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W&M 2009 – Delivering the mobile future


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  • Mobile Future
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Richard D. Titus
    • 2. Richard D. Titus Serial Entrepreneur co-founded seven firms including Razorfish and Schematic Previously - Future Media Controller at the BBC As of July 1 st , CEO of Associated Northcliffe Digital Introductions
    • 3. World + 7 years Global mobile browsing uptake perfectly mirrors the Internet curve in timeline, growth, and segmentation Growth
    • 4. Mobile Browsing overtakes fixed line Mobile: Digital Divide - ? Developed countries (subs per 100) Developing countries (subs per 100)
    • 5. The Audience –Trends Mobile: Digital Divide Figure takes data from previous slide and shows that mobile is following same growth in developing countries, simply with a 6 year lag.
    • 6. Audience – Trends of heaviest users 39% never used an online social network but use on on their phone 99% have personal mobile content (pictures, video) on their phone 16% don’t have an email address 98% never would switch back to a pc-only social network 12% are in still in bed when logging in the first time 53% male 47% female Largest age group 18 to 35 Findings consistent with comScore M:Metrics research Connectivity
    • 7. The Old paradigm – 1’ 3’ 10’ 1’ 3’ 10’
    • 8. Fixed Mobile Kinds of digital devices Characteristics: Shared Big Immersive Always connected Furniture Characteristics: Personal (rarely shared) Smaller/component Incremental Customized Intermittent connectivity Social (with other devices)
    • 9. Kinds of digital devices Fixed Mobile
    • 10. Ubiquitous computing? "Totally ubiquitous computing. One of the things our grandchildren will find quaintest about us is that we distinguish the digital from the real, the virtual from the real. In the future, that w ill become literally impossible. The distinction between cyberspace and that which isn't cyberspace is going to be unimaginable. There is where they don't have WIFI." - William Gibson Connectivity
    • 11. 1’ Cloud Computing 3’ 10’
    • 12. Cloud Computing
    • 13. Digital Data All your data lives in a cloud
    • 14. IP Everywhere By 2016 80% + media content will be delivered digitally
    • 15. Rise of Open Internet standards leads to the commoditization of software, content management, storage and delivery: Web Standards Widgets A jax SOAP CSS XML RDF RSS ATOM (X)HTML
    • 16. WAP vs Web vs APP
        • BBC & Yahoo are experiencing exponential audience & platform growth – majority of which is iPhone + smart phone driven
        • 18 month upgrade cycle means ALL phones will be smart phones in the west (EU, US, Japan) by 2012
        • Emerging markets present new, unique and exciting opportunities
        • iPhone App market dwarfs other App-stores 10:1
      Mobile Devices
    • 17. If technology standards are open free & ubiquitous, what has value?
      • Information & Data (Raw facts, Metadata, behavioral and contextual)
          • User Experience, Design & Interface
          • Live event driven information & content
      Now What?
    • 18. Rapid commoditization of technology (open standards) - User Experience becomes key differentiator Audiences
    • 19. Events Events become the only TRUE premium content!
    • 20. Consumptive Behaviors Mutate
      • TV used to be scheduled consumption
      • Radio often was background consumption
      • Today consumers use them interchangeably
      Digital Media
    • 21. Consumptive Behaviors Mutate Passive active line is becoming blurry On-demand vs live barriers disappear for most content. Time Shifting vs place shifting Digital Media
    • 22. Mobile iPlayer
    • 23.
      • Allows audiences to catch up with full BBC programmes from the past week. (available up to 7 days after transmission.)
      • Combines BBC live + on-demand TV and radio:
      • Streams over Wi-Fi and 3G networks
      • DRM downloads over Wi-Fi only
      • Downloadable webkit widget and dedicated mobile portal
      What is Mobile iPlayer ? iPlayer for dummies
    • 24. Total stream/download requests Daily stream/download requests 41m 1,324,000 Jan 08 11.2m 361,000 Feb 08 Mar 08 Apr 08 May 08 Jun 08 Jul 08 Aug 08 Sep 08 Oct 08 Nov 08 Dec 08 The Success of BBC iPlayer iPlayer stream/downloads ALL platforms
    • 25. Devices
    • 26. TV Web & Mobile
    • 27. Page Views: Mobile browser and Mobile iPlayer
    • 28. Is time forcing information's commoditization?
      • The shortening window of Now
          • Time limits on information limit value of time constrained information
          • Twitter is real time search & Information
    • 29. Context
      • Location aware information is more valuable, relational data even more so (your friend Steve is nearby)
      • Mobile devices make location awareness more important/valuable – and expected
          • Google today provides mostly the same
          • Answers to everyone
    • 30. There are only 3 ways to monetize content & services Subscriptions Transactions Sponsorship Revenue
    • 31. Schemas to monetize mobile are primitive Current: Premium SMS New: Coupons Mobile commerce (phone as oyster card?) Location based marketing New mobile Monetization
    • 32. Time Out? “ Disconnection is soon to be a luxury, when everything is connected, devices and networks are aware of you and each other you will crave, the simple solace of isolation” - The resorts of the future will advertise they DON”T have broadband The Future
    • 33. Thank you Richard D. Titus [email_address]