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This is a brief overview of how Illinois Park & Recreation Association sections can benefit from their own section blog - how to get started - and how to use some of the features.

This is a brief overview of how Illinois Park & Recreation Association sections can benefit from their own section blog - how to get started - and how to use some of the features.

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  • 1. IPRA Section Blogs 101 advancing professionals
  • 2. Topics
    • Blog? What’s that?
    • How would we benefit?
    • Examples in action
    • Getting started with your section blog
    • Other fun features
    • Questions?
  • 3. Blog? What’s that?
    • Wikipedia definition
      • Blog is the contraction universally used for weblog, a type of Web site where entries are made (such as in a journal or diary), displayed in a reverse chronological order.
    • Our really simple definition
      • A blog is two-way communication between an organization and its users.
  • 4. Blog? What’s that?
    • So what’s it used for?
      • Provide commentary or news on a particular subject.
      • Combines text, images and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic.
      • Part of a wider network of social media.
  • 5. Blog? What’s that?
    • So is a blog like a Web site?
      • Yes…well, kind of.
      • Think of a Web site as your one-way communication.
        • Most static information on pages.
      • A blog is two-way communication.
        • Has static pages as well as journal entries (blog posts) that allow for interactivity and sense of community.
  • 6. Blog? What’s that?
    • The BIG difference…
      • A blog is quicker and cheaper to develop.
      • You control the content and not your web developer.
      • Constant and immediate communication.
      • Feedback…feedback…feedback!
  • 7. Blog? What’s that?
    • Popularity
      • Blogs began in 1996 with around 100 journals
      • Currently over 60 million blogs worldwide
    • It’s not just teenagers with blogs
      • Government
      • Corporations
      • Small businesses
      • Everyone!
  • 8. How would we benefit?
    • Brand building
      • Additional channel to put your section in front of the members and keep shaping its unique identity.
    • Direct communication
      • Speak directly and candidly with your members.
      • Frequently update members.
    • Position your section as an expert
      • Articulate your viewpoints, knowledge, and expertise on matters pertaining to your section’s interests.
  • 9. How would we benefit?
    • Build membership
      • Introduce your sections to new prospects.
    • Search engine marketing
      • Increased presence on major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and other blog SERPs.
  • 10. Examples in action…
  • 11. Getting started
    • Define your team and leaders
      • 2-4 team members control blog
      • Option to allow all members to contribute
    • Get acquainted with the blog
      • Play around with it
      • Understand what’s what
  • 12. Develop content
    • Develop the “About Us” section
      • About the section
      • Section leadership
      • How to get involved, etc.
    • Decide on “Categories” for posts
      • Meetings & Workshops
      • Resources, etc.
  • 13. How to register as author
    • Register as an author
      • Allows for posting and editing
    • Steps:
      • Click Login
      • Click Register
      • Enter personalized Username and email
      • Temporary password will be emailed
      • Login with Username and password
      • You’re ready to write!
  • 14. How to write a post
    • Title of post
      • Limit to a few words
      • Attention grabbing
    • Body of post
      • Keep your posts somewhat short
      • Use hyperlinks wherever possible
      • Text formatting possible but can be annoying
      • Pictures are fun!
      • Uploading files to drag and drop
  • 15. How to write a post
    • Allow discussion?
      • You can block commenting
    • Select a category
      • Archiving and quick searches
      • Deselect “uncategorized”
    • Preview your post
      • Click on “save and continue editing”
    • Publish your post
      • Click “publish” and you’re done!
  • 16. How to comment on a post
    • Benefits of commenting
      • Two-way communication
      • Help out others
      • Networking
      • Position yourself as “expert”
    • Steps:
      • Click “post a comment” or “# Comments”
      • Enter information
      • Write comment
      • Click “add my comment”
  • 17. How to subscribe to blogs
    • Get email notifications
      • Constantly updated via emails
      • Only emailed IF something is posted
      • Only 1 email per day
    • Steps:
      • Enter your email address in “subscribe” area of the blog
      • Click “subscribe”
      • OR click icon to add to feed reader
  • 18.
    • Thank you for your membership and commitment to IPRA.