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Training and technological methodologies for combating Naxalism Securing Asia 2013

Training and technological methodologies for combating Naxalism Securing Asia 2013



Mr.SK Pandey, IPS, ADGP (Naxal Operations) Madhya Pradesh, India

Mr.SK Pandey, IPS, ADGP (Naxal Operations) Madhya Pradesh, India



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    Training and technological methodologies for combating Naxalism Securing Asia 2013 Training and technological methodologies for combating Naxalism Securing Asia 2013 Presentation Transcript

    •  Every legally elected government/state faces violent confrontation.  Many such movements/conflicts develop due to perceived notions/misplaced grievances.  In growing & developing societies such threats will continue to emerge, develop and grow.
    •  State has to put security apparatus in place to face and deal with such menace.  In many countries Army performs this role. In India – Law Enforcement Agency i.e. Police does the same.  One of the gravest internal security threats - Naxalism.  Spreading its wing affecting 1/3rd of India.  Naxal movement - lost their ideology and turned increasingly brutal ,senseless & violent .
    •  Naxalites- Left wing extremists.  Take their name from Naxalbari- a hamlet in West Bengal where an agrarian revolt started in 1967.  Spread to Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India.  Prefer to call themselves Maoists now.
    • Philosophy  Reject democracy and elected Government.  Rage protracted war to seize power.  Steadfast offensive campaign.  No scope/inclination for talks or any form of engagement.  Build bases in village.  Form guerrilla zones.  Try to establish parallel administrative set-up – jantana adalat .  Prevent organized development to alienate the populace.  Encircle urban areas and seize power.
    •  Sudden Attacks.  Blitzkrieg -use of disproportionate and overwhelming strength/ resources.  Ingenious use of IEDs.  Exploit intimate knowledge of terrain and conditions.  Use of innocent civil populace to shield and exploit sit.  Stall economic and developmental activity through bans and boycotts.  Psychological warfare.  “manner of killing should frighten more than killing itself.”
    •  Need to set up specialized units. ◦ Intense and dedicated training -combination of technology & experience. ◦ Equipped with modern weapons & ammunition, intelligence gathering equipment, tactical accessories & suitable transportation.  Extremely mobile, agile and capable of undertaking swift and precise operations.  Undertake operations based on precise and actionable intelligence.  Establish ground based human intelligence network.  Paradigm shift in combat doctrine -Present arrangement – exposed the vulnerability.
    •  Dense Vegetation  Limited visibility  Streams n rivers  Heat n Humidity  Far n Few Roads  Treacherous Tracks  Limited communication Thus it requires spl tactics, techniques n procedure to combat this menace.
    •  Combat Training including physical and mental conditioning.  Tactical Operations Training with stress on honing Field and Battle Craft.  Shooting skills including dynamic and under stress/ operational situations.
    •  Emphasis on Practical's/Outdoor Ex. To achieve:- ◦ Thinking soldier. ◦ Physical conditioning & toughness. ◦ Unarmed Combat. ◦ Know about weapon (behave & potential) by dry and different unconventional firing practices. ◦ Operations with minimum or no administrative tail.  Implementing the maxim ‘Fight a Guerrilla like a Guerrilla’ only can beat the enemy in their own way of fighting.
    •  CASO  SADO  QRT  ROP  CPD  Patrolling especially Jungle terrain and villages.  Ambush including Area and Counter Ambush.  Raid – hideouts and training camps.  Search-Sweep and Encirclement.  Room Intervention and Clearance.  Surveillance and Observation drills.  Counter IED drills. 
    •  Small Team Concept as also rehearsal in buddy pair.  Map Reading & GPS  Jungle Survival  Handling of IED and explosives/chemicals  Intense practice in night operations – move, firing, identification, terrain reading etc.  Hands on trg in handling comn system, first aid etc.  Planning of operation and briefing on Sand Model.  Dry rehearsal/practice on Mock set up.  One Minute Drills - to make response more faster and work as a team in different situations.
    •  Under stress and operational conditions with minimum collateral damage/ innocent kills.  Firing on the Move including firing from difficult positions and situations.  Reflex and precise shooting on Pop Up targets with varied movements.  Left and Right shoulder/door firing skills.  Multiple target firing.
    •  Night firing.  Jungle Lane Shooting.  Room Shooting.  Grenade Firing including UBGL.  Indirect weapon firing – 2” Mortar.  Sniping and Precise shooting at longer distances.  Change of direction and Fire.
    •  To enhance human performance of the operator.  Offers minimum obstruction, restriction to human biomechanics.  Keeps the body thermal condition optimum.  Retains 360 of natural mobility of body.  Sort of force multiplier in achieving the mission of neutralizing the assailants.
