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Volume 3 Issue 3
March 2, 2007

In Service to
Our Community
The Park District of
Oak Park annually
presents Community
On Monday,
                                                                     February 26 the
Take a Ride in Style
Teens in grades 9 through 12 are invited to take a ride through Oak Park in style
while hunting for i...
noon. All lottery registrations submitted by this date will be entered into our
computer system that randomly selects the ...
March 16              Teen Limo Scavenger Hunt (Grades 9-12)
March 15-18           40th Annual Ridgeland Common Ice Show
2007 Electronic Newsletter - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition
2007 Electronic Newsletter - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition
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2007 Electronic Newsletter - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition


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2007 Electronic Newsletter - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition

  1. 1.
  2. 2. VHPD Staff E-News Take Note: The December Staff November 5, 2007 Meeting will include the Silent Auction Take a day to clean your closets or rummage through your basements for some “stuff”. Items can be stored at Laschen or Sullivan. The final High 5 Drawing will be at the December Staff Meeting. Take a moment to recognize a co-worker. Special Events Bring your raffle dollars to Fall Fest was attended by nearly 800 people! Thank you Kelly S. win a 1/2 day off on Christ- for all your hard work and to all of the VHPD staff who volunteered mas Eve or New Years Eve. their time to make this event so successful! Special Guests will be the Upcoming Events Preschool staff. Turkey Shoot November 18 Board Meeting November 29 VHPD Holiday Party December 7 Happy VHPD Anniversaries Park News! November l The Digitial Marquee Policy and request form are available on the Deira Covert - 18 years company file. l Two new pieces of play equipment are being installed this month Happy November near the Skate Park for the older kids. Birthdays l Torrey Pines Park and Lake Charles Kelly Barclay - 11/4 Park were formally dedicated on Jerry Hughes - 11/8 October 25. Senator Link was our Marla Pineiro - 11/29 Guest of Honor. l Land north & south of the FAC has Special Happy Birthday to been cleared for future development. FRANK l Basketball courts at Century Park, on his 21 years! Hawthorn Mellody & Hawthorn Club Parks have been re-coated. l The boat dock shelter at Century Park is being renovated. l The new Lift Station in Deerpath Park is nearly complete. Mark Your Calendar Winter brochure will be mailed the week of November 12.
  3. 3. DOWNERS GROVE PARK DISTRICT NATURAL AREAS Lyman Woods Words Winter 2007-2008 Keep the Holidays Green! The holidays are a wonderful time for gift-giving, but unfortunately all of those gifts produce a lot of trash. Follow these tips to minimize your holiday waste: ♦ Give consumables: Everyone appreciates food, and who wouldn’t love to get tickets for a sporting event or the theater? No gift to wrap means no waste! ♦ Give homemade gifts: Not only do homemade gifts generate little waste, they are more heartfelt than store bought gifts. ♦ Give a service: Gift certificates for the spa or a cleaning service will brighten a dreary winter day with no wrapping paper wasted. ♦ Give an experience: Give someone a chance to learn something new: golf lessons, a dance class, wine tasting– try a gift certificate for Downers Grove Park District programs! ♦ Give a plant: Give someone a truly green gift! A tropical house plant will provide that bit of green we all miss in the winter. (continued on reverse) Naturalist Notes by Marge Trocki, Interpretive Naturalist Where have all the insects gone? As winter settles in, stillness sweeps across the land. Where have all the insects gone that were causing such a ruckus a short time ago? Some, like the monarch butterfly, instinctively head south for the winter season to escape the freezing temperatures. Those that stick around display a variety of adaptations. Insects, unlike mammals, are cold-blooded so their body temperatures rise and fall with that of their surroundings. During the cold winter, many insects almost completely shut down. This stretch of time for insects, similar to hibernation in mammals, is called diapause. Wooly Bear Some insects also replace much of their water with glycerol, which acts just like antifreeze. A unique feature of diapause is that insects may overwinter in any stage in their life cycle. A small number of insects will lay eggs that can survive the winter. The praying mantis, so easily camouflaged as an adult, lays an egg mass in the fall on a small branch or twig that is even more difficult to spot. This mass, about an inch or so in diameter, hardens from a frothy liquid into a hard protective case housing hundreds of mantis eggs that will hatch in the spring. One critter that overwinters as larvae is the familiar wooly bear caterpillar. It will find a sheltered spot, usually under a thick layer of leaves, logs or bark. There it will re- main a caterpillar until spring when it will spin a cocoon. Later it will emerge as an Isabella Tiger Moth. Many insects over- winter in the pupal stage. The Cercropia moth will spin a tough, brown winter home on the branches or stems of plants. An- other inconspicuous cocoon is that of the Polyphemus moth. It wraps itself in leaves to form a cocoon that hangs from a twig throughout the winter. Searching for moth cocoons in the winter can be a challenge, but rewarding. Other abodes of winter in- sects are galls. They come in many shapes and sizes on leaves and twigs of plants. Galls are basically deformities that form in the plant as inhabitants use them for food and shelter. These are just a small sampling of the many winter hideaways of the insect world. Remember on your winter stroll to keep a watchful eye on the stillness of winter. You just may discover some of these sleeping beauties with hopes of catching a glimpse of their emergence in the spring!
