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2007 Facility Program Event Piece - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition
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2007 Facility Program Event Piece - IPRA Agency Showcase Competition


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  • 1. Hay, Hay, Hay Come Spend tbe Day! Special Events at Prairie Farm are Ewe-nique Harvest Fest FREE! This fun family hoe Old McDonald is not the only one with a farm. The Champaign Park District has a farm too! down is held every And on our farm we have some pigs, EIEIO. With an oink-oink here, and an oink-oink there. fall at Prairie Farm. Enjoy hayrack rides, We also have cows, sheep, horses, goats, and exotic animals too like llamas and love birds. children’s games, and tasty treats. Live bands will keep your Touch-a-Tractor FREE! toes tappin’ and the Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? Open Memorial Day Weekend – Labor Day animals will make a A: To go touch some really big tractors! Daily Hours: 1:00 – 7:00 pm final encore appear- Celebrate the summer and see some of the big ance before they fly equipment that works the fields of Central Illinois at For dates and program information, check your current Funformation guide or visit us on the web. south for the winter. this fun interactive event. Crafts, live music, and other children’s activities await you at this country celebration. 2007:1000 2202 W. Kirby Ave. | | 217-398-2550
  • 2. Prairie Farm was dedicated in 1966 after John L. Franklin, in memory of his wife, contributed $15,000 towards the cost of purchase. The farm was designed to be a place where young and old alike can experience the central Open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, Prairie Farm hosts a variety of fun activities like Story Times, Barnyard Fun Camp, and Movie Nights. Some of the animals are also available daily in the petting Family Favorites Illinois farm environment – sounds, smells, and all. area for pets, scratches, and tummy tickles. Lend a Hand, Help a Hoof Prairie Farm was established as a “no admission” facility, giving patrons the ability to get up-close and personal with the animals free of charge. That’s right, FREE! Zero, zip, nada! These cute and cuddly animals don’t feed themselves though, so the farm welcomes donations to offset costs for feed, veterinary care, and general maintenance. FREE! Petting Area Farm Tours Little Bo Peep has found her sheep – they’re at Prairie Bring your kids to check out our kids (baby goats) and other Farm waiting for you to come pet them! Lots of other aspects of the farm. Educational tours of Prairie Farm are animals anxiously await your arrival too. Petting animals offered every morning, depending on availability. Tours are is at your own risk, even though the area is supervised 45 minutes in length and include close contact with the and the animals are tame. Please wear tennis shoes or animals. Schedule your tour at least one week in advance by boots to protect your tootsies from the dancing donkeys. calling 398-2583. Reservations begin booking in mid-May. FREE! Movie Nights at the Farm Grab your blankets and lawn chairs and join us for a moo-vie! After the animals go to bed, we’ll watch a movie starring one of our furry friends. Enjoy free popcorn and lots of laughs. “Mommy, do brown cows make chocolate milk?”– Lauren, age 4
  • 3. Got Your All About Animals Barnyard Fun Camp Goat! Just Kid-ding! Ba Ba black sheep, have you any wool? Yes siree – our sheep have lots of wool! Find out more fun facts about your favorite animal or attend all sessions to become a real animal expert. Classes also include feeding and caring for the animal of Hey diddle diddle, the cow jumped over the moon. And over the mud puddle and over her shadow, and over that rock over there. They’re jumping for joy because they can’t wait to get to know you during Barnyard Fun Camp! Through a variety of hands- on activities and field trips, campers will learn about the care and maintenance of the farm and animals. Crafts, games, speakers, and plenty of time with the animals Pee Wee Farmers Getting Crafty FREE! the day, a neato craft, and yummy snack. Wear tennis shoes or boots to protect your tootsies. make this an eggs-traordinary fun time! Hay, hay, hay! Here’s a fun class for little Hold your horses – it’s time to have Ages: 1st – 6th grade ones to enjoy with their parents! Sessions some fun and make animal crafts! All supplies will Ages: 3 – 7, with parent include plenty of contact with the animals, be provided along with helpful guidance from Prairie arts & crafts, games, songs and tasty treats. Farm staff. From puppets to paintings, you’re sure to Wear tennis shoes or boots if you want to have a hoof-stomping good time! enter the petting area, and get ready to Ages: 3 – 10, with parent ham it up! Ages: 0 – 4, with parent Farmhands Birthday Story Time FREE! Parties Here’s a program where horsin’ around at the Farm and getting dirty is encouraged! Kids can Duck, duck, goose! Cow, cow, pig! Llama, Llama, love bird! Kids will flock to Once upon a time, the Prairie Farm animals hosted develop an appreciation for animals and Prairie Farm for these fun, unique birth- a story hour. Children of all ages stopped by the learn about their care through hands-on day parties! Guests enjoy their own pri- farm to enjoy animal stories. Some children brought activities. A down-home, farm-friendly vate use of the farm, including a special blankets and picnic baskets filled with goodies. Oth- picnic for all Farmhands will wrap up the tour with upclose and personal contact ers just brought their smile, but they all lived happily summer. Wear clothes that can get dirty with the animals, a piñata, games, ever after. and tennis shoes or boots and get ready and party favors. Don’t be a chicken, Ages: All to have some fun! call 398-2550 to schedule your party and leave the Ages: Pre K – 5th Grade stress and mess to us! “When chickens kiss, do they taste like chicken?”– Larry, age 7
  • 4. Prairie Farm Raise a Rooster Adoption LIst Calf Chicken Conure Cow Yes, I want to be a Prairie Farm Parent! Category.  $25  $50  $100 Payment type.  Check enclosed (payable to Champaign Parks Foundation) Adoption Deer  Visa  Mastercard Categories Donkey Adoption information. - - - Dove Credit Card #: _____________________________________ 3-4 Digit CCID# Have you ever wanted to raise a rooster, nurture a $25 Benefits include: Draft Horse Duck Animal: _____________________________________________________ Expiration date: (on back of card): nanny goat, or pamper a piglet? Become the proud • Personalized Certificate of Your Name: __________________________________________________ Adoption Fawn Card holder (print name) ___________________________ parent of a Prairie Farm resident of your choice by • Animal Fact Sheet Goat Address: ____________________________________________________ enrolling in our Raise a Rooster program. Goose Authorized signature _______________________________ • Name on Prairie Farm’s Horse Phone:______________________________________________________ Your home and yard will remain clean and odor-free, Proud Parent Wall  Bill me later. Kid because your new addition will reside at Prairie • Prairie Farm Parent Stickers Lamb Email: ______________________________________________________ Farm. Visit your adoptee all summer long, free of $50 Benefits include: Llama Thank you for adopting a charge! Imagine the look on friends’ faces when Llama Kid you introduce them to the newest member of your • Personalized Certificate of Adoption Lovebird Gift information. Prairie Farm animal! • Animal Fact Sheet Please return to: Champaign Park District, attn: Raise a Rooster, family… a piglet! Milking Goat Recipient’s Name: ____________________________________________ • Name on Prairie Farm’s Proud Parent Wall 706 Kenwood Road, Champaign, IL 61821-4112. Miniature Horse And it’s sow easy! Just call 398-2550 and request an • Prairie Farm Parent Stickers Miniature Horse Colt Address: ____________________________________________________ adoption packet. For as little as $25, you, your fam- • “I’m a Prairie Farm Parent” t-shirt Peacock ily, or business can have the satisfaction of knowing Piglet Gift card to read: _____________________________________________ $100 Benefits include: that you are helping to provide for the welfare of Rabbit ____________________________________________________________ • Personalized Certificate of Adoption your adopted animal. Your adoption money goes Sheep • Animal Fact Sheet Sow toward the feeding and health needs of all the ani- • Name on Prairie Farm’s Proud Parent Wall  Please send the gift package to me. mals at Prairie Farm. So call today, and start raising Turtle • Prairie Farm Parent Stickers  Please send the gift package directly to the recipient. your rooster tomorrow! *All adoptions are good • “I’m a Prairie Farm Parent” t-shirt for one year. • Picture of you and your animal
  • 5. Front of Postcard Black outside stroke is the die line
  • 6. Back of Postcard Pocketbook Anthropology October 20, 2007 to January 20, 2008 Celebrate women’s most cherished fashion accessory–her handbag–in this special exhibition. See over 75 purses dating from 1880 to the present day, as well as period costumes and fashion postcards. The exhibit explores the emotional and cultural significance of purses and showcases funky, elegant, whimsical and utilitarian examples of these much loved items. Visitors will have a chance to view handbags made from a myriad of different materials ranging from cigarette packs to silk to beads to precious metals. A program of with The Illinois Arts Council and The National Endowment for the Arts Call 847-968-3400 for more information Lake County Discovery Museum Route 176 & Fairfield Road, Wauconda, IL Image courtesy of ExhibitsUSA Black outside stroke is the die line
  • 7. Finished Postcard on Display Finished Postcard in Hand
  • 8. H ISTORIC WAGNER FARM JA Baran-Reilly 2007 DAIRY B REAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2007 8 AM - 1 PM From Lake Avenue through the morning haze, Tickets are $10 for adults and children over 10, you can see me and my friends while we graze. $5 for children 2-10 years, children under 2 are free. As the sun rises, we meander to the barn to deliver our milk for Wagner Farm. But today is special; we’ve been waiting all year. 847.657.1506 Today oats and hay are not the only food found here. The tent has been raised and we hope to see you. Sponsored by Egg Harbor Cafe of Glenview Come fill up on a tasty breakfast in Glenview. Winner of the Illinois Park and Recreation Association’s 2006 Special Event of the Year. 1 5 1 0 WA G N E R ROA D GL E N V I E W, I L L I NOI S
  • 9. H ISTORIC WAGNER FARM JA Baran-Reilly 2006 DAIRY B REAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 2006 8 AM - 1 PM Tickets are $10 for adults and children over 10, $5 for children 2-10 years, children under 2 are free. Elsie says: “Have you ever thought about how much I do for you? The cheese on your pizza, the milk on your cereal, the cream in your coffee, the cottage cheese with 847.657.1506 your peaches and the ice cream in your sundae all come from me! What other animal has an entire food group just to themselves??? Isn’t it about time you bring the family Sponsored by Egg Harbor Cafe of Glenview and meet me and my friends at Wagner Farm’s 5th Annual Dairy Breakfast?” 1 5 1 0 WA G NER ROAD GL E N V I E W, IL L I NOI S
  • 10. H ISTORIC WAGNER FARM JA Baran-Reilly 2005 DAIRY B REAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 2005 8 AM - 1 PM Tickets are $10 for adults and children over 10, $5 for children 2-10 years, children under 2 are free. From the farmer’s hands to the kitchen table, our food travels a complex path. America prospers because of this continuous and bountiful harvest. Come to 847.657.1506 the farm, see where that journey starts, watch the process in action. Join us in celebrating National Dairy Month by enjoying a hearty breakfast and touring Sponsored by Egg Harbor Cafe of Glenview the newly restored Wagner farmhouse. 1 5 1 0 WA G NER ROAD GL E N V I E W, IL L I NOI S
  • 11. H ISTORIC WAGNER FARM JA Baran-Reilly 2004 DAIRY B REAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 2004 8 AM - 1 PM There are many professions that we as Americans take for granted in our busy lives. Tickets are $10 for adults and children over 10, Towards the top of that list is farming. Day in and day out farmers tend their livestock, $5 for children 2-10 years, children under 2 are free. cultivate their crops and protect our environment. Come celebrate National Dairy Month at Wagner Farm and learn what is involved with something as simple as pouring a glass of ice-cold milk. 847.657.1506 1 5 1 0 WA G N E R ROA D GL E N V I E W, I L L I NOI S
  • 12. H ISTORIC WAGNER FARM JA Baran-Reilly 2003 DAIRY B REAKFAST SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 2003 8 AM - 1 PM In the last 150 years our great country has seen many substantial changes. While nearly $7 in advance, $10 on event day everything from our modes of transportation to the way we communicate has changed one thing Purchase tickets at Park Center, 2400 Chestnut Avenue, has not, we all wake up hungry. Today the American farmer raises enough food to feed nearly Glenview, Illinois 200 people for a year. Come to Historic Wagner Farm in Glenview and learn a little about farming, play some games and see the animals that make up a farm. 847.724.5670 1 5 1 0 WA G N E R ROA D GL E N V I E W, I L L I NOI S
  • 13. JuNE 11 - Aug 10 CAMP LONE OAK•AgES 9-14 NATuRE QuEST•AgES 5-10 mp is where o R C A m P ! ”Ca plore new laura pigatti Williamson su m m E R is m A d E f ds, ex -long “best fr ien can make life me tched. At the sa Nate martin your child enged and stre ng! At the Rockford be chall Charlotte hackin concepts, and interesting, a nd exciti ave ur child can h douglas J. Brooks time, camp is FuN, dent camps, yo me, yet miles day and resi harris h. Agnew Park district’s close to ho p experience bOARd OF COmmISSIONERS an extra ordinary cam e ordinary. away from th Permit #4585 401 South Main Street • Rockford, iL 61101 CONTACT: ONS, PLEASE Rockford, iL iF yOu hA VE ANy QuESTi L CENTER PAid ONmENTA U.s. pOstagE NvIR AT WOOd E 6 (voice/TT y) PRSRT STd 57 815-874-7
