order to share with their colleagues in transferring the knowledge acquired from neurosciences. the scientific community the knowledge acquired in their respective fields. This year, three events were organized Proven and unproven therapies: the challenges of by our researchers, including two held at the IRCM and a translating neuroscience to patient care third in a different Canadian province. institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Organizer: Éric Racine AT THE IRCM This engaging panel discussion welcomed nearly 100 3rd meeting on systems biology: molecular participants in the IRCM’s Jacques-Genest Auditorium. networks Experimental and computational studies of molecular networks Organized by Benoit Coulombe, Éric Lécuyer and CAFÉS SCIENTIFIQUES François Robert The Institut held its second season of cafés scientifiques Over 170 participants74 in 2010-2011. Three events took place. The IRCM’s 75 experts shared with the public the results of their 2nd international neuroethics conference: Brain research projects, as well as the new developments in Matters 2 their field of expertise. Ethics in the translation of neuroscience research to psychiatric and neurological care Premenopause and the risk of diabetes Organized by Éric Racine (Préménopause et le risque de diabète) Over 150 participants Experts: Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret, Sonia Fortin, Philippe Briand IN BANFF Host: Louise Lambert-Lagacé 9th conference on signalling in normal and cancer cells My blood pressure and I (Ma pression et moi) Metabolism and Cancer Experts: Pierre Larochelle, Jean-Philippe Gratton, Chantal Organized by André Veillette Blais, Philippe Briand Over 220 participants Host: Véronique Perrault 2011: A new cholesterol odyssey (2011 : la nouvelle odyssée du cholestérol) Experts: Robert Dufour, Nabil G. Seidah, Chantal Blais, Philippe Briand Host: Véronique Perrault Brain Matters 2
  • 39. RESEARCH SOCIAL NETWORKS The IRCM is present on Facebook and now has its own address on the social network at www.facebook. FUNDING com/IRCM.Montreal. The Institut also has a YouTube channel for its videos, and a SlideShare site, where different presentations about the IRCM are made available. April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011 PUBLIC EXHIBITION Government agencies and departments provide essential funding for the Institut’s research activities. In most cases, institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Through its research platform on obesity, metabolism funds are granted based on the recommendations of peer-review committees. Researchers, as well as the students and diabetes (PROMD), the IRCM hosted a booth at and postdoctoral fellows on their team, benefit from this funding. Following is a list of the IRCM’s major funding the 2011 Salon Ma Santé held at Complexe Desjardins. partners for 2010-2011: Hundreds of visitors took the opportunity to learn about what takes place at the Institut, from prevention and PEER-REVIEWED GRANTING AGENCIES intervention to the new molecule targeted for diabetes treatment. Association française contre les myopathies – Canada Foundation for Innovation – Canada Research Chairs – Canadian Blood Services – Canadian Cancer Society – Canadian Diabetes Association – Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research – Canadian Institutes of Health Research – Cancer Research Society – Cystic Fibrosis Canada76 PUBLIC FORUM – Diabetes Québec – Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé – Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada – Héma 77 Québec – Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Muscular Dystrophy Association – National Institutes of Health – The IRCM’s President and Scientific Director had the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada – Neurodevelopment Network – Parkinson Society opportunity, when speaking at the Montreal Council Canada – Quebec Consortium for Drug Discovery – Quebec ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and on Foreign Relations (MCFR), to share with the city’s Export Trade – Quebec Transgenic Research Network – Roche Foundation for Anemia Research – Social Sciences business community his thoughts on the different facets and Humanities Research Council of Canada – Terry Fox Research Institute of research funding and the importance of providing TOTAL: $13,116,384 appropriate financial support to basic research. bioPHARMACEUTICAL industry PUBLIC AFFAIRS PROGRAMMES AstraZeneca Canada – Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd – Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada – Danone Research – Eli Researchers, physicians and other professionals from Lilly Canada Inc. – Immunotec Inc. – Isis Pharmaceutical – Merck – Novartis Pharma Canada inc. – Novo Nordisk – the Institut and the IRCM Clinic are often approached Pfizer Canada Inc. – Sanofi-aventis Canada Inc. – Stealth Peptides International Inc. by various media searching for experts for an article or TOTAL: $726,951 programmes. Their participation as experts contribute to increasing the IRCM’s visibility and inform the general public of hot topics related to health and health research. Peer-reviewed granting agencies: 85.1% donations from the ircm foundation: 7.8%   bioPharmaceutical industry: 3.9% OTHERS SOURCES: 3.3% $18.8 million:100 %
  • 40. THANK YOU TO GÉRARD A. LIMOGES “On behalf of all IRCM Board members, I sincerely thank Gérard A. Limoges for his devotion and commitment to the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal. We also wish to thank him for his numerous contributions and for his active participation in the Institut’s development and success. A man of action and conviction, Gérard A. Limoges never counted the hours he institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report dedicated to the IRCM. He attended all meetings and participated in several of the Institut’s and the Foundation’s events, whether they were public or internal. Always ready to listen, he constantly made himself available to meet people working at the IRCM.78 Under his chairmanship, the Board of Directors gained influential members 79 from the Montréal community. In fact, he recruited Raymond Chrétien, Hélène Desmarais, W. Robert Laurier, Christine Le Jeune, Camille Limoges and Yvon Turcot. He also actively participated in the IRCM Foundation’s major fundraising campaign. During all these years, with his characteristic smile, Gérard A. Limoges performed his duties with assurance and astonishing calmness. He has well prepared the Board for the future and I now have the opportunity of following in his footsteps while surrounded by extraordinary people. ADMINISTRATION Thank you Gérard Limoges!” LOUISE LAMBERT-LAGACÉ Chair-elect of the IRCM Board of Directors
