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Mats almqwist


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  • Short range data communication; the Personnel System has a built in short range radio system, called WLN (WireLess Network), that is used for association and data transfer between the Personnel System and associated components of the Soldier System and of vehicle simulator systems. For example, if a soldier is located inside a vehicle he is automatically associated to the vehicle, and will thus get a higher protection level from e.g. artillery attacks. However, if the vehicle is hit by direct fire or AWES and the hit is evaluated as a damage or kill, the soldier may also be wounded or killed as a result of local evaluation of secondary effects. Association of soldiers to vehicles is automatically reported to EXCON by the Vehicle System.
  • Transcript

    • 3. Saab is a world leader in training and simulation for the homeland security and military sector “ Simulation offers a unique advantage over traditional live training in the efficiency of resource use and its ability to replicate training events and systematically record data for After Action Review (AAR)” “ Simulation enables us to train in ways that are not possible by traditional methods whether for health & safety, geography, manpower constraints, political sensitivity or increasing weapon and sensor capabilities” Extract from “Strategy for Simulation in Land Collective Training”
    • 4. Saab – Meeting the global training need “ The need to move the level of training from the lathi to the AK47 is critical for the 2.3 million homeland security personnel”
    • 5. This is what happened!
    • 6. Categories of Simulation LIVE SIMULATION “ Real people, in a real environment, operating real objects but with simulated effects” VIRTUAL SIMULATION “ Real people, operating simulated equipments, in a simulated environment, generating simulated effects” CONSTRUCTIVE SIMULATION “ Real people controlling simulated units, platforms or systems, with simulated equipments, in simulated environments, generating simulated interactions & effects.
    • 7. INSTRUMENTATION CONCEPT EXCON Command & Control View Radio Base Station 2 way radio communication Instrumented Players
    • 8. Medical Treatment Simulator. Protective Mask Simulator Small Arms Transmitter IED Simulation, Hand Grenades, Mines, Booby Traps PERSONNEL TRAINING DEVICES Personnel Detection Device Hand Gun Laser Simulator
    • 9.
      • Personnel Detection Device (PDD)
      GPS-antenna TES Laser Detectors Wireless Halo Radio-antenna for communication with the base station Radio-antenna for communication with the laser transmitter Loudspeaker Battery & electronics on rear side Wireless Halo for Soft Cap Kill Wound Artillery Stable Near miss
    • 10.
      • Everything built-in
      • Automatically associated with weapon, vehicle, protective mask etc
      • Weight: < 3 kg.
      Medical Treatment Simulator. PS – Short Range Wireless Communication The most advanced PS available on the market OBUA Tracking Protective Mask Small Arms Transmitter Hand Grenades, Mines, Booby Traps Anti-Tank Weapon Simulators Vehicle Association AWES, Minefield, NBC Status Display (Opt.)
    • 11. Small Arms Transmitter BT 47 SAT Weapon association, PAN (fire inhibit when killed) Unconditionally Eyesafe Laser Class 1 600 M 0,5 M 0.5 m
    • 12. Exercise Control Centre (EXCON)
    • 13. Urban Operations Training Devices Structure Effects Simulator (SES) Room Association Device (RAD) Structure Information Device (SID)
    • 14. Video in EXCON
      • Map and Video fully synchronized
      • ID and status of soldier on video is presented
    • 15. EXCON presentation snapshots Exercise Journal (event view) Exercise entity (status and control) Map view Map presentation examples
    • 17. Snail Trail Viper 1 flies within 300m of En Positions Viper 6 Flies within 149m of En Position HLS TRACKING - Snail Trail View
    • 18. O/C Equipment
      • Key features:
        • O/C Tracking Device
          • Vehicles and
          • Personnel
        • O/C Control Gun – 2 versions:
          • Long Range and
          • Short Range
        • O/C Handheld Radio
        • O/C Remote Terminal
          • Vehicle Installed and
          • Man portable
        • Signal Launcher
          • Smoke (red, green or white) and sound
        • O/C Handheld Video Camera
    • 19.  
    • 20.  
    • 21. STS CTC References Vehicles Anti-Tank Base Stations EXCON Workstations Installation Type Comm. Infrastructure Small Arms Systems CTS Microwave Mobile 1352 218 240 8-11 6 Soldier Systems 1518 Helicopters 12 700 220 4 4 Microwave Portable/Mobile 850 DITS 7 th Army Via HLA - MCTC Microwave Fiber Mobile Fixed 2 050 131 590 14 6 825 200 158 11 3 2 250 771 NACMTC Planned Status In Service 2002 In Service 2003 In Service 2005 In Service 2005 In Service 2001 Slovenia Microwave Mobile 170 22 44 4 2 225 - In Service 2008 24 1 1 Portable Microwave GAMER - - - -
    • 22. Enhanced Weapon Effects Simulation Detonator (radio mode) FX Device Effect Message Position+ Status 868 MHz (~200 m) Detonator (radio mode) Local design 3-30V (victim initiated) or or
    • 23. IED Advanced Advanced Björn Linderö Saab Training System AB 2010 Want to see where the VB-IED is in EXCON ? Want to know the status (armed/jammed/detonated) ? Want to visualize the IED during the AAR ? Want to training with jammer ?
      • Terrorist triggers !
      • Bomb Explodes !
      Armed Exploded
    • 24. IED Jammer
      • Jammer is a player (tracking)
      • EXCON can see Jamming on/off
      • EXCON can set Malfunction
      • Max range approx 100m
      - Only works with IED Advanced ! Jammer Control Panel Jammer Off Jammer On Jammer Malfunction (flashing) Advanced Björn Linderö Saab Training System AB 2010
    • 25. IED Jammer in EXCON
      • “ Bubble” moves with jamming vehicle.
      • No bubble meaning Jammer Off
      • Size of bubble according to set jammer type
      • Simulated Jammer I.e. no actual blocking of radio
      Björn Linderö Saab Training System AB 2010 Advanced
    • 26. Dismounted Detection Training System
      • Individual IED detector
      • Collective training-drills
      • Visual Acuity-Video streaming