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2007 Facility Program Event Piece 2 - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition
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2007 Facility Program Event Piece 2 - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition


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  • 1. Roselle Bike, Kite, and Fishing Day Saturday May 19, 2007 10am-2pm Turner Park Join us for Roselle’s 2nd Annual Bike, Kite and Fishing Day. That’s right this year we have added kites and fish to this family event! Join us on May 19th as we celebrate National Bike Month and a state wide Kite fly in, at the newly renovated Turner Park with: guided tours of Roselle’s parks and trails, a kite fly in, a family scavenger hunt ride, long distance treks, free bike inspec- tions, kite repair station, crafts, games, huge raffle prizes, face painting, a stunt show and this year we will be including a fishing derby too! Prizes will be awarded for multiple age groups and all sorts of fun categories! Strap the fishing pole to your bike, grab your kite and join us for an exciting afternoon! • For more information call 630-894-4200
  • 2. MANAGEMENT PLAN How you can help... Your cooperation and support is important to the restoration of our beautiful landscape. We offer many volunteer opportunities at all times of the year. Another way you can help is by sharing this information with your neighbors and telling them to call us with any questions or concerns. We invite you to take part in our outdoor education programs run by our Prairie Grass Nature Museum. We encourage everyone to learn about the role nature plays in our lives and the importance of protecting it through conservation. By taking part in these programs, we insure the integrity of our landscape and the safety and health of all for generations to come. 814 Hart Rd. • Round Lake, IL 60073 847-546-8558 •
  • 3. Protecting parklands & prairies Where do we start? It may seem funny that we have to nurture nature, There are several steps we will take to get our management but with our area's rapid growth and development plan underway. They are as follows: it has become a necessity. There is more to parks than manicured ball fields, basketball courts and • Defining Property Boundaries – We have a great respect for playgrounds for the kids. our neighbors that live along the boundaries of our parks. We do our best to be sure our parks are clean and well As a park district, part of our responsibility is to maintained for all to enjoy. We will be asking our neighbors to be stewards of our environment, ensuring that have the same respect for our property by keeping all the natural beauty in our area is protected and personal items within their own boundaries and not mowing preserved for the enjoyment and health of all areas adjacent to their yards. Cutting the grass is one of the current and future residents. most common and destructive practices that affect our natural areas, shorelines and ponds. The periphery of ponds Did you know that Lake County is home to more need borders of deep-rooted native vegetation that stabilizes endangered and threatened species than any other the shoreline to prevent erosion. The native vegetation also county in Illinois? reduces non-point source pollutants including fertilizers and road salt. If residents have any questions about their property With that in mind, we have created a long-term lines or our boundaries they can call the park district's Ranger Natural Area Management Plan. Many natural areas Police Department for more information 847-740-5102. owned by the district need to be reclaimed and restored. They are crucial to the survival of area • Controlled Burns – Controlled burns are a valuable tool wildlife, native plants and vegetation. to inhibit intrusive plant species and weeds that block sunshine for desirable plants. All of our controlled burns are done with the necessary permits. Effected neighborhoods will be notified in advance of burning by the Parks Department. • Natural and Chemical Applications – We are continually investigating the use of biological methods, such as insects, as a way to help remove undesirable plants. In addition, non-toxic chemical treatment of areas is sometimes used to rid areas of specific nuisance plants. • Mechanical Methods – Larger invasive trees and vegetation will call for a more aggressive response. Heavy equipment may be used to rid areas of undesirable growth quickly and economically. Also, if an area is a wetland or too close to housing, employing mechanical methods can protect both. reclaim, restore and develop our natural areas
  • 4. Summer Camp 2007 Skokie Park District
  • 5. Summer Camp 2007 Welcome! For nearly 80 years, the Skokie Park District has provided summer camps that focus on adventure, friendship, fun, exploration, discovery and safety. In 2007, the district’s summer camp program promises to offer yet another exciting experience for the children of Skokie! Whether your child’s interests lie in sports, art, theater, or outdoor adventure, the Skokie Park District offers a wide range of programs to make your child’s summer a memorable one. We also are proud to continue to offer special services (see pages 3 and 10) that will meet your families’ needs. Perhaps our camp program’s greatest resource is its highly trained staff. This group of warm, dedicated and enthusiastic parents, educators, coaches, and college students are experts at nurturing and motivating campers of all ages. The Skokie Park District is one of only 20 park districts in the nation to be accredited by the American Camping Association. This nationally-recognized program, developed exclusively for the camp industry, focuses on program quality and health and safety issues, and requires the district to review every facet of our day camp operations on an annual basis. We have voluntarily submitted to this independent audit by camp experts and have again earned this national mark of distinction. In addition to its wonderful staff and national recognition, Skokie Park District summer camps also offer the following opportunities for your child: • making new friends • promoting an active and healthy lifestyle • gaining self-confidence • improving swimming skills • learning new skills • exploring the outdoors, and • fun-filled days and nights • increasing self-esteem. • great exercise We hope that you can take the time to look through this guide — and find camps that fit the individual needs of your child and your family. On Wednesday, January 17, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., at the Oakton Community Center, our programmers will be available at the district’s Annual Summer Camp Open House, to discuss your child’s needs. Please feel free to join us that evening, eleven days prior to the first day of registration. Again, we look forward to serving your family this summer! Sincerely, Michelle Tuft Superintendent of Recreation Skokie Park District Board of Park Commissioners Administrative Staff Susan Aberman, President Mark Schneiderman, Executive Director, CPRP Michael W. Alter, Vice-President John V. Ohrlund, Superintendent of Parks and Facilities, CPRP Jerry Clarito, Commissioner William G. Schmidt, Superintendent of Business Services, CPA Mike Reid, Commissioner Michelle J. Tuft, Superintendent of Recreation Maureen Yanes, Commissioner Camp Guide Production: Jim Bottorff, Scott J. Walker and Rachel Pozner
  • 6. Contents General Information / Bus Information ............................. 1-3 Registration .................................................................... 12-14 Map ...................................................................................... 11 Camps by Grade .................................................................. 25 Arts Camps ..........................................................................8-9 Nature Camps .................................................................22-23 Early Childhood Camps .......................................................4-5 Special Recreation Camp .......................................................3 Extended Camps / Summers End Camp..............................10 Sports Camps ..................................................................15-17 General Camps ....................................................................6-7 Teen Camps .....................................................................20-21 Golf Camps ......................................................................18-19 Tennis Camps ........................................................................24 Dates to Remember Wednesday, January 17, 2007 Saturday, May 5, 2007 Camp Open House Final Auto-Debit Payment 6-7:30 p.m. Oakton Community Center Monday, June 11, 2007 Most Camps Begin - Session 1 Sunday, January 28, 2007, 12 p.m. Resident Registration Begins Sunday, July 1, 2007 Walk-In Registration from 12-2 p.m. Deadline for Session 2 Registration at the following facilities: Parent Manuals mailed for Session 2 Devonshire Cultural Center Emily Oaks Nature Center Wednesday, July 4, 2007 Oakton Community Center No Camp – Independence Day Weber Leisure Center (12-8 p.m.) Friday, July 6, 2007 Thursday, February 22, 2007 Last day of camp - Session 1 Non-Resident Registration Begins Monday, July 9, 2007 Sunday, April 1, 2007 Most Camps Begin - Session 2 Bus Transportation Deadline First Camp Payment Due Friday, August 3, 2007 Last Day of Camp - Session 2 Thursday, April 5, 2007 First Auto-Debit Payment Monday, August 6, 2007 Summer’s End Camp Begins Tuesday, May 1, 2007 Final Camp Payment Due Parent Manuals mailed for Session 1 Camp Questions - (847) 674-1500 Bob DeLeonardis - ext. 2183 Nancy Eschker - ext. 2742 Lee Hansen - ext. 2520 Cheryl Toohey, CPRP - ext. 2525 Challenger British Soccer Camp Camp Iwannago Little Earth Scouts Earth Explorers Chicago Storm Soccer Camp Devonshire Extended Camp Outdoor Challenge Earth Rangers Jr. High Sports Camp Oakton Extended Camp Earth Travelers North Shore Basketball Camp Summer’s End Robin Ledford, CPRP - ext. 2420 Sports Camp Central Chucklers Crystal VanHyning, CPRP - ext. 2720 Sports Max Leticia Felman - ext. 2425 Lil’ Campers Bus Transportation Super-Sized Sports Camp Circus Camp Terminal Ticklers