  • 41. IRCM BOARD Camille Limoges The IRCM’s directors are individuals who are committed BOARD COMMITTEES Corporate Director to the Institut, and to society in general. In this regard, OF DIRECTORS Alain Mayrand they are often honoured by various prestigious EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Corporate Director organizations for their contributions to the community. In Claude A. Garcia The IRCM relies on the council and volunteer support 2010-2011, two Board members were awarded. President of the IRCM Foundation Louise Lambert-Lagacé of its Board member for help in achieving its mission. In Pierre Shooner Gérard A. Limoges, Chair 2010-2011, five regular meetings were held. The Board Hélène Desmarais was honoured by the Board of Corporate Director Alain Mayrand member’s attendance rate was of 77.2%. Trade of Metropolitan Montreal by being inducted into the Yvon Turcot Tarik Möröy Academy of Great Montrealers for her contribution to the Members of the IRCM Board of Directors Strategic Communications Consultant city’s economic sector. Corporate Director COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE Members appointed from June 2010 to June 2011 Raymond Chrétien Michael L. Turcotte Camille Limoges became Member of the Order institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Louise Lambert-Lagacé CHAIRMAN Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hydro-Québec of Canada for his contributions to the development Pierre Shooner Gérard A. Limoges and direction of research in Canada as a science and Yvon Turcot, Chair Corporate Director SECRETARY technology historian. Stéphane Létourneau GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE VICE-CHAIR Executive Director, Corporate and Legal Affairs, Claude A. Garcia Louise Lambert-Lagacé IRCM W. Robert Laurier President Camille Limoges La clinique de nutrition Louise Lambert-Lagacé et TReasurer Michael L. Turcotte, Chair80 associées 81 Louis-Gilles Durand Executive Director, Administration and research services, HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AND SCIENTIFIC DIRECTOR IRCM Raymond Chrétien Tarik Möröy Louise Lambert-Lagacé, Chair OBSERVer Paule Leduc MEMBERS Alain Mayrand Guy Breton Luc Castonguay Rector, Université de Montréal Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export AUDIT COMMITTEE Raymond Chrétien Trade (MDEIE) Claude A. Garcia, Chair Partner and Strategic Advisor W. Robert Laurier Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Christine Le Jeune Hélène Desmarais Pierre Shooner Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, HEC Montréal Claude A. Garcia Corporate Director W. Robert Laurier Corporate Director Paule Leduc Corporate Director Christine Le Jeune CMA, FCA Hélène Desmarais, Camille Limoges
  • 42. IRCM MANAGEMENT SCIENTIFIC MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE As President and Scientific Director, Tarik Möröy The Scientific Management Committee includes all oversees both the IRCM’s administrative and scientific research program Directors. This committee’s primary role operations. In this respect, he receives support from other is to advise the President and Scientific Director on the scientists who share administrative responsibilities and recruitment of new research unit directors, the Institut’s institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report also manage their own research unit. Dr. Möröy chairs the strategic planning, and the mandate and relevance of Management Committee and the Scientific Management various core facilities. Committee, and supervises his own research unit at the IRCM. Committee members (Appointed in 2010-2011) MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Michel Cayouette (March 2011 - ) Éric A. Cohen The Management Committee is responsible for Benoit Coulombe82 supporting the President and Scientific Director in his Christian F. Deschepper (since July 2011) 83 administrative and scientific management functions. David R. Hipfner (July 2010 to October 2010) To accomplish the IRCM’s fundamental missions of Artur Kania (November 2010 to February 2011) excellence in research and training the next generation Tarik Möröy of scientists, this committee coordinates the departments Timothy L. Reudelhuber (until June 2011) and personnel supervised by Executive Directors. Marie Trudel Committee members (As of July 1, 2011) Louis-Gilles Durand Pierre Larochelle Stéphane Létourneau Tarik Möröy Timothy L. Reudelhuber From left to right: Tarik Möröy, Pierre Larochelle, Carole Vincent, committee secretary, Louis-Gilles Durand, Stéphane Létourneau, Timothy L. Reudelhuber
  • 43. TRIBUTE TO PIERRE BOIS “Pierre Bois was a Scientific Advisor for the IRCM’s management for nearly 15 years, during which time he also edited a book on the institute’s history, A Vision in Progress. A graduate in medicine from the Université de Montréal, Dr. Bois held several professorial positions at the same university, and was Dean of the Faculty of institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Medicine from 1970 to 1981. Pierre Bois was known worldwide. He was a member of many scientific societies in Canada, the United States and France. He is the author and co-author of over 130 publications in the field of biomedical research. Throughout his career,84 Dr. Bois received numerous awards for his excellent work and the significance of 85 his accomplishments. Many of us knew Pierre Bois. He was an honest and incredibly intelligent man with a wonderful sense of humour, who was well-respected by the scientific and medical community. The entire IRCM internal community, which includes many of his friends, salute and thank him.” Tarik Möröy, PhD President and Scientific Director Pierre Bois passed away on September 30, 2011.
