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W&M 2009 – The high performance wireless mesh


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Outdoor mesh networks can provide access network coverage. These networks are very resilient and flexible – self-forming and self healing.
  • Outdoor Mesh Network Access Layer Fixed Or Mobile Access Ad-hoc Self-forming Networks – Reliable Highly Scalable Easy, Cost-effective Deployment Indoor WLAN Access Layer Use As Primary Network 802.11a/b/g/n Meshing Access Points - n For Backhaul - a For Voice - b/g For Legacy Data - n For New Notebooks No Messy Wires To Cubes No Messy Wired LAN Closets Point-To-Point Backhaul Layer High Capacity – 300Mbps Long Distance – 155 miles LOS or NLOS Connect Over Water Thousands Of Deployments Globally Point-To-Multipoint Distribution Layer Secure and Reliable Cost-effective Scalable 21Mbps, 5 miles, LOS And NLOS Deployed In Over 120 Countries Globally Wireless Networks must be designed, deployed and managed with the best tools in order to deliver the best value. Design, Deploy Manage, Secure Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Networks Design: LANPlanner PTP LINKPlanner MeshPlanner Manage: Wireless Manager, with ONE CLICK ACCESS TO RFMS for indoor WLAN configuration RFMS, with ONE CLICK ACCESS TO the Motorola AirDefense solutions dashboard Motorola AirDefense Solutions Design Better: Get better performance Deploy Faster: Keep costs low Manage Easier: One Unified and Intuitive View for Faster and Better Problem Response
  • Spray and Pray means making assumptions about coverage and hand-selecting locations to place network equipment - may be on certain streetlight poles outdoors or at certain pillars indoors Often leads to poor coverage and unsatisfied users, or the purchase of too much equipment Motorola has the only 11n planning tool on the market today.
  • Taking a closer look at the network side, Here you see the product groups in our Motorola Wireless Broadband offerings. PTP, PMP and Mesh - which, along with our Wireless LAN offering, are design to work together to form one end-to-end wireless network. Used in conjunction with all of these products is the Motorola One Point Wireless Suite, a powerful set of software solutions that helps customers design, deploy, manage and protect their Motorola wireless networks. Let me show you how these products can be used to build a wireless network from the client access layer up through to the core.
  • Indoor to Outdoor wireless networking portfolio - cutting edge wireless LAN portfolio, including the new meshing AP architecture that eliminates the need for ethernet cabling throughout buildings - proven wireless broadband products. Motorola has leading marketing share globally and is the trusted leader. Client Device Portfolio - the new VoWLAN solution - an incredibly broad selection of Symbol devices, broadly deployed in many of today’s enterprises - public carrier-based mobile handsets - the Good mobility suite for secure access to enterprise apps Powerful Software To Complement Motorola’s Hardware Solutions - wireless LAN design and management with the RF Management System - newly acquired and industry leading AirDefense Wireless Intrusion Protection System - innovative outdoor wireless network design and management
  • Transcript

    • 1. Ian Bayly – European Sales Director, Wireless Broadband The High Performance Wireless Mesh
    • 2. Mesh Serves Many Markets Surface Mining Includes Aggregate and Landfills Logistics Ports, Rail Yards and Airports Transportation Light Rail, Buses and Traffic Lights Public Safety Police, EMS and Fire Education Outdoor Campus Coverage Public Access Cities, Parks, Apartment Buildings
    • 3. The Revolution Outdoors
      • Municipalities want to…
      • Decrease monthly GPRS costs
      • Improve mobile work productivity
      • Reduce crime
      • Protect public spaces
      • Alleviate congestion
      • Attract new businesses
      • Automate manual processes
      • Eliminate leased line costs
      • Provide rapid incident
      • responses
      • Local Businesses want to…
      • Reduce cellular costs
      • Increase productivity and
      • efficiency of mobile employees
      • Remotely monitor sites
      • Monitor equipment diagnostics
      • and health
      • Improve site security
      • Enable new services
      • Eliminate leased line costs
      • Residents want to…
      • Experience ubiquitous
      • broadband coverage
      • Rich data experiences ‘on
      • the move’
      Enable the Outdoors with Wireless Broadband
    • 4. Municipality Applications
      • Automate Manual Processes
        • Parking Monitoring -- Meter Reading
        • Hollywood, FL is funding their network through cost savings like these
      • Improve Personnel Efficiency and Accuracy
        • Full mobile office -- Remote ticket writing from scene Providence, RI experienced a 20% increase in in-field time from each officer
      • Reduce Crime  Save Budgets
        • Public space wireless cameras -- In-car monitoring of video Los Angeles saw 30%+ decrease in crime when cameras went in.