  4. 4. (Green gift-giving, continued from front) Attention ♦ Consider packaging: Buy gifts with minimal and recyclable packaging. Photographers! Start snapping! Entries for ♦ Get creative: Ask your kids to make collages from magazine pictures to use as this year’s Natural Areas wrapping paper, or use the tried and true comics page. Giving gifts in canvas Photo Contest will be due on shopping bags will encourage the recipient to minimize waste all year long! or before January 11. ♦ Be thoughtful: no one wants a piece of plastic junk that won’t work in a month. Selected photos will be Make sure your gift will be used and will still be working when spring comes. displayed at Lyman Woods Remember the holidays are not about the number of presents we give or receive. Interpretive Center. Entry Give back by giving less and being mindful of green gift-giving! rules, which have changed from last year, are available Winter Programs 2007-2008 Tree Tots 2 years & adult at the Interpretive Center and online at Join us for the sights and sounds of Take part in our exciting Natural Areas winter! Explore a weekly nature theme programs during the wonderful winter with stories and short walks through season! Daytime Astronomy 9-12 years Lyman Woods. $6/pair Discover the secrets of the sky- Howl at the Moon Night Hike (6 & up) Tuesday 2/19 10-11 am during the day! We’ll explore the Explore Lyman Woods at night! Test mysteries of space to learn about your senses after dark searching for the Plant a Seed 3-4 years & adult our solar system and beyond! great-horned owls and screech owls that Enjoy these nature explorations $8/person live at Lyman Woods. The evening could through Lyman Woods. Songs, games, Wednesday 2/13 4-5:30 pm end with a campfire complete with hikes, and crafts are all part of the marshmallows! $14/family learning adventure. $8/pair Saturday 1/19 7-8:30 pm Wednesday 2/20 10-11:15 am Oh Deer! 8-10 years Saturday 2/16 7-8:30 pm Discover what makes a white- Nature Neighbors 4-6 years tailed deer such an amazing Goodnight Twilight Hikes What animals and plants share your mammal as we prowl the trails Explore Lyman Woods as the sun goes neighborhood? Discover a new nature for deer! $8/person down on this guided hike specially de- neighbor at Lyman Woods each week Wednesday 2/27 4-5:30 pm signed for families with children ages 5 in this fun 7-week afterschool and under. $14/family program! $70/child Saturday 1/12 6:30-8 pm Thursdays, 2/7-3/20 12:30-2:15 pm Pre-registration is required for Saturday 2/9 6:30-8 pm all Natural Areas programs. Big Bug Little Bug 18 mo-5 years & adult Winter Camp Register in person at the Sibling class! Big bugs come on out Don’t spend your winter break inside! Lincoln Center or the Rec with your little bug for a winter hike, Head to Lyman Woods to discover win- stories, games, and crafts. Center, or register online at ter weather, winter tracks and more! $10/sibling pair $25/child Questions about the Natural Thursday 1/15 10-11 am Camp meets Tuesday and Wednesday. Areas programs? Please call the Lyman Woods Interpretive Ages 4-6: 1/2-1/3 1-4 pm Center at (630) 963-9388. Ages 7-9: 1/2-1/3 9 am-12 pm Visit The Lyman Woods Interpretive Center Belmont Prairie Please send questions or 901 31st Street, Downers Grove Cross and Haddow, Downers Grove comments about the Natural (630) 963-9388 (630) 963-1304 e-newsletter to: Areas Visit us on the web at!
