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W&M 2009 – Mini Laptops need management too! - Why mobile device management is so important


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Challenge: Workforce is more mobile than ever: 41% of the workforce operates away from their desk – Yankee Group 70% of enterprise employees will travel in 2008 – CIO Insight Workers are looking for convenience not cost effectiveness: 33% of cell calls originate within enterprise premise – Frost & Sullivan 50% of cell phone bills due to intra-company calling – Frost & Sullivan Workers are more difficult to reach despite increased communications choices: More ways to communicate and more challenges to communicate Multiple devices, phone numbers, voice mailboxes, email addresses, IM options A high percentage of calls, sometimes as high as 60-70% go to voicemail
  • Impact: Increased Costs Enterprise mobility costs are spiraling out of control – IDC 10% of ITC budgets are now spent on mobile charges and its growing! – Yankee Group Reduced productivity Reaching mobile staff has become a major impediment to timely business function Missed calls, checking multiple voice mailboxes, and finding contact numbers all have a negative impact on productivity
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mini-laptops need management too- why mobile device management is so important Colin Corbett – Portfolio Manager FMC, Wireless & Data " This presentation uncovers what is really needed when managing mobile devices that are predominantly WLAN, GSM or 3G enabled, addresses some of the issues surrounding mobile application deployment and management and discusses how an enterprise can bring about this capability quickly and with minimum cost."
    • 2. The Enterprise Mobility Challenge Reachability and Accessibility at all times in all locations at the lowest cost
    • 3. What’s The Impact ? “ Mobile workers are looking for convenience, Not cost effectiveness” 2
        • Sources : 1-CIO Insight, 2- Frost & Sullivan, 3- IDC
      Only 20% of today‘s workforce is tied to their desk 2 50% of cellular phone bill due to intra-company calling 2 33% of cell calls originated within enterprise premise 2 66% of Enterprise Employees Traveled in 2008 1 70% of enterprises are deploying mobile applications 3
    • 4. “ Enterprise mobility costs are spiraling out of control” - IDC Employee Productivity Mobile Costs Mobile Communications costs are growing uncontrollably- 10% of ITC budgets are now spent on mobile charges and its growing! Reduced Productivity caused by “ human latency” related to mobility
    • 5. Two ways to cap mobile costs: 1- “One Number Service” Study of an enterprise customer – 36,000 calls Before ONS Solution: Only 30% of calls to business line were answered first time. After ONS Solution: 72% of calls to ONS were answered first time. 45% of calls answered on Mobile devices. 27% of calls answered on Desk Phones.
    • 6. Two ways to cap mobile costs: 2- one device “ Wi-Fi is quickly becoming ‘table stakes’ for Smartphone. The user’s experience appears to be critical in handset Wi-Fi adoption with more iPhone users – as many as 75% — using their Wi-Fi regularly.” Source ABI Research Feb 2009
    • 7. Delivering the three key needs OFFICE ITF
      • WL2
      • Spectralink
      • Vocera
      • Mobile Devices
      • Symbian
      • Windows Mobile6
      • Blackberry
      • Nokia E-Series
      • HTC
      • HP iPaq
      • OpenStage
      • OpenScape Video
      Open Array of Wireless / Mobile Devices Supported Mobile Features Delivered Enterprise Network Public Network Supporting a diverse set of Mobile User Needs 1 The wireless enterprise 2 FMC - Extend coverage to the public network 3 Deliver Mobile UC Everywhere O P E N S C A P E S U I T E
      • Enterprise Grade Voice, Video, data over WLAN
      • Low TCO ( D-MAC savings)
      • Centrally administered
      • Pervasive coverage
      HiPath WLAN 802.11n
      • Unified Directory
      • Presence management
      • Conference calling
      OpenScape Mobile UC Client
      • Call control/LCR
      • Seamless handover
      • One number/voicemail service
      HiPath MobileConnect
    • 8. Smartphone's are Mini Laptops
      • email
      • word processing
      • spreadsheets
      • applications
      • multiple connection types
      • viruses
      • Etc.
    • 9. What’s The Impact of Mini Laptops ?
      • The Aberdeen Group stated that it costs nearly 10 times more to manage wireless services and devices compared to wireline and recommends enterprises budget 10 times more for operational support.
      • (Current Analysis - 2008)
    • 10. Smartphones are 12 times more likely to be lost or stolen than laptops
      • Every Day In Chicago Alone:
      • 476 Mobile Phones
      • 119 PDA’s / Pocket PC’s
      • 25 Laptops
      • Are left in Taxicabs.
      • We’ve all heard stories of various public service workers leaving
      • Their mobile devices on tube trains etc…
      Securing the Data on the device is of paramount importance And is a major compliance issue ( Thank you Nokia !)
    • 11. The Mobile Management Lifecycle Deployment Is Just One Stage Of The Process Consider device AND data AND Applications Continuous Lifecycle with TCO Plan The Whole Process Before Deployment Begins
    • 12. Securing The Mobile Worker
      • What are my options ?
      • Set policy for use of the device
            • Camera, web, virus protection, apps blacklist….etc….
      • Ensure secure network access for devices via centralised policy
            • Beware of Cloning ! – 802.11 WPA – PSK ( Can be Cloned ! )
            • Use 802.1x – Via Radius Authentication
      • Provide a device with encrypted data protection
      • Wipe the data off the device
      • Block use of the device if Stolen
    • 13. Options For Mobile Device Management Security Enforcement Theft – Loss Protection Application Management Settings Management Asset Management Troubleshooting Any Connection Any Device WLAN GSM Internet Managed Tenanted Internal IT
    • 14. Action Plan
      • What Do I Do Next ?
      • Do I Know my TCO for my mobile workforce ?
      • Am I happy with the security of my mobile people ?
      • How do I create a business plan ?
      • How do I calculate my ROI ?
    • 15. Thank You