  • 14. TEAm EARTH (WEEk 1) pRAIRIE pIRATES (WEEk 5) Learn how to enjoy yourself, others and nature. A pirate’s life is the wonderful life! Come and join us on our journey to become real life Activities will include team building and Native American pirates on a hunt for hidden treasure. Arrrrrr you ready? games. in addition, nature projects, role-playing, and an dATES July 9-13 Code # 320100-05 X-care 320100-E5 Aldeen Park clean-up will be in the mix for this week of camp. go, Team! SpACE TREkkER (WEEk 6) dATES June 11-15 Code # 320100-01 What is out there beyond our home planet? This week will focus on the planets, stars, and X-care 3201100-E1 even the moon. There will be activities to help us appreciate our home planet—Mother Earth. The big dipper is just a blink of an eye away, so come out and play. NATURE OLympICS (WEEk 2) dATES July 16-20 Code # 320100-06 X-care 320100-E6 A week-long day camp for children ages 5-10, Nature Quest is AGES: 5-10 (as of June 1, 2007) Join us for a week filled with outdoor competitions. Play based out of the Linda K. White Center in Aldeen Park. Weekly like a lumberjack or perhaps as a Red Fox. Plus, we will THE GOOd OLd dAyS (WEEk 7) HOURS: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM (Lunch Provided) field trips will allow campers to explore other exciting areas throw in some new Native American games. if you ever Experience what life was like long ago by visiting Midway Village. Explore life at the turn Extended Care, 7:30-8:30 AM and 4:30-5:30 PM around Rockford. wanted to be in the Olympics, here is your chance. go of the 20th century, then return to camp and spend time outside, just like in the old days. LOCATION: Linda K. White Center at Aldeen Park for the gold, or should we say gREEN! games, ice cream socials, and a county fair await you. Each week offers a unique theme and nature/environment h uncided 623 North Alpine Road related activity, in addition to everyone’s favorites, including: dATES June 18-22 Code # 320100-02 dATES July 23-27 Code # 320100-07 X-care 320100-E7 FEE: $97 per week ($126 non-resident) L X-care 320100-E2 rov • ARTS ANd CRAFTS • ARChERy NATURE ARTISTS (WEEk 8)* Extended Care – $20 per week • NATuRE hiKES • STORy TELLiNg Overnight (June 28; Aug 2)* – $25 P WATER WORLd (WEEk 3)* if you like animals, fish, and other beautiful sea Explore what it would be like to be an artist, a musician, or even a performer. Crafts, • SiNgiNg • PuPPETRy plays, songs, skits, just to name a few... we know Nature Artists Week will be right for REGISTRATION: Opens March 1, 2007 creatures, water you waiting for? Jump in and make you! An optional overnight will be offered on Thursday (Aug 2) for campers ages 9 and • gAMES • TiE-dyEiNg an under-the-sea mural. Even the field trip will have 10, for an additional fee of $25. We offer a convenient Extended Care Option right at the site campers dripping wet! An optional overnight will be dATES July 30-August 3 Code # 320100-08 X-care 320100-E8 (with early drop-off beginning at 7:30 AM and late pick-up until offered on Thursday (June 28) for campers ages 9 and Overnight 320100-N8 5:30 PM) for an additional $20 per week. during Extended 10, for an additional fee of $25. pIONEER CAmp (WEEk 9) Care, your child will be supervised by the same quality camp dATES June 25-29 giddee-up, partner! get on the stagecoach trail and head for the wild, wild west. There staff responsible for them all day long. Code # 320100-03 will be homesteading activities and horseback riding at Lockwood Park. yeeee-haw! X-care 320100-E3 dATES August 6-10 Code # 320100-09 Overnight 320100-N3 X-care 320100-E9 • Campers are divided into age-appropriate groups, led by highly qualified camp leaders • For their safety, children are required to wear closed-toed/heeled shoes • Snacks and lunches (many cooked over a camp-fire!) are provided each day • Parents provide transportation to and from camp • Family Nights (Thursdays, 5:30 PM) showcase the fun and skills campers experienced throughout the week
  • 15. INTERNATIONAL WEEk (WEEk 3) CRAFTS GONE WILd (WEEk 7) discover the exciting similarities and differences of other cultures (both Not only will the crafts be great– so will the music, inside and outside the united States) through language, art, dance, dance, painting, and creative writing! This week will be a and cuisine. Try new foods and visit new places from the comfort of the brilliant, creative outlet for the aspiring artist in all of us. Atwood Lodge. Learn more about ourselves by learning more about Our possibilities will only be limited by our imagination! each other. dATES July 23-27 Boys code # 320300-B7 dATES June 25-29 Boys code # 320300-B3 girls code # 320300-g7 girls code # 320300-g3 CHOOSE yOUR OWN AdvENTURE (WEEk 8) HALFWAy TO HALLOWEEN WEEk (WEEk 5) This is every camper’s favorite theme, because they are in Coming to a close on Friday the 13th, this is the perfect week charge! Campers pick the menu, activities, games, skits, for the camper who simply can’t wait for halloween. Age- songs… everything! if want your vote to count, this is the 2007 marks the 50th year of summer programming in Seth B. Atwood Park. appropriate activities include trick-or-treating under the week for you! Since 1957, the park has not only provided campers with a summer home, but moonlight, ghost stories around the campfire, a spooky dance, dATES July 30-Aug 3 Boys code # 320300-B8 with leisure skills and amazing experiences that last a lifetime. Camp Lone Oak haunted trail, and even a special CLO hayride. girls code # 320300-g8 celebrates its golden anniversary with “True Theme Weeks,” a revolution in dATES July 9-13 Boys code # 320300-B5 summer camp as we know it. Each week features unique and innovative girls code # 320300-g5 CAmp kISHWAUkEE (WEEk 9) activities, so that campers can more effectively choose a week that fits their Summer camp the way it used to be - return to the golden interests. Even if you’re here every week, you’ll never have the same WELCOmE TO THE (ILLINOIS) JUNGLE (WEEk 6) age of camping with a night under the stars, sitting experience twice! Sure, there are no jungles in illinois, but don’t tell that to the around the campfire with good friends and good stories, critters that live here! if you love animals, this is the week for and everyone’s favorite, Camp Tournament. This year’s AGES: 9-14 (age as of June 1, 2007) you. Meet live birds of prey and reptiles up close, plus explore tournament will be bigger and better than ever, so sign HOURS: Check-in Monday, 8:30 AM the habitats of deer, foxes, turtles… even insects! up early! Check-out Friday, 3:00 PM dATES July 16-20 Boys code # 320300-B6 dATES Aug 6-10 Boys code # 320300-B9 LOCATION: Atwood Environmental Center at Atwood Park girls code # 320300-g6 girls code # 320300-g9 2685 New Milford School Road FEES: $180 per week ($225 non-resident) REGISTRATION: Opens March 1, 2007 FUN ANd GAmES WEEk (WEEk 1) All of your favorite conventional sports including kickball and basketball, plus learn the art of Frisbee® golf and take part in the biggest game of CLO bingo ever! Win prizes and have fun in a non-competitive setting designed to teach new skills and enhance old ones. dATES June 11-15 Boys code # 320300-B1 girls code # 320300-g1 SURvIvOR: ATWOOd pARk (WEEk 2) • Seth B. Atwood Park (334-acres) is located along the Kishwaukee River corridor in New Milford, just east of the Rockford Airport No one gets voted off the island as beautiful Atwood Park is the setting for honing outdoor skills that will last a lifetime. Outdoor cooking, camping and backpacking basics, as well as primitive living skills and • Campers are divided into age-appropriate groups, led by highly qualified camp counselors Native American history will make this a week to remember! • Boys and girls sleep in separate dormitories on bunk beds in the Atwood Environmental Center Lodge; dATES June 18-22 Boys code # 320300-B2 girls code # 320300-g2 if weather permits, older children may spend a night out under the stars • Atwood Env. Center is air-conditioned with complete bathroom facilities, including showers CAmp LONE OAk: EIGHT TO FIvE (WEEk 2 ONLy) • A professional food service staff prepares meals; campers will eat in the Atwood NE New for 2007, CLO: Eight to Five is the perfect experience for campers old enough for CLO, but not quite ready to move in. Eight to Five campers will experience the same activities (listed above) as residential campers, with lunch provided daily. Campers participate in Family Night Thursday Environmental Center dining room and occasionally cook out over a campfire • Parents provide transportation to and from camp • Family Nights (Thursdays, 5:45 PM) showcase the fun and skills experienced W starting at 5:45 PM. daily drop-off is between 8:00 and 8:30 AM; daily pick-up is between 5:00 throughout the week and 5:30 PM. FEES: $120 ($156 non-resident). dATES June 18-22 Code # 320300-d2
  • 16. AtWood CAmPs REgistRAtioN foRm 2007 pARTICIpANT INFORmATION HH Id#_______________ last Name First middle address City state Zip home Phone Birthdate / / Age Sex T-Shirt Size S ATURdAy, mARCH 24 •REGISTER for Nature Quest and Parent/guardian Name Work Phone Cell Phone 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Camp Lone Oak Parent’s e-mail address (for more info) Same group friend request? does participant have allergies (including food allergies)? c yes c No if so, please explain: ATWOOd •TOUR the Camp Lone Oak Lodge Will participant need to take medication during camp hours? c yes c No if so, a Medication dispension Form will need to be filled out (available from Customer Service) ENvIRONmENTAL May staff administer non-aspirin (like Tylenol) if needed? c yes c No does participant c Walk c Talk c Wet Bed in their sleep? c yes c No •HIkE the Camp Lone Oak grounds does participant have any other medical concerns we should be aware of? c yes c No if so, please explain: CENTER ThE ROCKFORd PARK diSTRiCT iS COMMiTTEd TO PROVidiNg SERViCES iN AN EQuiTABLE MANNER. Answering the following is optional, but helps us measure how we are doing. 2685 New Milford School Rd • Rockford •ExpERIENCE camp activities RACE/EThNiCiTy (select all that apply): c American indian/Alaskan Native c Asian/Pacific islander c Black c White c hispanic (any race) (CLO Lodge during the summer camp season. EmERGENCy INFORmATION Refer to CLO map at the bottom of the page.) w w w. A t wo o Contact Name Phone #1 Phone #2 Relationship Contact Name Phone #1 Phone #2 Relationship Contact Name Phone #1 Phone #2 Relationship hospital Name Phone Physician Name insurance Carrier insurance Card # pROGRAm INFORmATION CLO WK 2 ONLy NQ ONLy NQ WK 3 & 8 We welcome the opportunity to assist guests FOUR CONvENIENT WAyS TO REGISTER SUmmER CAmp REFUNd pOLICy with disabilities to enjoy ALL our facilities, 1) ail your registration form and payment to: m 1) FuLL REFuNd – Cancellation notice must be given id # c Nature Quest c Camp Lone Oak c CLO: 8 TO 5 dates c Extended-Care c Overnight Fee programs, and services. For assistance and information two weeks prior to the first day of the camp for which id # c Nature Quest c Camp Lone Oak c CLO: 8 TO 5 dates c Extended-Care c Overnight Fee ROCKFORd PARK diSTRiCT on accessibility, contact Therapeutic Recreation Services at you’ve registered. id # c Nature Quest c Camp Lone Oak c CLO: 8 TO 5 dates c Extended-Care c Overnight Fee ATTN: Customer Service 815-987-1600 (voice/TTy). 401 South Main Street STE 109 2) 00% satisfaction guaranteed refunds available if 1 id # c Nature Quest c Camp Lone Oak c CLO: 8 TO 5 dates c Extended-Care c Overnight Fee Rockford, iL 61101-1321 program does not meet customer satisfaction. Request FEE ASSISTANCE for refund should be made prior to completion of the Credit Card Number Exp. date tOtal FEE “Fun For All Kids” is available to residents for this 2) Fax your form (credit card only) to 815-987-8877. week-long session. program. Call 815-987-8800 (TTy, 815-963-3323) for Signature (Authorization for Credit Card use) 3) EgiSTER iN PERSON at Rockford Park district R 3) n the case of injury, illness, or family emergency, i more information. Customer Service, 401 S Main St. Office hours are a partial refund may be requested for the camp WARNING OF RISk SUmmER CAmp FEES INSTALLmENT pAymENT pLAN AvAILAbLE Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM and Saturday, 8:30 experience. despite careful and proper preparation, instruction, medical advice, conditioning and equipment, there is still a risk of serious injury when participating in NATuRE QuEST– $97 ($126 non-resident) any recreational activity. All hazards and dangers cannot be foreseen. depending on the particular activity, participants must understand that certain risks, AM-Noon (March-July only). Camp lONE Oak – $180 ($225 non-resident) Set your mind and wallet at ease... the Rockford Park dangers and injuries due to inclement weather, acts of god, insect bites, unpredictable and sometimes dangerous nature of animals and birds, especially district is offering an installment payment plan for select 4) EgiSTER ON-LiNE by going to R CHILd CARE SOLUTIONS when frightened, angered or stressed, slips and falls, poor skill level or conditioning, carelessness, horseplay, unsportsmanship like conduct, premises defects, CLO: EighT TO FiVE – $120 ($156 non-resident) all-day programs and camps. Spread your payments out so Nature Quest and Camp Lone Oak: Eight to Five qualify inadequate or defective equipment, inadequate supervision, instruction or officiating, and all other circumstances inherent to indoor and outdoor recreational EXTENdEd CARE (NQ only) – Add $20 for “ChiLd CARE SOLuTiONS,” a state-funded financial activities may exist. they’re manageable for your budget! Call 815-987-8800 Click on “Registration” for details. OVERNighT (NQ Week 3 & 8 only, age 9 & older) – Add $25 assistance program for families meeting certain income iF PARTiCiPATiNg iN ARChERy – The very nature of archery is hazardous and