Chess Camp Tennis Camp Summer Crafts & Creations Weber Indoor Sports Camp Summer on Broadway Rich Lee - ext. 3120 Pamela Zeid, CPRP - ext. 2180 Summer on Broadway Jr. Junior Summer Golf Camp Art Exploration Jenny Elliott CPRP - ext. 2725 World Travelers Camp Happy Smile CIT I/II Scott Runkle - ext. 2721 ACA Accreditation Club OC Steve Glickman - ext. 2926 Aquatics Camp Urban Adventures Hockey Camp X-Camp ACA Accreditation 1 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 7. General Information Camp Open House Wednesday, January 17, 2007, 6-7:30 p.m., Oakton Community Center, 4701 Oakton Street, Skokie Camp Open House is the place to learn about the basic content of our various camp programs, staff, field trips, swimming, transportation, extended care and other camp related subjects. Compare and contrast programs and fees, and meet camp directors. Registration will not be accepted at the Camp Open House. Registration for residents begins at 12 p.m. on Sunday, January 28 and for non-residents on Thursday, February 22. Min/Max - What does it mean? Special Dietary Needs/Kosher Picture This For each program at the Park District, there are a Campers on restricted diets will gladly be Registrants and participants permit the taking of minimum number of registrations needed before accommodated. Parents will be advised of food photographs and video of themselves and their a camp can “go.” But why a maximum? The more selections in advance. Alternate choices will be children during Skokie Park District activities for campers, the less individualized attention. In addition provided whenever possible. Please indicate your publication, as the Park District deems necessary. to space limitations, we like to keep the camper-to- special dietary needs on the registration form at the counselor ratio low to ensure that a quality experience time of enrollment. Insurance is had by all. The Skokie Park District does not provide individual Illness Policy Accident and Health Insurance. Grade/Age Requirements Children should not be brought to camp with illnesses Children attending Skokie Park District camps must be that are contagious or with fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, Summer Superstars grade appropriate. Grades listed refer to the grade the or unidentifiable rashes. Campers may not return Our summer superstars contribute to the success child will be entering at the start of 2007-08 School to the program until they are fever and/or diarrhea of our diverse camp programs! A qualified and Year. Preschool campers three years of age must be free for 24 hours. Children who are not participating experienced adult director supervises each camp daily. toilet trained and the appropriate age by the beginning normally (who show extreme lethargy or fatigue) will Counselors at each camp are a mixture of mature and of their first day of camp. A copy of a birth certificate be considered ill and sent home. enthusiastic college and high school students, parents, is required with the registration form when stated educators and coaches. All camp staff completes an within individual descriptions. Medication Policy extensive training program, which includes supervision Medication may be given to a child when authorized and safety techniques, program development and first Camper Groupings and Staff-to-Camper Ratio by the child’s physician. All medication must remain in aid. Group sizes vary from program to program. An the original container indicating the child’s name, type, average camp staff-to-participant ratio is 1:12. Any and date of the prescribed medication, and amounts Summer Job Opportunities group exceeding 12 children will be supplemented and time of dosage. A medication consent form must The Skokie Park District is now accepting applications with an additional staff person. Camp programs that be signed by the child’s parents and given to the Camp for Summer Day Camp Positions (Camp Directors, accommodate children under the age of 5 have a Director. Counselors and Jr. Counselors). Duties include camp staff-to-participant ratio of 1:8. directing children in outdoor leisure games, sports, Everything Under the Sun arts & crafts and other recreational activities. Special Needs (American Disability Act) All camps are held outdoors daily with limited or Applications may be picked-up at any one of the The Skokie Park District welcomes the participation no use of air-conditioned indoor facilities with the community centers. Don’t delay. of all individuals in our programs, including those with exception of Art Exploration, Circus Camp, Summer disabilities. We are fully committed to complying with On Broadway, World Travelers, and Weber Indoor Be a camp leader! If you are over the age of 16 the ADA and providing reasonable accommodations Sports Camp. During heat emergency days, children and you are looking for a fun-filled opportunity as to facilitate participation in our programs. are rotated into indoor facilities/shade areas and given a camp leader, then the Skokie Park District has an frequent water breaks. opportunity for you. As a camp leader, you can be Please assist us in providing a positive experience for a role model to campers at one of the many camps your child with special needs by notifying Michelle It’s Raining, It’s Pouring listed in this brochure. For more information call Lynn Tuft, Superintendent of Recreation, at (847) 674-1500, Camp will be held whether it rains or shines. Seebacher, Human Resources Manager at 2181 or email at (847) 933-4357. of any special needs at the time of enrollment. Your Camp Attire confidentiality will be respected. The sooner we know Children attending Park District camps should wear about your special situation, the more time we have comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. Please keep to make reasonable accommodations to improve your in mind that our camps provide a relaxed, informal child’s recreational experience and to ensure a smooth setting, therefore we recommend that you keep your integration of your child into our camp program. valuable clothing and accessories at home. We also suggest that you label your child’s belongings. Camp Individuals who are hearing impaired and want t-shirts will be distributed to each participant during information regarding park district or M-NASR the first week of programming. programs should call (847) 966-5522. Summer School Sign-Out Procedures We have created a variety of camp programs that Every camper must be signed out by the person complement summer school. If your child plans picking him/her up. We will not release a child to on attending summer school, we encourage you someone whose name is not on the authorized pick- to consider Jr. High Sports Camp, Art Exploration, up form. Parents will be asked to show a picture ID. Terminal Ticklers, or Camp Iwannago. Please note that campers attending summer school will miss scheduled field trips and swimming. Parents will need to make alternate arrangements for childcare on these program days. 2 | Skokie Park District
  • 8. Bus Transportation Bus Transportation service is provided to and from most of the Skokie Park District’s camps. Campers will be picked up within two blocks of their home and will be transported to the Devonshire Hub. Campers will then board a different bus that will transport them to their specific camp. Routes aver- age 50 minutes. Arrangements should be made for an adult to supervise children at the bus stop morning and afternoon. A bus monitor supervises each bus throughout the route to ensure safety and provide assistance. All buses are equipped with seat belts. Bus routes and pick-up/drop-off information is mailed to participants one week prior to the start of each camp session. Bus available for the following programs: Art Exploration (full day) CIT (except Camp Happy Smile) Summer On Broadway Jr. Aquatics Camp Earth Adventures Terminal Ticklers (full day) Camp Iwannago (full day) Sports Camp Weber Indoor Sports Camp Central Chucklers Sports Max World Travelers Bus Circus Camp Summer On Broadway X-Camp Bus fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. No refunds are given for bus transportation after 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1, 2007 for any session. Registration should be done prior to May 1, 2007. Any registrations after May 1 will be charged an additional $75. Requests after June 1 will not be ac- cepted. Bus transportation is available to residents of zip codes 60076, 60077 and 60203. Camp bus service is provided as a complete package only. For example, requests for bus service only in the morning or afternoon are not accepted. Min: 45/Max: 150 Activity # Day Dates Fee 222781-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 $165 before 5/1 ($240 after 5/1) 222781-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 $165 before 5/1 ($240 after 5/1) Dedicated to improving the quality of life and, through advocacy and awareness, promoting a successful leisure lifestyle for individuals with disabilities. M-NASR Camp Maine Niles Association of Special Recreation (M-NASR) provides a variety of camps for children and youth with special needs. M-NASR offers eight different camps for challenged individuals ages 3-21 years. A staff to participant ratio of 4 to 1 allows for individual attention, a structured environment and a safe and happy summer camp experience for everyone. Activities at camp are varied and may include arts and crafts, games, sports, swimming and field trips. All activities are designed to improve physical and social skills and provide a memorable summer for our campers. Complete camp information will be available in late February. If you have questions, call M-NASR at (847) 966-5522. 3 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 9. Early Childhood Camps Camp Happy Smile Designed and supervised by early childhood education teachers, this camp promises stimulating and fun activities revolving around weekly themes. Music, arts and crafts, games, songs, special event days, weekly trips to the Skokie Water Playground and other field trips are all part of this program. All campers are asked to donate a snack to share with their group. Juice will be provided with snack. Sack lunch and beverage should be provided for full day campers. Children must be toilet trained and be the age registered for by the first day of camp. Birth certificate required at time of registration or within 3 days of registration. Extended camp and bus service to and from Camp Happy Smile is NOT available. Age: 3-5 Grades: Preschool-K Location: Jane Stenson School Rain Site: Jane Stenson School Min: 10/ Max: 16 1/2 Day Age: 3 (Must be 3 years old by the first day of camp) Code Days Dates Time R N 221223-01 M,W,F 6/11-7/6 9:45A-12:30P $192 $240 221223-04 M,W,F 7/9-8/3 9:45A-12:30P $192 $240 1/2 Day Age: 4 221223-02 M,W,F 6/11-7/6 9:45A-12:30P $192 $240 221223-05 M,W,F 7/9-8/3 9:45A-12:30P $192 $240 1/2 Day Age: 5 221223-03 M,W,F 6/11-7/6 9:45A-12:30P $192 $240 221223-06 M,W,F 7/9-8/3 9:45A-12:30P $192 $240 Full Day Ages: 4 & 5 221223-07 M,W,F 6/11-7/6 10A-2:30P $286 $358 221223-08 M,W,F 7/9-8/3 10A-2:30P $286 $358 221223-09 M-F 6/11-7/6 10A-2:30P $431 $539 221223-10 M-F 7/9-8/3 10A-2:30P $431 $539 A fresh and exciting version of preschool during the hot summer months! Activities include arts and crafts, music, free play outside, group time and so much more! There is no lunch break at this camp. Snack and juice will be provided daily. Campers will take a field trip during the last week of camp. Children must be toilet trained by the first day of camp. Bus service to and from Camp Happy Smile is NOT available. Code Days Dates Time R N T/Th 1/2 Days 221221-01 Tu,Th 6/12-7/5 9:45A-12:30P $140 $175 T/Th 1/2 Days 221221-02 Tu,Th 7/10-8/2 9:45A-12:30P $140 $175 4 | Skokie Park District