  5. 5. Volume 3 Issue 3 March 2, 2007 In Service to Our Community The Park District of Oak Park annually presents Community Service Awards to individuals and organizations in recognition of outstanding contributions for the advancement of parks, recreation and leisure in the community. This year’s recipients included Oak Park Architect Jack Barclay, Oak Park Conservatory Volunteer Edith Kause, Village Clerk Sandra Sokol, the Wednesday Journal newspaper and the Village of Oak Park who were presented with their awards at the Regular Park Board Meeting held on Thursday, February 15. Congratulations and many thanks to these valued community partners for their dedicated service and support of the Park District of Oak Park. Pictured left to right: Commissioner Christine Graves; Commissioner Marty Bracco; Dan Haley, Publisher and Editor of Wednesday Journal; Park Board President David Kindler; Conservatory Volunteer Edith Kause; Commissioner Mark Gartland; Architect Jack Barclay; and Assistant Village Manager Ray Wiggins representing the Village of Oak Park. Not pictured is Village Clerk Sandra Sokol.
  6. 6. On Monday, February 26 the Park District of Oak Park recognized retiring members of the Park District Citizen Committee. It is the responsibility of this committee to oversee the implementation of the Oak Park Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan and Capital Improvement Plan and provide a valuable communication channel between the Park District and the citizens of Oak Park. The Park District would like to extend our gratitude to Deborah L. Borman, Jessica Bullock, Susan Kurtenbach, Gail R. Moran, John Mullins, Mina Riddle and Rickey Sain, Sr. for volunteering their time and expertise to help shape the future of Oak Park Parks. Pictured left to right: John Mullins; Jessica Bullock; Commissioner Marty Bracco; Gail Moran; Park Board President David Kindler; Debbie Borman; Executive Director Gary Balling; Susan Kurtenbach; and Commissioner Christine Graves. Not pictured are Rickey Sain, Sr. and Mina Riddle. Would you like to help? The Park District is completing the installation of new online registration software. We are looking for residents who would like to volunteer to Beta Test this new procedure by using it to register for summer programs when the summer brochure is delivered in early May. You may register yourself or family members for any programs listed in the brochure except those programs requiring in-person registration. We would like for some registrations to be completed after the program lottery has taken place. This would allow you to receive an immediate response that your program registration has been processed. If you would like to volunteer to take part in this test, please email Diane Stanke at It’s Showtime! Buy your tickets now for the Park District of Oak Park’s 40th Annual Ice Show, “Route 66 with Detours” to be held on March 16, 17 and 18 at Ridgeland Common Ice Arena. Tickets are on sale at Ridgeland Common, 415 Lake Street.
