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Design Thinking Principles - Daniel Bartel
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Design Thinking Principles - Daniel Bartel


What is Design Thinking and how can it help you build a better business.

What is Design Thinking and how can it help you build a better business.

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  • 1. 20.02.2014 1 http://futureatschool.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/img_78811.jpg Iran Entrepreneurship Association "Design Thinking! – Workshop for user-centered innovation“ About Daniel Bartel 2 Hands-on Consultant • Corp. Entrepreneurship • Design Thinking • Lean Startup Lean Entrepreneur • Human-Centered • Community-Builder • 5 Projects, 1 Success Awesome Organizer • Mostly Non-Profit • Certified SW Facilitator • OuiShare / KoKonsum 3 Institute for Business Innovation + OUR NETWORK WE EDUCATE CORPORATIONS IN THINKING/ACTING/BEING LIKE A STARTUP. DANIEL BARTEL Business Innovation Evangelist BENJAMIN BESTMANN Business Innovator & Founder DR. WINFRIED RICHTER Entrepreneur,davor Corporate-Executive ADRIAN THOMA Serial Entrepreneur • BOB DORF (The Startup Owners Manual) • ROB FITZPATRICK (The Mom Test) • SAL VIRANI(Leancamp) • And many more • STEVE BLANK (4Steps to Epiphany) • ALEXANDER OSTERWALDER (BusinessModel Generation) • YVES PIGNEUR & ALAN SMITH (Business ModelGeneration) • PROF. DR. GUNTER DUECK (ehem.CTO IBM) PROF. DR. NILS HÖGSDAL Wissenschaftlicher Begleiter
  • 2. 20.02.2014 2 Test http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGQmdoK_ZfY Business TechnologyHuman Human-Centered Design Process Innovation Functional Innovation Emotional Innovation “Experience“ Innovation
  • 3. 20.02.2014 3 Embrace http://embraceblog.org/2012/03/ http://files.gereports.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/mrii_kids.jpg www.gereports.com/pediatric-design-turns-scary-mris-into-adventures Rethink! http://technology-headlines.com/2010/11/16/1832/
  • 4. 20.02.2014 4
  • 5. 20.02.2014 5 multidisciplinary teams © HPI / D-School / Kay Herschelmann velocity © HPI / D-School / Kay Herschelmann
  • 6. 20.02.2014 6 prototyping http://www.flickr.com/photos/cannedtuna/6491204853/ POV Problem Solution http://humanitieslab.stanford.edu/Bootcamp/Home Design Thinking Process It‘s your turn Wallet Game Conclusion 1. Human-centered design: empathy and feedback are fundamental for good design 2. Prototyping: Not only for testing but also as part of the innovation process Build to learn 3. Action: Design Thinking is more “design doing“ instead of thinking and talking 4. Showing results doesn’t suffice: create experiences, illustrations and narrations make visions clearer 5. The power of iterations: Several repetitions lead to success, ex. repeating interviews
  • 7. 20.02.2014 7 POV Problem Solution http://humanitieslab.stanford.edu/Bootcamp/Home Design Thinking Process empathize define ideate prototype test © HPI / D-School und andere incremental vs. iterative incrementing calls for a fully formed idea. “iterating” builds a simple version, validates it, then slowly builds up quality. Bigger OutCOME!
  • 8. 20.02.2014 8 T-shaped People POV Problem Solution Design Thinking Process 1. Empathize What is the problem? Makro & mikro level Social, economic, political, technical facts Reframe the problem 1. Empathize Who is your user? Sociodemographic dimensions, life styles, problems, habits, insights, context Create empathy!
  • 9. 20.02.2014 9 Desk Research - become an Expert - © HPI / D-School / Kay Herschelmann Empathize & Examine Metaphors and Analogies Time Culture © HPI / D-School und andere Digg for needs, wishes & insights Observe • Miss-use • Workaround © HPI / D-School und andere
  • 10. 20.02.2014 10 http://startupdigest.com/paul-bennett/ http://startupdigest.com/paul-bennett/ http://www.imagesu.net/img-formula-one-pit-stop-action-1795.htm http://animalpetdoctor.homestead.com/surg2.jpg 1. Empathize Finding analogies POV Problem Solution Design Thinking Process
  • 11. 20.02.2014 11 Point of View Define the point of view USER (=persona), NEED, INSIGHT One sentence: <USER> requires something, to <NEED>, that/but/surprisingly <INSIGHT> POV © HPI / D-School und andere Empathy Map © HPI / D-School und andere Empathy Map
  • 12. 20.02.2014 12 Reframe How can we… … persona … … situation / environment … … problem …? Example How can we help a stressed mother to get sufficient time for wellness in the morning without her being late for work? Problem User Setting POV Problem Solution Design Thinking Process the best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas. — linus pauling, nobel prize chemist the best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas. — linus pauling, nobel prize chemist (image: ideaelevator.co)
  • 13. 20.02.2014 13 • Only one person speaks • Boost crazy ideas • Postpone criticism • Quantity is important • Stick to the topic • Develop ideas of others • Work visually © HPI / D-School und andere Brainstorming
  • 14. 20.02.2014 14 © HPI / D-School und andere Warm up Problem Solution POV Design Thinking Process Prototyping Pretotyping http://www.openideo.com/open/web-start-up/inspiration/pretotype- building-the-right-it-vs.-building-it-right/
  • 15. 20.02.2014 15 Problem Solution POV Design Thinking Process … fail early and often http://www.pdfpedia.com/download/12464/lecture-9-prototyping-pdf.html Testing
  • 16. 20.02.2014 16 Present! Make it vivid! Positive feedback What could we change? New questions New ideas ? Feed back Design New Business
  • 17. 20.02.2014 17 65 66 Connecting the Dots Design Thinking Business Model Canvas Lean Startup Problem Business Model Running Lean Idea … how will you take advantage of human-centered Design tomorrow? Daniel Bartel hello@daniel-bartel.de @danbar87 Further reading • Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation: | Tim Brown • The Design of Business:Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage | Roger L. Martin • Design Thinking: Integrating Innovation, Customer Experience, and Brand Value | Thomas Lockwood • This is Service Design Thinking: Basics,Tools, Cases | JakobSchneider • The Art of Innovation | Tom Kelley • 30 Minuten Design Thinking | Jochen Gürtler, JohannesMeyer • The Back of the Napkin | Dan Roam • Design School Confidential | Steven Heller und Lita Talarico • Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration | Scott Doorley • Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business |Luke Williams • Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Toolkit for Managers | Jeanne Liedtka • Business Model Generation | Alexander Osterwalder • Design Thinking | Hasso Plattner, Christoph Meinel, Ulrich Weinberg