Aircraft Seating Maintenance Conference


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With oncoming new aircraft deliveries beginning to make their way to airlines, maintenance departments are facing unknown and unfamiliar challenges.

There are a number of new entrants into the aircraft manufacturing marketplace who are all looking at the seating maintenance market. What are the different characteristics of these aircraft, what is the status of these MRO programs and when can entry into service be expected? How logistical and operational seating maintenance processes do impact this over the next decade?

Composite materials are becoming increasingly common in aircraft cabins, in particular for the manufacture of seats and furniture. The planning challenges when performing advanced material repairs is ensuring that acquisition of repair materials is a smooth and streamlined process with cost-effectiveness of materials.

Airlines and MROs are operating to lower time and costs of materials and logistics in a cost-constrained environment. They are heading to IT systems by moving away from paper based documentation and the communication between suppliers and operators is crucial to developing a mutually beneficial and cost-effective working relationship. How can airlines, suppliers and MRO providers work together to minimize downtimes in a complex supplier network in aircraft seating maintenance?

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Aircraft Seating Maintenance Conference

  1. 1. • Gain insight into the most important maintenance strategies used by airlines to meet stringent demands and requirements for seating • Find out how to implement an effective logistic supply chain with MRO logistics and overcome regional disparities by ensuring availability of inventory in the right place at the right time • Learn how to maximize the usability of seats by taking into account seat maintenance from the conception of the design process to enhance seat functionality, durability and reliability • Discuss opportunities for intelligent and effective seat maintenance solutions to reduce costs, optimise materials and evaluate the advantages of MRO outsourcing and in-house solutions • Explore important maintenance solutions and possibilities from a seat manufacturers perspective and understand how airlines and suppliers can respond to this Meet these expert speakers amongst others Conference Advisor and Chairman: Mike Kotas, General Manager, Cabin Maintenance, Delta Air Lines Inc., USA Confirmed companies among others: • Airbus Operations GmbH • Boeing Company • Delta Air Lines Inc. • Deutsche Lufthansa AG • Lufthansa Technik AG • Aviointeriors Spa • Zodiac Seats Interactive Workshop Day | Thursday 24 October 2013 A | Strategies for maintaining your Flat Bed Product B | Implementation ofTLC (Total Life Cycle) cost during design of passenger seats To Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 88 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 | E | AIRCRAFT Seating International Conference 22 – 24 October 2013 | Radisson BLU Hotel, Hamburg Airport, Germany MAINTENANCE Advanced seat maintenance solutions • MRO logistics and effective supply chain • Impact on seat design process Stephen Philips, Technical Lead Engineer Reliability and Maintainability, Airplane Product Development, Boeing Company, USA Kelly Holmes, Line Operations Manager, Cabin Maintenance, Delta Air Lines Inc., USA Karl-Henner Wilhelm, Manager Aircraft Configuration Longrange, Technical Operations – Aircraft Configuration, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Germany Frank Starke, Manager - Cabin Seating Cabin Design Office, Airbus Operations GmbH, Germany Co-located with IQPC`s Innovative AIRCRAFT SEATING 2013 The only conference with the main focus on maintenance strategies for aircraft seats 4th International Conference Sav e up to € 320,-w ith our Early Birds ifyou book and pay by 2 August2013!