risky. inherent risks include, but are not limited to, getting hit by an arrow, and speak with Kellie for arrangements. self-inflicted wounds, improper shooting technique, carelessness of other archers, lack of proper protection, poor range conditions, poorly selected and requirements. available to qualified residents and non- maintained equipment, lack of conditioning, horseplay, carelessness, poor pulling technique, splintering of the arrow, inadequate supervision or instruction, OFFiCE UsE ONly c RESidENCy id ChECKEd residents. Eligibility requirements and applications can be premises defects, and other risks inherent to archery. in this regard, it must be recognized that it is impossible for the Rockford Park district to guarantee Amt Pd __________ date ___________ obtained through RPd Customer Service, 401 S Main St, absolute safety. iF PARTiCiPATiNg iN SWiMMiNg – The very nature of swimming is hazardous and risky, including but not limited to fatigue and overexertion, poor swimming C CK Chg EC FA PROMO ACh Rockford. For more information, call 815-484-9442, or visit skills, failing to avoid dangerous areas, horseplay, diving or cannon-balling into shallow water and striking the bottom or side of the pool, poor supervision Reg Clk __________________________ or instruction, lack of conditioning, becoming disoriented, striking other swimmers, defective or inadequate equipment, striking one’s head on the bottom when using a diving block, slipping or falling on the deck or within the locker facility, chemical exposure and all other circumstances inherent to the sport of Receipt # _________________________ swimming. in this regard, it must be recognized that it is impossible for the Rockford Park district to guarantee absolute safety. iF PARTiCiPATiNg iN LAKE CANOEiNg – The very nature of canoeing is hazardous and risky. Risks include, but are not limited to, dangerous weather and NATURE QUEST is located at the Linda K. samuelson water conditions such as deep or cold water, above and subsurface rocks and obstacles, and insect bites. Other risks include capsizing, hypothermia, sunburn, heatstroke, dehydration, inadequate supervision or instruction, horseplay and carelessness, poor canoeing technique, loss of balance, collision with other dOES yOuR ChiLd hAVE A diSABiLiTy White Center in Aldeen Park, 623 N Alpine Rd, canoes or stationary objects, inadequate or defective equipment, and failure to wear a personal floatation device or other safety equipment. in this regard, it ThAT WiLL REQuiRE RPd ASSiSTANCE OR between guilford Rd and E State Street. The must be recognized that it is impossible for the Rockford Park district to guarantee absolute safety. ACCOMMOdATiON? center is located at the northeast parking lot. Blackhawk WAIvER ANd RELEASE OF ALL CLAImS ANd ASSUmpTION OF RISk c physical disability Please read this form carefully and be aware that in signing up and participating in this program/activity, you will be expressly assuming the risk and legal liability and waiving and releasing all claims for injuries, damages or loss which you or your minor child/ward might sustain as a result of participating in c developmental disability 20th St any and all activities connected with and associated with this program/activity (including transportation services/vehicle operation, when provided). i recog- nize and acknowledge that there are certain risks of physical injury to participants in this program/activity, and i voluntarily agree to assume the full risk of c visual impairment New Milford School any and all injuries, damages or loss, regardless of severity, that my minor child/ward or i may sustain as a result of said participation. i further agree to waive and relinquish all claims i or my minor child/ ward may have (or accrue to me or my child/ward) as a result of participating in this program/ activ- c hearing impairment r ee Rive ity against the Rockford Park district, including its officials, agents, volunteers and employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as “district”). i do hereby c other (medical needs, mental illness, CAmp LONE OAk is located at the Atwood Kishwauk fully release and forever discharge the district from any and all claims for injuries, damages, or loss that my minor child/ward or i may have or which may accrue to me or my minor child/ward and arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with this program/activity. conduct/behavioral disorder) ________ Environmental Center in historic Seth B. Atwood Ryd 11th St. / iL 251 atWOOd paRK i have read and fully understand the above important information, warning of risk, assumption of risk and waiver and release of all claims. if registering be r Park, 2685 New Milford School Rd, just east of iL 251. on-line or via fax, my on-line facsimile signature shall substitute for and have the same legal effect as an original form signature. _________________________ g Atwood Park encompasses 334 acres of woodland, _________________________ Participant’s Name (PLEASE PRiNT) prairie, river and marsh habitat. The center is located miami Rotary c Please have staff contact me to discuss at the north entrance to the park. Parent/guardian Signature date accommodations needed. PARTiCiPATiON WiLL BE dENiEd if the signature of parent/guardian and date are not on this waiver.
  • 17. The Edwin Watts Southwind Park Edwin Watts: The Legacy Park Features Fly a kite, play a game of football or kickball on the Lives on… to be enjoyed by Stroll, roll, run or hike along the 2 ½ mile tree lined adjoining 8 acre great green lawn, or just sit in the everyone! and paved urban pathway and enjoy the surrounding grass and soak up the sun while you wait your turn to In 1901 a local pioneer, Edwin Watts purchased an pleasant green space as you explore the park features. play chess on the life size chess game board. 80 acre farm just south of the Springfield city limits. Stop along the pathway at one of the several seating Gather your friends and family, pick a shelter, large Edwin was successful in areas or sheltered picnic areas. or small, fire up the grill and cook out, or unpack your farming and cattle trading Fish from the docks on the 4 ½ acre lake, or stop picnic and spend time together. and his farm remained in his and experience the calming effects of the water as Venues for friendly fun that feed everyone’s family for four generations. you picnic in the gazebo on the lake. Watch in awe competitive spirit can be found at the horseshoe pits, As the City of Springfield’s as the waltzing waters fountain, located in the center bocce ball and shuffleboard courts. planned growth expands to of the lake, dazzles and dances across the water in Nearby, an outdoor playground is the setting to the southern area of town, a spectacular performance in perfect harmony to a interact with individuals with all levels of disabilities in the Watts family descendants variety of featured light and music shows. an environment that provides and encourages inclusion! recognized the need for a In search of entertainment? Meander over to the outdoor amphitheater and take pleasure in artistic A stone’s throw away cool off in the splash water fountain, or sit back and take pleasure in watching Erin’s Pavilion provides indoor space that will house a diverse level of recreational programs, expanding • park to promote and insure green space and recreation performances or go just beyond the theater to the prairie grass human maze. As you exit the maze, look others spatter, dash and laugh. Across the way, enjoy the beauty of the gardens current Park District programs since the building will be completely accessible and support special needs “This is an programs to benefit our community residents. As a up at one of the world’s largest windmills. At 84 feet high the windmill provides circulation for the interactive that surround the walkway as you enter Erin’s Pavilion. The pavilion, a 7,000 square foot recreation center, for individuals with all levels of disabilities. The newly formed Special Recreation Department administrative All People result of their keen insight and harmony with the rambling creek that feeds the nearby lake. Chase tadpoles, take off you shoes and dangle your toes in the offers a panoramic view of the lake from inside or its outside covered pavilion patio, complete with cooling offices will also be located in the Pavilion. After participating in a yoga class or attending a Park, pioneer spirit of their Great Grandfather, the family cool flowing water. Wander on towards the sensory gardens, smell misters and ceiling fans to aid your comfort during our summer months. As you enjoy the serenity of the lake, catered luncheon or one of a wide range of activity offerings at Erin’s Pavilion, wander along the paved serving donated the land for the Springfield Park District to the scents and touch the textures of the varied plants. Listen to the automated recorded songs of the birds, observing the “big fish that got away” on the fishing piers or absorbing the magic brought to you by the trail to the Indoor Recreation/Sports Complex. Three swimming pools and an indoor soccer facility are cognitive, develop a new park, hence, the “Edwin Watts Southwind Park!” the buzzing of the bees, the chirps of the crickets and the hoots of the owls that are home in our Midwestern tantalizing waltzing waters fountain, you will experience a unique and pleasant environment unmatched by any planned to be a part of the Recreation Complex. An olympic size pool will support our local high school, emotional, An ALL People Park environment. other park in our community, state or nation! college and youth programs in addition to lap and open swimming sessions. Two additional pools physical and One of the Edwin Watts Southwind Park’s most compelling features is its complete accessibility for all will be designed with the focus on accommodating rehabilitation for individuals with temporary and social needs ages and abilities with special emphasis and attention given to those with physical and cognitive disabilities. permanent levels of disabilities. Adjoining the swimming complex is an indoor soccer field that will in a diverse, The Springfield community will be proud that its newest park serves as a national model providing a serve youth and adult soccer programs. safe and new dimension of inclusion for all people “without boundaries” in full compliance with the American Without Boundaries…. fun setting Disabilities Act. You just toured our new park and encountered NO Located south of Springfield, bordered by South OBSTACLES! You walked with, wheeled with, talked to without Second Street and Southwind Road, and adjacent to the and laughed with people of all levels of disabilities and Trevi Gardens Subdivision, the park is easily accessible abilities! This is an All People Park, serving cognitive, physical from Interstate 55 and Toronto Road. emotional, physical and social needs in a diverse, safe The future multi-use park is designed to provide and fun setting without physical and social barriers. and social year round indoor/outdoor fun, education, and Whether you, a friend or family member faces the recreation programs set amidst beautiful natural challenges of physical or mental disabilities, visual or barriers.” habitats, wide open green space, unique water features hearing impairments, cardiovascular conditions and and cutting- edge recreational facilities. the like, our park EMBRACES everyone. Elbow to • Join the Springfield Park District in building a lasting elbow, wheel to leg, shoulder to shoulder, cane to foot, legacy as we create Springfield’s newest destination! together as ONE, INCLUSIVE.
  • 18. Have you Caught Wind … Partnership Leave your own Legacy! The Springfield Parks You too can join the pioneer spirit and financially Foundation has provided contribute to the Edwin Watts Southwind Park project. of what is happening support and funding for a variety Finance a fishing pier, a picnic shelter, the feature of park projects and programs. The waltzing waters lake fountain, a bocce ball court, Foundation teams cooperatively with horseshoe pit, benches, a grill, plantings, trees, literally the Park District Board of Trustees every feature could use a donor. Donate all or part of south of Springfield? and staff to achieve the shared the finances needed. Legacy naming opportunities for a goal of successfully improving area variety of park features are available. Whether in honor parks and the overall quality of life in Springfield. The or remembrance of a friend, family member, family immediate fundraising focus for the Springfield Parks pet or to begin or continue a family, business, club or Foundation is this signature project, The Edwin Watts special group legacy ….. Southwind Park. The Park District is fortunate and Take this opportunity and join our team of grateful for the continued support and dedication to our supporters as we set a new precedent to the meaning community by the Springfield Parks Foundation. “Without Boundaries!” Let’s build this park! Run with the Wind to The Southwind Park vision will be funded and Southwind Park! built by cooperative partnerships with private donors, Financial Donations made payable to the corporate sponsors, grants, in-kind services and Springfield Parks Foundation (SPF) Edwin Watts goverment agencies with the Springfield Park District Southwind Park Project. Donations are tax deductible and Springfield Parks Foundation serving as the to the extent allowed by law. nucleus. Acquiring land for a park is the first step and thanks Springfield Park District to the generosity of a local family, our foundation is Edwin Watts Southwind Park Project laid! Several local businesses have committed time 2500 South 11th Street and materials to accomplish a wide range of the project Springfield, Illinois 62703 phases to complete the Southwind Park development and make it a reality, a place for everyone to go and If you have any questions or comments please enjoy! contact the Springfield Park District office A community project requires community 217-544-1751 involvement! Join our Journey to Springfield’s New Destination!