      • Turn Fiber Grants into City Networks
        • Wired speed without digging -- Deploy city mesh for same price
        • Faster Deployment -- Easier to expand or attach
        • Stimulus package will include many grants for fiber expansion – City IT, DOT, HSA
      • Traffic Optimization
      • - Dynamic traffic light management -- Utilise existing CCTV networks
      • Eliminate Leased Line Costs
        • Traffic controllers -- Fixed Cameras
        • Parking Pay Boxes -- SCADA
      • Industry estimate of £370 annual ROI per user for WLAN How much more for connectivity OUTSIDE the office?
    • 5. Mesh Networks
      • A MOTOMESH Network Defined
        • A network of radio transceivers (nodes)
        • Every node radio acts as a router/repeater
        • Provides “multi-hop” connectivity between nodes, no single point of failure
      • Benefits of a MOTOMESH Network
        • Decentralized architecture
        • Self-forming, self-healing network that is scalable and flexible
        • High level of reliability and resiliency
        • Video monitoring to/from vehicles
        • Ad-hoc or client meshing
        • Instant incident communications
        • Process control applications
      • Remote Outdoor Access Networks with high-speed mobile handoffs
      • Video Surveillance Networks
      Rest of Network
    • 6. Mesh Technology Options A higher throughput, standards based system where network users access networks through ubiquitous WiFi client devices. An industrial strength network specifically designed to perform in high interference mobile environments. Users access networks through purpose built client devices. MEA (Mobility Enabled Access) Wi-Fi (802.11)
    • 7. Solo Succeeds in Harsh Environments Picks best 2.4 GHz channel on a per packet basis Multi Channel Network Robust Waveform Sends resync probes every 250 uSec 6 uSec equalizer window - absorbs multi-path errors Rake Receiver Every client is a mesh router, so clients extend the network Client Meshing Fast moving, changing environment is no problem for a MEA network High Speed Mobility
    • 8. MOTOMESH Duo Advantages Proven scalability to meet network needs RF Excellence Low hop latency Low routing overhead High speed handoff Security Quality of Service (QoS) Flexible and Scalable One Point Wireless Suite Supports 802.11e QoS for high priority voice & video applications Supports multiple VLANs for differentiated services Provides automated network designing, deployment, and management Provides highest level of security Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2 security at the client level & 802.11i, Secure Mesh at the mesh link level Smaller, lighter form factor - acceptable to communities Industry leading Tx Pwr & Rx sensitivity for fewer nodes per square mile 25 yr MTBF MeshConnex
    • 9. Software to Design, Deploy and Manage Point-to-Multipoint Indoor WLAN Outdoor Mesh Point-to-Point Wireless Manager RFMS Motorola AirDefense LANPlanner MeshPlanner PTP LINKPlanner One Point Wireless Suite Design Deploy Manage
    • 10. One Point Wireless Suite: Design & Deploy No More “Spray And Pray”
      • Features
      • Advanced prediction engines
      • Factor in environment (terrain, foliage, obstructions, indoor features)
      • Design for LOS, nLOS, NLOS
      • Auto-place nodes
      • Intuitive map-based interface
      • Built-in verification tools
      PTP LINKPlanner MeshPlanner Mesh and PMP LANPlanner 802.11a/b/g/n
    • 11. One Point Wireless Manager Key Features:
      • Sophisticated and Powerful Element Management System
      • Monitor all Motorola Wireless Broadband outdoor
      • network elements in one view
      • Consolidated Wireless Network Control
      • Controls the access, mesh, and backhaul layers from
      • a single interface
      • Network Visualization in Google Earth Map
      • Shows network link quality, alarms, range and
      • availability
      • Network Monitoring
      • Uses real-time polling for quick detection and resolution
      • of issues
      • Advanced Reporting
      • Users can employ pre-defined or custom reports
      • Snapshot of the network status at times of interest
      • North Bound Interface
      • Works with third party systems such as HP OpenView
      • via SNMP v3
    • 12. Combining Indoor & Outdoor Wireless
      • Indoor Enterprise Networks
        • Coverage can be extended from an Indoor Network to an outdoor coverage area
        • Typical application is a warehouse or campus environment
      • Outdoor Municipality Network
        • Coverage can be extended from an outdoor network to indoor residents and small businesses
      Mesh Wide Area Networks facilitate extension of wireless coverage
    • 13. Indoor to Outdoor Coverage - Enterprise Warehouse Outdoor Network Parking Lot Indoor Network Warehouse Wireless Switch Router One Point WM 5131 AP2 Mesh Duo MWR Mesh Duo MWR Mesh Duo IAP MeshConnex MeshConnex MeshConnex 5131 AP3 NMS 5131 AP1
    • 14. Outdoor/Indoor Coverage Extension - Residential & Small Businesses One Point WM WiFi CPE WiFi CPE Mesh Duo MWR WiFI CPE Mesh Duo MWR Mesh Duo IAP OUTDOOR to INDOOR Connectivity WiFi Meshing OUTDOOR to INDOOR Connectivity Outdoor Network Small Office Residential Home Mesh Connex Mesh Connex
    • 15. Toledo Problem Motorola Solution Motorola Solution Value
      • Toledo a municipality located in central Spain, 70 km south of Madrid.