  7. 7. Take a Ride in Style Teens in grades 9 through 12 are invited to take a ride through Oak Park in style while hunting for items and performing crazy tasks in our first ever Teen Limo Scavenger Hunt. Each team will be given 2 hours in a 6-passenger limo to cross as many items/tasks off their list as they can. When time is up, each team will return to Stevenson Center for the final results and a pizza party. Shaping the Future of Oak Park Parks Ridgeland Common Community Meeting A Community Meeting was held on Wednesday, February 21 at 7pm at Ridgeland Common to explain the Ridgeland Common Existing Conditions Study currently being conducted by Thompson Dyke & Associates. A fact sheet and questionnaire was distributed at this meeting and posted on the Park District website to collect public input. The deadline to submit the questionnaire is March 16, 2007. A second community meeting to report the results of the study is tentatively scheduled to be held in May. The date is yet to be determined but will be posted on the Park District website as soon as it’s finalized in mid-April. Longfellow Park Site Plan The Board of Park Commissioners accepted the final master plan recommendation for Longfellow Park at the February 15 Regular Park Board Meeting at the Hedges Administrative Center. An Illinois Department of Natural Resources Grant application is currently being developed for Phase 1 of this park renovation project which is tentatively scheduled in 2008. Be sure to visit the Future Plans page for current information on upcoming community meeting dates, plan concepts and more! The Park District of Oak Park always welcomes community input regarding all park plans. Please send your comments to Diane Stanke at “Kidfest: How Does Your Garden Grow?” On Sunday, March 11 you can get a jump on spring at the Oak Park Conservatory as the Friends of the Oak Park Conservatory present their annual Kidfest. This free and fun event, to be held from 1 to 4pm, will feature a variety of hands-on activities that relate to the wonderful world of plants. You will explore the tropical rain forest, the desert and other natural wonders. For more information call (708) 386-4700. Important Lottery Deadline All programs listed in the spring brochure except those which require in-person registration or otherwise indicated are lottery programs. The deadline to submit your program registration to be included in the lottery is Thursday, MARCH 8 at 12
  8. 8. noon. All lottery registrations submitted by this date will be entered into our computer system that randomly selects the maximum participants allotted for each program. After the computer performs the lottery for all first choice selections, registrants on waiting lists who selected an alternate choice will be processed in a second choice lottery. Resident registrations received after the lottery will be processed in the order received. Try Something New A variety of adult special interest workshops are offered this spring at the Park District of Oak Park. Whether you’re an athlete, a gardener, a fitness buff or you just want to try something new, you may find what you are looking for here at the Park District of Oak Park. Summer Job Opportunities The Park District of Oak Park is the largest employer of youth in our community. Currently we are filling over 150 summer positions including lifeguards, camp counselors, parks maintenance, bike attendants, swim instructors, cashiers, concessions and much more. Go to JOBS on the Park District website for more details. The West Suburban Special Recreation Association is also in search of summer staff. If you are interested in working for WSSRA please call 847/455-2100 or go to Mark Your Calendar Ongoing Polar Bear Pool Pass registration continues Ongoing Oak Park Conservatory Seasonal Floral Show March 1 Park Board Committee of the Whole Meeting March 2 Daddy Daughter Date Night March 3 ASA Opens (weather permitting) March 6 Adult Softball New Team Registration March 8 Program Lottery Deadline March 11 KidsFest: How Does Your Garden Grow? March 12 Non-resident registration begins March 12 Garden Design Workshop March 12-25 Ridgeland Indoor Playground closed for Ice Show March 14 Ice Show Dress Rehearsal March 15 Spring Lawn & Garden Care March 15 Prairie School Lecture Series begins March 15 Regular Park Board Meeting
  9. 9. March 16 Teen Limo Scavenger Hunt (Grades 9-12) March 15-18 40th Annual Ridgeland Common Ice Show March 19-25 Ridgeland Common closed for maintenance & repair March 23 Madden NFL Tournament (Grades 6-12) March 24 Family Photo Scavenger Hunt March 24 Soccer Registration Day at Barrie March 28 Babysitting Training (Ages 11-15) March 29 Butterfly Gardening March 30 Movie and a Meal (Ages 12-17) March 30 Festival Theatre’s “Murder by the Book” begins at Pleasant Home March 31 Easter Egg Hunt & Doggie Hunt at Ridgeland Common March 31 WSSRA Flap Jack Bunny Hop – Call 847/455-2100 for details April 1 Adult Soccer League begins April 1 Barrie Sport Court Opens (weather permitting) April 3 Adult Trip to the Volo Auto Museum For more information on any of these activities, go to today! quot;In partnership with the community, we provide quality parks and recreation experiences for the residents of Oak Park.quot; ******** You have received this message because you have subscribed to the Park District of Oak park E-Newsletter. If you have any questions or need additional information concerning items in this update, please email If you would like to unsubscribe from this e-newsletter, please visit Thank you for your interest in the Park District of Oak Park.