India's Homeland Security Market: Challenges and Business Opportunities  Securing Asia 2013
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India's Homeland Security Market: Challenges and Business Opportunities Securing Asia 2013



Mr Maroof Raza, Mentor, Security Watch India Author & Media Commentator

Mr Maroof Raza, Mentor, Security Watch India Author & Media Commentator



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India's Homeland Security Market: Challenges and Business Opportunities Securing Asia 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. CHINA SRI LANKA Multiple secessionist movements in Northeast Growing threat of Maoist insurgency, now infested in more than seven states of India Kashmir Insurgency along with cross- border terrorism. Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Chennai Another significant threat is to major cities, the economic hubs of the country
  • 2.  Law & Order is a State Subject in India.  Union Home Ministry performs the function of advisory and assisting the state police forces to maintain law & order  Union Home Ministry has an array of Central Police Forces for border guarding, special counter-terror operations and intelligence gathering.  The estimated Strength of Central Armed Police Forces is 780000  Total Strength of State Police Forces is 2 million.
  • 3. Major Central Police Forces :  CRPF – 300000 plus personnel  BSF- 240000 personnel  ITBP- 50000 personnel  CISF- 145000 personnel  Assam Rifles- 65000 personnel  SSB- 50000 personnel  NSG- 5000 personnel  SPG- 3000 personnel
  • 4.  National Investigation Agency (NIA)  National Security Guard (NSG)  National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID)  National Counter Terror Center (NCTC)( proposed) An estimated $900 million - $1 billion were spent on modernization of Central Police Forces in the last fiscal year.
  • 5.  89,641 light weight BP jackets,  67,965 AK-47 rifles;  16,430 Assault rifles;  2537 X-95 assault rifles for CRPF  34377 Carbine Machine For BSF  1,805 Automatic Grenade Launchers;  2,608 Glock Pistols;  1,164 hand-held Thermal Imagers;  1,576 MP-5s;  8,109 PNS Weapons sights;  105 Mine protected vehicles;  8 ALH Helicopters;  118 Light Armoured Troop Carriers;  3,174 Deep Search Metal Detectors;  9,792 Passive Night Vision Binoculars etc  25 Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices, RCIED Jammers for CRPF Road Opening parties.  16,791 Digital VHF/UHF hand held radio sets for BSF has been sanctioned.  Under the Modernisation of Police Force scheme, the state level police forces have been provided with 26465 bullet proof jackets, 1077786 assault rifles and 17824 vehicles.  An estimated 30,000 MP-5 are under the process of being purchased by Union Home Ministry for NSG and State level Special Forces.
  • 6.  Modernization is being sponsored by Union Home Ministry.  Key Areas of Modernization are:  Mobility (including purchase of bullet proof and mine proof vehicles)  Weaponry  Communication Systems  Training  Forensic Science Laboratory/ Finger Printing Bureau  Equipments  Buildings Under the Modernization of State Police Forces Scheme,  100% of the expenditures of Police Forces of J&K and Northeast States are reimbursed by Central Government under Security Related Expenditure Scheme (SRE)  For all other states, 75% of the expenditure is reimbursed under (SRE)
  • 7.  The Concept of Megacity Policing as a subset of Modernization of Police Force was introduced in 2005-06.  At present Megacity Policing includes the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Chennai and Hyderabad.
  • 8.  Under this scheme financial assistance is given by the Union Home Ministry for the procurement of the following equipment : 1. Night Vision Devices 2. GPS/GIS for Dial 100 system and patrol cars 3. Surveillance Camera and CCTV systems 4. Security equipment like portable X-ray machines, vehicle scanner, vehicle number plate identification system, cyber patrol and communication monitoring system, Integrated GIS based automated vehicle tracking and management system.
  • 9.  Since the happening of the 26/11, an estimated Rs 500 Crore ( $100 million) has been spent on the modernization of Mumbai Police.  As is the norm 75% of the cost was taken care of by the Central Government.  A special Force named Force One was created on the lines of National Security Guard. Plans are afoot for the installation of 5000 CCTVs in Mumbai alone.  There is also a proposal for induction of Mini UAVs for Mumbai.
  • 10.  Weapon systems bought include M-4 Assault Rifles, Anti-material Weapons, AK-47, MP-5, as well as Bullet Proof Jackets, Amphibious Platforms for patrolling of city coastline, armoured vehicles and motor bikes.  Similar scale of modernization can witnessed in most cities of India.  For 2012- Plans to procure 1368 MP5 Submachine Gun and 3440 Glock Pistols.  Also Delhi Police is awaiting for allocation of the following from Union Home Ministry.  1000 Glock Pistols,  900 AK-47 rifles,  513 number of MP-5 Submachine Gun and  31 number of 9mm Pistols  In 2011- Purchased 700 INSAS Rifles, 503 number of 9mm Pistols and 59 AK-47 Rifles.