  • 19. Farmers’ Market Weekly incentives for those who walk, bike or ride public transportation to market MAIN ST. JUNE 13 - SEPTEMBER 26 CHICAGO AVE. REBA (no market July 4) RIDGE AVE. ELMWOOD ASBURY SEWARD WEDNESDAYS 4-8 pm Ridgeville Park Farmers’Market SOUTH BLVD. OAKTON ST. Location: Ridgeville Park, 908 Seward Street, Evanston
  • 20. The Last Years of APRIL JUNE Mary Todd Lincoln Mommy & Me - River Rhapsody FREE Sunday, February 18 Let’s Get Pretty! Concert Series 5:30 pm Saturday, April 21 Wednesdays, June 13, 20, 27 The Lincoln Inn Restaurant 11:30 - 1:00 pm 7:00 - 8:30 pm 1345 South Batavia Avenue Shannon Hall, Batavia Riverwalk, 630.406.5274 14 N. Van Buren Street Houston St. and Island Ave. The performance explores the F E B R U A RY tragic 17 years of Mary Todd This is a perfect way to spend Returning this summer to the a perfect day! Your outing will Batavia Riverwalk is this fun and Meet The Lincolns Lincoln’s widowhood. While start by visiting our various festive cultural arts concert Saturday, February 3 summarizing her marriage to beauty spots. Once the girls series featuring eclectic musical 12:00 - 1:30 pm Lincoln and the traumatic years complete their quot;lookquot;, the acts showcasing a diverse range Shannon Hall, of the Civil War, the audience pampering continues with a of tunes. 14 N.Van Buren Street will learn about her insanity trail delicious, light lunch. As you are Children and adults will be and subsequent hospitalization at satisfying your sweet tooth with fascinated as the Lincolns tell the Bellevue Sanitarium in Batavia. decadent desserts, you'll be Price includes dinner and story of his childhood through performance. Tickets go on sale spoiled with live entertainment. J U LY presidency in a fun and interactive presentation. January 3, 2007. Tickets are Batavia Street Registration fee includes a hot $26, there is no reserved seating. Musicians dog lunch and program. Thursdays, July 5, 12, 19, 26 F REE Daddy/Daughter 6:30 pm Date Night Batavia Riverwalk, Sunday, February 11 Houston St.and Island Ave. 6:00 – 7:45 pm Bring your picnic basket Shannon Hall, and blanket for live concerts 14 N. Van Buren Street at sunset. This special evening for fathers and daughters consists of dessert, entertainment, music, MARCH and photo opportunity. M AY Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, March 31 Touch-A-Truck Day E Friday, May 11 10:00 am FRE 10:30 am - 12:00 pm FREE Prairie Path Park, 813 Mark Twain Trails Eastside Community Center parking lot, Hop on over to the annual 14 N. Van Buren Street Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Batavia Park District and Children of all ages can touch, the Batavia Lions Club. Children feel, climb through, and sit ages 2-8 will be divided into behind the wheel of a tractor, five age groups. In the spirit snow plow, police car, cement of the event, please bring a mixer and more! non-perishable food item or paper product to be donated to the Batavia Food Pantry.
  • 21. J U LY (Continued) Windmill City Festival Poochapalooza Friday and Saturday, Saturday, August 25 Hall Quarry Beach, July 13 & 14 Batavia Riverwalk, FREE 400 S. Water Street Houston St. and Island Ave. Take your pooch for a dip at the Invite the whole family to a Hall Quarry Beach and play the flurry of spirited activities, ultimate game of fetch! Canines outdoor games, and main will receive a complimentary stage entertainment. Friday AUGUST doggy bag and a one-of-a-kind Poochapalooza bandanna. We’ll offers a kids’ run, water games River Rhapsody FREE show you how to cure the dog and golf challenge. Saturday Concert Series days of summer! NOVEMBER features a pet parade, 5k run, Wednesdays, August 1, 8 Celebration of flea market and arts and 7:00 - 8:30 pm FREE crafts show. Lights Festival Batavia Riverwalk, Sunday, November 25 Houston St. and Island Ave. 5:30 - 7:30 pm Returning this summer to the Batavia Riverwalk, Batavia Riverwalk is this fun and Houston St. and Island Ave. festive cultural arts concert Bundle up the family for this series featuring eclectic musical magical ceremonial lighting of the acts showcasing a diverse range tree. This event features holiday of tunes. music, hayrides, roasted chestnuts, caroling, entertain- ment, and a chance for children to visit with St. Nick. SEPTEMBER Mom/Son Date Night Monday, September 24 6:30 - 8:30 pm Windmill Whirl Shannon Hall, 5k Run 14 N. Van Buren Street Saturday, July 14 This is a unique date night for Race time: 8:00 am moms to partner with their sons Batavia Riverwalk, in a fun-filled atmosphere - Houston St. and Island Ave. Drama Down includes a dinner, contests, The Tri-Cities are a runner’s FREE games and prizes. By the River dream. Tackle the Fox River Trail Performances on Thursday which follows the very edge of and Friday, August 9 & 10 the historic and beautiful Fox OCTOBER Batavia Riverwalk, DECEMBER River. You’ll fall in love with the Houston St. and Island Ave. BatFest race course! Saturday, October 27 Holiday Breakfast Batavia’s most creative sixth, seventh and eighth graders have Batavia Riverwalk, FREE with Santa been working all summer long to Houston St. and Island Ave. Saturday, December 8 bring you a grassroots theatre Check your local newspaper 8:30 am production that you won’t listings for further information Shannon Hall, want to miss! about this Halloween festival 14 N. Van Buren Street you won’t want to miss! Celebrate the annual arrival of This event is brought to you Santa in Batavia. Chat with in partnership with Batavia Santa or have your child's photo MainStreet and the Batavia taken with Santa. Event includes Park District. a full pancake and sausage breakfast and entertainment.
  • 22. Honor your loved ones who served with a commemorative paver brick now available at Veterans Park You are invited to purchase a commemorative brick that will be permanently installed at Veterans Park. The bricks are high-quality, filled with black lithochrome to protect it from the elements, and each one is guaranteed to last a lifetime. There are 2 sizes of bricks available. The smaller 4” x 7” brick costs $100 and can be placed near the specific branch Name:________________________________ of service monument of your choice, under the American Flag Address:______________________________ at the center of the memorial, or at the back of the memorial near the seating area. Personal messages are limited to 3 City:__________________________________ lines of 13 characters per line (including spaces and punctua- tion). State:_______________ Zip:_____________ The larger 7” x 8” brick costs $150 and can only go under Phone:________________________________ the American Flag at the center of the memorial or at the back of the memorial near the seating area. Personal Park Location - Circle only one messages are limited to 4 lines of 13 characters per line Service Monuments Flag Pole Seating Area (including spaces and punctuation). Branch of Service - If brick is going near monuments: Money raised will benefit the Friends of the Parks Foundation and all brick purchases are tax deductible. The Buffalo Grove Park District reserves the right to edit as necessary and determine the location of all bricks. Please print clearly. One character per box. Spaces and punctuation marks count as characters. Make checks payable to: Friends of the Parks Foundation Payment and forms may be returned to: Friends of the Parks Foundation Attn: Community Brick Paver Program 530 Bernard Drive Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
  • 23. vacation in the vicinity Deerfield & Riverwoods
  • 24. Tree House Indoor Playground Deerfield Golf Club at Jewett Park C.C. and Learning Center 836 Jewett Park Dr., Deerfield 1201 Saunders, Riverwoods Drop-in times and days vary. 847-945-8333 Call 847-945-0650, for more information. (Closed Memorial Day through Labor Day) A beautiful 18-hole, soft-spike, For children at least 3 years old, less than 4’ tall public facility with day-of-play Slides • climbers • ball pit • indoor activities opportunities, three sets of tees from 5585 to 6816 yards, accessible golf cart available. Practice range and clubhouse. Cart rentals, food Deerspring Outdoor Pool & Sprayground and beverages available. 200 Deerfield Rd., Deerfield, 847-945-7610 Call 847-945-0650, for more information. Sprayground open Spring through Fall, weather permitting. Slides • wading pool • concessions • sprayground Park also has tennis courts, sand volleyball and Deerfield’s “most accessible” playground. Mitchell Outdoor Pool Wilmot & Hazel Roads, Deerfield, 847-945-7760 Call 847-945-0650, for more information. Diving boards • wading pool • concessions Park also has basketball & tennis courts, picnic areas, playground, sand volleyball and open area.
  • 25. O utings Fox Run Golf Links outing packages are available for groups of 20 to 144 golfers. Groups in the area have chosen Fox Run for their outings because of the challenging course, beautiful clubhouse, friendly staff, great food, flexibility, and affordability. As a result, many outing groups return year after year to Fox Run Golf Links. Book your tee time online! Outing Features All golf outings at Fox Run contain the following features: G 18 holes of golf G Motorized golf cart (2 per foursome) G Golf cart signs with group name G Unlimited on course competitions G Professional scoresheets G Registration table and prize table Fox Run Golf Links (upon request) 333 Plum Grove Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 847.228.3544 333 Plum Grove Road Your choice of $6.00 merchandise Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 G credit per person or a sleeve of golf balls for each player. Fox Run Driving Range 847.228.3544 550 Meacham Road, Elk Grove Village, IL For prices and availability, 847.228.3542 please contact the golf course. (South of Schaumburg Road and North of Wise and Biesterfield Roads.) A facility of the Elk Grove Park District
  • 26. Fox Run Pro Shop Driving Range and Fox Run Golf Links features a Learning Center fully stocked pro shop carrying clubs, balls, bags, and apparel. Start by warming up just 5 Featured vendors include: minutes from the golf course at Adidas, Callaway, Taylor Made, Fox Run Driving Range and Odyssey, Nike, Scotty Cameron, Learning Center. The range is Titleist, Footjoy and Tour Edge. open from April through Prices are competitive and September, weather special orders are welcome. permitting. (You may choose D rive out togreen from mats or grass tees to use Fox Den Bar & Grill the for practice. A sand bunker is beautiful, also available so you can perfect that ever important open spaces of Fox Our Fox Den bar and grill sand shot.) If you don’t have clubs of your own to Run Golf Links. Fox practice with, we offer club rentals. Run’s 18 holes on 124 overlooks the picturesque course and is the perfect place to stop acres, satisfies the Lessons are available all season. Choose in for a meal or a cocktail. You competitive spirit of don’t have to be a golfer to a private or group lesson from our teaching both duffers and enjoy the food and the scenery. professionals. Different packages are available. pros. Designed by Fox Den is open daily for lunch architect William Newcomb the golf and dinner through November. Fox Run also offers a Junior Golf Program during course has blue grass/rye mix fairways Choose from a tasty variety of the season. The program consists of instruction by and bentgrass greens. Challenging water menu selections. our teaching professionals and playing time at our holes come into play on 12 of the 18 holes golf course. The program is geared toward specific Fox Run Event Room age groups teaching golf rules, etiquette, and on the course. Fox Run offers many course management. special events and tournaments throughout the year, and golf lessons for Fox Run Gift Cards various ages of golf lovers during the Our gorgeous event room is summer. For those who appreciate golf’s perfect for a wedding, shower, 19th-hole amenities, Fox Run’s private party, or other special outstanding Clubhouse offers a full occassions. The room holds up to 180 people. We’ll assist you Gift cards and service bar, grill and a big screen TV. If with a caterer and provide an Merchandise you enjoy the outdoors, you can relax on open bar and dance floor. Let our the patio next to our picturesque cards are cozy fireplace and picturesque available at waterfall. Fox Run is the perfect place to view captivate your guests. play, watch or talk golf! Fox Run Golf The event room is also an ideal setting for a Links Pro business meeting or social group gathering. There Shop. Tees Yards Rating Slope are weekday rates and a variety of food packages Back 6287 70.2 117 to choose from. Drop in and purchase one Middle 5925 68.6 113 Call us at (847) 690-1426 or drop in and we’ll today! Forward 5288 69.9 114 show you around. We look forward to working with you to plan your next event!
  • 27. Forest Preserve District of Will County Dog Agility Class e and ds me! bre lco All s we at Whalon Lake Dog Park, on Royce Road in Naperville age Beginner Dog Agility $105.00 Session 1: Sunday, April 29 – June 10 Join Heather Dwyer, Agility instructor and ABCDT Certified 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Dog Trainer, and her teaching companion, Mae, an agility Session 2: Wednesday, May 2 – June 13 title winning border collie, for this seven-week agility course. 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. Three levels are being offered for a variety Intermediate Dog Agility $105.00 of pet abilities: Beginner Dog Agility, Session 1: Sunday, April 29 – June 10 Intermediate Dog Agility, and Advanced 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Dog Agility. Session 2: Wednesday, May 2 – June 13 Registration is required. Discounts or 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. other fees may apply. (See registration Advanced Dog Agility $105.00 form for details.) Session 1: Sunday, April 29 – June 10 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. Session 2: Wednesday, May 2 – June 13 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. Call 815.727.8700 or visit Session 3: Wednesday, May 2 – June 13 for information or a registration form. 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Forest Preserve District of Will County Dog Obedience Class ed s bre me! All lco we at Whalon Lake Dog Park, on Royce Road in Naperville Puppy Training $85.00 Join Heather Dwyer, Agility instructor and ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer, and her teaching companion, Mae, an agility Sunday, May 6 - June 10 title winning border collie, for this six-week obedience course. 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Two levels are being offered for a variety of pet abilities: Puppy Training for dogs between 3 and 6 months old and Beginner Dog Obedience. Registration is required. A 10% discount on rescued dogs with proof of adoption and/ or other fees may apply. (See registration form for details.) Beginner Obedience $85.00 Sunday, May 6 – June 10 Call 815.727.8700 or visit 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. for information or a registration form.
