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A10 Networks: IPv6 Solutions for Enterprise by Paul Nicholson at gogoNET LIVE! 3 IPv6 Conference

A10 Networks: IPv6 Solutions for Enterprise by Paul Nicholson at gogoNET LIVE! 3 IPv6 Conference



gogo6 IPv6 Video Series. Event, presentation and speaker details below: ...

gogo6 IPv6 Video Series. Event, presentation and speaker details below:

gogoNET LIVE! 3: Enterprise wide Migration. http://gogonetlive.com
November 12 – 14, 2012 at San Jose State University, California
Agenda: http://gogonetlive.com/4105/gogonetlive3-agenda.asp

A10 Networks: IPv6 Solutions for Enterprise
Abstract: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Presentation video: http://www.gogo6.com/video/a10-networks-ipv6-solutions-for-enterprise-by-paul-nicholson-at
Interview video: http://www.gogo6.com/video/interview-with-paul-nicholson-at-gogonet-live-3-ipv6-conference

Paul Nicholson - Director of Product Marketing, A10 Networks
Bio/Profile: http://www.gogo6.com/profile/PSV

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    A10 Networks: IPv6 Solutions for Enterprise by Paul Nicholson at gogoNET LIVE! 3 IPv6 Conference A10 Networks: IPv6 Solutions for Enterprise by Paul Nicholson at gogoNET LIVE! 3 IPv6 Conference Presentation Transcript