  • 44. ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATION ORGANIZATION Board of Directors Louise Lambert-Lagacé, Chair JULY 2011 JULY 2011 President and Scientific Director Tarik Möröy Board of Directors Louise Lambert-Lagacé, Chair Research Program Director Research Program Director Research Program Director Systems Biology and Research Program Director Research Program Director Cardiovascular and Neurobiology and President and Scientific Director Advisor Medicinal Chemistry Cancer Immunity and Viral Infections Metabolic Diseases Development Tarik Möröy Marielle Gascon-Barré Benoit Coulombe Marie Trudel Éric A. Cohen Christian F. Deschepper Michel Cayouette institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Chemical Biology and Molecular Biochemistry of Endothelial Cell Biology Molecular Biology Epithelial Cell Biology Peptide Reseach Hypertension Jean-Philippe Gratton Paul Jolicoeur David R. Hipfner Peter W. Schiller Timothy L. Reudelhuber Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director Executive Director Academic Affairs Administration and Research Services Corporate and Legal Affairs Clinic and Clinical Research Timothy L. Reudelhuber Louis-Gilles Durand Stéphane Létourneau Pierre Larochelle Biochemical Molecular Biology of RNA Biology Breast Cancer Biology Molecular Immunology Neuroendocrinology Neural Development Éric Lécuyer Katrina Podsypanina Hua Gu Nabil G. Seidah Frédéric Charron Associate Director Director Director Associate Director Scientific Activities Finances Human Resources Robert Dufour Jean-François Côté Benoit Papineau Jacqueline Turgeon Molecular Genetics and Mechanisms of Genetic Experimental Neural Circuit86 Bioorganic Chemistry Development Diversity Cardiovascular Biology Development 87 Yvan Guindon Javier Marcelo Di Noia Christian F. Deschepper Artur Kania Marie Trudel Associate Director Director Information Director Head Nurse Student Affairs System Technology Technology Transfer Martine Gauthier Jean-Philippe Gratton Richard Tanguay Stéphane Létourneau Chromatin and Genomic Hematopoiesis and Molecular Oncology Molecular Endocrinology Genetics and Expression Cancer André Veillette M. Ram Sairam Development François Robert Tarik Möröy Marie Kmita Assistant Director Director Animal Facilities Academic Staff Research Services and Animal Experimentation Timothy L. Reudelhuber Judith Cotton-Montpetit Ion-Ovidiu Jumanca Gene Transcription and Cellular Interactions and Immune Regulation Metabolic Diseases Molecular Genetics- Proteomics Development Woong-Kyung Suh Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret Jacques Drouin Benoit Coulombe Jean Vacher Director Director Chief Engineering Services Documentation Center Communications and Physical Plant Lucette Thériault Nicole Campeau Michel Gaudreau Cytoskeletal Organization Molecular Mechanisms Molecular Virology Human Retrovirology Cellular Neurobiology and Cell Migration Éric A. Cohen of Diabetes Michel Cayouette Jacques Archambault Jean-François Côté Jennifer Estall Director Foundation Hélène Véronneau Ribonucleoprotein Cardiovascular Cell Division and Neuroethics Biochemistry Centrosome Biology Pharmacology Éric Racine Marlene Oeffinger William Y. Tsang Pierre Larochelle Assistant Director Engineering Services Marcel Leclerc Neuropeptide Structure and Metabolism Claude Lazure Coordinator Security THESE RESEARCHERS ARE MEMBERS OF THE IRCM’S SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Michel Charest Also members: Jean Davignon, Robert Dufour, Louis-Gilles Durand, Zaher S. Hanna, Maxime Lamarre-Cliche, Annik Prat
  • 45. FINANCIal statements Summarized Statement of Operations Year ended March 31, 2011, with comparative figures for 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010Summarized Statement of Financial Position Restricted FundsMarch 31, 2011 with comparative figures for 2010 Operating Fund Research Fund Capital Asset Fund Revenues: Peer review grant program $ - $ - $ 16,020,980 $ 17,389,295 $ - $ - Grants - interest and management fees portion - - - - 1,754,701 1,757,712 2011 2010 Other grants Restricted donations - - - - 1,216,443 98,603 1,704,945 66,580 - - - - Restricted Funds Restricted Funds Grant from ministère du Développement Operating Research Capital Asset Operating Research Capital Asset économique, de lInnovation et de lExportation 14,631,534 14,253,500 - - - - Fund Fund Fund total Total Fund Fund Fund total Total Grant from Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec 2,923,514 3,217,065 - - - - Grant from Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec -Assets Soutien à la recherche 96,423 - - - - - Grant from federal councils for indirect costs 1,111,464 1,025,248 - - - -Current assets: Donations from Fondation de lInstitut de recherches cliniques Cash and cash equivalents $ 2,278,847 $ 3,020,426 $ - $ 5,299,273 $ 1,355,924 $ 8,206,843 $ - $ 9,562,767 de Montréal - - 1,461,389 1,698,750 - - Contribution from Université de Montréal 650,000 650,000 - - - - Grants receivable and other receivables 224,439 2,718,103 - 2,942,542 313,792 2,231,141 - 2,544,933 Other revenues 149,350 47,871 - - - - Current portion of grants receivable - - 3,403,706 3,403,706 - - 4,111,164 4,111,164 Investment income 4,677 - 23,750 - - - Prepaid expenses 205,758 34,546 - 240,304 200,612 49,182 - 249,794 Change in fair value of investments 27,449 - - - - - Interfund advances (1) - 266,644 - - 746,748 - - - Advances receivable from the Foundation 29,555 169,068 - 198,623 - 444,315 - 444,315 $ 19,594,411 $ 19,193,684 $ 18,821,165 $ 20,859,570 $ 1,754,701 $ 1,757,712 2,738,599 6,208,787 3,403,706 12,084,448 2,617,076 10,931,481 4,111,164 16,912,973Investments 277,137 500,000 - 777,137 - - - - Expenses:Investment in a subsidiary - 136,213 - 136,213 - 93,420 - 93,420 Research Fund expenses for the year $ - $ - $ 15,682,413 $ 16,610,320 $ - $ -Grants receivable - 29,808,354 29,808,354 - - 32,743,141 32,743,141 Operating Fund expenses for the year 18,704,270 18,320,601 - - - -Capital assets - 47,144,096 47,144,096 - - 44,124,428 44,124,428 Depreciation of capital assets - - - - 4,904,130 4,567,622 Interest on notes payable - - 7,925 152,035 1,770,313 1,797,597 $ 3,015,736 6,845,000 $ 80,356,156 $ 89,950,248 - $ 2,617,076 $ 11,024,901 $ 80,978,733 $ 93,873,962 Share in the loss of the subsidiary - - 167,532 160,257 - -Liabilities $ 18,704,270 $ 18,320,601 $ 15,857,870 $ 16,922,612 $ 6,674,443 $ 6,365,219Current liabilities: Accounts payable and accrued liabilities $ 447,764 $ 2,331,142 $ 470,475 $ 3,249,381 $ 552,693 $ 849,802 $ 516,314 $ 1,918,809 Excess (deficiency) of revenues over expenses $ 890,141 $ 873,083 $ 2,963,295 $ 3,936,958 $ (4,919,742) $ (4,607,507) Accrued remuneration and salaries payable 1,909,933 493,114 - 2,403,047 2,042,113 539,456 - 2,581,569 Deferred grants 307,938 - - 307,938 - - - - Current portion of notes payable - - 3,100,688 3,100,688 - - 4,013,404 4,013,404 Summarized Statement of Changes in Fund Balances Interfund advances (1) 266,644 - - - - 746,748 - - Year ended March 31, 2011, with comparative figures for 2010 Advances payable to the Foundation - - - - 20,736 - - 20,736 2,932,279 2,824,256 3,571,163 9,061,054 2,615,542 2,136,006 4,529,718 8,534,518Notes payable 29,808,354 29,808,354 33,192,299 33,192,299 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 Restricted FundsFund Balances (Deficiencies) Operating Fund Research Fund Capital Asset FundInvested in capital assets - - 46,978,194 46,978,194 - - 43,260,317 43,260,317 Fund balances, beginning of year $ 1,534 $ 996 $ 8,888,895 $ 7,387,900 $ 43,256,716 $ 44,555,715Externally restricted - 7,316,209 7,316,209 - 11,471,476 - 11,471,476Deficiency on internally restricted balances - (3,295,465) (3,295,465) - (2,582,581) - (2,582,581) Excess (deficiency) of revenues over expenses 890,141 873,083 2,963,295 3,936,958 (4,919,742) (4,607,507)Unrestricted net assets (deficiency) 83,457 - (1,555) 81,902 1,534 - (3,601) (2,067) 83,457 4,020,744 46,976,639 51,080,840 1,534 8,888,895 43,256,716 52,147,145 Interfund transfers (808,218) (872,545) (7,831,446) (2,435,963) 8,639,665 3,308,508 $ 3,015,736 6,845,000 $ 80,356,156 $ 89,950,248 $ 2,617,076 $ 11,024,901 $ 80,978,733 $ 93,873,962 Fund balances, end of year $ 83,457 $ 1,534 $ 4,020,744 $ 8,888,895 $ 46,976,639 $ 43,256,716(1) For presentation purposes, the interfund advances were eliminated from the total column.
