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  • Refers to the process aiming to apply game-like characteristics and experiences to traditionally non-game application to make them more fun and engagingCan be potentially applied to any industry and almost anything to create fun and engaging experiences to convert users into players.Has been called one of the most important trends in technology by industry experts due to the exploding usage of social media based games.
  • Is different from a sweepstake since participants must accomplish something that involves skill (answering questions, develop something innovative, etc) instead of simply winning a prize due to random chance
  • Opportunities for businesses and organizations are great as gamifcation can result in having more engaged customers, having consumers develop innovations, or improving employee performanceBusinesses and organizations make use of contests to pursue various objectives.Contests are a great way to increase a organizations fan base by fostering an increase in followers or likesUser generated contest is a great way to foster audience engagementWith the incentive of a prize, contests make people more prepared to share information as part of the entry processResult in hundreds or thousands of your fans help spread the world about the campaign
  • Marketing – Low cost marketing through social media i.e. posting your scores of games/apps on facebook. Communications – Interactive puzzles, surveys, and games can provide ways to communicate core ideas of campaigns and organizations mandates. Fundraising – Through interactive games and services, it can be an effective tool for raising funds by getting the user involved & invested.
  • - Can be used to give awards for accomplishing a certain featFoursquare Location based social networking – when you check in certain places you receive badges- You can get titles for checking in more than others and so on.
  • Currency you can earn or buy online inside a game or websiteCan also be used to raise for nonprofit uses such as sweet seeds for haiti “sweet yams” in farmville
  • Shows progress on individual or group/community pursuits of a goalCan show the progress of funds raised, video views, likes or reposts.They can also be used for contests to show progress or vote count An example being the Youtube non-profit progress bar helps show viewers the organizations goal for raising awareness.
  • -A way to accumulate points and provide a long term relationship with a user- Gives a reason for a user to come backDisney has partnered with WWF, Ocean Conservancy, Fauna & Flora International and UNICEFUSA to offer three games for kids: a Simon-like dancing game, a game where you catch flying laundry, and a game where you toss recyclables toward bins. Every time they play a game, players choose a charity to receive their points. The charity with the most points at the end of the competition wins.
  • Pros-Increases engagement through fun ways- user may not know they are learning about the organization-Foster friendly competition that can spur players to “play” more (give more)-Increase audience base and donor loyalty- can attract corporations or foundations who want the name recognition-incorporated into facebook, pinterest, etc.CONS-Can be costly to create game elements and/or micro webpages (HR and capital- will have to rely on large donations)-User may only test it out and leave before they donate-Increased potential of one off donations = lack of donor attrition
  • Both contests and gamification enable organizations to help their consumers, and target audience to feel a greater sense of involvement and engagementBy making their marketing more fun and engaging, while offering prizes as incentives. Organizations can greatly increase it’s fan base, help spread the word, and keep its consumers engaged for a longer period of time
  • Contests gamification team16

    1. 1. Contests and GamificationTeam #16Brett CollinsCourtney MollenhauerMike RagsdaleEmily Royal
    2. 2. What is Gamification? Process of applying game like characteristics and experiences to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. An excellent tool to foster customer engagement and encourage desirable website usage
    3. 3. What are Contests? Promotional and marketing tactic in which participants compete for prizes by accomplishing something that usually requires skill. Normally no fee charged for participating in a contest, however general rules and regulations usually apply
    4. 4. Objectives Gamification  Engage audience  Change behaviour  Stimulate innovation Contests  Build fan base  Engage audience  Collect data  Spread the word
    5. 5. Applications Marketing: - Connects user to product/service - Way to attract new customers Communications: - Engaging way to inform users about goals and objectives of the organization Fundraising: - Interactive way to raise funds - Engages donors
    6. 6. Badges
    7. 7. Virtual Currency
    8. 8. Progress Bars
    9. 9. Point Systems
    10. 10. PROS CONS• Increases engagement through fun ways • Can be very costly• Fosters friendly • User may participate competition but not donate• Expand and increase donor base • Lack of donor attrition• Can be incorporated into multiple platforms
    11. 11. Case Study:Half the Sky – The Facebook Game
    12. 12. Background Movement based on best-selling book Multimedia approach to raising awareness on women’s issues and empowering people worldwide to join the movement Game is set to launch this holiday season Way to target the 300 million worldwide users who play online social games each month yuzSEgMYU
    13. 13. Applications Leader board  Competition between users Progress bar  Points Virtual currency
    14. 14. Why it’s effective: Costs shared across multiple organizations Increases participant knowledge of women’s issues Converts players to activists, participants in the movement and prospective donors Uses game elements to create real-life change
    15. 15. Conclusion Gamification and contests are a great way for organizations to foster user engagement in fundraising, marketing, and communications
    16. 16. Any Questions?
    17. 17. ReferencesHalf the Sky Movement,,November 26, 2012Pickering, Ben. “4 Reasons Why Contests Should Be Part of YourMarketing Strategy”, Mashable Social Media., July 21,2011.“Contest” Business Dictionary., Kate. “Best bits: Gamification for charities” , The Guardian. March 23,2012.“What is Gamification?”, Experts Town,