    • Customer Driven Innovation IPv6 Solutions for Enterprises (And Others) Paul Nicholson – Director of Product MarketingDo not distribute/edit/copy without thewritten consent of A10 Networks 1
    • A10 Networks Company Overview Leader in Application Networking Profitable with Optimize the networks of consistent revenueweb giants, enterprises and growth service providers Flagship Product FamilyFounded in 2004 AX Series Platform CEO & Founder: Lee Chen – co-founder ofFoundry Networks and Centillion Headquarters in San Jose, California; offices in 22 countries; customers in 40 countries 500 employees worldwide 2
    • Sample Customers 3
    • Application Delivery and Server Load Balancing  Server Load BalancingUsers  Round Robin, Least Connections, Weighted RR, Backup Weighted LC, Fastest Response, more… Data Center  Dual-stack and SLB-PT (protocol translation)/ SLB-64 (IPv4<->IPv6, IPv6<->IPv4)ExternalNetwork  aFleX scripting for flexible traffic steering  Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) with application SLA  Virtualization  SoftAX, ADP multi-tenancy, aVCS for scalabilityADC  aGalaxy for cloud management  Advanced health checksInternal  Scriptable health checksNetwork  ICMP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RTSP, SMTP, POP3, SNMP, DNS, RADIUS, LDAP, more...  High Availability with sub-second failoverServers  Active-Active, Active-Standby  L2/L3 hot-standby mode support  VRRP-A support  Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)  Optimal geolocation based server selection  Proxy and server mode support 4
    •  A10 solves IPv4 exhaustion, allowing uninterrupted business, eliminating costly IT fire drills and protecting brands The AX Series provides advanced solutions for IPv4 preservation, IPv6 access and full IPv6 migration A10 leads this market with large deployments worldwide 5
    • Why IPv6 and What is the Adoption Rate? IPv4 Blocks Available IP address proliferation  More people & devices connected requiring an IP address Source: ARIN  Bring your own device (BYOD) Surveillance Game eBook Cellphone TV Camera Console Adoption  Massive acceleration  Increased attention  31 billion connected devices by 2020 Heart Rate Digital Digital DVD Car Monitor Weight Scale Recorder 6
    • IPv6 Critical Events are Creating Urgency 2011 Jan - 0.15% of top million web sites available via IPv6 2011 Jan - IANA assigns all addresses to RIRs 2011 March - Microsoft to acquire Nortel’s IPv4 addresses for $7.5-million 2011 April - RIR APNIC assigns all addresses 2011 June - On World IPv6 Day A10 customer has over 1m+ IPv6 visitors 2011 Nov - 0.80% of top million web sites available via IPv6 2011 - More adoption than previous years combined 2012 June - IPv6 Day no issues reported, again 2012 Oct - 4.6% of top million web sites available via IPv6 7
    • IPv6 Critical Events are Creating Urgency 2012More adoption than previous years combined  For the second year  Accelerating dramatically 8
    • First Live Deployment - NTT Plala, JapanThe IPv6 network, model for the future? Project: Hikari-TV, implementation and live in 2008 Purpose: IPTV broadcasting and video on-demand service (and Karaoke!) Network: Native IPv6-based, fiber-to-the-home network First large-scale, commercially successful application of IPTV service that runs over a IPv6 network "After a comparative test...we selected A10s AX Series..as the high-performance server load balancer platform for Hikari-TV...video distribution” service..." 9
    • What Does Your Network Look Like? No standard compatibility Different requirements  Home  Enterprise  Service Provider “IPv4 Legacy Networks” 10
    • Common IPv6 Migration Techniques Dual-Stack Encapsulation Translation 11
    • What Does Each Technology Do? Retire IPv4?IPv6 Access to IPv4 DS-Lite to Access IPv6 allow IPv4 NAT64/DNS64 access over to enable IPv6 IPv6 core only clients to 6rd to enable connect to IPv4 IPv6 access resources over existing IPv4 core CGN to solve public IPv4 Preserve IPv4 address shortages and standard NAT SLB-PT or IPv6 SLB to enable IPv6 on public web Enable IPv6 sites 12
    • What Are the Benefits and Real Use Cases? IPv4 is the legacy protocol, cost IPv6 supplier is bought, savings require retirement of need to provide access to IPv4 core internal IPv4 applicationsCritical new supplier isIPv6 only, internal clientsrequire accessimmediately Limited IPv4 resources and propriety NAT errors stop Internet facing service growth IPv6 web site to protect brand and ensure universal access SLB-PT CGN 6rd NAT64/DNS64 DS-Lite 13
    • What is the Enterprise ROI? IPv6 is a business imperative Why IPv6?  Reduce costs in medium to long term  Reduce complexity  Compelling use cases emerging Reasons to start today  Brand reputation, no blank pages  New services, cost of IPv4 addresses  IT staff education and readiness  Reduce surprises by scoping impact 14
    • Getting Your Feet Wet with IPv6 Server Load Balancing Protocol Translation (SLB-PT or “SLB-64”) IPv6 <>IPv4 or any combination AAAA, connectivity and an IPv6 address 15
    • Education CGN: Scaling from 50,000 to 200,000 Devices Devices  Mobility Applications  Facebook, Twitter Skype, Gaming, YouTube Campus Backbone more Application Delivery  ADC and CGN Internal staff and student applications 16
    • IPv6 Service Provider Deployment Major European service provider solves IPv6 connectivity issue  Background: IPv6 access for all customers and systems, Nov 2011 saw 15,000th IPv6 connection added  Purpose: IPv6 ready to communication with IPv6 only APAC partners, catalyst being the APNIC address depletion  Network: Dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity  “By our choice…of A10 load balancers all consumer websites are now accessible via IPv6...in one single action a significant portion of our services over IPv6!" 17
    • Cellular LSN/CGN Case Study and Implementation Top 4 US wireless carrier needed to expand while facing IPv4 address exhaustion  Project: Mobile handset data network expansion  Purpose: Add IPv4 address capacity for streaming apps to smartphone users  Network: Legacy IPv4-based, cellular data network  Fully operational LSN/CGN implementations 18
    • CGN/LSN for Top US Wireless Carrier Consolidation of IPv4 address space, 90% IPv4 address reclaimed Feature-rich CGN/LSN capabilities High Availability (HA) Significant CAPEX savings Reduced equipment footprint Significant scalability for future growth 19
    • NAT64/DNS64 for Top US Wireless Carrier Offers access to new users over IPv6 Alternative to dual-stacked host option, simpler to manage NAT64 translates IPv6 packets into IPv4 packets DNS64 translates associated DNS queries on behalf of IPv6 clients Provides future proof scalability by allowing IPv6 customers to have access to IPv4-only Internet sites and services 20
    • A10 Customers on World IPv6 Day Predominantly IPv6 > IPv6 & IPv6 > IPv4 Web portals, news organizations, Web 2.0, DNS providers and more One large customer, exclusively using A10 ADCs for the event:  Million+ unique IPv6 addresses hitting front- end AX units in multiple data centers  Testing prior due to complex applications  No issues were encountered  IPv6 was a small fraction of overall traffic (far less than 1%), but higher than expected A10 received zero support calls 21
    • Key Product Requirements Interplay IPv4 IPv6 Internet Internet Stateful fail-over 6rd DS-Lite NAT64/DNS64 and More ... True CGN/LSN capabilities IPv4 IPv6 Logging Core Clients New features IPv6 Clients IPv4 Clients IPv6 Clients Data Center Efficient 6rd DS-Lite NAT64/DNS64 Budget Friendly 22
    • Network World Test for IPv6-enabled ADCs • Real lab test revealed more features • Only vendor to receive top marks • 5 out of 5 for Installation, Feature Set and Manageability! Source: Network World, February 13, 2012 http://www.networkworld.com/reviews/2012/021312-ipv6-application-delivery-controllers-test-255474.html?page=1 23
    • Interop Japan 2012 – Best of Show – ShowNet Multiple different IPv6 solutions (CGN, 6rd, DS-Lite and more) powered by the AX 3530 in the ShowNet backbone Prepared iPads connected to each network by Wi-Fi - customers could use iPad or their smartphone Realistic experience of different technologies AX3530 also provided CGN backbone service 24
    • High Throughput in 1 Rack Unit 25
    • High Packet Per Second Rates with Hardware Assist 26
    • A10 IPv4-to-IPv6 Migration Advantages Industry-leading and mature implementation Advanced features and high performance Ideal ‘green’ form factor Price/performance advantage 27 2
    • What Should Customers Do Next? Test applications Evaluate impact on existing infrastructure Ensure new purchases are IPv6 compatible Train your staff Start small – enable your website  Dual-stack, native IPv6 or SLB-PT (or SLB-64) Internal connectivity? Pilot IPv6 in your network  Contact your service provider and investigate NAT64/DNS64 Short of IPv4 addresses? What is the exact issue?  Acquire more IPv4 addresses or test CGN/LSN 28
    • Thank YouAny App Any Cloud Any Size www.a10networks.com Do not distribute/edit/copy without the written consent of A10 Networks 29