  • 28. 7:30 p.m. ARRA One of the best and lar gest drawing classic ro cover bands in the Chica ck goland area. 6:00 p.m. e linas T h e Jav the vein of the Old-school rock in Rockpile. Amboy Dukes & d iamon 4:30 p.m. D enny D Family & The ls Jewe Close your eyes and you’l l swear you’re at a Neil Diamond 150 W. concert. Illinois Ave, Au rora, IL Prisco Community Center 150 W. Illinois Avenue Aurora, IL 60506 630-859-8606 Start you Or visit our web site at r summer first annu off right w al Fox Mu ith the begins at sic Fest. T 3:00 p.m. he fun And it’s FR EE! Bring your blanket and lawn OD • FU N SIC • KIDS ACTIVITIES • FO chairs, and stay all day! MU
  • 29. Sunset at Bird Haven September 8, 2007 Save The Date Saturday September 8, 2007 Sunset Bird Haven 3000 W. Jefferson . Joliet, Illinois . 60435 at B i r d H a v e n G r e e n H o u s e & C o n s e r v at o r y 225 n. GouGar road • Joliet, illinois Join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the garden, followed by a dinner buffet and dancing in the indoor pavilion. Invitations to follow. Joliet Park Foundation • 815-741-7275 ext . 110
  • 30. Sunset at Bird Haven September 8, 2007
  • 31. Join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the garden followed by a dinner buffet and dancing in the indoor pavilion. Saturday, September 8, 2007 6:30 p.m. Bird Haven Greenhouse Pilcher Park 225 N. Gougar Rd. $100 per person, Includes 1 Grand Prize Raffle Ticket R.S.V . by: September 1, 2007 .P Dress: Smart Casual Live Music by: NoJo Open Bar Tickets will not be issued. Reservations will be held at the door.
  • 32. Night Golf Outing October 6 and 7 6 p.m. $25/person Feel the cool night breeze as you enjoy 9 holes of golf. A hotdog, chip and soda dinner, and glow-in-the-dark golf ball are included! The event will have a shotgun start and a foursome scramble format. REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Call (630) 620-7322 or visit
  • 33. A Rich History Directions The Trail of History encampment is nestled at the foot of the glacial kames in the rolling terrain of Glacial Park Conservation Area in Ringwood, IL. The event occurs annually on the third weekend in October, just as the N ↑ prairie grasses and trees display their vibrant colors. The first event occurred in 1989 and was named the Kames Rendezvous, based on the unique geological features in Glacial Park. In 1990, the event was renamed Trail of History to reflect an increased focus Glacial Park Conservation Area is located at on living history 6316 Harts Road, Ringwood, IL, 60072 interpretation. Each year, living history interpreters are TICKETS: Tickets can be purchased the day of the event. selected from across Discounted tickets are available after Labor Day for groups the country based of 10 or more for Saturday only, and can be picked up on their ability to at Brookdale Administrative Offices in Woodstock (815) accurately portray life 338-6223 or Prairieview Education Center in Crystal Lake in 18th and 19th century America. In addition, over 200 (815) 479-5779. (Must be purchased at least 2 weeks in volunteers and MCCD staff don costumes or work behind advance for mail order; 1 week in advance for pick up. ) the scenes at the event. For more information about MCCD’s annual Trail of History or to become a volunteer for the event, please contact: The Trail of History is considered to be one of the (815) 338-6223 - MCCD’s Administrative Office, or visit premier living history events our website at in the Midwest. As you walk along the valley floor, you will be enchanted by the many McHenry County Conservation District sights, scents and sounds of (815) 338-6223 the Northwest Territory between McHenry County Conservation District 1670-1850. This interactive (815) 338-6223 historical event is educational and fun for the whole family! Printed on recycled paper with soy ink. 6/07
  • 34. Trail of History About the Event The Trail of History is an annual living history event in which a variety of interpreters from across the country portray life as it was from 1670 – 1850 in the former Northwest Territory (encompassing present day Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and portions of eastern Minnesota). The event’s focus is to show the interrelationship between nature, man and cultural development. Ongoing Activities: Thousands of visitors each year make a one-mile journey through the glaciated Re-enactments of Military Tactics landscape. Trail stops along the way One-room Schoolhouse explain the historical and natural changes that have occurred over the Historical Kitchen years. Each step takes the visitor further back in time, until they reach the Old-fashioned Children’s Games magnificent display of early settler life on Musicians, Traders, Food, and More! the valley floor. Become A Volunteer The Trail of History is held at Glacial Park Conservation Area the third full weekend in Each year, over 200 volunteers join together to make the Trail of History October from 9 am - 4 p.m.. The admittance a success. Costumed volunteers help visitors make cornhusk dolls, gate closes at 3:30 p.m. to allow visitors time teach in the one-room schoolhouse, and more! Training for costumed to make the one-mile hike through the park to volunteers begins in June each year. Non-costumed volunteers assist the encampment site. There is a special needs MCCD staff by providing general assistance to visitors. To learn more parking area with a shuttle to the event site about becoming a Trail of History volunteer, call (815) 338-6223. provided for visitors with disabilities. Sorry, pets are not allowed into the event. Re-enactors Wanted While space is limited, we are always accepting applications from For more information about the Trail of History, living historians who interpret trades, lifeways, and/or entertainment contact McHenry County Conservation District from the 1670-1850 Northwest Territories. To apply, please follow the at (815) 338-6223, or visit our website at guidelines posted at, or call 815-678-2219 to request a copy by mail. Chosen applicants are notified in early August.
  • 35. V ISION 2010 & B EYOND —S TRATEGIC P LAN E VIDENCE OF O UR S UCCESS —2010 Beneficiaries of our programs and services V ISION will continue to: An agency of excellence, demonstrated by Member Partners working cooperatively with Board, ♦ Report exceptionally high levels of staff and the community to enhance the quality of life for each individual. satisfaction in programs and services that provide opportunities for: M ISSI O N Personal growth and success To serve as an integral Partner with our member park districts and villages to positively impact Equitable and inclusive recreation activities individuals with disabilities through diverse recreation opportunities and community services. Fun and friendship ♦ Participate at high levels ♦ Choose from a diverse array C ORE V ALUE S of activities NEDSRA & Members Partners will see: Service with Compassion - will be demonstrated by Partners, Board and Staff supporting a broad diversity ♦ Increased level of public of needs based service options, delivered with compassion. awareness/exposure Excellence and Quality - will be demonstrated by Partners, Board and Staff supporting a culture that promotes high ♦ Increased funding customer satisfaction, creative innovation and outstanding employees and volunteers. ♦ Increased numbers of volunteers, Integrity - will be demonstrated by Partners, Board and Staff approaching each person, decision and situation with donors and sponsors openness, truthfulness, respect and trust, for the common good of the whole. ♦ Achievement of fiscal targets and goals Commitment - will be demonstrated by Partners, Board and Staff pledging their loyalty, support and cooperation to Board and Staff will have demonstrated: advance the Vision and fulfill the Mission of NEDSRA. ♦ Member partner satisfaction S TRATEGIC D IRECTIONS ♦ Improved, consensus driven decision-making ♦ Engage and retain high performance teams (Board and Staff) ♦ Open discussion of creative ♦ Ensure that our culture fosters creativity and innovation (Board and Staff) opportunities ♦ Fully utilize all stakeholders and sources to ensure we sustain our level of excellence N EXT S T E P S ♦ Board agendas that include regular K EY I NITIATIV ES Staff and Board will be exploring options for updates on trends and innovations ♦ Increase service to unserved and underserved groups objectives and priorities for resources to address the ♦ Focus on and achievement of common ♦ Strengthen the connection between NEDSRA and Member Partners Strategic Directions and Key Initiatives goals ♦ Explore funding/resource alternatives throughout the next three years. ♦ Active engagement of member ♦ Ensure budget reflects Board priorities partners/staff ♦ Ability to attract and retain high quality staff NEDSRA opens doors that would otherwise be closed to children with disabilities. — Julie B., Bryan’s mother, Butterfield
  • 36. O UR P ARTNERS Vision 2010 I N S ERVICE Addison Park District & Beyond Bensenville Park District Butterfield Park District Strategic To Our Valued Stakeholders, Partners and Friends: Village of Glendale Heights Itasca Park District Plan In fall of 2006, the NEDSRA Board formed a Board/Staff Committee to begin the process of Lombard Park District answering the question Medinah Park District What will NEDSRA look Oakbrook Terrace Park District like in the year 2010? Village of Schiller Park During the past year, involvement and input Village of Villa Park have been received from more than 100 participants, parents, partners, donors and Wood Dale Park District other stakeholders. The process was skillfully guided by the consulting firm of Primer, Michaels & Associates. On October 10, after four separate meetings for discussion, the NEDSRA Board unanimously approved the essential elements of VISION 2010 & Beyond, a new Strategic Plan for NEDSRA. Our work has only just begun. In late 2007 and early 2008, the Board and staff will review options for objectives and priorities for resources to support the approved plan. Your continued involvement and commitment are invaluable, as we look toward 2010 with a renewed passion to strive for excellence in enhancing the lives of our Member Partner residents with disabilities. Sincerely, 1770 W. Centennial Place O UR T HAN KS Addison IL 60101-1076 Larry Montgomery, Chair NEDSRA extends a Thank-You to the hundreds of individuals who provided valuable input through the phone 1-630-620-4500 surveys and group meetings. To view a full list of fax 1-630-620-4598 individuals who made a commitment to the future web vision of NEDSRA and this planning process, visit e-mail Larry Reiner, Executive Director after December 1.
  • 37. Summerpalooza.qxp 10/29/07 7:12 PM Page 1 Oak Brook Park District presents SummerPalooza! Saturday, August 18 Sunday, August 19 The Oak Brook Park District invites you to Celebrating 45 years of service and dedication! Celebrate our anniversary at the Summer Palooza – a fun filled weekend for the entire family. Enjoy activities and crafts for the kids, games for the adults, and entertainment for all! Mark your calendars Activities & Schedule of Events: and join us for these Games Played Saturday, August 18 upcoming special events! Throughout the 10:00am – 5:00pm Car Show Day Include: 10:30am – 11:00am Kickoff Event: $100 Coin Hunt (all ages) For Paws Only 10:30am – 5:00pm Moon Jump September 8 Toilet Paper 10:30am – 12:30pm Live Broadcast by Star 96.7 radio 9:00am-11:00am Mummy 11:00am Relay Races (all ages) $5 resident / $6 non-resident • 11:00am – 1:00pm Face Painting Water Balloon Balloonist Magical Haunted Toss Forest Tour • Free Throw 12:00pm 12:00pm – 5:00pm Bean Bag Tournament (ages 16 and older) FREE ADMISSION into the Family October 12 & 13 Register Early! 7:00pm – 9:00pm Shootout Aquatic Center and Premiere Fitness Child: $3 resident/$5 non-resident • Volleyball (all rules and regulations apply) Adult: $5 resident/$8 non-resident 12:00pm – 5:00pm Petting Zoo Day of Event: $7 Child/$10 Adult • 1:00pm – 5:00pm DJ Punt & Throw 2:00pm FREE Ice Cream (while quantities last) Family Dive-In at the Competition Family Aquatic Center Relay Races • 2:00pm – 4:00pm 3:00pm Pony Rides Adult Softball 12” Homerun Derby November 16th 7:00pm Plus Many, Many More! Karaoke Idol Free to residents / $5 non-resident All activities will take place 6:00pm – 7:00pm Concert: Performance Spook-tacular by Stockwood, Halloween Party at the Central Park Gazebo area! The World’s Youngest Ages: 4-10 Tribute Band October 31 7:00pm FREE popcorn (while quantities last) 6:30pm – 8:00pm Rain or Shine! FREE 8:30pm Movie in the Park Double Feature: The Lion King X-Men: The Last Stand (PG13) Polar Express December 9 Sunday, August 19 3:00pm – 7:00pm In case of inclement 10:00am – 11:00am Windy City K-9 Show $16 resident / $21 non-resident weather activities will be moved to the Family 11:00am – 12:00pm Disc Golf Introductory Clinic Recreation Center gymnasium with the 12:00pm Disc Golf Tournament New! Hogwarts Express exception of the January 13 petting zoo & pony rides. 3:00pm – 7:00pm Contact us at (630) 990-4233 or visit us at to register or for more information about a program or event. Discover the Oak Brook Experience!