  • 46. 90 institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual reportIRCMFOUNDATION 91
  • 47. 1 major fundraising campaign: $8,255,811* institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report 3 annual benefit activities: $223,537 supporting 92 93 1 annual direct mail campaign: $73,501 204 in memoriam donations: $20,565 *in commitments and donations
  • 48. 13 Board institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report members 1694 fundraising campaign Board members volunteering 95 honorary chairpersons, 36 patrons, volunteers and organizers for the benefit activities
  • 49. $1,461,389 donated to the IRCM $12,7 institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report millions capitalized giving 96 6 Research Chairs 97 24 personalized funds 14 scholarships and Excellence Awards  
  • 50. 98 institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual reportMESSAGESFROM MANAGEMENT 99
  • 51. Message have been confirmed, while several the Give for Life major fundraising Message IRCM employees. The results of this others requests are still pending. campaign, was named one of study revealed, among other things, To successfully work for a foundation from the President I wish to thank everyone who has Canada’s Most Powerful Women from the Director that patients are proud to come to like the IRCM Foundation, one needs granted us their support thus far. I (Top 100) in 2010. This honour is a clinic that also houses scientific support and trust. In this regard, The IRCM Foundation supports the also thank our volunteers for the time awarded each year to particularly The year 2010-2011 was, in research, and are aware that their I am thankful for the assistance Institut de recherches cliniques de they devoted to our various meetings. influential Canadian women. large part, dedicated to the major donations are being dedicated to this I receive from the Foundation’s Montréal by raising funds for the fundraising campaign, Give for Life. research. President, Alain Mayrand, and his researchers’ scientific projects and AUDIT COMMITTEE In closing, I would like to call In fact, we were eager to publicly Board of Directors, as well as from for training activities, by means of attention to the remarkable work launch our campaign before the end BENEFIT ACTIVITIES the Institut’s President and Scientific scholarships for deserving graduate This year, with the arrival of six new done by Hélène Véronneau, of 2011. We are very satisfied with Director, Tarik Möröy. students and postdoctoral fellows. Board members, we were able to Director of the Foundation. I our results and are confident that we The success of our benefit activities officially form an Audit Committee, also want to thank the Institut’s will achieve our goal. cannot be denied and, once again Last but not least, I want to institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report In 2010-2011, the Foundation gave which has been mandated to make personnel who work with us on this year, we achieved great results. especially thank Laura-Emmanuelle $1,461,389 to the IRCM. In addition recommendations to the Board of our different projects, from finance A CAMPAIGN IN THREE STAGES I wish to thank all volunteers who Gagné, Assistant to the Foundation, to the research projects and training Directors on all matters related to and communications to corporate contributed to this success. who helped me carry out all our activities, this contribution was used accounting procedures, the review of and legal affairs. Of course, I also The first stage began with our in- projects. to upgrade the Institut’s animal financial statements, internal control want to thank the IRCM’s President house fundraising campaign and, last IN-HOUSE FUND FOR EXCELLENCE facilities and to consolidate the and risk management. and Scientific Director, Tarik Möröy, year, we celebrated the fact that we Hélène Véronneau research chair’s capitalized funds. for his active participation in the exceeded our target of one million This year, the Foundation granted its The committee is chaired by Foundation’s activities and in the dollars. This extraordinary support first awards from the In-House Fund100 Part of our mandate, as the Corporate Director Edmée Métivier. major fundraising campaign. allowed us to enter the campaign’s for Excellence. Created as part of 101 Foundation’s Board of Directors, is I thank her for accepting to take on second phase, which consisted of the in-house fundraising campaign, to ensure the proper and accurate this role. Finally, my most sincere thanks approaching large businesses, private (L’IRCM la vie. J’y crois, je participe!), management of the funds we go to my colleagues on the Board foundations and individuals. Several this fund is used to recognize the collect. We must also make sure OUR VOLUNTEERS ARE HONOURED of Directors for their support and significant donation commitments commitment of members of the the portfolio returns, overseen by cooperation. were confirmed during this silent internal community towards the our fund managers, offer the best I would like to take this opportunity phase and, despite tough economic Institut. Three awards are given each possible results. Another priority for to congratulate our volunteers who Alain Mayrand times, we obtained exceptional year to a researcher, a student or us is to attract businesses, private received prestigious honours in results: to date, we have collected postdoctoral fellow, and an employee. foundations and individuals so 2010-2011. First, our colleague nearly nine million dollars. These they can become our partners in on the Board of Directors, Jean- results will, in turn, allow us to launch Finally, I would like to thank everyone supporting the outstanding clinical Pierre Desrosiers, received the the third and final stage of this who supports the IRCM Foundation and biomedical research conducted Prix Art-Affaires Montréal from the campaign. and the Institut for their donations at the IRCM. Conseil des arts de Montréal for or their participation in our activities. his outstanding support of the city’s THE FOUNDATION’S VISIBILITY Your generosity and dedication are MAJOR FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN artistic and cultural development. He truly appreciated. I also want to note is also the recipient of the 2010- In order to increase the Foundation’s the outstanding work of my IRCM Along with the volunteer members of 2011 Prix Hermès de carrière from visibility with various publics, we first colleagues, in particular that of the Campaign Board, we continued the Université Laval’s Faculty of wanted to learn how it was perceived. the Finance and Communications our efforts within the business and Business Administration. In addition, We therefore conducted a perception departments, Academic Affairs, and philanthropic circles. Many donations Nathalie Bernier, Board member for study with patients, researchers and Corporate and Legal Affairs.