  • 10. Lil’ Campers This introductory camp is designed for your very special little camper. Our qualified leaders and early childhood educated director will participate with your child in a variety of age-appropriate activities including arts & crafts, games, stories, music, special events, movement, entertainers and local field trips. Program also includes weekly swimming at the Devonshire Aquatic Center. Bus service to and from Lil Campers is NOT available. Age: 3-5 Grades: Preschool-K Location: Central Park Rain Site: Devonshire Elementary School Min: 10/Max: 36 Code Days Dates Time R N 221222-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-12P $254 $318 221222-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-12P $254 $318 Super Sized Sports Camp This camp provides your little one the opportunity to experience sports and games in a fun, action packed setting. Come join us for mini-sessions of basketball, t-ball and floor hockey. Sports activities will be instructional on team-oriented play. Campers need to bring a water bottle and snack daily. All children must be completely toilet trained by the first day of camp. Bus service to and from camp is not available for this camp. Ages: 4-6 Grades: Preschool - 1 Location: Weber Leisure Center Rain Site: Weber Leisure Center Min: 6/Max: 15 Code Days Dates Time R N 220421-01 M-F 6/4-6/8 9-11:30A $90 $113 220421-02 M-F 8/6-8/10 9-11:30A $90 $113 220421-03 M-F 8/13-8/17 9-11:30A $90 $113 Little Earth Scouts As a Little Earth Scout, your camper will spend two mornings a week immersed in the stuff of life during special Water, Soil, Sun, and Air Weeks! While getting to know the four Earth Friends through puppet shows, the campers will also conduct fun experiments with these elements of life and make discoveries during activities and play time outdoors. Earth Scouts earn Earth Friends badges each day, as well as badges for outdoor safety and being a good helper. Fee includes daily snacks, camp t-shirt, fanny pack and camp supplies. Note: Although program content for the camp changes every year, the content is the same for Sessions 1 and 2. Campers must be at least 4 years old on or before the first class. Bus transportation is not available. Age: 4-5 Grades: Preschool-K Location: Emily Oaks Nature Center Rain Site: Emily Oaks Nature Center Min: 10/Max: 12 Code Days Dates Time R N 222621-01 M,W 6/11-7/2 9:30A-12P $158 $198 222621-02 M,W 7/9-8/1 9:30A-12P $158 $198 5 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 11. General Camps These camps offer a challenging, fun and positive experience. We provide sports, arts, crafts, active games, dramatics, music, movement, special event days, field trips, and swimming twice a week at the Devonshire and Skokie Water Playground. Certified and/or professional directors and many experienced leaders and junior leaders work closely with each child. Central Chucklers Grades: K-5 Bus Location: Central Park Rain Site: Devonshire Elementary School Min: 60/Max: 100 Code Days Dates Time R N 221731-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $396 $495 221731-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $396 $495 Terminal Ticklers Grades: K-5 Location: Terminal Park Bus Rain Site: Old Orchard Junior High School Min: 60/ Max: 100 Code Days Dates Time R N 221732-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $396 $495 221732-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $396 $495 Half-Day Program 221732-03 M-F 6/11-7/6 12-3:30P $329 $411 6 | Skokie Park District
  • 12. Camp Iwannago Come explore the different aspects of camp! This camp will explore a different camp activity daily. Activities include arts & crafts, sports, swimming twice a week, field trips twice a session, and a bi-weekly trip to the Exploritorium. A special feature of this camp allows the camper to enroll in full day or morning session only. Camp Iwannago is ideal for the first time camper. Each session culminates with a special Family Night full of skits performed by the campers themselves! Maximum enrollment is 85 campers for full day and 15 campers for half-day camp. Extended camp and bus service is available for an additional fee for full day only. Grades: K-6 Location: Oakton Park Rain Site: Oakton Community Center Full day Min: 30/Max: 85 Bus Half day Min: 10/Max: 15 Code Days Dates Time R N 220532-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $425 $531 220532-02 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-12:30P $319 $399 220532-03 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $425 $531 220532-04 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-12:30P $319 $399 Chess Camp Discover the magical world of chess this summer. Learn how to play and master chess techniques from Chess Wizards staff. You will learn chess openings, midgames with all the pins, double attacks, endgames and much more. Camp sport activities will also take place throughout the day. Campers will compete in a tournament and receive a trophy, chess board, work folder and certificate of achievement. All levels are welcome; campers will be divided into appropriate levels. Please bring a sack lunch daily, snacks will be provided. Grades: K-5 Location: Oakton Community Center Min: 10/Max: 35 Code Days Dates Time R N 220231-01 M-F 8/13-8/17 9A-3P $390 $488 7 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 13. Art Camps Summer Crafts & Creations Get crafty with us! This is the perfect camp for your child, a change from the typical summer at camp. This relaxed yet stimulating class offers endless ideas for all. This program will give children the opportunity to produce crafts, art projects and much more. Grades: 2-5 Location: Devonshire Cultural Center Rain Site: Devonshire Cultural Center Min: 8/Max: 16 Code Days Dates Time R N 222532-01 Tu,W,Th 6/12-7/5 9:30A-12:30P $195 $244 222532-02 Tu,W,Th 7/10-8/2 9:30A-12:30P $195 $244 Summer on Broadway Now is the perfect time to experience life on the stage! Your child will act, sing, and dance. This specialized camp is structured for aspiring dramatists and offers an opportunity to develop skills in acting, vocal music choreography and stagecraft. A professional staff of trained artists will share their wealth of knowledge with your child. Guest artists perform on site and teach special workshops in improvisation and other theatre skills. The session culminates in a final stage performance the last week of camp each session. Fee includes swimming once per week and two field trips per session. Grades: 6-8 Location: Devonshire Cultural Center Rain Site: Devonshire Cultural Center Min: 20/Max: 35 Bus Code Days Dates Time R N 222481-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $542 $678 222481-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $542 $678 Summer on Broadway Jr. Curtain call for young aspiring performers! Your child’s camp day is structured to foster skill development in the areas of acting, singing and dancing. This specialized camp is for aspiring actors and actresses and is a great opportunity to develop stagecraft skills in an age appropriate setting. Guest artists perform on the site twice per session and teach special workshops in improvisation and other theater skills. Camp session will culminate in a performance the last week of each camp session. Fee includes: swimming once per week and two field trips per session. Bring a sack lunch and beverage daily. Extended camp and bus service to and from camp are available for an additional fee. Grades: 3-5 Location: Devonshire Cultural Center Rain Site: Devonshire Cultural Center Min: 20/Max: 45 Bus 222481-03 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $542 $678 222481-04 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $542 $678 8 | Skokie Park District