    •  Surgical operation in the most challenging physiological and psychological condition.  In the sub second time frame of close combat, even minor differences and defects in design-lethal.  Solution selected must be appropriate for specific needs.
    •  Ballistic and fragmentation protection equipment .  Tactical body armor System.  Man-armor interface that allows maximal human interface.  Right combination of technical material ,ergonomics design and equipment construction.  It should be able to reduce blast energy upward and absorb splinters in its sidewalls.
    •  Defense control rescue assault system.  Speed and precision allow instant domination and rapid termination of threats.  MPV -with & fully loaded operation in the hull
    •  Present weapon system designed more for close shoot out  Requirement for medium range application.  Assault Rifles,12 bore pump action gun, Sniper Rifles.  Equipped with modern sighting systems such as  Magnified optics telescopic sights,  holographic/ reflex sight,  night and thermal sights.  Aiming in low/no light .  Quick target acquisition with pin point accuracy.  Both eyes – better situational awareness advantage.  Big sight and realistic picture.  Precise Shooting Assistance Accessories such Laser grips, Vertical fore grip and Laser fore-grips.
    • Body Apparel  Breathable Camouflage dress  Tactical Vest  Knee and Elbow pads  Nomax (face) mask  Tactical boots  Gloves Armor Systems  Body Armor – Light weight and modular  Ballistic helmet  Ballistic Shields
    • Tactical Gear and Tools  Holster system with passive retention around trigger guard and allowing rapid presentation  Anti ballistic goggles  Hand held Night vision and Thermal detection system  Micro mini UAV  Long range Spotterscope  Swatscope  2/4 wheel Remote control surveillance robot.  Near distance surveillance system –Throw able surveillance cube,  Covert audio video system and  Endoscopic cameras for surgical strike.
    • Tactical Gear and Tools  Forcible Room Entry tools  Multi purpose tools  Life saving and rescue equipment.  Field command post equipment. Communication  Personal Handheld Radios  Headsets with VOX/PTT  Throat Mic System  Tactical Communication during disturbed noise.  Vehicle mounted Base Radio  Ear muff with communication window.
    •  Indoor and Outdoor Combat Range ◦ Static Target Systems with Pop Up systems for snap shot exercises. ◦ Dynamic target system depicting different motions . ◦ Dynamic exercises to prevent setting of predictability scenario. ◦ Provide feedback of position of shot on firing point equipment and master control system (MCS) ◦ Able to run multiple lanes with same & different exercise simultaneously. ◦ Deployable for various target exercises as also have customized exercises. ◦ Target illumination at different distances for night firing. ◦ Cross fire detection. ◦ Operating temperature 0-50 C.
    •  Dynamic Simulation System • Providing freedom of movement. • Ability to develop exercise based on local terrain and jungle conditions. For eg proper forest backdrop with pop up of target amidst trees/ bushes. • Promote software, electronics and optical mechanical solution for simulation.  Kill house/shoot house to practice life fire room entering.  Dynamic track free mobile target system for outdoor ranges.  Sniper firing using location of hit miss system.  Grenade firing ranges.  EOD & counter IED range.  Mock House equipped with Ram doors to practice Forced entry and Clearance.
    •  Live Training Systems based on Air Soft guns.  Simulator based Systems • Conduct live exercises with troops as in actual Combat. • Major sets for men and equipment and integrated GPS, control unit and communication module. • Record kills, grievous injuries, near misses,bullets fired etc. • Covering area up to 5 km diameter. • Combat target identification /friend or foe
    •  RIDD -Rolling illuminated destruction and disorientation device. o To act rapidly and surgically in an unknown space. o Visual acuity and depth perception of photopic vision.  Incandescent/LED/Laser illumination tool to blind or disorient an opponent.  Headlamp with adjustable illumination – hands free concept.  IR based Illumination system – for covert detection as also assist in identification of own forces.  Tactical weapon, mounted illumination system.
    • Separate Dedicated Team  To monitor communication and movt. of Naxalites.  Communication interceptor.  Raising of agents/informers.  Surveillance on suspects.  Data mining.  Border control.  Interception of mails.
    •  Capability and capacity building of a force especially to undertake complex and sensitive operations – resource, time and man-power intensive.  Once established-long term assets in continual training & up gradation of skills.  Planning implementation & training – takes considerable time, perspective planning and effort.  Concentrated, Systematic Planned and Consistent approach – key factor.
    • Surendra Kumar Pandey Addl DG MP Police E mail: ssrp88@yahoo.com