  • 52. The major Give for Life fundraising campaign, the benefit activities and the direct mail campaign all directly help the Institut to set up new research units and grant scholarships to tomorrow’s researchers. In turn, thanks to your support, the Foundation support the IRCM: $1,461,389 were donated to the Institut in 2010- 2011. Give for Life major fundraising campaign institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report $ 8,255,811* supporting Co-chairs:Sophie Brochu and Emmanuel Triassi 7 exceptional donors (donation of over $500,000) More than 1,000 donors BENEFIT ACTIVITIES102 103 annuAl DINNER IRCM Challenge – RUN FOR LIFE $170,200 350 guests 130 runners 25 partners One Master’s scholarship awarded Honorary chairman: Jean-Pierre Desrosiers, FCA, Partner at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin Recipient of the 2010 Merit Award: Justice Jacques ANNUAL Direct mail campaign Chamberland 11 major partners 10 important partners $73,501 931 donors 315 Friends bilan de santé – golf tournament 12 Builders 7 Great Builders $50,000 136 golfers 76 health checks Honorary chairwoman: Nathalie Brisson, CEO and General Manager of Confab Laboratories *in commitments and donations 6 partners
  • 53. institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report bilan de santé – golf tournament “It was a great honour for me to chair the IRCM Foundation’s 2011 golf tournament. I have known the institute for several years, and all the people I met104 at the IRCM further convinced me of the necessity of supporting this prestigious 105 research centre, for Montrealers and for our entire society.” NATHALIE BRISSON, CEO and General Manager of Confab Laboratories
  • 54. The IRCM Foundation is privileged to be able to rely on people who value the mission and growth of the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal. These individuals are members of the Board of Directors, members of the major fundraising campaign’s Board, or honorary patrons and volunteer organizers for our benefit activities. IRCM FOUNDATION Edmée Métivier Corporate Director BOARD OF DIRECTORS institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Tarik Möröy (Members appointed from June 2010 to June 2011) President and Scientific Director – IRCM In 2010-2011, four regular Board meetings were held. volunteering J.-Robert Ouimet PrEsident Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO Alain Mayrand Holding O.C.B. Inc.; Cordon Bleu International Ltd; & Corporate Director Ouimet Tomasso Inc. Joseph P. Paulin MembERS President – Preston Phipps106 Serge A. Boileau 107 President – Commission des services électriques de DirectOR Montréal Hélène Véronneau Normand Brathwaite Host SecrETARY Stéphane Létourneau André J. P. Couillard Executive Director – Corporate and Legal Affairs – IRCM Vice-president – Executive Search Optimum Talent Treasurer Jean-Pierre Desrosiers Louis-Gilles Durand Partner – Fasken Martineau Dumoulin LLP Executive Director – Administration and Research Marinella Ermacora services – IRCM Senior Vice President – Business Solutions Fujitsu Canada Inc. AUDIT COMMITTEE Jacques Gauthier André J. P. Couillard Corporate Director Jean-Pierre Desrosiers Edmée Métivier, Chair Gérard A. Limoges Joseph P. Paulin Chairman of the IRCM Board of Directors Corporate Director Reford MacDougall Special Advisor to the President – Montreal Economic Institute
  • 55. GIVE FOR LIFE L. Jacques Ménard Bilan de santé committee Chairman of the Board of Directors – BMO Diane Bergevin-Lachapelle CAMPAIGN BOARD Yvon Turcot Chantal Blais Communications Consultant and Corporate Director Robert Dufour, MD Members of the major fundraising campaign’s Board Martine Gauthier were once again very involved this year. They supported Michael L. Turcotte Joanie Houle the Foundation in numerous donation and partnership Chairman of the Board of Directors – Hydro-Québec François Larivière, MD requests and obtained excellent results. Louis Vachon Diane Ménard President and CEO – National Bank Valérie Vincent Co-chairs René Vézina Sophie Brochu Columnist and Senior Reporter – Les Affaires 2011 IRCM Challenge President and CEO – Gaz Métro – Run for Life institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Emmanuel Triassi BENEFIT ACTIVITIES Steves Morin, organizer and race founder President – Groupe TEQ Fanny Bergeron-Labrecque The IRCM Foundation relies on numerous volunteers to Joël Bonin MembERS help with the organization of its activities. Philippe Briand Belinda Elisha Nathalie Bernier 2010 Annual dinner Sonia Fortin Associate Director – KPMG Nadine Joseph Françoise Bertrand Honorary Chairman Jean-François Lauzon108 President and Executive Director – Fédération des Jean-Pierre Desrosiers Annabelle Mathieu 109 chambres de commerce du Québec Honorary patrons Virginie Messier Jean-Guy Desjardins Nathalie Bernier – Serge A. Boileau – Michel Gaudreau Elena Palmesino Desjardins-Moreau Foundation Jacques Gauthier – Odette Jobin-Laberge Huda Salem Pierre Larochelle – Nabil G. Seidah Hanny Wassef Claude A. Garcia Corporate Director Asheley Ziai 2011 Bilan de santé – golf tournament Jacques Gauthier Corporate Director Honorary Chairwoman Nathalie Brisson Norman E. Hébert Jr. President and CEO – Groupe Park Avenue Inc. Organizing committee W. Robert Laurier Jacques Gauthier, co-chair Corporate Director Serge A. Boileau, co-chair Reford MacDougall Robert Dufour, MD Special Advisor to the President – Montreal Economic Guy Lamarre Institute Marcel Leclerc Alain Mayrand Corporate Director and President of the IRCM Foundation