  • 14. World Travelers Bon Voyage! What better way to learn about different cultures than to travel around the world! Each week campers visit a different country and experience the colors, crafts and sounds of far away lands plus a field trip adventure and guest artist twice per session. Activities indigenous to each culture include arts and crafts, music, stories, games, indoor and outdoor activities. Fee includes all supplies, field trips and recreational swimming four days per week. Grades: 1-3 Location: Devonshire Cultrual Center Rain Site: Devonshire Cultural Center Bus Min: 20/Max: 56 Code Days Dates Time R N 222533-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $508 $635 222533-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $508 $635 Art Exploration Are you a budding Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe, Vincent Van Gogh or Andy Warhol? Do you like to draw, paint, sketch or sculpt with clay? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Art Exploration Camp is the place for you this summer! At Art Exploration Camp the emphasis is on ART, ART and ART! In this indoor classroom-style camp, campers will explore the many aspects that influence the artistic and cultural world in which we live through the use of a wide variety of mediums and materials. Indoor activities and projects will focus on multimedia and three dimensional works that will include watercolors, acrylics, sculpting, drawing, clay and much more. Campers will work on 2 to 3 art projects each day. A variety of outdoor activities and games will be planned as well. Guest artists, field and swimming trips to the Skokie Water Playground complete each session of Art Exploration Camp. Instruction for this specialized camp is provided by art instructors and teachers. All art supplies, field and swim trips and a camp t-shirt is included in the camp fee. Campers MUST provide their own sack lunch and beverage each day. Extended camp and bus service to and from camp is available at an additional fee for full day only. Grades: 3-6 Location: Highland School Rain Site: highland School Bus Min: 20/Max 40 Code Days Dates Time R N 222531-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $495 $619 222531-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $495 $619 Half Day 222531-03 M-F 6/11-7/6 12:30-3:30P $336 $420 222531-04 M-F 7/9-8/3 12:30-3:30P $336 $420 Circus Camp Be a part of the Skokie Park District’s greatest show on earth! Learn tumbling, juggling, and clowning. Perform aerial feats, plate spinning, and develop theatrical skills. This dynamic four week camp ends in a spectacular circus performance on the last week of each session. A professional staff will instruct in circus skills including clowning, mime, free falls, juggling, and magic. In addition, two guest performance artists will conduct hands-on workshops. Swimming twice weekly and two exciting field trips are included. Grades: 3-8 Location: Middleton School Rain Site: Middleton School Min: 20/Max: 48 Bus Code Days Dates Time R N 221081-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $542 $678 221081-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $542 $678 9 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 15. Extended Camps Campers who attend a full day camp (9:30 a.m.- Bus transportation is not available for early morning 3:30 p.m.) are eligible to register for this unique (7 a.m.) pick-up or late (6 p.m.) drop-off. Campers program that allows him/her to attend the morning must be registered for the day camp in order to be or afternoon camp, depending on the need. Bus accepted to this camp. Campers are required to bring transportation is provided to transfer campers from in their own snack daily. Please refer to individual extended camp to their day camp in the morning, camp description for specific information. Bus service then from camp to extended camp in the afternoon. is not available for these camps. Extenders @ Devonshire Grades: K-6 Location: Devonshire Park Rain Site: Devonshire School Min: 40/ Max: 70 Code Days Dates Time R N 220533-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 7-9:30A $156 $195 220533-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 7-9:30A $156 $195 220533-03 M-F 6/11-7/6 3:30-6P $156 $195 220533-04 M-F 7/9-8/3 3:30-6P $156 $195 Extenders @ Oakton Grades: K-6 Location: Oakton Park Rain Site: Oakton Community Center Min: 40/Max: 70 Code Days Dates Time R N 220535-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 7-9:30A $156 $195 220535-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 7-9:30A $156 $195 220535-03 M-F 6/11-7/6 3:30-6P $156 $195 220535-04 M-F 7/9-8/3 3:30-6P $156 $195 Summer’s End There’s still time for one more camp! This camp will fill the gap between regular camp and the start of school. Campers will swim daily at the Skokie Water Playground, have daily field trips, enjoy arts and crafts, sports, and visit the Exploritorium on rain days! Bus service is not available for this camp. Please bring a sack lunch and a snack for AM and PM each day. Grades: K-6 Location: Oakton Park Shelter Rain Site: Oakton Community Center Min: 10/Max: 50 Code Days Dates Time R N 220534-01 M 8/6 7A-6P $47 $59 220534-02 Tu 8/7 7A-6P $47 $59 220534-03 W 8/8 7A-6P $47 $59 220534-04 Th 8/9 7A-6P $47 $59 220534-05 F 8/10 7A-6P $47 $59 220534-06 M 8/13 7A-6P $47 $59 220534-07 Tu 8/14 7A-6P $47 $59 220534-08 W 8/15 7A-6P $47 $59 220534-09 Th 8/16 7A-6P $47 $59 220534-10 F 8/17 7A-6P $47 $59 10 | Skokie Park District
  • 16. Skokie 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Park Edens Expy A District Old Orchard 10000 N 19 Skokie Blvd B Camp 13 Map Golf Road C 31 9400 N Kenton 35 1 24 23 D 34 Church Street 30 33 11 ter 6 32 Rd C en E Rd 4 ie nt es Prair oi Nil sP 5 os East Gr N 8800 N Dempster F 28 McCormick Blvd Crawford G Main 17 26 18 2 8200 N H 7 15 Oakton 3 I 20 29 21 27 22 Lin co 12 ln Av e 9 J 8 16 Howard 7600 N K 14 7200 N Touhy L Carpenter 10 25 Edens Expy M 1. Central Park - 7D 3600W / 9400N 18. McNally Park - 8G Emerson & Central Park 3600W / 8400N 2. Channelside Park - 9H Main & Central Park 3221 W. Main St. 19. Niles North High School - 4B 27. Skokie Sports Park - 9I 3. Dammrich Rowing Center - 9I D 9800 Lawler Ave. 3459 Oakton St. 3220 Oakton St. 11. Gross Point Park - 4E 20. Niles West High School - 1I 28. Skokie Swift Station - 4F 4. Devonshire Cultural Center - 6E 5000W / 9100N 5701 Oakton St. 5001 Dempster St. 4400W / 9100N Davis & Gross Point 21. Oakton Community Center - 5I 29. Skokie Water Playground - 5I Greenwood & Kostner 12. Hamlin Park - 7J 4800W / 8000N 4800W / 8000N 5. Devonshire Park/Aquatic Cntr. - 6E 3800W / 7600N Oakton & Skokie Blvd Oakton & Skokie Blvd 4400W / 9100N Howard & Hamlin 22. Oakton Park - 5I 30. Stenson School - 3D Greenwood & Kostner 13. Highland School - 6C 4800W / 8000N 9201 Lockwood 6. Devonshire School - 6E 9700 Crawford Oakton & Skokie Blvd. 31. Terminal Park - 5C 9040 Kostner 14. Laramie Park - 3K 23. Old Orchard Jr. High - 5D 4600W / 9350N 7. Edison School - 2H 5250W / 7300N 9310 Kenton Ave. Emerson & Kenton 8200 Gross Point Rd. Sherwin & Niles Center 24. Sequoya Park - 3D 32. Timber Ridge Park - 7E 8. Emily Oaks Nature Center - 5J 15. Lorel Park - 3H 5300W / 9200N 3700W / 9000N 4600W / 7700N 5300W / 8200N Church & Lockwood Grove & Lawndale Brummel & Kenton Cleveland & Lockwood 25. Schack Park - 3L 33. Walker School - 7E 9. Emily Oaks Park - 5J 16. Lyon Park - 6J 5202W / 6950N 3601 Church St. 4600W / 7700N 4400W / 7600N Coyle & Laramie 34. Weber Leisure Center - 4D Brummel & Kenton Howard & Kostner 26. Skokie Park Tennis Center - 4G 9300 Weber Park Pl. 10. Fairview School - 3L 17. Madison School - 3G 5000W / 8350N 35. Weber Park Golf Course - 4D 7040 Laramie 5100 Madison St. Main & Niles Center 9300 Weber Park Pl. 11 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 17. Registration Information Waiver Required For insurance purposes, Park District programs and Payment-In-Person–A $50 deposit for each registered section per child is due at the time of registration. activities require a signed waiver. Please sign the waiver The fee balance is payable in two equal payments at Resident Camp Registration begins at 12 p.m. on any District facility. The first payment is due on the section on the registration form. Patrons will not be January 28. 1st of April and the balance is due on the 1st of May. able to participate in classes or programs if the waiver Non-Resident Camp Registration begins February 22. In order to pay in person, a credit card or checking/ is not signed. savings account back-up is required, which will be 1. Registration On-Line at: automatically charged if payment is not received. Proof of Age Please send a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate In order to register on-line, you must be All registration on or after May 1 must be paid in full. with the registration, if proof of age is required pre-registered in our system and know (children ages 3 to 5). your login and password prior to registration day. Web Registration Exceptions: Bus Transportation, registration for camp programs requires the use of a Tennis Camps and Summer’s End must be paid in credit card. PLEASE NOTE: Web registrations require Household Balance Prior to registering for Camp 2007, all balances need full at time of registration. a $50 deposit. You will be mailed a payment agreement form that must be completed and returned to us in to be paid in full. Inquiries regarding your household balance can be referred to a Customer Service Non-Resident Option: order for your registration to be complete. Full-Payment – Full payment must be paid at the time Representative at (847) 674-1500 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.). of registration. 2. Telephone Registration: (847) 674-1500, ext. 1 Payment Methods Transfer Policy Register for almost any course using The Skokie Park District accepts the following as a Prior to the first day of camp (camp begins on June your touch-tone telephone day or night. method of payment: 11, 2007), transfers from one camp to another, when In order to use our touch-tone telephone Cash - As always, cash is gladly accepted for walk-in space permits, will be accommodated by completing a registration system, you must be pre- registrations. modification form. Modification forms can be retrieved registered in our system. Telephone registration for Checks - With the proper identification we are happy by visiting any park district facility during regular camp programs requires the use of a credit card. to accept local checks made payable to the Skokie business hours. After June 10, transfer requests are PLEASE NOTE: Telephone registrations require a $50 Park District. No second party or co-signed checks are required to be approved by the Camp Supervisor. deposit only. You will be mailed a payment agreement form that must be completed and returned to us in accepted. Checks that are returned from the bank for order for your registration to be complete. any reason will incur an additional $25 charge. Cancellation Policy Credit Cards - We accept Visa, MasterCard and The $50 Camp deposits are refundable if the request Discover. is made in writing before May 1 for Session 1 and June 3. Walk-In Registration: 1 for Session 2. Cancellations requested after those Walk-in resident