  • 38. Membership Has Its Benefits! Oak Brook Park District Annual Membership Rates Premiere Fitness Club Family Aquatic Center Combo Fitness & Aquatic Join the Premiere Fitness Center, the Res Non-Res Corp Res Non-Res Corp Res Non-Res Corp Family Aquatic Center or the Racquet Club Individual $242 $390 $326 $190 $285 $240 $390 $608 $510 and receive a $50 Value Card! Value Couple $410 $683 $305 $456 $644 $1026 Card may be used in the following ways: Family $672 $982 $495 $645 $1,051 $1465 Family Aquatic Center: Good towards Senior $210 $352 $170 $255 $342 $547 any swim lesson, stroke clinic or water Senior Couple $347 $615 $272 $410 $558 $923 exercise class. The offer is good until Youth/ Student $147 $290 $152 $228 $270 $467 12/31/07. Racquet Club Racquetball Only Premiere Fitness Club: Good towards Res Non-Res Corp Res Non-Res Corp Super Value!! any aerobics classes, massage packages Individual $170 $220 $210 $75 $100 $95 and/or personal training packages. Discounts on Couple $330 $430 $140 $190 Combo Fitness and Racquet Club: Value Card may be Family $360 $500 $165 $230 Aquatic Center used towards permanent court time. Senior $155 $200 $70 $90 Memberships! The offer is good from 8/6/7 thru Senior Couple $300 $390 $130 $170 12/31/07. Youth $50 $75 $20 $35 Limited to one per individual or two per family Limited Pioneer $65 $85 NA memberships. Discover the Oak Brook Experience! Celebrating 45 years of service and dedication ! Activities Car Show & Games Food • • Music • Petting Zoo • and much, & Pony Rides much more! Ph. (630) 990-4223 Oak Brook, Illinois 60523-2151 1450 Forest Gate Road The Oak Brook Park District has planned one last hurrah before we swing into fall and dive into school. Don’t miss the event of the summer! Page 2 7:12 PM 10/29/07 Summerpalooza.qxp
  • 39. at the a DAY B E AC H EAC
  • 40. Presorted Standard U.S. Postage Paid 847.266.5100 Permit No. 127 847.831.3810 Highland Park, IL E.C.R.W.S.S. Residential Postal Patron Highland Park, Illinois 60035 A Day At The Beach Rosewood Park Saturday, September 8, 2007 12:00-5:00 p.m. Bring the family out for this FREE event! Park your car at Ravinia Festival and take a ride on the Botanic Garden trolley to get down to the beach. Experience our beautiful lakefront and learn how to make it even better. Activities will include: MUSIC GAMES ARTS & CRAFTS ACTIVITIES BY THE CHICAGO BOTANIC GARDEN, SHEDD AQUARIUM & MORE |
  • 41. SCARY HAUNTED PRAIRIE October 19 & 20 7pm- 9:30pm Maine Park 2701 W. Sibley Avenue Park Ridge Wander through this tall grass terror of chills & thrills! Pre-register or pay at the door. $7 resident/nonresident Not recommended for children under 7 years of age. Thank you to our sponsor Callero & Callero, LLP We even have ‘frighteningly’ good food and drinks for purchase during the event! For more information visit our website at or call 847-692-5127.
  • 42. Owens Center 28th Annual Ice Show “A Flash in Time: One Hit Wonders on Ice” SONG ARTIST Broken Wings Mr. Mister All I Need Is A Miracle Mike and the Mechanics May 11 & 12 Sugar Sugar/I Want Candy Archies/Bow Wow Wow 7:00 pm Stuck In The Middle With You Steeler’s Wheel Come On Eileen Dexy’s Midnight Run Sponsored Harden My Heart Quarterflash by: 2 Of Hearts Stacy Q Drift Away Doby Gray It’s Magic Pilot Hot Child In The City Nick Gilder Just Call Me Angel Juice Newton Baby Come Back Player Baby Come Back Player Rockin Robin Bobby Day Who Put The Bomp Barry Mann I Fought The Law And The Law Won Bobby Fuller The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Tokens Rythmn Of The Fallin Rain/See Clearly Rain Is Gone Cascades/Jonny Nash These Boots Are Made For Walkin Nancy Sinatra Montego Bay Bobby Bloom Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus In The Summertime Mungo jerry Funky Town Lipps Inc. Hippy Hippy Shake Swingin Blue Jeans ISI Tainted Love Soft Cell Endorsement 4-9253-2007 Featuring Naomi Nari Nam & T h emistocles Leftheris and Stefanie & Jordan Griffin
  • 43. When it comes to great dinners, we’re just hitting our prime. The finest prime, USDA choice, Midwestern corn-fed beef. Classic and specialty steaks … and the best prime rib in town. Plus delicious chicken, fresh seafood and pasta and simply irresistible desserts made by our own Pastry Chef Angie. Lunch, Dinner, Banquets & Sunday Brunch Please call -- for reservations Prime Rib � Steaks � Seafood on the Historic Peoria RiverFront See our menu at — Skate Great! & Congratulations to Heather for a wonderful Ice Show!
  • 44. “A Flash in Time: One Hit Wonders on Ice” Owens Recreation Center of the Peoria Park District is proud to bring you our 28th Annual Ice Show on Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12, 2007! The Peoria Park District, three-time winner of the prestigious National Gold Medal Award, looks forward to making your recreational experiences truly outstanding. We are pleased to welcome to the Owens Center Ice Show, U.S. Pairs Skaters, Naomi Nari Nam and Themistocles Leftheris and Intermediate Pair Skaters Stefanie and Jordan Griffin. Please enjoy the wonderful songs and programs in this entertaining production performed by Owens Recreation Center lesson participants and our guest skaters. Feel great! PARK-ticipate! Improving the quality of life in our community. Tim Cassidy President, Peoria Park District Board of Trustees Peoria Park Board Timothy J. Cassidy ......................................................... President James A. Cummings ............................................... Vice President Roger P Allen ...................................................................Trustee . James T. Hancock ............................................................Trustee Robert L. Johnson, Sr. .......................................................Trustee Jacqueline J. Petty .............................................................Trustee Matthew P Ryan ...............................................................Trustee . Bonnie W. Noble .............................Director of Parks & Recreation
  • 45. Photo courtesty of Leah Adams Naomi Nari Nam and Themistocles Leftheris
  • 46. Naomi Nari Nam and Themistocles Leftheris 3rd place 2007 U.S. National Championship 6th place 2007 Four Continents Championship After attending a public session with her family at 5 years old, Naomi fell in love with the sport of figure skating. Coached by John Nicks, Jenni Meno and Todd Sand, Naomi competed as a singles skater for 13 years on the U.S. national team as a juvenile, novice, junior and senior. Her career highlights include her U.S. National Championships on the juvenile and novice levels. She also won the silver medal at the 1999 U.S. National Championships as a senior. Naomi switched to pairs skating in spring 2005 to skate with Themistocles Leftheris. In addition to skating pairs, Naomi coaches figure skating at the EastWest Ice Palace in Artesia, California. Naomi is also a student at Saddleback Community College and away from the rink and classroom, Naomi enjoys knitting, scrapbooking, dancing, attending concerts, hanging out with her friends and roommates. Themistocles (Themi) started skating after watching the 1994 Winter Olympics on television when he was 11 years old. He skated singles before focusing on pairs skating. His former partners include Melissa Ralph, Sarah Jo Damron-Brown, Jaqueline Jimenez, Nicole Hartunian and Julian Burns. He says the highlight of his pairs’ career is teaming up with Naomi Nari Nam. The highlight of his singles’ career is medaling at the Middle Atlantic Regional Championships after taking four years off from singles skating. In addition to skating pairs, Themi coaches at EastWest Ice Palace in Artesia, California. He is currently working on his communications degree at Long Beach Community College. Away from the ice and classroom, Themi enjoys “any physical activity.” Naomi and Themi had their first tryout in April 2005, two weeks after Naomi switched from singles to pairs skating. “I was really quite nervous during our first tryout. Because I had heard many great things about Themi, I wanted to skate well so he would want to skate with me,” Naomi said. After becoming partners that month, Naomi decided to leave her coaches of 10 years, to skate with Peter Oppegard, who coached Themi. Naomi and Themi train at EastWest Ice Palace in Artesia, California.
  • 47. Stefanie and Jordan Griffin Jordan, 17, is home schooled using a virtual high school called Buckeye Online School for Success and is a junior this year. His best subjects are math and computer science. Jordan enjoys developing software language with robotic abilities and hopes to make it his business someday. He has been skating since age 10, starting at Owens Center. He was coached by Heather Nichols for several years. He will attend BOSS and Sinclair Community College online this next school year. He is an intermediate men’s competitor both individually and in pairs in USFSA. Stefanie, 12, is home schooled using a virtual public school called Ohio Connections Academy. Her favorite subject is science and her hobbies include her friends, the telephone, and computer games. She has been skating since age 3 starting at the Pekin Arena and switching to Owens Center. She was coached by both Heather Nichols and Shawna Ludy. She is a juvenile competitor and an intermediate pair competitor in USFSA. Stefanie and Jordan are ranked 14th in the nation in Pairs Skating after Jr. Nationals this last year. They currently train at Sports Plus in Evendale, Ohio and are coached there by Denise Mackey and Luke Mafazy. They also train in Indianapolis with Serguei Zaitsev. They have been skating pairs together for 1-1/2 years.
  • 48. Your host for this evening is Dale Flier. Dale is a basic skills instructor at Owens Center and has been writing the Ice Show script for the past 4 years. Thank you to Dale for all of your hours of dedication to the Owens Center Skating School. Dale Flier For the skaters’ safety, no floral presentations or flash photography during the show please.
  • 49. Kayla Knoblach You may have recognized Kayla’s smiling face around the rink, for she has been skating for 10 years and this is her 10th Ice Show. A 17 year old Senior at Low Point-Washburn High School, Kayla has passed ISI freestyle 7, couples 6, dance 3, and also USFSA Juvenile freestyle and moves in the field. Kayla is also employed as a Junior Instructor at Owens Center. Along with Kayla’s dedication to skating she is involved in numerous activities at school where she was awarded Homecoming Queen this year. Kayla is Student Council President, Class Secretary, member of the National Honor Society, and Honor Roll. She has been in volleyball, cheerleading (co-captain), the play, yearbook staff, chorus, Teens Against Tobacco Use, C.A.P .T.A.I.N.S., Leadership committee, and Prom/Homecoming committee. Kayla will graduate this year in the top of her class and will continue her education at Eureka College this fall, where she will study elementary education. In addition to her solo performance, look for Kayla Knoblach Kayla in Tainted Love. Kayla, Hey Lolo, We are so proud of you. Enjoy your last show. Rockin’ Roll Tweet Tweet! Love, Have a great skate! Mom, Dad, Korte and Grandma Grandpa Love, Mama “Big” Daddy
  • 50. Kate Munson Kate began group lessons at age 3. At age six, she joined the very first Peoria Pizzazz sychronized skating team, skating with them for two seasons. After taking a break, Kate returned to Owens Center and began lessons with Heather Nichols. She enjoys performing, and has achieved two First Place medals at ISI Worlds. She was also the recipient of the Spirit Award for sportsmanship. Kate has been home schooled since the fourth grade and will celebrate her high school graduation later this month. This fall, she will be attending Concordia University in Seward, NE to major in Theology with certification as a Director of Christian Education. In addition to skating, Kate enjoys swimming and is a lifeguard. Her other interests include theatre, youth group activities and spending time with friends and family. Kate Munson SK8 GR8 CUSTOM K8 Prefinished Unfinished Flooring Repairing We are so proud of ALL you’ve Installation of New Flooring accomplished, Katy! Sanding, Refinishing Recoating Love and Blessings, Mom, Dad Kyle  Check My Price First (309) 673-8383
  • 51. Devan Spears Devan Spears is a senior at Peoria Notre Dame High School. She has been skating since the age of four and competing since the age of nine. She has completed ISI Freestyle Four. Devan participated in Peoria Pizazz for two years, between the ages of nine and eleven. This is Devan’s tenth ice show. Devan plans on attending Illinois Central College this fall then will transfer to Western Illinois University. She plans to major in Psychology. Devan Spears Sunday in the Park • Sunday, June 3 • Starting at 5:30 pm • Glen Oak Park Don’t miss the official kick off to summer–full of fun for the entire family! Live music all night! 5:30 pm Peoria Pops Orchestra 7:30 pm Peoria Municipal Band Featuring sno cones and food from the PPD Pork Tent! For more information call 681-2854 or visit
  • 52. Maria Catalina Caitlin Zant
  • 53. Chelsea Hartman Emily Roesler Lily Sherer Hannah Post 0
  • 54. Alex Damerell Alanna Blackburn Bethany Koudelka Emily Gustafson
  • 55. Old Timers Baseball Association Be a Winner - Best Wishes from Old Timers Baseball Association “A Friend of the Community” A Non-Profit Tax Exempt IRS 501(C)(3) Organization Mailing Address: Quent Yerby • 2617 N. Linn • Peoria, IL 61604 (309) 685-8507 Dear Lexi, We are so proud of you. Have fun tonight! Love, Mom Dad Caitlin Paul Another One Bites the Dust - Back Row (L – R) Shelby Ellington, Candice Phillips, Gina Seghetti, Melia Abou-Hannah, Anna Liu, Sarah Larson, Haleigh Hoskins, Luz Ellis, Katelyn Kepley; Front Row (L – R) Meagan Schweikert, Christina Novak, Alexa Damerell, Jessica Goble, J-Rah Doromal, Jessica Lee, Heidi Dong, Bailey Lushina, Taylor Bernitt
  • 56. These Boots Were Made For Walking - (L - R) Emily Slusser, Sarah Larson, Kristine Tieberg, Shelby Ellington, Gina Seghetti, Taylor Bernitt, Kate Munson (featured skater), Jane Marsh (featured skater), Christina Novak, Meagan Schweikert, Nicole Pico, Lauren Weber, Hayley Jones Achy Breaky Heart - Front Row (L – R) Jessica Goble, Alexa Damerell, Destiny Coon, J-Rah Doromal, Jessica Lee; Back Row (L – R) Lyndsey Jenkins, Jesse Ulrich, Breanne Miller, Alexis Dozier, Taylor Tribley, Hope Tieszen
  • 57. Hippy Hippy Shake - Front Row (L – R) Ashley Owen, Jane Marsh, Jarod Largent; Back Row (L – R) Kate Munson, Angie Payton, Ashley Stefani, Katelyn Neel, Lena Miller Not Pictured: Becky Vining Razmatazz - Front Row (L – R) Chloe Nichols, Sami Roberts, Savannah Stamann, Ailean Huang, Kayelynn Pratt, Lauren Day, Lexi Barney; Back Row (L – R) Cullen Lakemper, Sarah Xu, Claire Brown, Abbi Kelleher, Miranda Prosser, Phoebe Huang, Nichole Workley
  • 58. Montego Bay - Back Row (L – R) Darla Tieszen, Corinne Paul, Chris Ulrich, Joe Spears, Jennifer Malcome, Jenni Hayes; Front Row Ashley Owen (featured skater); Not Pictured: Monica Paul Peoria Park District’s Guide to Family Fun FAMILY FLICKS - The entire family can enjoy full-length, family films every Monday evening. Movies begin at dusk and cost only 25 cents a person. DANCING UNDERTHE STARS - Join us Thursday evenings starting June 14th at 7:00pm for these FREE events. Cut Out Save Cut Out Save MUNICIPAL BAND - Listen to great music presented by Bring your Peoria’s own Municipal Band, under the direction of Conductor whole family David Vroman. FREE performances Sunday and Wednesday to this evenings in June August and Sunday evenings in July at 7:30pm. outdoor stage “under TWILIGHT THEATRE- Bring a blanket and relax on the the stars” and Amphitheatre lawn while you view well-known feature films on enjoy the our large outdoor screen. Admission is just $1/person. 7/10: greatest Raiders of the Lost Ark; 7/17: Ferris Buehler’s Day Off; 7/24: selection Twister; 7/31: Die Another Day of summer entertainment For more information call 681-2854 or visit in town!