  • 56. Many businesses, foundations, and individuals support the IRCM each year, either through its benefit activities, its direct mail campaign or by creating personalized funds. Other donors choose to support the Foundation by donating shares or making bequests. A sincere thank you to all our donors. THE IMPACT institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report OF YOUR DONATIONS110 giving Thanks to your support, the Foundation can, in turn, support the IRCM $1,461,389 donated to the IRCM in 2010-2011 In 2011, 11 nominal scholarships were awarded to Master’s and doctoral students, and postdoctoral fellows: Angelo-Pizzagalli postdoctoral scholarship (Carole Iampietro) Jean-Coutu postdoctoral scholarship (Justine Rousseau) Industrial Alliance doctoral scholarship (Adèle Coriati) 111 Jean-H.-Lafleur doctoral scholarship (Marie Mutabaruka) In 2010-2011, two recruits benefitted from part Michel-F.-Bélanger doctoral scholarship (Sophie Ziai) of the funding. André-Caillé doctoral scholarship (François Godin) Joseph-Paulin Master’s scholarship (Tyler Sloan) Jennifer Estall, Assistant IRCM Research Professor Métro Master’s scholarship (Fanny Bergeron-Labrecque) and Director of the Molecular Mechanisms of Diabetes IRCM – Run for Life Master’s scholarship (Clémence research unit. Meunier) IRCM – Wisent Master’s scholarship (Karen Hua Gu, Full IRCM Research Professor, Director of the Cholmondeley) Molecular Immunology research unit, and holder of the IRCM – Invitrogen Master’s scholarship (Qi Yang) André-Aisenstadt Chair of Excellence in immunology. three excellence awards were granted to a researcher, an employee, and a student: Pierre-Bois Excellence Award (Frédéric Charron) Vincent-Castellucci Excellence Award (Steves Morin) André-Barbeau Excellence Award (Cynthia Forlini)
  • 57. institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report MARINELLA ERMACORA chose the donation of shares “I am proud to support the Foundation. I transferred shares directly into the Foundation’s account, and was thereby able to take advantage of making such a donation: the capital gain is not taxable and I received a tax receipt in the amount112 of my charitable donation. Donating shares is easy and quick: all it takes is an 113 electronic transfer.” MARINELLA ERMACORA, Senior Vice President – Business Solutions, Fujitsu Canada Inc.
  • 58. OUR PARTNERS Give for Life Luigi Liberatore Foundation Métro Richelieu Inc. major fundraising Petra Ltd campaign donors Placements Borsa Inc. AND DONORS André Toupin The major fundraising campaign we are conducting with businesses and private foundations has allowed us to raise $10,000 to $24,999 $8,255,811 to date. The Foundation thanks all donors who Anonymous (1) contributed to this campaign. CIBC Éric A. Cohen Robert Dufour 2010-2011 distribution of donations Over $1,000,000 Claude A. Garcia institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation $1,261,090* Mrs Estelle and Dr. Jacques Genest $500,000 to $999,999 Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada Desjardins-Moreau Foundation Pierre Larochelle Gaétane Beauchemin Estate Tarik Möröy Gosselin Family Foundation Monique and Robert Parizeau IRCM internal community Paul A. Fournier Foundation National Bank Joseph P. Paulin Power Corporation of Canada Guylaine Saucier114 Major fundraising campaign 935,394 $ 74.2% $100,000 to $499,999 $5,000 to $9,999 115 Benefit activities $252,195 20.0% BMO Financial Group Anonymous (2) Cogeco Inc. Serge A. Boileau Jacques Archambault Direct mail campaign $73,501 5.8% Gaz Métro Hydro-Québec Jacques de Champlain Christian F. Deschepper Jeanne-Mance Foundation Mirella and Lino Saputo Foundation Jacques Gauthier *total donations Quebecor RBC Foundation Paul Jolicoeur Paule Leduc Samcon Stéphane Létourneau Scotia Bank Camille Limoges Société des alcools du Québec Gaétan Lussier TD Bank Group Alain Mayrand Michael A. Meighen $25,000 to $99,999 Guy Saint-Pierre Aon Hewitt / Aon Parizeau M. Ram Sairam Hélène Desmarais Peter W. Schiller Louis-Gilles Durand Cécile and Pierre Shooner Groupe Park Avenue Inc. Richard Tanguay Groupe TEQ Michael L. Turcotte Industrial Alliance Jacqueline Turgeon Gérard A. Limoges Hélène Véronneau
  • 59. institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report AN EXCEPTIONAL COMMITMENT BY THE GOSSELIN FAMILY FOUNDATION “For several years already, I have supported the IRCM Foundation and the Institut through annual contributions to the benefit activities. It is therefore with great pleasure that my Foundation decided to participate in the major Give for Life116 117 fundraising campaign. My family and I believe in this world-renowned institution, whose contribution to the improvement of our society’s health is immeasurable.” LÉON GOSSELIN
