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Guerilla marketing strategic tactic presentation ipmp510 final-slideshare


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Team 1 - Guerilla Marketing presentation - fall 2012

Team 1 - Guerilla Marketing presentation - fall 2012

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  • Why their strategy worked: Emotional appeal their concept of “when you take water, you give water”, by helping a child get a clean water for 40 days for just 1 dollarSo it becomes very persuasiveShock value dirty water dispensed from a vending machineHigh publicity and attention received This, you can say, stunt that Unicef pulled went viral (internet/YouTube/TV)Press actually showed up when they heard about it and reported on the cause, giving it increased attention which aided in pulling a wider audience of potential donors/volunteers and gave UNICEF creditability and a positive image. Even to this day when you look up guerilla marketing done by nonprofits you will find the Unicef example as a prime example of the effectiveness of guerrilla marketing when done rightWhat was UNICEF trying to achieve? Raise awareness- Every day 4,200 children die of diarrheal disease caused from consuming unsafe water. Nearly 783 million people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. Just $1 raised through the UNICEF Tap Project can provide a child with safe water for 40 days.Raise funds—the opportunity to donate was visible, immediate and very easy (either put coins into vending machine or donate via text) Change perceptions –opening people’s eyes to the situation of children in other parts of the world, that ‘water is life’ and how we take it for grantedDid they achieve that? Yes, they did.Why we think it’s great?Their dirty water campaign was a success. It was eye-opening, conversational, interactive and had immediate results. It had unique street activation that shocked the local public who encountered the event. Further, it aroused deep emotions and induce people to pay 1$ to ensure that a child gets access to clean water for 40 days. In short, UNICEF’s guerrilla marketing was brilliant and effective in its simplicity and that is why we chose it as our example. If you want more information just go to (
  • We discussed a non-profit example,we will quickly show you some for-profit examples.(A little quick description of each pic slide)Pic 1: Dental Implants: A hard to miss ad, I’m sure all the bowlers that went there remembered it.Pic 2: National Geographics: promotion of Shark Week on a busPic 3: 3M Security Glass: 3M was so sure their Security Glass was unbreakable, they put a large stack of cash behind it and shoved it in a bus stop.Pic 4: Big Pilot Watches: Letting you try their watches even in the bus, which is a good idea to bring people to the store.(At last pic): As you can see, Guerilla Marketing campaigns can get you anywhere – on your way home from work, in the car, bus,train, on the streets, relaxing at a cafe, in front of your house, or at major events. And the moment you notice and start thinking about its message. They got you; they have what they want – your attention and interest.(
  • After exploring these examples, you’ve probably gotten a sense of what Guerrilla marketing is like. It’s unexpected and attention-grabbing; it provokes an emotional response; it has a simple message that can be understood quickly; it plays with people’s everyday environment; and at its best, it’s interactive. In short, Guerrilla marketing is practical for any organization, because it requires an investment of time, energy, imagination and information instead of lots of money. Of course, not every strategy will succeed, in this day and age anybody can upload a video to YouTube or clog up the airwaves, frankly, it takes something pretty unusual and clever to catch people’s attention. Guerrilla marketing is an art. The most successful guerrilla marketing efforts work because they create a unique image that is immediate and memorable. By taking risks and using imaginative promotion, but doing it with dignity and insight, ensures an organization success.
  • Transcript

    • 1. 510 Communication Skills for Managers Strategic Tactic Presentation Team #1 Amal, Chris, Khalil, Olivia September 25, 2012
    • 2.  Getting people’s attention in an unconventional way Maximizing creativity without spending a lot of $  Term was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book, Guerilla Marketing, in 1984 GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 2
    • 3.  Inform Remind PersuadeGuerilla Marketing:Creates unique and thought-provoking concepts thatspread the word and engage conversation GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 3
    • 4. Application: Marketing  Promotion tool  Differs from conventional marketing GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 4
    • 5. 1. Identify the possible emotional appeal of product/issue/cause2. Translate it into meaningful benefits3. State your benefits in a believable way as possible4. Get people’s attention GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 5
    • 6. 5. Motivate your audience to get involved6. Be sure that you are communicating clearly7. Measure your finished product against your overall creative strategy GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 6
    • 7. 1. Buzz A. Writing or art portrayed on public property2. Flash Mob B. An image or message publicly displayed using stickers3. Graffiti C. Public stunts organized for the purpose of4. Sticker Bombing marketing D. Encourages people to talk, spreads the message GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 7
    • 8.  Cost effective Allows increased interaction Brand recognition Unique and ‘eye catching’ GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 8
    • 9.  Subject to interpretation Difficult to measure Limited visibility Maintaining creative edge GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 9
    • 10.  United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)  GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 10
    • 11. GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 11
    • 12. Why it worked? Emotional appealing Shock-value High publicity Why we think it worked?What was achieved? Raise awareness Raise funds Change perceptions GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 12
    • 13. GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 13
    • 14. GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 14
    • 15. Thank You GUERILLA MARKETING, Team #1 14/10/2012 15
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