      • UNESCO World Heritage Site
      • Population of 78,618 and an area of 232.1 km²
      • Challenge - how to reduce urban traffic
      • Toledo installed a new Urban Mesh network for traffic management, throughout the city centre
      • Wireless connecting CCTV cameras
      • Result
      • System live in December 2008
      • Installation was completed in under 1 month thanks to Duo small size and EMS
    • 16. Problem Motorola Solution Motorola Solution Value
      • Mayor Ivan Cehok of Vara ž din in Croatia wanted to provide a broadband solution that allowed the city to provide free connectivity for tourists as well as provide connectivity for residents and local businesses.
      • The city installed MOTOMESH Duo access points for the infrastructure for WiFi access and plans to use it for advanced applications like VoIP, location based services and video surveillance in the future.
      • Tourists can stay connected to the outside world while on holiday. Currently, Vara ž din is testing VoIP technology and plans to implement video surveillance also to keep the peaceful town free of petty crime. Long term the city’s goal is to create a network, which serves 5,000 residents, 500 enterprises and 30 government organizations to support public safety, public works and public access needs.
      Varaždin Delivers 21st Century Connectivity
    • 17. Upgrading Port Communications in Rotterdam Problem Motorola Solution Motorola Solution Value Euromax in Rotterdam, wanted to provide advanced communication and automation capabilities. The port needed to control Automated Guided Vehicles in an environment with high levels of radio interference. AGVs require instructions be sent multiple times each second in order for the vehicles to continue operating and not come to a halt. Wireless network consists of mesh 100 Solo devices ( 40 infrastructure nodes + 60 vehicle mounted modems) providing complete coverage of the facility. Each AGV is equipped with a vehicular modem providing communications to the guidance system. MEA’s highly reliable communications can easily handle the simultaneous operation of dozens of AGVs unloading large vessels. RF interference mitigation capability ensures the AGVs remain operational at all times. Plus MEA’s channel agility ensures that ship-based WiFi networks do not interfere with port operations.
    • 18. Providing Wireless Broadband Connectivity Wireless LAN Wireless Broadband Mesh 802.11 WLAN Point-to-Point Point-to-Multipoint From the access layer to the core, build end-to-end wireless networks with Motorola Wireless Broadband and Motorola Wireless LAN solutions ONE POINT WIRELESS SUITE Design, Deploy, Manage, Protect
    • 19. End to End Portfolio Wireless LAN Wireless Broadband Voice & Messaging Solutions One Point Wireless Suite Unique Client Products Bridge and OEM Cards provide unique understanding down to the client Largest Installed Base of Wireless Switches – 135,000 Wi-NG architecture with adaptive technology supports up to 12,000 APs per cluster, FIPS 140-2 & CC EAL4 Most Comprehensive Access Point Portfolio Thick, Thin, Adaptive, Outdoors, C1D2, Mesh, Sensor MOTOMESH Coverage across large outdoor spaces such as cities, campuses, utilities and oil and gas fields Market Leading Point-to-Point Solutions 300 Mbps at up to 155 miles T1/E1 Replacement Market Leading Point to Multipoint Solution 21 Mbps at up to 10 miles T1 Replacement TEAM - Voice Server PBX Integration / Telephony Extn. Push To Talk / Dispatch (Wi-Fi) SIP Proxy/Registrar Cellular – Wi-Fi Seamless Roaming Enterprise Wi-Fi/Dual Mode Handsets Wireless IPS with 35 of Fortune 100 customers Industry leading overlay security offering intrusion protection, policy enforcement, and advanced forensics Indoor RF Management Industry leading Planning Tool Configuration and Compliance Monitoring and Troubleshooting, Locatioin ing Security Outdoor Wireless Management One Tool for Monitoring and Troubleshooting All Outdoor Nodes - Google Earth Network Map Good Mobility Suite Device independent messaging
    • 20. Visit us at booth 406