  • 59. I Fought the Law - Back Row (L – R) Haley Steenbergen, Hannah Green, Connor Brown, Claire Dickerson, Makayla Trevino, Jennylynn Meashaw, Kendra Cranford, Nichole Workley, Savannah Cranford, Danny Lakemper, Shayna Helduser; Front Row (L – R) Ashley Stefani (featured skater), Becky Vining (featured skater) Rythmn of the Fallin’ Rain/I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone Medley Front Row (L – R) Paige Bohannan, Lexi Barney, Kayelynn Pratt; Back Row (L – R) Hannah Gianoli, Victoria Hintz, Riley Steen, Katelyn Neel (featured skater); Not Pictured: Angela Hubert
  • 60. Dear J-Rah, We love you, Tweets! Have fun skating! Mama, Papa J-Arh © Warner Brothers spring summer events . . .in the garden Gigs in the Garden—Kickoff concert May 13, 5 pm, featuring Nick Boettcher, then the 2nd Sunday of the month June through September. A great music lineup in a family atmosphere! Bring the kids and a picnic! June Plant Sale Garden Fest—Sunday, June 3, 12-5 pm. Stock up on annuals, perennials, veggies and herbs for your garden. Rhapsody in Bloom Arts Festival—Saturday, June 23, 10 am- 5 pm; Sunday, June 24, 12-5 pm—The Garden’s 5th annual celebration of art, music, food and bloom! Fun for the entire family! 2218 N. Prospect Rd. luthy in Glen Oak Park botanical 309.686.3362 garden
  • 61. Style - (L – R) Ashley Owen, Becky Vining, Jarod Largent, Jesse Ulrich, Ashley Stefani, Hannah Post, Lena Miller, Lyndsey Jenkins, Katelyn Neel, Sarah Dimond, Kalee Cunefare, Justine Ulrich, Jane Marsh; Not Pictured: Demi Broderson Summertime - (L – R) Abbi Kelleher, Sarah Prentiss, Tia Eberle, Katelyn Kepley, Morgan Brown, Sarah Dimond, Candice Phillips, Haleigh Hoskins, Justine Ulrich, Katie Kessler, Angela Dong
  • 62. Rockin’ Robin - Back Row (L – R) Easton Koudelka, Sarah Post, Ellen Hou; Front Row (L – R) Chloe Nichols, Ellie Mol, Audrey Si, Emily Phillips; Not Pictured: Amanda Chin The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Front Row Erin Elliott Middle Row (L-R) Savannah Stamann, Ashley Riddle, Andres Pico, Zoe Dickerson; Back Row (L – R) Taylor Smith, Lena Miller (featured skater), Jarod Largent (featured skater), Christina Harlan, Alaina Cranford, Andrea Harlan
  • 63. ACT I Pizazz Flair Youth Synchronized - Another One Bites the Dust Melia Abou-Hanna Taylor Bernitt Alexa Damerell Heidi Dong J-Rah Doromal Shelby Ellington Luz Ellis Jessica Goble Haleigh Hoskins Katelyn Kepley Sarah Larson Jessica Lee Anna Liu Bailey Lushina Christina Novak Candice Phillips Meagan Schweikert Gina Seghetti Come on Eileen - Maria Catalina These Boots Are Made For Walking - Levels 8, 9, 10 Featuring: Jane Marsh and Kate Munson Taylor Bernitt Shelby Ellington Hayley Jones Sarah Larson Christina Novak Nicole Pico Meagan Schweikert Gina Seghetti Emily Slusser Christine Tieberg Lauren Weber Just Call Me Angel - Devan Spears/Caitlin Zant Achy Breaky Heart - Featured Skaters Destiny Coon Alexa Damerell J-Rah Doromal Alexis Dozier Jessica Goble Lyndsey Jenkins Jessica Lee Breanne Miller Hope Tieszen Taylor Tribley Jesse Ulrich Hippy Hippy Shake - Semi – Principal Group Jarod Largent Jane Marsh Lena Miller Kate Munson Katelyn Neel Ashley Owen Angie Payton Ashley Stefani Becky Vining Stuck in the Middle With You - Chelsea Hartman I’ll Be There For You - Pizazz Razmatazz Jr. Youth Formation Alexis Barney Clarie Brown Lauren Day Aileen Huang Phoebe Huang Abbi Kelleher Cullen LaKemper Chloe Nichols Kayelynn Pratt Miranda Prosser Sami Roberts Savannah Stamann Nicole Workley Sarah Xu It’s Magic - Emily Roesler Montego Bay - Adults Featuring: Ashley Owen Jenni Hayes Jennifer Malcome Corinne Paul Monica Paul Joe Spears Darla Tieszen Chris Ulrich I Fought The Law - Levels 3 4 Featuring: Ashley Stefani Becky Vining Connor Brown Kendra Cranford Savannah Cranford Claire Dickerson Hanna Green Shayna Helduser Danny LaKemper Jennylynn Measheaw Haley Steenbergen Makayla Trevino Nichole Workley 2 of Hearts - Lily Sherer Rain Medley - Level 7 Featuring: Katelyn Neel Alexis Barney Paige Bohannan Hannah Gianoli Victoria Hintz Angela Hubert Kayelynn Pratt Riley Steen All I Need is a Miracle - Hannah Post Guest Skaters - Naomi Nari Nam and Themistocles Leftheris 0
  • 64. ACT II Music From a Knights Tale - Pizazz Style Youth Synchronized Dance Demi Broderson Kalee Cunefare Sarah Dimond Lyndsey Jenkins Jarod Largent Jane Marsh Lena Miller Katelyn Neel Ashley Owen Hannah Post Ashley Stefani Jesse Ulrich Justine Ulrich Becky Vining Drift Away - Alex Damerell Summertime - Featured Skaters Morgan Brown Sarah Dimond Angela Dong Tia Eberle Haleigh Hoskins Abbi Kelleher Katelyn Kepley Katie Kessler Candice Phillips Sarah Prentiss Justine Ulrich Baby Come Back - Alanna Blackburn Rockin’ Robin - Skating Stars 1, 2, 3 Amanda Chin Ellen Hou Easton Koudelka Ellie Mol Chloe Nichols Emily Phillips Sarah Post Audrey Si Broken Wings - Bethany Koudelka Lion Sleeps Tonight - Levels 5 6 Featuring: Jarod Largent and Lena Miller Alaina Cranford Zoe Dickerson Erin Elliott Andrea Harlan Christina Harlan Andres Pico Ashley Riddle Taylor Smith Savannah Stamann Hot Child in the City - Emily Gustafson Who Put the Bomp - Levels 1 2 Featuring: Angie Payton Chloe Anderson Ryann Drake Gabrielle Greiner Maggie Hewitson Melissa Moubayed Benjamin Owens Natalie Vonachen Sugar, Sugar/I Want Candy - Kayla Knoblauch Harden My Heart - Caitlin Paul Funky Town - Featured Skater Group Morgan Brown Destiny Coon Alexa Damerell Sarah Dimond Angela Dong J-Rah Doromal Alexis Dozier Tia Eberle Jessica Goble Haleigh Hoskins Lyndsey Jenkins Abbi Kelleher Katelyn Kepley Katie Kessler Jessica Lee Breanne Miller Candice Phillips Sarah Prentiss Hope Tieszen Taylor Tribley Jesse Ulrich Justine Ulrich Tainted Love - Principal Group Alanna Blackburn Maria Catalina Alex Damerell Emily Gustafson Chelsea Hartman Kayla Knoblauch Bethany Koudelka Caitlin Paul Hannah Post Emily Roesler Lily Sherer Devan Spears Caitlin Zant Guest Skaters - Jordan Stefani Griffin Guest Skaters - Naomi Nari Nam and Themistocles Leftheris
  • 65. Who Put The Bomp - (L – R) Angie Payton (featured skater), Ryann Drake, Gabrielle Greiner, Maggie Hewitson, Melissa Moubayed, Ben Owens, Chloe Anderson, Natalie Vonachen Summer Fun at the Zoo! Daily Programs: Memorial Day to Labor Day 2007 T IME PROGRAM Zoo 11:00 am Sea Lion Feeding Members FREE 11:30 am Animal Program 12:00 pm Keeper Chat All Year! 1:00 pm Animal Enrichment 1:30 pm Keeper Chat 2:00 pm Sea Lion Feeding 2:30 pm Primate Feeding 3:00 pm Animal Program Corner of Prospect McClure (in Glen Oak Park) Peoria, IL (309) 686-3365 Owens Center Ice Show Program
  • 66. NL PHOTOGRAPHY Custom Photography 301 Arnold Ave. East Peoria, IL 61611 309.699.6899 ____________________________________________________________________ Parent or Guardian ____________________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip ____________________________________________________________________ Phone Email Photos may also be viewed and purchased at: Password: “owens” Skater’s Group: _______________________________________________________ Skater’s Name: _______________________________________________________ Photo #______ Size: ____4x6 ($5) ____5x7 (Special $10) ____8x10 ($23) Line Total: $_________ Skater’s Group: _______________________________________________________ Skater’s Name: _______________________________________________________ Photo #______ Size: ____4x6 ($5) ____5x7 (Special $10) ____8x10 ($23) Line Total: $_________ Skater’s Group: _______________________________________________________ Skater’s Name: _______________________________________________________ Photo #______ Size: ____4x6 ($5) ____5x7 (Special $10) ____8x10 ($23) Line Total: $_________ S H: + $2.00 Grand TOTAL: $_________ Orders will be mailed directly to your door.