  • 11.  10,000 number of 9mm pistols  3450 Glock Pistols  3509 Assault Rifles  59 numbers of AK-47  11 Sniper Rifles  4528 numbers of INSAS Rifles  226 Multi Detectors  20 Minesweepers  240 X-Ray Baggage Scanners  2 number of Jammers  2 number of Mobile Cargo Containers  2 number of X-Ray Baggage Inspector Systems  Automated CDR Analysis Kit  High-end Forensic Workstation  10 Explosive Detectors  35 Under Vehicle Video Scanners  5 numbers of Bomb Blankets  4 number of X-Ray Baggage Scanners Source – MSN News DELHI POLICE : MODERNIZATION AND PURCHASE OF EQUIPMENT
  • 12. • CRPF has plans to procure 3000 sniffer dogs for anti-Naxal operations. • More fund is being availed by the Central Government for modernization of state level police forces than is being spend by the states. • Reports state that an estimated $300 million being allocated by Home Ministry for training of police personnel on sophisticated weapons is yet to be utilized by states.
  • 13.  Phase I of Modernization of BSF was from the period 2002 to 2011 under which Rs2330 Crore ($500 million) was allocated.  Under Phase II of modernization Rs 5667 Crore ($ 1 billion) has been allocated.  As Per Union Home Ministry, modernization is being done under the broad heads of : 1. Arms and Ammunition 2. Motor Transport 3. Clothing Tentage and Stores 4. Machinery & Equipment 5. Administration and Logistics 6. Solar Energy. Similar scale of modernization is being undertaken for others CAPFs also.
  • 14.  In the Post 26/11 era, improvement in Coastal Security has been given the highest priority.  Indian Navy has been made the nodal agency responsible for the entire arena of coastal and maritime security.  The three layers of maritime security Includes:  Indian Navy  Indian Coast Guard  Coastal Police
  • 15.  By 2020, Indian Coast Guard is expected to have 300 ships and 100 aircrafts.  For better coastal security and surveillance and to thwart a repeat of a sea bound attack as it happened on 26/11, Indian Navy has created a specialized force namely Sagar Prahari Bal which consists of 1000 personnel and 80 interceptor boats.  It is expected that with the phased induction of eight P8i Poseidon long Range Reconnaissance Aircrafts from 2013, Indian navy’s martime surveillance capability would get a substantial boost.
  • 16.  The Government is also setting up a chain of radars to properly monitor India’s 7500 km long coast.  Under Phase I of the Static Sensors Projects of Coastal Surveillance Network of Indian Coast Guard, 46 radar station clusters would be put up across India’s coastal region.  Under Phase II of the same, an additional 36 such coastal radar stations would be put up in addition to 10 more for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • 17.  The Maoist movement have been termed by India’s Prime Minister as the greatest internal security threat.  However since 2009, the Maoists have been at the receiving end with several of their top and middle rung leadership having either being neutralized or arrested.  While the CRPF have been assisting the state police in anti-Maoist operations, most of the Maoist affected states have been on a modernization spree and have come up with their own special forces to combat the Maoists.
  • 18.  Some of the most successful state level special forces created for anti-Maoist operations include 1. Greyhound- Andhra Pradesh 2. C-60 & Special Action Group – Maharashtra 3. Counterinsurgency Force & STRACO- West Bengal 4. Special Operations Group (SOG) – Odisha 5. Anti Naxal Force (ANF) – Karnataka 6. Special Task Force (STF) – Bihar 7. Jharkhand Jaguars – Jharkhand 8. Chhatisgarh Armed Force – Chhattisgarh 9. Hawk Force – Madhya Pradesh
  • 19.  Additionally CRPF has also set up 10 battalions of COBRA force for anti-Maoist operations and they are equipped with Israeli made Tavor Assault Rifles.  The Union Home Ministry is also setting up 21 Counter Insurgency and Anti Terrorist (CIAT) training schools across India.  Further Union Government is fortifying 400 police stations with state of the art equipment in the severely Maoist affected districts of India.  The estimated expenditure for the whole project is Rs 800 crore or $150 million.
  • 20. The broad areas where market exists in India are as follows : • Internal Security Intelligence Market • Riot Control Equipment Market • Non-lethal Weapons Market • Critical Infrastructure Security Market • Aviation Security Market • Maritime Security Market • Border Security Market
  • 21. The broad areas where market exists in India are as follows : • Perimeter Security Market • Biometric Identification Market • Private Sector Security Market • Aerial Reconnaissance Market including both manned & unmanned Systems. • Special Weapons and Training Market for Special Forces including assault rifles, ballistic shields, combat gear, special forces vehicles, helmets, bullet proof vests and night vision devices.