registration begins at 12 p.m. on January 28 at the Weber Payment Options dates and prior to the first day of camp will forfeit the Payment for all camps is payable through the following $50 deposit. All cancellation requests made on or after Leisure Center, Oakton Community methods. the first day of each session (June 11 – First Session & Center, Emily Oaks Nature Center and July 9 Second Session) will be pro-rated per the camp Devonshire Cultural Center. Registration is on a first- Resident Options: cancellation policy. come, first-served basis. We will process registration while you wait so we can provide immediate Full-Payment–Full payment includes the $50 deposit. In order to process your request, we ask you to confirmation of program enrollment with a receipt. Auto-Debit–A $50 deposit for each child for each camp complete a Modification Form and present it to a section is due at the time of registration. The fee is Customer Service Representative. Any credit due from 4. Mail-In & Fax Registration: a refund will be first applied to any household balance debited against either your debit/credit card, checking, Mail-in and fax registration is randomly that exists. If money is due back to you, then you may or savings account. One half of the fee is debited on processed beginning January 29 for choose to have the credit applied immediately to any the 5th of April and the balance is debited on the 5th residents and February 23 for non- credit card you provide or to have a check mailed to of May. residents. Complete your camp registration you. All refund checks are processed within 2 weeks form, including signing the waiver on the of receipt of the original request. bottom of the form and mail or fax it along with proof of residency, proof of age, payment agreement form and payment to: Skokie Park District 9300 Weber Park Place Skokie, IL 60077 Camp Refund Policy Guidelines Phone: (847) 674-1500 Fax: (847) 763-2025 Session 1 You will receive a confirmation letter by mail. Deposit Fee On or before May 1, 2007 100% refundable 100% refundable Proof of Residency Required Between May 2 and June 10, 2007 Non-refundable 100% refundable The Park District requires that proof of residency be First Week of Camp: June 11-15, 2007 Non-refundable 60% refundable submitted with all camp registrations. Acceptable proof Second Week of Camp: June 18-22, 2007 Non-refundable 40% refundable is as follows: driver’s license, utility bill or property No refunds after June 22, 2007. tax bill. Failure to comply will delay processing your registration form. For purposes of registering for a Park Session 2 District program or purchasing a service and/or facility Deposit Fee pass or membership at resident rates the individual’s On or before June 1, 2007 100% refundable 100% refundable primary residence must be within the Skokie Park Between June 2 and July 8, 2007 Non-refundable 100% refundable District boundaries. Any owner of real estate within the First Week of Camp: July 9-13, 2007 Non-refundable 60% refundable boundaries paying taxes to the Skokie Park District will Second Week of Camp: July 16-20, 2007 Non-refundable 40% refundable be considered a resident, as will his immediate family. No refunds after July 20, 2007. Immediate family is defined as husband, wife, (or life partner) and children, which reside at the real estate Summer’s End owner’s household. Residency rates for Skokie Park District camp programs apply to residents of zip codes Summer’s End refunds may be requested through August 5, 2007. 60076, 60077, 60203 or for families that attend Skokie No refunds for cancellations after August 5, 2007. School District 69. 12 | Skokie Park District
  • 18. Camp Registration Registration Information Required Household Name • Proof of Residency Address Apt. • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate) • Payment Agreement Form City Zip Code Email Address (on back of this form) Home Phone Work Phone Grade Sex Camp Today's Child's Name (Last name first) Birthday Entering M/F Camp Name Activity Number Fee Payment TOTAL Emergency Contact Info Name Address Apt. # City/State/Zip Phone Relationship to Family The Skokie Park District welcomes individuals with disabilities into programs. Please describe any accommodations needed for successful inclusion in the program(s). Release and hold harmless agreement: Participants 18 years of age or older and parents of participants under the age of 18 should read this form carefully and be aware that in signing up and participating in this program you will be waiving and releasing all claims for injuries or damages you might personally sustain which might arise out of this program. As a participant in this program (or as a parent of a minor participant), I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks of physical injury associated with such participation, and I agree to assume the full risk for any injuries, damages, or loss which I may sustain as a result of participating (or of my minor child’s participation) in such program as against the Skokie Park District, its officers, agents, servants, and employees. I do hereby fully release and discharge the Skokie Park District and its officers, agents, servants, and employees from any and all claims from injuries, damages, or loss which I may have or which may accrue to me on account of my participation (or on account of my minor child’s participation) in the program. I further agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Skokie Park District and its officers, agents, servants, and employees from a ny and all claims resulting from injuries, damages, and losses sustained by me and arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with the activities of the program (or my minor child’s participation in the activities of the program). I have read and fully understand this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement and any program details provided to me. It is mutually understood that the facsimile registration document (including waiver and release of all claims) shall substitute for and have the same legal effect as the original form. Participant's Signature/Date Parent/Guardian Signature (if participant Is under 18)/Date Skokie Park District 9300 Weber Park Place, Skokie, IL 60077 Fax: (847) 763-2025
  • 19. CAMP PAYMENT AGREEMENT Name _____________________________________ Method of Payment (check one) Address ___________________________________ p Payment-in-Person: 4/1 & 5/1 City ________________________ Zip __________ p Auto-Debit Credit Card: 4/5 & 5/5 p Auto-Debit Checking: 4/5 & 5/5 Home Phone _______________________________ p Auto-Debit Savings: 4/5 & 5/5 Work Phone _______________________________ Child’s Name Camp Name Activity # Camp Fee Payment Amounts (camp fee less $50 deposit divided by 2 payments) $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ Checking/Savings Information: ________________________________ ___________________________ Bank Address ________________________________ ___________________________ Routing Number (nine digits) Account Number Please attach a voided check or savings account information. Credit Card Information: ________________ _____________________________________ __________ Credit Card Type Credit Card # Exp. Date Agreement: 1. Checking/Savings: I understand that I can stop any payment authorized hereunder by giving my financial institution oral or written notice at any time up to three (3) business days before my automatic deduction is scheduled to occur, but the financial institution may require me to give written confirmation within 14 business days or an oral stop payment order for it to remain effective. 2. I understand that I am responsible to notify the Skokie Park District if any of my bank account or credit card information changes. 3. I understand that these financial arrangements will remain in effect until: a) the total amount due is collected by the Skokie Park District, b) I have requested in writing a cancellation of the program and have paid all current fees, or c) the Skokie Park District or my financial institution sends me a notice of termination of the this agreement. 4. I have read and agree to comply with the Camp Payment Options information printed on this form. 5. Any declined payment will incur a $25 service fee. Print Name: ___________________________________________ Sign Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ______________________ 14 | Skokie Park District
  • 20. Sports Camps Aquatics Camp Have you ever dreamed of being a lifeguard or just wondered why the lifeguards carry strange looking tubes? Here is your opportunity to find out just what lifeguarding is all about. This camp will teach you basic rescues, first aid and CPR skills, water safety and help you learn what a day in the life of a lifeguard is really like. Camp activities will include stroke improvement and team building games along with a field trip to other aquatic facilties. Grades: 6-9 Location: Skokie Water Playground Rain Site: Skokie Water Playground Min: 12/Max: 40 Bus Code Days Dates Time R N 220641-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $410 $513 Sports Camp - Schack Park Sports Camp teaches the basic skills of volleyball, soccer, basketball and softball. Other activities include floor hockey, tennis, cage ball, gymnastics, ice skating, swimming, and three field trips per session. Instructional and skill development will be the main emphasis for weeks one and two. Team games will be played during weeks three and four. Grades: 2-6 Location: Schack Park Rain Site: Fairview School Bus Min: 50/Max: 150 Code Days Dates Time R N 220431-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $414 $518 220431-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $414 $518 Summerstars Hockey Camp Nine hours of ice time instruction and fun offered each week. Other activities offered as part of the camp experience include golf, swimming, bowling, basketball, inline hockey, outdoor games and much more. Lunch is available for purchase. A separate camp brochure is available upon request. Grades: Location: Skatium Ice Arena, Weber Leisure Center Rain Site: Skatium Ice Arena, Wever Leisure Center Min: 10/Max: 30 Sections Dates Time R N M-F, Daily–AM 6/11-8/10 8:30-11:45A $20-day $23-day M-F, Daily-PM 6/11-8/10 12:30-4:00P $20-day $23-day M-F, Daily-Full 6/11-8/10 8:30-4:00P $40-day $46-day M-F, Weekly-AM 6/11-8/10 8:30-11:45A $95-week $110-week M-F, Weekly-PM 6/11-8/10 12:30-4:00P $95-week $110-week M-F, Weekly-Full 6/11-8/10 8:30-4:00P $190-week $220-week Important: On-line and Teletrac registration is not applicable for Summerstars Hockey Camp. Registration must go through the Skatium Office. For detailed info about this camp, call (847) 674-1500, ext. 2900. 