  • 60. DONORS – In-house fundraising Artur Kania – KCI Ketchum – Samer Jacques Khaouam Friends, Builders Pierre E. Paquette Marc Bouthillette – Marie Kmita – Dayana Krawchuk – Christine L’Abbé – Irène Strychar Fernand Boily campaign, L’IRCM la vie. J’y crois, Benoît Laganière – Olivier Lagueux – Maxime Lamarre- and Great Builders Marika F. Teakle Jacqueline Boisjoli je participe Cliche – Louise Lambert-Lagacé – Josette-René Landry The IRCM and its Foundation thanks Pierre Bonnaud – Johanne Langevin – Dominique Laniel – Julie Lapointe Friends Johanne Bonneau – Mathieu Lapointe – Manon Laprise – Louise Laramée the donors who gave generously to ($100 to $499) Robert Boucher 257 donors (46 anonymous) – François Larivière – Lise Laroche – Pierre Larochelle its annual fundraising campaign. Anonymous (54) Pierre Boulay Jaime Agudelo – Richard Alain – Robert Alain – Jeannine – Tommy Larouche – W. Robert Laurier – Mélanie Laurin Norma Adub L. Jean Bourgault Amyot – Geneviève Archambault – Émélie Aucoin – – Christine Le Jeune – Marcel Leclerc – Éric Lécuyer DONORS – Robert Allen Hélène Bourgeois Aurélio Balsalobre – Gaétan Baril – Alain Roger Bataille – Paule Leduc – Gino Lefebvre – Stéphanie Lemay – Maria Andrade Jacques Bourgeois – Catherine Beauregard – Dorothée Bégin – Mohammed Félix-Antoine Lessard-Ouellet – Stéphane Létourneau – 2010-2011Direct mail Moïse Amselem Estelle Bourret Danielle Lévesque – Martin Lévesque – Camille Limoges campaign Ebrahim Assadi Claude Boyer institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Bencheqroum – Ines Lilia Benzaghou – Iréna Berezowska – Dominique Bergeron – Lise Bernier – Monique Bernier – Gérard A. Limoges – Bastien Llamas – Gaétan Lussier P. André Aubin Mary and Carl Brennan – René Bibeau – Julie Binette – Chantal Blais – Serge – Martine Maheu – Andrew P. Makrigiannis – Carole Great Builders Jean Auboiroux René Brière A. Boileau – Pierre Bois – François Bordeleau – Annie Marcotte – Gérard Marcoux – Cleiton Martins de Souza (Over $1,000) Camille Audet Claude Brosseau Bouchard – Lucie Boulet – Frédéric Bourque – Daniel – Ginette Massé – Éric Massicotte – Alain Mayrand – Anonymous (1) Jean Auger Gilbert Brosseau Bouthillier – Isabelle Brisson – Nicole Campeau – Michel Michael A. Meighen – Johanne Mercier – Chantal Mercure Gertrude Bernard Jacques Auray Claude Bruneau Cayouette – Michel Chamberland – Michel Charest – – Philippe Mochirian – Yves Morin – Tarik Möröy – Gina Marinella Ermacora Lucie and Olivier Auriol Gilbert Bureau Frédéric Charron – Marcel A. Chartrand – Radu Chiriac – Muccigrosso – Benoit Papineau – Mario Paquet – Robert Investissements Elmag Emma Balestard Ste-Marie Gérard Caisse France Chrétien Desmarais – Michel Chrétien – Raymond Parizeau – Manishha Patel – Lise Patenaude – Ariane Diane Jacques Monique Baribeau Gisèle Caron118 Chrétien – Richard Cimon – Éric A. Cohen – Marc Cool Pelletier – Stéphane Perras – Jessica My Tram Pham – Migertin Moise Bassal Vito Carosielli 119 – Jean-François Côté – Richard Côté –Judith Cotton- Sylvie Picard – Christian Poitras – Annik Prat – Amanda Monique and Robert Parizeau Moussa Bassal Marie-Lucette Casseus Montpetit – André J.P. Couillard – Dominique Davidson Prioletta – Jessica Prioletta – Mike Prioletta – Éric Racine Peerless Clothing and Alvin Ségal André Bastien Jean M. Castonguay – Jean Davignon – Jacques de Champlain – Sébastien – Vasanth Ramamurthy – Émilie Raymond – Inmoo Rhee André Toupin Bernard Baudy Benoit Chaput Decelles – Chantal Delisle – Christian F. Deschepper – – Rina Riberdy – Jonathan Richard – François Robert – Normand Beauchamp François Charbonneau Desjardins-Moreau Foundation – Hélène Desmarais Michel Robillard – Ghislaine Roederer – Nicole Rougeau Builders Pauline Beauchemin Richard Charruau – Javier Di Noia – Dimitrios Jimmy Dikeakos – Céline – Raymond Roy – Odile Royer – Alexis Sabourin – Guy ($500 to $999) Sylvain Beaulieu Jean Charton Domecq – Jacques Drouin – Simon Drouin – Patrick Du Saint-Pierre – Ram M. Sairam – Guylaine Saucier – Anonymous (1) Monique Beaulieu Gagnon Jean-Paul Chartrand Souich – Caroline Dubé – Robert Dufour – Pierre Dupont Giuseppe Schiavone – Peter W. Schiller – Carole Schmidt A. Pizzagalli Family Foundation Gilles N. Beauregard Michel Chartrand – Louis-Gilles Durand – Jean-Marie Ekoé – Denis Faubert – Nabil G. 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  • 62. Société en commandite Gestion “In memoriam” Jean Deserres Pierre Martin Partners of our benefit Heenan Blaikie Ninon Desjardins Elisabetta Masselli Gasparo Chiu Sang Sou donations Louise Deslauriers Marc Méthé activities François Spain Gertrude Desranleau Wilfrid Mondoux Martin St-Georges In 2010-2011, donors supported the Gabrielle Desrochers André Piché In 2010-2011, our partners contributed $130,000 to our Luc St-Jacques IRCM with a donation in the memory Catherine Deyglun J. Yves Pilon benefit activities. Jules St-Michel of the following people. Donors Claude Dubuc Hélène Plourde Jean St-Pierre also become Friends or Builders, Jean-Claude Dubuc Madeleine Poirier Agir – Air Canada – BD – Bio Basic Inc. – Bio-Rad – Elissaveta Stancheva depending on the amount of their Dr. Yves Dupré Nicole Poupart Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd – BPR – Brian Juliette Teasdale donation. Denyse Fortin Andrée Proulx Mulroney – Business development Bank of Canada Robert Tessier Gilberte Fortin Guindon Renée B. Prud’homme – Confab Laboratories– Demco – Dessau – EMD Noëlla Tétreault Marthe Barbeau Dauphin Yvonne Frappier Richard Rabasa-Lhoret Millipore – Fasken Martineau DuMoulin – Feldan Bio – institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report The Hermitage Club Raymond Barrette Louise Gagnon Rita Racette Cadieux Fisher Scientific – Gaz Métro – GDI Distinction – GE Claudia Thériault Monique Bastien Émile Garcia Severio Ragozzino Healthcare – Gosselin Family Foundation – Grandma Monique Thisdale Marguerite Beaulieu Annette Gariépy Pierre Rainville Emily’s – Groupe Biron – HVAC inc. Ventilation-plomberie Louise Thoburn Claude Beauregard Angela Ghezzi Noëlla Raymond-Boulet – Hydro-Québec – Inter Medico – KPMG – Lafleur Pascal Tissot Lorenzo Bédard Gilberte Giroux Germaine Rheault Pigeon Portes de garage industrielles – Life Technologies – Howard Tom Alain Bélanger Réal Gravel Lucille Rhéaume-Audet Merck – Metler-Toledo – MP Bio – National Bank – Naya Philip Tousignant Marie-Paule Bélanger Francine Guilbert Jeanne Rioux – Oasis – Ogilvy Renault – Peprotech – Pfizer – Power Fleurette Tremblay Deslongchamps Pierre Bissonneault Maurice Hannequart Céline Robillard Corporation of Canada – Promotour Marketing – Qiagen122 Gilles Tremblay Pierre Bonnier Claude Hébert Yves Rolland – Research platform on obesity, metabolism and diabetes 123 André Trempe Alonzo Boudreault Dr. G. Howle Jacques Rompré (PROMD) at the IRCM – Saputo – SAQ – Sarstedt – Yves Trépanier Francine Brière Andrée B. Jolicoeur Thérèse Rochon Saindon Sodexo – Ultident Scientific – Versalab – Ville de Lise Trudeau Barbeau Marc Brière Pierre Lacombe Nicole Rozon Joyle Montréal – VWR International – Wisent Bioproducts Micheline Turcot Léopold Brochu Jean H. Lafleur Madeleine Shuick Paré Gilles Turcotte Claire Brunelle Réal Lafrenière Yvonne Servant Jean-Claude Turcotte Camille C.-L. D’Amour Thérèse Lajoie Allen Thérèse Somers Michael L. Turcotte Georgette Drolet Carbonneau Octavie Lallié Claude St-Cyr Marc-André Ulysse Marcel H. Caron Lucille Lambert Bernard St-Onge Lucien Viargues Marcel Caron Maurice Landry René Ste-Marie Danie Vidoudez Robert Charbonneau Maurice Langlois Marcel Tellier Thérèse Vien Clermont Gilles Chenier Pierre Langlois Gaétan Thibault Josée Vigeant Brigitte Comeau Maurice Lapierre Marthe Thibodeau Monique Vermette Jacques Cossette Pierre-Aimé Latraverse Jean-François Toutant Maurice Verner Jean-Louis Coutu Annette Lauzon-Guindon Marcel Trahan Jacques Vézina Jean-Clovis Crevier Cécile Lavallée-Robert Pierre Tremblay Pierre Villiard Louise Crevier Claire Lefaivre Claude Trudel Jean Vincent J. Paul Daigneault André Lemay Marcel Trudel Juanita Westmoreland-Traore Louis Damiani Lucile Lemieux Lola Vinditti The IRCM Foundation’s research André Wilkin Philippe Daoust Diane Longpré funds and chairs Guy Wolfe Gisèle Demers Charlebois Jeanne Labonté Maher
  • 63. Since the IRCM Foundation’s beginnings, donor contributions have enabled the creation of several personalized funds and research chairs. The IRCM Foundation’s research funds and chairs (In chronological order of creation, from the oldest to the most recent) Marcel and Béatrice Piché Fund* Rosario and Annette Genest Fund* Marie and Willie Chrétien Fund* Jacques Genest – Royal Bank Chair* J.A. DeSève Research Chair of Excellence* Canadian Pacific Research Chair in pain* institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal _ 2010-2011 annual report Georges Lachapelle Fund* John Low-Beer Chair* Michel-F.-Bélanger Cancer Research Chair* Angelo-Pizzagalli Postdoctoral Scholarship Fund* Jean Coutu Postdoctoral Scholarship Fund* The annual report is a review of the year’s highlights and summarizes the Bell-Bombardier Chair in Cardiovascular Diseases* main scientific and academic activities for the period of September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011. The report also includes a summary of the IRCM Foundation’s Sainte-Thérèse de l’Enfant-Jésus Fund in memory of Mable and Lucien Toupin activities for the same period. The financial figures cover the period of IRCM In-House Fund for Excellence* April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011.124 National Bank Fund for Cancer Research For more information on the IRCM’s and the IRCM Foundation’s activities, RBC Royal Bank Fund for Research on Infectious Diseases refer to the academic report and the Insitut’s website. BMO Fund for Priority Research PRODUCTION IRCM – Communications department Lucille, Rollande and Gaétane Côté Fund Jean-Guy Desjardins Fund for Priority Research* COORDINATION Lucette Thériault Mirella and Lino Saputo Fund for Clinical Research Hydro-Québec Fund for Priority Research RESEARCH, WRITING, TRANSLATION Lucette Thériault, Julie Langelier Gaz Métro Fund for Priority Research Quebecor Fund for Neurology Research ART DIRECTION, GRAPHIC DESIGN Hélène Lambin Power Corporation Fund for Priority Research PHOTOGRAPHY Diana and Sam Scalia Fund for Research on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Hélène Lambin, Christian Guay, Fotolia Gosselin Family Foundation Fund EDITORIAL COMMITTEE Scotia Bank Fund for Diabetes Research Judith Cotton-Montpetit, David R. Hipfner, HÉLÈNE LAMBIN, Julie Langelier, SAQ Fund for Priority Research Johanne Langevin, Stéphane Létourneau, Lucette Thériault, Hélène Véronneau Cogeco Fund for Cancer Research December 2011 ISBN-978-2-924029-01-5 LEGAL DEPOSIT – BIBLIOTHÈQUE ET ARCHIVES NATIONALES DU QUÉBEC, 2011 *Capitalized funds We thank everyone who contributed to the production of this annual report.
  • 64. Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM)110 avenue des Pins OuestMontréal (QuEbec) H2W 1R7514-987-5500info@ircm.qc.ca | www.ircm.qc.caFollow us on Facebook