  • 67. Funky Town - Front Row (L – R) J-Rah Doromal, Jessica Lee, Abbi Kelleher, Angela Dong, Katie Kessler, Alexa Damerell, Justine Ulrich, Sarah Prentiss, Taylor Tribley, Tia Eberle, Hope Tieszen; Back Row (L – R) Breanne Miller, Morgan Brown, Alexis Dozier, Lyndsey Jenkins, Sarah Dimond, Katelyn Kepley, Jesse Ulrich, Candice Phillips, Haleigh Hoskins, Destiny Coon, Jessica Goble Tainted Love - Back Row (L - R) Bethany Koudelka, Devan Spears, Chelsea Hartman, Emily Gustafson, Lily Sherer, Hannah Post, Caitlin Zant, Caitlin Paul; Front Row (L – R) Kayla Knoblauch, Maria Catalina, Alex Damerell, Alanna Blackburn, Emily Roesler
  • 68. DAVE FISHER VIDEO PRODUCTIONS (309) 696-4707 Would you like a keepsake DVD of the 2007 Owens Center Annual Ice Show, “A Flash in Time: One Hit Wonders on Ice”? Dave Fisher Video Productions is offering you the opportunity to keep the memory alive forever with a DVD of the entire show. See your favorite skater, whether it is your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, through a professionally prepared DVD. Dave Fisher Video Productions will have cameras set at different angles taking video of all the action during the performances to capture all the beautiful skating of the ice show. For just $35, you may have your own DVD of the entire show. Please make your check payable to Dave Fisher Video Productions. Orders will be accepted at the ice arena office during both the Friday and Saturday evening shows. The finished DVDs will be mailed to the address you provide below. CAUTION! OUR DVDs ARE COPYGUARDED. ATTEMPTS TO MAKE COPIES OF THE ICE SHOW MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE ORIGINAL. OWENS CENTER ANNUAL ICE SHOW “A Flash in Time: One Hit Wonders on Ice” DVD ORDER FORM • DVD Disks ____# of copies x $35.00 = $__________ • Shipping charges $6.00 per item ___ # of items = $__________ • Total Due $__________ Name________________________________________________________ Street Address _________________________________________________ City ____________________________ State ____ Zip code __________ Telephone ____________________ Total Enclosed __________________ Cash ______ Check #_________ VISA _____ MC ______ Discover______ ____________________________________________________________ Acct. Number: Exp. Date _____________________________________________________________ Signature of Cardholder
  • 69. Pro Staff - (L - R) Jenni Hayes, Heather Nichols, Corinne Paul Junior Instructors - (L - R) Kaitlin Paul, Bethany Koudelka; Not pictured: Kayla Knoblach Best wishes to the Owens Center skaters. Have fun and Skate Great! Alanna, Dear Paige, Congrats on We are very another great year! proud of you! Have fun! Love, Love, Grandma Pat, Paul, Mom, Dad Jordan Mom Keith
  • 70. Owens Center Volunteer of the Year Award and Bardezbanian-Olson Award An important part of creating new programs and facilities is recalling the successes and inevitable disappointments of the past, to use them as a guide into the future. Today’s success at Owens Center would not be possible without the significant contributions several important people have made to Owens and to skating through the years. Named for Rhodell E. Owens, former director of the Peoria Park District for 37 years, Owens Center was dedicated on October 4, 1980. Rhodell’s determination and leadership, along with the vision of the Park Board of Trustees, helped bring not only an ice rink, but a truly first class facility to Peoria. Owens is one of only a few ice rinks in downstate Illinois that boasts two full size ice surfaces. Each year the Owens Center Volunteer of the Year award honors extraordinary volunteer efforts in support of figure skating programs. The 2007 Owens Center Volunteer of the year is Joe Spears. The success of hockey in Peoria, a huge part of Owens programming, can be attributed to two men: Pete Bardezbanian and Mark Olson. Each year the Bardezbanian-Olson award is given for outstanding volunteer efforts in support of youth hockey programs at Owens Center. The 2007 recipient of the Bardezbanian-Olson award is Darwin McPherson. For all their exceptional efforts and determination, we say “thank you”.
  • 71. Peoria Pizazz would like to thank the skaters and parents for another great year! Hope to see you in the fall. Ancient Ancient Oaks Day Camp Park at Sommer Park June 11 - August 10 • a summer filled with Ages 4 to12 fun/educational outdoor experiences inc For more information, inc luding • 320 acres of woods, (309) camp fees, call (309) 691-8423 trails and ponds— inc inc luding a new 32-acre recreational park W.H. Sommer Park is located on Park Road, Koerner Road, between Rt. 150 • weekly themes and field trips with a focus Road, and Charter Oak Road, west on science and nature Prairie of the Shoppes at Grand Prairie
  • 72. To all the “Flash in Time” Show Participants... Thanks for all of your hard work. Have a Great Show, Heather HigH Performance Training insTiTuTe for aTHleTes NL PHOTOGRAPHY Custom Photography 301 Arnold Ave. East Peoria, IL 61611 309.699.6899 Greg Eberle ATC, USAW Sports Medicine/Athletic Performance Northern Lights Photography Owner “Light and Shadows...Our at Owens Center Playground Art” 1019 W. Lake Ave. Peoria, Illinois 61614 Phone: 309-693-0818 Michael Miller Cell: 309-202-2955 Fax: 309-828-3054 Office: 309.699.6899 email: Cell:309.453.2387 website: 0
  • 73. WENS CENTER SUMMER PUblic SkatE SchEdUlE June 1 - September 7 M 1:00-2:30 pm 7:00-8:30 pm (6/4-8/27 only) Tu 1:00-2:30 pm W 1:00-2:30 pm Th 1:00-2:30 pm Fr 1:00-2:30 pm 7:30-9:15 pm Sa 6:45-8:30 pm Starting September 8, Owens will return to regular public skate hours. PUblic SkatE SchEdUlE ExcEPtionS Owens will be completely closed: • Memorial Day 5/27-28 • Independence Day 7/4 • Labor Day 9/2-3 There will be no evening public skate (7:30-9:15 pm) on the following dates: 6/16 and 7/14 Call to check for additional closure dates. adMiSSion FEES Junior (12 and under) $3.00 Adult (13 and over) $4.00 Senior (65 and over) $3.00 Skate Rental $2.00 FlasHback to tHe 80’s aDMIssIoN Rates tHIs juNe at oweNs ceNteR Monday-Friday 1:00-2:30 pm $2.00 public skate fee plus $1.00 skate rental. All other public skate sessions and rentals will be at our regular listed price. FREE Child’s admission to any Public Skate when accompanied by a PAID adult. Skate Rental NOT included. Offer good until August 31, 2007. Must present this coupon to receive offer.
  • 74. Dear J-Rah, We love you and we’re so proud of you! Nanay Mercy Tatay Pater, Titas Titos, Pao-Pao Return Intertribal Pow-Wow Annual to Pimiteoui 2007 June 9 10 2007 W.H. Sommer Park Experience traditional Native American music, dances, and ceremonies. Visit the Cultural Arts Activity Center and the Primitive encampment. Enjoy native arts, crafts, and good food. All Public Welcome! $7.00/Carload Off Route 150 on Koerner Road - South One Mile For information call 691-8423 This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.
  • 75. SKATING STARS SUPER SKATES ADULT LEVELS SUMMER A special 3-level A 10-level course for school aged skaters 7 and A 10-level course introductory series for adults to learn SKATING LESSONS offered for ages 3-6. above or younger skaters who have completed with their peers. Skating Stars. WEEKDAY LESSONS: 2 OPTIONS: Meets M W at Meets M W at Meets M W at 1. Meet twice a week (M W) for 2 weeks: 1:00 pm or 1:45 pm 1:00 pm or 1:45 pm 1:45 pm Session 1-SM 6/4 - 6/13 (pick one) (pick one) Session 2-SM 6/18 - 6/26 Session 3-SM 7/9 - 7/18 Session 4-SM 7/23 - 8/1 Session 5-SM 8/6- 8/15 Fee-R/NR for (4) 45 min. lessons: $30/$35 2. Meet twice a week (Tu Th) for 2 weeks: Meets Tu Th at Meets Tu Th at Session 1-ST 6/5 - 6/14 1:00 pm 1:00 pm Session 2-ST 6/19 - 6/28 Session 3-ST 7/10 - 7/19 Session 4-ST 7/24 - 8/2 Session 5-ST 8/7 - 8/16 Fee-R/NR for (4) 45 min. lessons: $30/$35 SATURDAY LESSONS Pick from following Pick from following Meets Saturday at: Meet every Saturday for 4 weeks. Saturday times: Saturday times: 10:30 am 9:45 am 9:45 am Session S1 6/2 - 6/23 10:30 am 10:30 am Session S2 7/7 - 7/28 Session S3 8/4 - 8/25 Fee-R/NR for (4) 45 min. lessons: $30/$35 EVENING LESSONS Pick from following Pick from following Pick from following Meet once a week (W or Th) for 6 weeks. days/times: days/times: days/times: Session E1 6/6 - 7/19* W-5:30 pm W-5:30 pm W-5:30 pm Session E2 7/25 - 8/30 W-6:15 pm W-6:15 pm Th-6:15 pm Th-5:30 pm Th-5:30 pm *No class 7/4 Th-6:15 pm Th-6:15 pm Fee-R/NR for (6) 45 min. lessons: $45/$50 FALL SKATING LESSONS Mon 4:30 pm Mon 4:30 pm Pick a day and time for your lessons. 5:15 pm 5:15 pm You will meet once a week for 8 weeks during either of these sessions: Tues 10:00 am Tues 10:00 am Tues 12:15 pm 1:00 pm 1:00 pm Fall I: 9/4 - 10/29 Fall II: 10/30-1/12/08 Wed 10:00 am Wed 10:00 am Wed 9:00 am 1:00 pm 1:00 pm 6:15 pm THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES: 5:30 pm 5:30 pm November 20-24 December 24-January 5 6:15 pm 6:15 pm Thur 10:00 am Thur 10:00 am Thur 6:15 pm 1:00 pm 1:00 pm 5:30 pm 5:30 pm 6:15 pm 6:15 pm Sat 9:45 am Sat 9:45 am Sat 9:45 am 10:30 am 10:30 am
  • 76. Season ticket packages start at just $350 per seat! Committed To Developing Supporting CHAMPIONS Proud “AAA” Affiliate PEORIA RIVERMEN 201 SW Jefferson Street Peoria, IL 61602 Phone: (309) 676-1040 Fax: (309) 676-2488
  • 77. Home Design Concepts 7009 Saddlebrook Dr. Mapleton, IL 61547
  • 78. Dear J-Rah, Have Fun and Skate Great! With Love, Grandmama Zen Grandpapa Jess, Grandma Leonore Grandpa Ric Doodlebug, Dear Lily, You’ve come a long way since Have a great skate! last year. We love you, Keep up the great work! Mom, Dad Natalie Love, Mom, Dad, Lucas Kyle RIVER’S EDGE CAMPGROUND Kingston Mines, IL Roy Lois Bales 565-7802 John Tina Southard 635-0786 Rick Jimelle Southard 224-0393
  • 79. Bob Carol Bellemey Owners B C Storage 211 N. 4th Street Pekin, IL 61554 611 W. Shore Dr. Pekin, IL (309) 347-8283
  • 80. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS General Manager: Doug Silberer Assistant to the Show Director: Lori Slusser, Sheila Doering Choreographers: Heather Nichols, Jenni Hayes, Corinne Paul, Bethany Koudelka Backstage Monitor: Robbie Hrovatin Costume Coordinator: Heather Nichols, Cindi Koudelka Costumes: Cindi Koudelka, Amy Greiner, Julie Green, Julie Smith, Amy Barney, Pam Larson, Cyndi Idriss, Marcella Phillips, Deb Payton, Cover Design: Lee Reading, Connie Kamin-Cloat Curtain Pullers: Justin Trompeter, Robert Gess Decorating: a cast of hundreds Dressing Room Monitors: a cast of hundreds Music Acquisition: Heather Nichols Photography: Mike Miller Program Layout/Design: Connie Kamin-Cloat Cover and Program Printing: Trent Kaufmann, Kelli Lillie Props: Many industrious parents Script: Dale Flier Host: Dale Flier Special Assistant: Cindi Koudelka Ticket Sales: Kathy Knoblauch Setup Staff and Zam drivers: Steve Wisher and Maintenance Staff Video Production: Dave Fisher Video Production and a very special thanks to those heroes whose names were missed in these acknowledgements. I would like to thank all of the skaters, parents and coaches who have made my time at Owens Center a memorable experience. I appreciate all of your love and support. I wish nothing but the best for all of the skaters and families who have touched my life and the lives of my family over the last few years. I would also like to thank our show co-sponsors: Children’s Hospital of Illinois at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center and Times Newspapers, as well as all our program advertisers. I encourage you to support them. Have a great show! Heather Nichols Ice Show Director
  • 81. Summer Camp at the RiverPlex– We’ve Thought of It All! • Weather Concerns: When the weather’s hot, campers will enjoy swimming in the AquaPlex or playing in the 18,000 square foot, air-conditioned arena. When it’s not, we’ll be outside enjoying all the area has to offer. • The “Boredom Factor”: Campers will learn new activities each week and go on exciting field trips. From teambuilding and fitness to fine arts and science, the RiverPlex makes learning fun! • Convenience: Don’t drive your child to camp and then to swimming lessons! Campers may participate in AquaPlex swim lessons during camp hours (additional fee applies). • Timing: Sign up for the whole summer OR pick only the weeks you need. Camp runs for 12 weeks beginning May 29–that’s a week earlier than most camps! • Parents’ Schedules: Camp runs Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm, but Extended Care is available from 7:30- 9:00 am and 5:00-5:30 pm for an additional $18/week. • Your Wallet: A full week of camp is just $100 for RiverPlex members, $105 for residents and $110 for nonresidents. What’s more, there will be no additional fees for field trips. Get a quality camp experience for your 5-12 year old at a place you know trust! Register today at 600 NE Water Street A Peoria Park District on Peoria’s downtown RiverFront Facility 282-1521 for details
  • 83. CHOI WEB ad / Park District 4/18/07 1:42 PM Page 1 ck ut! C he it o ita lof sp sho dren .chil w ww
  • 84. Your complete logistics Warehouse solution •Vital Records storage •Custom Logistics Solutions •Motorcycle Transportation •Household Goods Relocation Where can we take you today? 1-800-747-4100