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surrounding Hosted Voice ove r IP (VoIP) for business.Companies can finally replace their old phone systems and get a far more flexible phone solution for a fraction of the cost. But it’s not just
replacing one phone system for another. With Hosted VoIP, you get the benefits of outsourcing the management of your phone system, which means you’ll need fewer resident experts to handle things.
What’s more, Hosted VoIP expands communications and productivity
by providing a range of advanced features and functionality. And it does so without straining your budget.
No wonder more and more companies are adopting this powerful, yet affordable solution.
In fact, according to industry research, VoIP is one of the fastest growing technologies,
dramatically changing the way companies do business.
Even though companies both large and small heap praise upon this solution, many business
people are still unaware of the difference Hosted VoIP can make to their business.
We hope this guide provides answers and useful insights on how Hosted VoIP can impact
business communications immediately––and for years to come––by providing more
features and more flexibility, all for significantly lower costs than you might expect.

Business is more unpredictable than ever––growth one year, contraction
the next year. Ideally, you’d be able to secure the most advanced technologies
without having to spend significant money upfront on hardware. Hosted
VoIP makes this possible.
With a Hosted VoIP solution, you save from day one on your monthly
communications service fees. All you need are VoIP-ready handsets.
That’s right, no expensive boxes or systems required. You save money every month as well because you no longer need to manage both phone and data lines. Traditional phone lines, and the high price associated with them, are now
a thing of the very expensive past.
Unlike the complex traditional phone systems that sit in a closet, Hosted
VoIP requires very little IT support or training to administer. You can quickly
add users, delete users, enable additional features––all without additional
support or staff. The reason? A simple web interface.
In fact, a Hosted VoIP solution is so simple and
intuitive, users can manage their own features
right from their computers.
It’s one management issue that can be taken off
the shoulders of IT. Who knows, maybe they’ll
even thank you for a change.

The last thing you want to do in this economy, or any economic climate
for that matter, is spend tens of thousands of dollars on a phone system.
With Hosted VoIP, there are no large servers or systems to purchase. Other
than phones, there are no capital expenditures to depreciate over time.
Which means it comes off of your books. All you have is an affordable
monthly service fee that connects your business and employees to a host of capabilities that dramatically improve productivity.

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Hosted VoIP Brisbane

  1. 1. Hosted Business VoIP
  2. 2. Smart Companies are racing to move vital businessoperations from the office to the cloud
  3. 3. They’re checking applications likeEmail Google DocsCRM Virtual ServersAccounting
  4. 4. Why?It’s Secure
  5. 5. Why?It’s Efficient
  6. 6. Why?It Saves SoMuch Money
  7. 7. Why?It Makes SoMuch Sense
  8. 8. So What isthe Cloud?
  9. 9. Fortress of Super Computers
  10. 10. Managed By Experts
  11. 11. Next Generation Software
  12. 12. Fail Safe Protection
  13. 13. Back in the 90’s the Telephone System was a new thing! So was the VCR and The Microwave
  14. 14. Some where hiding in acupboard is the old dinosaur! $ Pay The Lease!
  15. 15. $$Pay The Maintenance!
  16. 16. $$$Pay STD Charges!
  17. 17. $$$ $Pay for the Software Upgrades!
  18. 18. $$$ $$Pay for phone lines!
  19. 19. $$$ $$$Make a Change andyou pay for that too!
  20. 20. When things go wrong who do you call ?
  21. 21. When things go wrong who do you call ? The Phone Company?
  22. 22. When things go wrong who do you call ? The Phone System Vendor?
  23. 23. ? What if you outgrow your phone system?
  24. 24. What if you move the whole company??
  25. 25. That’s justa headache
  26. 26. Here’s why you shouldmove your phone system into the cloud IT’S EASIER
  27. 27. Here’s why you shouldmove your phone system into the cloud LOWER COST
  28. 28. Here’s why you shouldmove your phone system into the cloud IT’S SIMPLE
  29. 29. Here’s why you shouldmove your phone system into the cloudNo More Hardware
  30. 30. Here’s why you should move your phone system into the cloudNo More Maintenance Contracts
  31. 31. Here’s why you shouldmove your phone system into the cloudNo More Software Hassles
  32. 32. Here’s why you shouldmove your phone system into the cloud No More STD call Charges
  33. 33. Here’s why you shouldmove your phone system into the cloud Even the phonecompany is gone
  34. 34. 21 st CenturyBusiness Boosting Features
  35. 35. 21 st CenturyVoice Mail to Email
  36. 36. 21 st CenturyClick to Dial
  37. 37. 21 st CenturyFind Me-Follow Me
  38. 38. 21 st Century Transfer toMobile Phones
  39. 39. 21 st CenturyAnd So Much More
  40. 40. What About Upgrades?
  41. 41. What About New Features?
  42. 42. They come @ No Extra Charge!
  43. 43. Call 1 Company
  44. 44. One Easy Bill for all Services
  45. 45. Hosted Business VoIPEasy To Add Phones
  46. 46. Hosted Business VoIPEasy To Remove Phones
  47. 47. Hosted Business VoIPEasy to Make Changes
  48. 48. Hosted Business VoIPEasy to Move the whole company
  49. 49. Don’t get me wrong! We’re not another Hosted Business VoIP
  50. 50. The Secret to Quality VoIP! Hosted Business VoIP Private Cloud Secure
  51. 51. The Secret to Quality VoIP! Hosted Business VoIP Private Cloud Sounds Crisp & Clear
  52. 52. 6 Reasons Hosted Business VoIPSmall or No CapitalInvestment
  53. 53. 6 Reasons Hosted Business VoIP Lower CostsFrom Day One
  54. 54. 6 Reasons Hosted Business VoIPReliable
  55. 55. 6 Reasons Hosted Business VoIPSecure
  56. 56. 6 Reasons Hosted Business VoIP BestTechnology
  57. 57. 6 Reasons Hosted Business VoIP BestTechnology
  58. 58. 6 Reasons Hosted Business VoIP Makes SoMuch Sense
  59. 59. Why Choose Us? Hosted Business VoIPBecause we give you the kind of service you just can’t get from the big Telco’s
  60. 60. Why Choose Us? Hosted Business VoIP 28 years experience
  61. 61. Why Choose Us? Hosted Business VoIP Installing Maintaining Or Selling
  62. 62. Why Choose Us? Hosted Business VoIP Telephone Systems
  63. 63. CustomersMatter to us
  64. 64. To us youare Big Fish ina Little Pond
  65. 65. Your Phone Calls get answered
  66. 66. And our Friendlyexperts keepyou running
  67. 67. NO MATTER!
  68. 68. Tired ofBattling the PhoneCompanies?
  69. 69. Had itSinking $into your PhoneSystem?
  70. 70. Give Us a Call, We’dLove to Meet You!
  71. 71. So we canSave you $and Heaps of Hassle
  72. 72. Call us Today1300 889 887