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Strategic Tactic Presentation - Infographics
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Strategic Tactic Presentation - Infographics


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  • Let’s look at this example! (next slide)
  • Infographics have an endless number of applications when it comes to communications, fundraising and marketing. You can spends hours looking at them on the internet. I’m going to show you a few highlights....
  • Outright is a bookkeeping and accounting software company for small businesses - used Wpromote (online marketing)SEO- improving visibility of a website in a search engines unpaid search results They wanted to increase number of visitors to website in a highly competitive industry
  • EarlyDecember - Outright launched an Infographic on their blog, titled “The Commerce of Christmas”.It broke down where people were doing their holiday shopping, when they were doing it, what they were buying, and how much the average shopper was spending during the holiday season. The Infographic quickly became a hit due to its timeliness and intriguing subject matter.
  • . The updated title tags and content across the site significantly helped their rankings and visibility for many big industry keywords. In Google, which accounted for 90% of the site’s traffic, Outright’s ranking improved for their top three targeted keywords, moving from positions #7 to #1, #8 to #4, and #53 to #35.There were drastic traffic improvements for three targeted search terms in the fourth quarter of 2011 compared to the fourth quarter of 2010, showing an increase in traffic by 100%, 263%, and an astonding 1,708%.
  • Transcript

    • 1. DefinitionInfographics are graphicvisual representations ofinformation, data orknowledge Data + Design = Infographics!
    • 2. What do they do?1. Present complex information quickly and clearly2. Conveys a story using design and data3. Used worldwide in every discipline4. Accelerates decision making
    • 3. Infographics 5 Categories 1. Chronological Event or process over time2. Directional Scale maps, symbols3. Productive Key procedure, instruction, Education4. Quantitative Convey data quickly, (ex. Pie charts, bar graghs tables, organizational flow charts)5. Cause & Effect Explain causal relationships
    • 4. 1. Chronological (timelines)
    • 5. 2. DirectionalScale maps, traffic signals
    • 6. 3. Productiveprocedures, education, instruction
    • 7. 4. Quantitativecharts, bar graphs, tables, flow charts, pie charts
    • 8. 5. Cause and Effect
    • 9. Applications1. Communications2. Fundraising3. Marketing
    • 10. Communications:
    • 11. Communications: Education OH&S
    • 12. Communications: Education
    • 13. FundraisingINFOGRAPHIC: Red Cross Disaster Response in 2011
    • 14. Marketing Levi’s and Water.Org: Levi’s Water Tank
    • 15. Pros1. Easy to read and understand2. Attention-catching3. Help to deal with information overload4. Easy to share and distribute (via facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)5. Transcend language barriers
    • 16. Limitations1. Time-consuming to create2. Unreadable by search engines3. Inaccessible to the visually impaired4. Not every story can be told with a picture5. Mandatory to understand target audience
    • 17. Differences in Perceptions, Reactions and Interpretation of Colours Red Green OrangeWestern Danger Spring Harvest, TrafficCountries Stop Go LightEastern/Asian Celebration Infidelity Sacred Good LuckNorth Africa CorruptionAfrica Wealth
    • 18. Icons & Symbols Market Stall Currency “Apple”North Stall=4 legs Currency Associated withAmerica/Europe tilted top & symbols more Health shade effective than those depicting coins/bank notesAsia/Africa Stall with wheels Same ???computers?? & umbrella ? shade Single currency such as US Empty stalls had dollar, not seen negative favourable connotations outside US/Europe.
    • 19. Cultural Context Educational campaign. Problem: Read Right to Left
    • 20. Cultural Sensitivity Human figuresUse simple outlines(ex. In the Islamic world there areprotocols around how both men andwomen are portrayed).
    • 21. Case StudyBackground• an accounting and bookkeeping software company for small businessesGoal• Increase ranking on search engines and traffic on websiteStrategy• Link building campaign
    • 22. Infographics
    • 23. Results Dec. 10 - 1,000 visitors 4,000 view by the end of December 123 Facebook likes 41 tweets 3,740 views on StumbleUpon 135 Diggs 30 organic links from eCommerce and finance articles and blogs26% traffic increase compared to previousyear
    • 24. Conclusion
    • 25. References .aspx create-viral-marketing-campaign/ -watertank-successful-integrated-cause-marketing-in-action/ international-usability