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W&M 2009 – Liberating equipment and tying down staff in hospitals


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Nortel Corporate Presentation © 2007 Nortel Nortel provides a full end-to-end solution, taking advantage of our strong partner eco-system These are the components of the Asset Tracking and Management Solution (Nortel can provide all the components of the solution regardless of the manufacturer) Badges, Tags, Clients WLAN Positioning Engine Asset Management and User Interface UC integration Dispatch software Professional services; design/deploy, implementation, training and support Future WiSP ACE and SOA Complements Nortel’s WLAN, WLAN handsets, UC and VoIP What is the availability of the solution Ready to go NA, rest of the world, solution will be made available is select countries based on market.
  • Nortel Corporate Presentation © 2007 Nortel
  • Nortel Corporate Presentation © 2007 Nortel
  • Transcript

    • 1. Innovations for Advancing Healthcare: Real-Time Mobility and Collaboration   Chris Tolmie Unified Communications Marketing
    • 2. The Issues Facing Healthcare Globally…
      • Growing Demand for Healthcare as Baby Boomers come to age
      • Shortage of Staff Demand and Supply Gap for physicians and nurses
      • Increase in Wait Times
      • High Medical Errors Lack of data available and collaboration at the right time
      • Increasing Cost / Reducing Revenues Global Healthcare expenses for 2007 £3.0 Trillion and growing now budgets are being cut
      Healthcare providers are focused on improving efficiency of their limited staff and resources, reducing errors , and improving capacity to match increase in demand
    • 3. Keeping Track of Expensive Assets in a dynamic and pressured environment Asset Management Challenges
      • Nurses spend up to >60min/shift looking/waiting for stuff
      • Equipment inventories are at least 25% too high
      • Lost and stolen equipment rates are unknown and not traceable
      • Equipment delays reduce outpatient through-put by 5-10%
      • Unknown equipment utilization drives mis-match in inventory to need
      The Advisory Board, RFID data You can’t use them if you can’t find them Keeping duplicates and extras is a significant cost driver
    • 4.  
    • 5. WLAN 2382 (part of core network) Wireless APs (part of core network) LAN Location and Positioning Engine Asset Management RFID Badges RFID Tags RFID Soft-Clients End-to-end solution including communications enablement Tags, Badges or Clients (Ekahau) Identifies assets, inventory or people to be tracked. Soft Clients for many devices, such as: Nortel wireless handsets, handheld RFID / barcode scanners, PDAs, laptops Location and Positioning Engine (Ekahau) Calculates the current placement of assets, inventory or people Asset Management software Provides a holistic view - policy engine drives automated actions/alerts based on user rules Dispatch and Transport software Time-saving streamlined workflow provides effective collaboration between staff Archived data for performance metrics. UC Integration (Nortel) Click-to-call GUI, generates event messages based on business rules Services Complete service suite for life cycle of Asset Tracking & Management: design/deploy, implementation, training, support along with WLAN expansion and site survey services Future Nortel ACE/WiSP software Business logic & higher-level location capabilities Location GUI UC
    • 6. Nortel Asset Tracking & Management UC Enabled Communications-enabled Map Portal for locating People & Assets Map-enhanced Communications Portal for reaching People
      • Location enhanced Presence:
        • Location (mapping) information within OCS Presence
      • Benefit:
        • Visibility to detailed location information for key resources – such as task assignment
      • Communications Enabled Asset Management:
        • UC services (click to communicate) within Asset Management solution
        • Asset Management alerts sent directly to UC clients
      • Benefit:
        • Efficiency through direct access to communications services
    • 7. Utilize Expensive Assets More Efficiently Find expensive assets immediately when you need them
      • ROI Impact of Asset management (400 bed hospital)
      • Detailed models included in back-up slides
      • Nursing Team
      • Reduce time nursing spends “looking” for equipment by 2% >£250K/yr salary
      • Biomed Equipment needs
      • Reduce lost and misplaced equipment & excess inventory £300k/yr CAPEX
      • Facility Capacity
      • More efficient equipment location improves facility through-put >£500K/yr through patient throughput (reduce out patient procedure time by 2 minutes)
      • Biomed / Support teams
      • Reduce team used to “find” equipment from 5 to 2 >£30k/yr salary
      Asset Management fully integrated with mobile communications delivers improved utilization of clinical devices, improved staff efficiency and reduced spend on unnecessary equipment Accomplish more with less through efficient asset utilization ROI is less than a year!
    • 8. Memorial Hospital at Gulfport “ Precise coordination of staff, patients and equipment is critical to providing the best possible care," said Richard Ferrans, MD, vice president and medical information officer, Memorial Hospital at Gulfport. "Now with Nortel's healthcare mobility solutions, we can automatically provide clinicians with lab results, patient status and other information. This promotes faster diagnosis and treatment and improved patient safety.” Industry Segment: Healthcare Region: North America (USA)
      • Asset Tracking and Management Solution improves efficiency by providing real-time location and status information on equipment and patients., reducing loss by 40 percent while streamlining patient workflow up to 20 percent.
      • The solution allows dispatching diagnostic and life-saving equipment to the point of need faster and easier, while maintaining inventory and lowering rental cost by approx. 25%.
      • Collaborative Clinical Solution combines unified communications with this same real-time location to automatically direct alerts and information from clinical systems to clinicians' mobile devices or nearby phones. Clinicians get the information they need quicker.
      Solution Components: RFID tags, WLAN Access Points, LAN/WLAN, Syntrack Asset Tracking Software, Wireless Application Gateway, CS1000, MCS 5100, WLAN Handsets / IP Phones, Wireless IP Solutions and Integration & Global Services Memorial Hospital at Gulfport is saving critical time, providing safer environment and enhancing productivity to improve care, with innovative healthcare solutions built on Nortel’s unified communications technology & network managed services
    • 9. The Smarter Hospital Vision Driven by Digitization of Healthcare Mobile access in and out of facility – to get information to the point of care Automation of business processes – drive efficiency gains Smart alerts and alarms – right message to right person Asset utilization & Real-time location to improve capacity / efficiency and staff safety Communications enabled Clinical Processes - adding Unified Communications with context to portals Staff & Patient communications for services – portals and user services Security - Information Protection to ensure privacy compliance The Smart Hospital Communications is mandatory to enable the Massive Digitization of Healthcare Processes & Workflows that is the future of Healthcare
    • 10.