W&M 2009 – Seamless cross platform desktop to mobile operation


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W&M 2009 – Seamless cross platform desktop to mobile operation

  1. 1. Tom Blackie<br />tom.blackie@realvnc.com<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />History<br />What makes VNC special<br />Who is using VNC<br />Relevance to mobile<br />Glimpse at the future<br />
  3. 3. How did we start?<br />From industrially funded research project to profitable commercial software house via the last dot-com meltdown…<br />VNC project, 1994 <br />Open sourced, 1998  <br />Research lab closed, 2002 <br />Company incorporated, the following day   <br />
  4. 4. Life in 1994<br />Yes we had ftp, Archie and Gopher<br />But these were the domain of academics and a few large IT centric organisations<br />1991 CERN starts World Wide Web project<br />V1.0 Mosaic was released in 1993 <br />Altavista appeared in 1995<br />Google didn’t even exist – it only started as a research project in 1996 and was incorporated as a company in Sept 1998<br />
  5. 5. Network evolution<br />ARPANET was the US military network since the 60s, some limited commercial use in the early-80s when TCP/IP emerged in 1983<br />In 1991 Al Gore passed the High Performance Computing and Communications Act<br />The “Information Superhighway” is born<br />In the UK JANET (the Joint Academic Network) and Super JANET were the pioneering networks<br />In 1993 Super JANET deployed 14 sites linked by 34Mbps ATM network connections<br />By 1995 London, Bristol, Manchester and Leeds had all been connected with 155Mbps links<br />Today all major UK cities joined by 10 & 40Gbps<br />links, redundancy, high availability and reliability<br /><ul><li>Fibre to the home will soon be a reality……………</li></li></ul><li>But, what were networks like for the mere mortals?<br />Large commercial companies were lucky to have a 1Mbps network connection, costing a fortune ~£20K pa<br />For most companies it was modems:<br /> 19K2, 56K or 2B+D ISDN (128K) <br />Links really were low data rate, slow<br /> connection set-up, high latency and unreliable<br />As an aside - last week, Cablevision has just announced the introduction of 100Mbps to 5M homes in New York, with uncapped usage for $99 per month<br />
  6. 6. It was a world of promise<br />Computing power was accelerating<br />Graphical interfaces were appearing<br />Media rich, bandwidth hungry applications were proliferating<br />Everything looked great………….<br />But, in 1994 life was still hard<br />Networks were poor<br />The VNC project was formed to address the key issues of working with rich data across poor networks, whilst maintaining acceptable usability<br />
  7. 7. The VNC Solution<br /><ul><li>Lightweight RFB Protocol
  8. 8. Open Standard
  9. 9. Demand Driven and Adaptive
  10. 10. Non-intrusive
  11. 11. Takes little resources
  12. 12. Best price/features
  13. 13. Enterprise Class Security
  14. 14. File transfer, printing, cross platform chat
  15. 15. Crossplatform
  16. 16. Works on just about everything
  17. 17. Truly cross platform, e.g. Apple to Linux to Windows, anything to anything</li></li></ul><li>A world of applications…<br />Remote maintenance<br />Helpdesk operations<br />Home-working<br />Business collaboration<br />Training and education<br />Desktop collaging<br />
  18. 18. Customers & markets<br />
  19. 19. Walsall NHS Primary Care Trust<br /><ul><li>The NHS is the worlds 5th largest employer
  20. 20. VNC is used in many Primary Care Trusts
  21. 21. Walsall NHS PCT is a typical example:
  22. 22. A highly distributed collection of resources, 5,000 PCs, servers and mobile devices, four physical sites, 70 surgeries with just about every flavour of operating system
  23. 23. Key requirements were:
  24. 24. A single cross platform management and distribution solution
  25. 25. Maintain high reliability and availability
  26. 26. Secure data storage and distribution
  27. 27. Facilitate a clear audit trail
  28. 28. Reduce time and save costs</li></ul>“RealVNC saves us time and money… also, with security being paramount, VNC gives us best practice authentication and encryption along with a detailed audit trail” <br />Andy Griggs, Operations Manager, Walsall PCT<br />Why was RealVNC selected?<br /><ul><li>Excellent reporting
  29. 29. Robust and secure
  30. 30. Support for all operating systems
  31. 31. Minimal disk and memory
  32. 32. Ease of use
  33. 33. Best feature/price</li></li></ul><li>OEM customers<br />
  34. 34. Where are we today?<br />15 years on:<br />Powerful mobile devices<br />Media rich applications<br />Slow and variable quality networks<br />Sound familiar?<br />VNC is a mature well tried and tested solution; a perfect fit<br />
  35. 35.
  36. 36. VNC Mobile Solution<br />3G, GPRS<br />WiFi<br />USB<br />Mobile <br />Device<br />Desktop or <br />Server<br />RFB Protocol<br />VNC<br />Server<br />SDK<br />VNC<br />Viewer<br />SDK<br />RFB Extension<br />RFB Extension<br />RFB enables remote interaction with mobile devices<br />Remote Control of Mobile Devices<br />Proprietary Messages<br />3rd Party Agent On Device<br />3rd Party Management Application<br />
  37. 37. VNC Mobile Solution - Components<br />VNC Server SDK<br />Runs on mobile device<br />Programmatic interface<br />Embedded into customer’s software on the device<br />VNC Viewer SDK<br />Runs on PC or server<br />Programmatic interface<br />Embedded into customer’s software on the device<br />VNC Gateway<br />Optional component<br />Manages communication between mobile server and desktop viewer<br />
  38. 38. VNC Mobile Solution<br />RFB is extremely well matched to today’s mobile network connectivity<br />Cross platform support is essential <br />Remote control of mobile<br />Remote control of desktop<br />Mobile Linux<br />
  39. 39. iPhone Viewer<br />
  40. 40. Future – everywhere<br />
  41. 41. In Summary<br />Today’s mobile market has many parallels with the embryonic Internet<br />It is characterised by variable coverage, intermittent connections, relatively low data rates and high latencies<br />VNC set out to address these issues 15 years ago for the desktop. With hundreds of millions of users VNC is the de facto standard for desktop remote control<br />The VNC Mobile Solution is the choice for secure cross platform mobile remote control<br />
  42. 42. Thank you<br />Tom Blackie<br />tom.blackie@realvnc.com<br />