15 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 21. Sports Camps - Continued Chicago Storm Soccer Camp Chicago Storm Summer Soccer Camps offer the unique opportunity for children to work with actual Chicago Storm players and coaches! Run by Head Coach Steve Morris and Goal keeper/Assistant Coach Jim Larkin and other Storm players, campers of all levels work on skills and strategies in a curriculum that is game like and FUN! All campers receive a certificate of completion, t-shirt, ball, a ticket to a Chicago Storm game, and a player evaluation by actual professional players. The Chicago Storm is a member of the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL). SIGN UP TODAY! Age: 4-15 Location: Gross Point Park Rain Site: Weber Leisure Center Min: 20/Max: 100 Code Ages Days Dates Time R N Mini Kickers Camp 220435-01 4-6 M-F 6/18-6/22 9A-12P $125 $156 Half Day Camp 220435-02 7-15 M-F 6/18-6/22 9A-12P $125 $156 Full Day Camp 220435-03 7-15 M-F 6/18-6/22 9A-3P $160 $200 Challenger British Soccer Camp Challenger British Soccer Camps offer world-class instruction by talented coaches in a safe, stimulating and fun learning environment. They develop skills based on maximum participation and separate programs based on skill level and age. Participants will receive a free t-shirt, ball, official CBSC jersey, two free issues of Sports Illustrated Kids and a personal player evaluation from your CBSC Coach. Volunteer host families are needed for each session. If you would like to host a coach, please let us know. Host families will receive a significant camp fee rebate, or up to $125 in apparel or training equipment vouchers. Bus service is not available for this camp. Begining 7/1/07 a $10 late fee will e charged for each camp. Age: 3-18 Location: Gross Point Park Rain Site: Weber Leisure Center Min: 20/Max: 100 Code Ages Days Dates Time R N Fee after 6/30/07 First Kicks 221831-01 3&4 M-F 8/6-8/10 11A-12P $77 $96 $87/$106 Mini Soccer 221831-02 5&6 M-F 8/6-8/10 9-11A $90 $113 $100/$123 Half Day 221831-03 6-12 M-F 8/6-8/10 9A-12P $117 $147 $127/$157 Half Day 221831-04 10-16 M-F 8/6-8/10 1-4P $117 $147 $127/$157 Full Day 221831-05 6-18 M-F 8/6-8/10 9A-4P $194 $243 $204/$253
  • 22. Sports Max Weber Indoor Sports Camp Sports Max will be conducted in two four-week sessions at Laramie The temperature may be hot outside this summer, but the Weber gym Park. The focus of this program is to provide excellent instruction and is nice and comfortable for those young athletes who want to learn valuable participation time in a variety of sports. This will allow your new skills and get a lot of exercise. Instructional sports are volleyball, student-athlete to develop an appreciation for and understanding of a basketball and soccer. Group sports include floor hockey, softball and variety of competitive sports. Sports Max will also have physical fitness ice skating. Campers will have two field trips each session in addition and lifestyle sports components. The camp will be supervised by skilled to weekly trips to the Skokie Water Playground. Transportation to and athetes specializing in the following areas: baseball/softball, football, from camp is available for an additional fee. Please see program guide for basketball, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Participants will receive extensive registration information. instruction and significant playtime in each sport. Field trips will include a pro-baseball game, bowling, leisure swimming, golf and more to be Grades: 2-5 determined. Extended camp (Grade 5) and bus service to and from camp Location: Weber Leisure Center are available for an additional fee. Rain Site: Weber Leisure Center Bus Min: 20/Max: 50 Grade: 5-8 Location: Laramie Park Code Days Dates Time R N Rain Site: Fairview School Bus 220432-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $414 $518 Min: 30/Max: 60 220432-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $414 $518 Code Days Dates Time R N 220434-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $485 $606 220434-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $485 $606 Jr. High Sports Camp Some of your mornings may be busy with four weeks of summer school, so let us fill your afternoons with our sports camp designed for Jr. High aged participants. This sports camp is for students who are looking to keep active and have some fun with their friends for four weeks of the summer. Camp activities include field trips and swimming. Sports activities include soccer, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey and many more of your favorites. Grades: 5-7 Location: Old Orchard Jr. High School Rain Site: Old Orchard Jr. High School Min: 20/Max: 50 Code Days Dates Time R N 220441-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 12-3:30P $241 $301 North Shore Basketball Camp The main objective of this camp is to instill the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and thinking while on the court. Along with playing and learning the game, it is important that campers have a positive feeling about their game, themselves and also enjoy their week at camp. Everett Stephens, who was drafted by the 76ers as well as being an outstanding collegiate athlete at Purdue University, will direct the camp. This camp will strive to teach each camper the fundamentals of basketball. Each camper will take home a better understanding of what they can do on their own to improve themselves. The following skills will be taught: Ball handling, jump stop and pivoting, passing, foot work (spin, cross-over, push-off, inside pivoting), shooting, defense, free throws, lay ups, rebounding and tipping, dribbling, pick and roll and roll dribble, team fundamentals, three-on-three, five-on-five and rules and regulations. Begining 6/16/07, a late fee will be charged for each camp. Ages: 7-14 Location: Weber Leisure Center Rain Site: Weber Leisure Center Min: 20/Max: 60 Code Days Dates Time R N Fee after 6/15/07 220433-01 M-F 8/6-8/10 12:30-5P $195 $245 $215/$270 220433-02 M-F 8/13-8/17 12:30-5P $195 $245 $215/$270 17 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 23. Golf Camps Junior Golf Camp This camp offers junior golfers ages grades 3-8 an opportunity to participate in a program geared toward golf at an exceptional value. Junior golfers will participate in the following activities: minimum of 10 hours of instruction per week, a specially designed golf fitness program and of course, playing golf. Other non-golfing activities may include bowling and swimming. The homesite for the camp is Skokie Sports Park. Bring your own clubs and get ready for a golfing summer you’ll never forget! Sign up for one, two, three or all four weeks! Bus service to and from camp is not available but an on-site extended camp service will be available for an additional fee. Grades: 3-8 Location: Sports Park Rain Site: Sports Park Min: 4/Max: 8 Week 1 (Todd Sones Clinic) Code Days Dates Time R N 221643-01 M-F 6/11-6/15 9:30A-4P $420 $462 Week 2 Code Days Dates Time R N 221643-02 M-F 6/18-6/22 9:30A-4P $341 $375 Week 3 Code Days Dates Time R N 221643-03 M-F 6/25-6/29 9:30A-4P $341 $375 Week 4 (No camp on July 4th) Code Days Dates Time R N 221643-04 M-F 7/2-7/6 9:30A -4P $280 $308 Week 5 (Todd Sones Clinic) Code Days Dates Time R N 221643-05 M-F 7/9-7/13 9:30A-4P $420 $462 Week 6 Code Days Dates Time R N 221643-06 M-F 7/16-7/20 9:30A-4P $341 $375 Week 7 Code Days Dates Time R N 221643-07 M-F 7/23-7/27 9:30A-4P $341 $375 Week 8 Code Days Dates Time R N 221643-08 M-F 7/30-8/3 9:30A-4P $341 $375 Invitational Players Golf Camp This camp offers advanced players an opportunity to hone their skills. In order to register for this camp, you must receive an invitation or pass a qualifying test. This camp will offer swing fundamentals, course management strategies, competitive play and other advanced training. Grades 4-12 Location: Sports Park Rain Site: Sports Park Min: 4/Max: 8 Code Days Dates Time R N 221645-01 M-F 8/6-8/10 9:30A-4P $347 $381 18 | Skokie Park District
  • 24. Extended Camp - Jr. Golf Camp A.M. Extended Golf Camp – Session 2 This program is open to junior golf campers who are in need of extended daily care before or after camp. Extended camps will be held on-site at Week 1 – A.M. Sports Park. No bus service is available. Code Days Dates Time R N 221644-09 M-F 7/9-7/13 7-9:30A $25 $31 Grades: 3-8 Week 2 – A.M. Location: Sports Park Code Days Dates Time R N Rain Site: Sports Park 221644-10 M-F 7/16-7/20 7-9:30A $25 $31 Min: 4/Max: 8 Week 3 – A.M. Code Days Dates Time R N 221644-11 M-F 7/23-7/27 7-9:30A $25 $31 A.M. Extended Golf Camp – Session 1 Week 4 – A.M. Code Days Dates Time R N Week 1 – A.M. 221644-12 M-F 7/30-8/3 7-9:30A $25 $31 Code Days Dates Time R N 221644-01 M-F 6/11-6/15 7-9:30A $25 $31 Week 2 – A.M. P Extended Golf Camp – Session 2 .M. Code Days Dates Time R N 221644-02 M-F 6/18-6/22 7-9:30A $25 $31 Week 1 – P.M. Week 3 – A.M. Code Days Dates Time R N Code Days Dates Time R N 221644-13 M-F 7/9-7/13 4-6P $25 $31 221644-03 M-F 6/25-6/29 7-9:30A $25 $31 Week 2 – P.M. Week 4 – A.M. (No camp on July 4th) Code Days Dates Time R N Code Days Dates Time R N 221644-14 M-F 7/16-7/20 4-6P $25 $31 221644-04 M-F 7/2-7/6 7-9:30A $25 $31 Week 3 – P.M. Code Days Dates Time R N 221644-15 M-F 7/23-7/27 4-6P $25 $31 P Extended Golf Camp – Session 1 .M. Week 4 – P.M. Code Days Dates Time R N Week 1 – P.M. 221644-16 M-F 7/30-8/3 4-6P $25 $31 Code Days Dates Time R N 221644-05 M-F 6/11-6/15 4-6P $25 $31 Week 2 – P.M. Code Days Dates Time R N The Skokie Park District 221644-06 M-F 6/18-6/22 4-6P $25 $31 Week 3 – P.M. expresses its warmest appreciation to Code Days Dates Time R N the Kiwanis Club of Skokie Valley for 221644-07 M-F 6/25-6/29 4-6P $25 $31 Week 4 – P.M. (No camp on July 4th) Code Days Dates Time R N 221644-08 M-F 7/2-7/6 4-6P $25 $31 the club’s generous contributions, which allow underprivileged children to participate in Skokie Park District programs. 19 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 25. Teen Camps Urban Adventures This summer have the time of your life as you experience the adventure and excitement of exploring the big city! Each day we will take the Skokie Swift train downtown and/or ride CTA buses as we learn to navigate Chicago and visit museums, ballparks and other exciting and interesting sites. Participants will learn to be resourceful and to have a good time while figuring out how to get around downtown. They will see many of Chicago’s most well known attractions and discover some of it’s hidden treasures, without burning a hole in their pockets! Fee includes public transportation, supervision by a qualified director and trained program leader, and admission to sites and activities. Bring a sack lunch and beverage daily. No bus avaiiable for this camp. Grades: 7-10 Location: Skokie Swift Train Station Rain Site: Skokie Swift Train Station Min: 10/Max: 20 Code Days Dates Time R N 221743-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $590 $738 221743-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $590 $738 X-Camp Exclusively for teens. X-Camp is designed to meet the needs of today’s teens with unusual and exciting activities including: climbing trips, teambuilding activities, sports, games, unique arts & crafts projects, swimming, movies and walking trips. There are EIGHT field trips each session and swimming at Skokie Water Playground twice per week. Bring a sack lunch and beverage daily. Come experience X-camp, you won’t be disappointed. Grades: 6-9 Location: Lorel Park Rain Site: Lincoln Jr. High School Min: 36/Max: 60 Bus Code Days Dates Time R N 221741-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $490 $613 221741-02 M,W,F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $300 $375 221741-03 Tu,Th 6/12-7/5 9:30A-3:30P $200 $250 221741-04 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $490 $613 221741-05 M,W,F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $300 $375 221741-06 Tu,Th 7/10-8/2 9:30A-3:30P $200 $250 20 | Skokie Park District
  • 26. Counselor In Training In an effort to develop a stronger curriculum for this program, we have divided CITs into two Parent Orientation Meeting: Session I & Session II: Our CIT program is designed for young adults to learn and develop skills for working with levels. We feel this will help CIT Program Staff Tuesday, June 5, 8-8:45P children. The program consists of daily on- and the CITs focus on more experience-related Oakton Community Center site experiences working with counselors and and age appropriate topics during the weekly campers. Each CIT registers for a specific training sessions. Interested individuals in either Mandatory Participant Orientation: day camp and is with that camp four days a level must be mature, self-confident, reliable, and Session I: week, Monday-Wednesday and on Friday. motivated. Thursday, June 7, 4P-6P On Thursdays, CITs will report to Oakton Oakton Community Center Community Center for group training or a CIT Please Note: After registration, all participants field trip. CIT Directors & Program Leaders will will be contacted to schedule an initial interview. Session II: visit campsites frequently throughout the session Interviews will be conducted throughout the Thursday, July 5, 4P-6P so they can check-in with and observe CITs month of April and May. Oakton Community Center “in action” leading activities in large and small group scenarios. Towards the end of the session For more information, please contact Jennifer CITs are asked to attend a site orientation the CIT Director and their respective campsite Elliott at (847) 674-1500, ext. 2725 or via email with the staff at their particular camp. You Director will evaluate each CIT. at will be contacted with times and dates. Weekly group training focuses on CITs learning and practicing communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem solving skills necessary for being an effective camp counselor and gives them the opportunity to share with other CITs Bus about their experiences at their campsites. During group training each session, CITs will take two field trips and swim at the Skokie Water Playground on the first and third Thursdays of the session for two hours in the afternoon. CITs should bring a sack lunch and beverage daily. CIT I Grade: 7-8 Session 1 Code Camp Name (# of spaces) Days Dates Time R N 222741-01 Happy Smile (4) M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-2:30P $315 $394 No Bus 222741-02 Central Chuckler (8) M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222741-03 Earth Adventures (6) M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222741-04 Sports Camp (7) M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222741-06 World Travelers (3) M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222741-13 Terminal Ticklers (5) M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222741-15 Camp Iwannago (5) M-F 6/11-7/9 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 Session 2 222741-07 Happy Smile (4) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-2:30P $315 $394 No Bus 222741-08 Central Chuckler (8) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222741-09 Earth Adventures (6) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222741-10 Sports Camp (7) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222741-12 World Travelers (4) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222741-14 Terminal Ticklers (5) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222741-16 Camp Iwannago (5) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 CIT II Grade: 9 - 10 Session 1 Code Camp Name (# of spaces) Days Dates Time R N 222742-02 Earth Adventures (2) M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222742-03 Sports Camp (3) M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222742-04 Summer on Broadway Jr. (3) M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222742-09 Terminal Ticklers (4) M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 Session 2 222742-06 Earth Adventures (2) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222742-07 Sports Camp (3) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222742-08 Summer on Broadway Jr. (3) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 222742-10 Terminal Ticklers (4) M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $315 $394 21 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 27. Nature Camps Outdoor Challenge Camp This unique program is taught by two qualified directors and includes skill instruction and practice as well as camping trips every week! Personal confidence, group decision-making, safety, and outdoor ethics will be emphasized. Fee includes van transportation during campouts, campout supplies and fees, swimming twice weekly, and all equipment with the exception of personal gear and bicycles (rentals available). During the first week of each session, you will participate in a teams course and attend an overnight campout at Irons Oaks Adventure Center. During the three remaining weeks of the session, you will practice the respective outdoor adventure skill of the week and attend a three-day campout to use that skill in Wisconsin or western Illinois. Grade: 7 - 10 Location: Hamlin Park Rain Site: Emily Oaks Nature Center Min: 10/Max: 12 Weekly Camping Trips! Session 1 • Team Building and Tent Camping Participate in a high ropes course, problem-solve during a teams course, practice your compass skills, and attend an overnight campout at Irons Oaks Adven- ture Center. • Bicycle Touring Master bicycle maintenance, explore local bike trails, and travel the Elroy-Sparta bicycle trail in Wisconsin during a three-day camping trip. • River Canoeing Learn canoeing skills and safety at Emily Oaks, then paddle your way down the scenic Fox River in Illinois during a three-day trip. • Caving and Rappelling Practice climbing and rappelling in our park trees before heading to Governor Dodge State Park in Wisconsin for a three-day caving and rappelling trip. Code Days Dates Time R N 222641-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $945 $1181 Session 2 • Team Building and Tent Camping Participate in a high ropes course, problem-solve during a teams course, practice your compass skills, and attend an overnight campout at Irons Oaks Adven- ture Center. • Sea Kayaking Try your hand at this up and coming sport, learning how to paddle and “wet exit” a kayak, then journey across a lake while on a three-day camping trip. • Off Road Bicycling Review bicycle care, try out some local trails, then head to hilly Kettle Moraine State Park in Wisconsin for off-road biking during a three-day camping trip. • Rock Climbing Discover the techniques and safety procedures involved in climbing, and practice your new skills with ropes and harnesses at Devil’s Lake State Park during a three-day trip. Code Days Dates Time R N 222641-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $945 $1181 22 | Skokie Park District
  • 28. Earth Adventures Camps Our Earth Adventures Camps are specialized programs designed to heighten a child’s sense of relationship with the natural world and teach age-appropriate outdoor recreational skills. Each camp is supervised by a director and four college-aged leaders (a 1:8 leader to camper ratio) who involve the campers in captivating, highly structured daily activities. Though each camp is different in content, the Earth Adventures series aims to help campers feel capable and comfortable while journeying through the natural places Bus on earth. All campers swim twice weekly at one of the park district pools. Earth Explorers Explore the wildest places! Earth Explorers are on a mission to explore the wild places at the nature center and get to know the plants and animals that live in the area. Their local earth adventures involve them in animal expeditions, nature games, discovery parties, and savanna safaris. We’ve also scheduled a presentation that features real hawks, reptiles, and other wild critters! Although Earth Explorers are not taught outdoor recreation skills, they are invited to share in cookout desserts prepared by the Earth Travelers and Rangers, and they accompany the older campers on a canoe ride around our pond. Fee includes recreational swimming, field trips, wildlife presentation, campfire snacks, beverages, and project supplies. Extended camp and bus service are available for an additional fee. Note: Although program content for the camp changes every year, the content is the same for Sessions 1 and 2. Grade: 1-2 Location: Emily Oaks Nature Center Code Days Dates Time R N 222631-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $479 $599 222631-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $479 $599 Earth Travelers Master outdoor skills! While outdoor discoveries are important to Earth Travelers, so are the skills that help them journey through and enjoy adventures in natural places. To become a trained Earth Traveler, your child will learn how to paddle a canoe, pitch a tent, build a fire, and cook a meal outdoors. Cookouts are held weekly and a campout at Emily Oaks is scheduled each session. Earth Travelers also participate in fun activities and games that help them understand how living things interact in their natural communities and guide them in practicing good environmental habits and using teamwork. Fee includes recreational swimming, field trips, cookout supplies, canoeing instruction, one campout, and beverages. Extended camp and bus service are available for an additional fee. Note: Although program content for the camp changes every year, the content is the same for Sessions 1 and 2. Grade: 3-4 Location: Emily Oaks Nature Center Code Days Dates Time R N 222632-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $512 $640 222632-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $512 $640 Earth Rangers Venture off the beaten trail! Like backcountry park rangers, Earth Rangers go on adventures off the beaten trail to explore wild places near and far. Rangers also learn advanced skills such as knots, lashing, how to use a compass, animal tracking, additional canoeing strokes, and camping. Weekly cookouts, a one-day off-site canoe trip, and two campouts – one at Emily Oaks and another at a state park -- are all a part of the Earth Rangers experience. Rangers also have a responsibility to protect natural places, and they learn about local ecosystems and how to live more harmoniously with the earth. Fee includes recreational swimming, field trips, cookout supplies, canoeing instruction, two campouts, a canoe trip, and beverages. Extended camp and bus service are available for an additional fee. Note: Although program content for the camp changes every year, the content is the same for Sessions 1 and 2. Grade: 5-6 Location: Emily Oaks Nature Center Code Days Dates Time R N 222633-01 M-F 6/11-7/6 9:30A-3:30P $574 $718 222633-02 M-F 7/9-8/3 9:30A-3:30P $574 $718 23 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 29. Tennis Camps Junior Tennis Camps These popular programs now in their 27th year, offer professional tennis instruction and give students the opportunity to progress in tennis at a much faster rate than in a regular lesson setting. All aspects of the game are covered: stroke production, singles/doubles strategy, conditioning, and sportsmanship. An individualized player profile analysis and a camp t-shirt are included in the fee for all tennis camps. Tennis Camps must be paid in full at the time of registration. Ages: 5-17 Code Days Dates Time R N Junior Tennis Camps - Ages 8-17 Central Park 254635-01 M-F 6/11-6/22 9A-12P $339 $359 254635-02 M-F 6/25-7/6 9A-12P $339 $359 254635-03 M-F 7/9-7/20 9A-12P $339 $359 254635-04 M-F 7/23-8/3 9A-12P $339 $359 254635-05 M-F 8/6-8/17 9A-12P $339 $359 254635-06 M-F 8/20-8/24 9A-12P $170 $180 Skokie Park Tennis Center 254635-07 M,Tu,W,Th 6/11-6/21 4:30-6:30P $189 $204 254635-08 M,Tu,W,Th 6/25-7/5 4:30-6:30P $189 $204 254635-09 M,Tu,W,Th 7/9-7/19 4:30-6:30P $189 $204 254635-10 M,Tu,W,Th 7/23-8/2 4:30-6:30P $189 $204 254635-11 M,Tu,W,Th 8/6-8/16 4:30-6:30P $189 $204 254635-12 M,Tu,W,Th 8/20-8/23 4:30-6:30P $96 $106 Niles West 254635-13 Su,Sa 6/23-6/24 9A-12P $79 $95 254635-14 Su,Sa 7/14-7/15 9A-12P $79 $95 High School Tennis Camp - Ages 12-17 Skokie Park Tennis Center 254635-15 M,Tu,W,Th 6/11-6/21 1:30-4:30P $279 $299 254635-16 M,Tu,W,Th 6/25-7/5 1:30-4:30P $279 $299 254635-17 M,Tu,W,Th 7/9-7/19 1:30-4:30P $279 $299 254635-18 M,Tu,W,Th 7/23-8/2 1:30-4:30P $279 $299 254635-19 M,Tu,W,Th 8/6-8/16 1:30-4:30P $279 $299 254635-20 M,Tu,W,Th 8/20-8/23 1:30-4:30P $142 $152 Pee Wee Tennis - Ages 5-7 years Central Park 254635-21 M,Tu,W,Th 6/11-6/21 12-1:15P $124 $139 254635-22 M,Tu,W,Th 6/25-7/5 12-1:15P $124 $139 254635-23 M,Tu,W,Th 7/9-7/19 12-1:15P $124 $139 254635-24 M,Tu,W,Th 7/23-8/2 12-1:15P $124 $139 254635-25 M,Tu,W,Th 8/6-8/16 12-1:15P $124 $139 254635-26 M,Tu,W,Th 8/20-8/23 12-1:15P $66 $76 Jr. Tennis Stars - Ages 7-8 years Skokie Park Tennis Center 254635-27 M,Tu,W,Th 6/11-6/21 3-4:30P $149 $164 254635-28 M,Tu,W,Th 6/25-7/5 3-4:30P $149 $164 254635-29 M,Tu,W,Th 7/9-7/19 3-4:30P $149 $164 254635-30 M,Tu,W,Th 7/23-8/2 3-4:30P $149 $164 254635-31 M,Tu,W,Th 8/6-8/16 3-4:30P $149 $164 254635-32 M,Tu,W,Th 8/20-8/23 3-4:30P $76 $86 For additional information, please call Frank Sacks, USPTA/PTR, Director at (847) 993-0002 or 24 | Skokie Park District
  • 30. Camps by Grade Entering Grade Camp Pre-K K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11-12 Aquatics Camp - p. 15 Art Exploration - p. 9 Camp Happy Smile - p. 4 Camp Iwannago - p. 7 Central Chucklers - p. 6 Challenger British Soccer Camp - p. 16 Chicago Storm Soccer Camp - p. 16 Chess Camp - p. 7 Circus Camp - p. 9 CIT I/II - p. 21 Earth Explorers - p. 23 Earth Rangers - p. 23 Earth Travelers - p. 23 Extended Camp - Devonshire - p. 10 Extended Camp - Oakton - p. 10 Extended Camp - Junior Golf - p. 19 Invitational Players Golf Camp - p. 18 Jr. High Sports Camp - p. 17 Junior Golf Camp - p. 18 Junior Tennis Camp - p. 24 Lil’ Campers - p. 5 Little Earth Scouts - p. 5 North Shore Basketball Camp - p. 17 Outdoor Challenge - p. 22 Sports Camp - p. 15 Sports Max - p. 17 Summer Crafts & Creations - p. 8 Summer on Broadway - p. 8 Summer on Broadway Jr. - p. 8 Summer’s End - p. 10 Summerstars Hockey - p. 15 Super-Sized Sports Camp - p. 5 Terminal Ticklers - p. 6 Urban Adventures - p. 20 Weber Indoor Sports Camp - p. 17 World Travelers - p. 9 X-Camp - p. 20 25 | Summer Camp 2007
  • 31. Open House January 17, 6-7:30 p.m. Oakton Community Center For more information, call (847) 674-1500 Resident Camp Registration: Sunday, January 28, 12-2 p.m. at Oakton Community Center, Devonshire Cultural Center, Emily Oaks Nature Center and Weber Leisure Center Non-resident Camp Registration: February 22 • Art •Theater • Nature • Swimming • Sports • Music • Computers • Circus • Trips • Camping • Biking and much more. Weber Leisure Center PRSRT STD 9300 Weber Park Place U.S. Postage Skokie, Illinois 60077 PAID SKOKIE, IL PERMIT NO. 238 *****ECRWSS***** TO: LOCAL RESIDENTS SKOKIE, IL
  • 32. Frequently Asked Questions How are the parties staffed? The Park District provides two party hosts for the duration of the party. Party hosts will set up the room prior to your party, lead the selected activity party, serve refreshments and are responsible for clean up. What is provided for each party? For all party packages, the Park District supplies the tables, chairs, tableware, invitations, candles, souvenir party cups (that can be used for goody bags), helium balloons, two party hosts and activities. Note: Refreshments are not included with the standard package. For an additional fee, the Park District can order food including Birthday Parties Let’s Party at Pottawatomie! a choice of one-topping XL Giordano’s pizzas, a cake from Blue Goose Super Market or Dairy Queen and juice box drinks. at Pottawatomie! What is the Park District’s refund policy? No refunds will be given without a 14 day notice in writing. A $25 cancellation fee will For Preschool Ages through 5th Grade be charged. Date changes may be done free of charge, based on availability. Pottawatomie Community Center How long are the parties and when are they available? 8 North Avenue • St. Charles Party packages are 90 minutes long. The first half of the party will consist of the selected (630) 513-4331 activity while the remaining time will be for refreshments and gift opening. Parties take place on Friday and Sunday afternoons all year long. Call (630) 513-4331 to reserve your party today!
  • 33. Great Location! Fun Parties! Themes to Please! Standard Party Package Select your favorite theme 90-minute Party Includes... ❖ Choice of Party Theme Sports of All Sorts ❖ Interactive Party Hosts Ages 4-12 ❖ Souvenir Party Cup per guest Guests will participate in a ❖ Games & Activities variety of sports in the activity ❖ Helium Balloons & Tableware room, followed by refreshments ❖ Party Invitations & Envelopes and gifts in the party room. ❖ Set-Up & Clean-Up ❖ Supplies for 20 Guests $195 for residents; $245 for non-residents* Tie-Dye Tangle* $5 per extra guest over 20 Ages 6-12 Premium Party Package Guests will design and tie-dye their 90-minute Party Includes... own t-shirt, followed by refreshments ❖ Entire Standard Party Package and gifts in the party room. ❖ Three One-Topping Pizzas from *Additional $70 to cover cost of supplies. Giordano’s in St. Charles ❖ Blue Goose Super Market Cake or Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Dance Party ❖ Juice Box Drinks Ages 6-12 $260 for residents; $310 for non-residents* Guests will learn the latest dance $7.50 per extra guest over 20 moves from a boot scootin’ boogie to the cha-cha slide, followed by refresh- *There is a $25 non-refundable deposit to reserve a ments and gifts in the party room. A magician or storyteller is available for an additional fee. date. The remaining balance is due one week before Call (630) 513-4331 to reserve your party today! the party date.
  • 34. The Vernon Hills Park District invites all canines to a howlin’ good time! Howlween Boneanza Saturday, October 6 from 10:00-11:30 am Grosse Pointe Park, Vernon Hills Dog Bone Hunts, Best Costume, Trick Contest Prizes donated by PETCO Dogs are to be leashed at all times. Proof of current rabies & distemper vaccinations are required at registration. Pre-registration required. Fee: $5 per dog Sullivan Community Center 635 N. Aspen Drive 847.996.6800