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UC Expo 2010 - Collaboration without boundaries - using-real-time technologies to connect across geographies and organisations


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • What a catchy title !!!! Just rolls off the tongue My presentation is focused around utilising existing investment alongside new technology and existing cultural barriers to make business more effective Key messages of this presentation are :- The technology is now mature enough to deliver on this concept “ Walk up and use” is at the heart of this proposition “ Reliability” with the aid existing DR and resilience capabilities this technology is extremely reliable and dependable This talk is meant to be an evolution and not a revolution in other words it slots seamlessly on top of your existing infrastructure investment.
  • Gartner reference Firstly How do we define collaboration? Multiple people, sharing thoughts, concepts, images in one place or multi site, iterative and not a one off in order to gain synergy in order to problem solve, plan or strategize more effectively and the meeting room is at the heart of all of this. There are many technologies that are here now helping to achieve this outside of the meeting room such as mobile phones, blackberries, 3g connectivity but I would like to focus on collaboration within the meeting room today. In order to achieve that the technology needed to support it must be capable of the following Single copy of the information being discussed Interactivity via the digital ink pen Built in VOIP Simple to use interface that anyone can use with out training.
  • Before we proceed it is worth dwelling on the company that is pioneering this technology. Interactive Technologies began in a garage in Calgary over 21 years ago. Since that time SMART have become the dominant global market leader with over 63% of the education market and approximately 20% of our revenues are now in the non education market. This equates to over 1.4m displays that have been sold world wide a number which is continuously growing. Finally SMART is the only interactive display company that has for the last 3 year invested vigorously in the corporate market place in order to provide solutions that will ease the transition of this technology into the meeting room, training room, ward, emergency planning room, command and control vehicle etc.
  • As has been said 100 times before in the last 5 years or so businesses have had to adapt more than ever to a constant flow of new challenges be that less resources, more pressures to be distributed which leads to more requirement for communication, in order to provide more effectively to their customers, which creates issues of effective communication across all locations within the organisation. And all of this has to be dealt with whilst bearing in mind the costs of travel & subsistence and a constant awareness and pressure of the impact to the environment and the green lobby. You have to react fast because everyone is has instant access to customers requirements Communication across disparate location for suppliers, customers and internal is always going to be a challenge
  • Because the meeting room is typically at the heart of this collaboration a significant amount of thought needs to be put in to making them work more effectively for you rather than being a barrier to effective communication and collaboration. Some of these images I am sure will ring true with many of you as the cause of meeting starts being delayed because the technology has been reconfigured from the previous occupants, different technologies in different rooms or just the way in which the outcome of the meeting is recorded and distributed. Instead of all this ideally we need a simple walk up and use type of user interface, that is consistent throughout the organisation, that requires little or no intervention from IT or FM regardless of the purpose of the meeting. In short we need meeting room technology to be an enabler and not a barrier to effective communication and collaboration. Now think of the technology within a meeting room Problem solving with flip charts or Nobo whiteboards – but how do you share the results? Camera? Flip Charts? Data sharing with flat screens and data projectors typically either or both of these will be in most meeting rooms video conferencing present in only 5% of meeting rooms. What we really need is a solution that can combine all of these technologies into a single walk up and use solution that will drive collaboration into the future.
  • Lets take a look at how this all hangs together. At the heart of the solution is our collaboration server which we feel is more cost effective to own outright rather than paying a monthly rental. In order to achieve access from both within the organisation and for external access this typically will be located in the DMZ.
  • Effective collaboration has to be supported by the right technology for the right purpose e.g. Display technology plasma, front projected with USTL projector, desktop podium A consistent UI across all products PC or Appliance option Fully integrated collaboration server for internal use or allowing permissions based global access
  • This is a good example of a basic setup which has the following aims. Improve the productivity of the meeting room e.g. no setup of projectors, simple distribution of meeting notes Introduce technology seamlessly so participants focus on the meeting content Lock down the technology so it will be always available
  • This is a good example of how Agile software development teams can use both interactive data collaboration and Video conferencing to achieve effective continuous collaboration without the expense of a solution such as telepresense. BT have 16 “pods” setup in with project management teams in the UK communicating with their development teams located all round the world. They estimated that the cost of one pod was more than justified by the speed with which they were able to respond to a coding issue that they closed off within 2 days of notification.
  • To the ultimate C level customer briefing room which is an Accenture deployment in Milan. Built to impress prospective customers and to plan strategically with senior decision makers.
  • BT use this technology in many different areas eg training, disparate agile software development teams In addition our customers do currently cover just about
  • A final thought to leave you with ROI calculations for this equipment do stack up and very quickly In my experience it is the reduction of travel that creates the bulk of the savings Be careful to position this as a reduction not cut out completely These figures in my experience are quite conservative as there is no subsistence, opportunity cost of being out of the office Savings can be made in other areas too eg training environments with distance learning, wards eg bed management Example 1 ($348000/12)=( $29,000 *3)=$87,000 = 3 months savings Example 2 ($811,400/12)=( $67,617 *3)=$202,850 = 3 months savings Example 3 ($7,273,600/12)=( $606,133 *2)=$1,212,266 = 2 months savings
  • Transcript

    • 1. Collaboration without boundaries using real-time technologies to connect across geographies and organisations Scott Redpath, Business Development Manager On behalf of SMART Technologies Collaborarion & Messaging Theatre
    • 2. Focused on delivering ‘Return on Meeting Investment’
      • Supporting and encouraging collaboration as part of a high
      • performance workplace will become one of the top five
      • CIO priorities*
      *Gartner 2008
    • 3. Who are …….
      • SMART pioneered interactive whiteboard technology over 20 years ago
      • SMART is the global market leader in interactive whiteboard technology
      • Over 1.4 million SMART interactive displays now sold worldwide
      • Years of research have developed and refined the product set, to adapt it to markets outside of mainstream education
    • 4. Is this the perfect storm? Downsizing, doing more with less On average a third of a typical worker’s day is spent in meetings* Email has increased 3X over past 5 years Increased Pressure of Business Distributed Work Reduce costs & Environmental Impact *Gensler’s The 2008 U.S. Workplace Survey ** Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Conferencing 70% of employees work in another location than their supervisor 2/3 of knowledge workers collaborate with remote employees Travel costs avg $1,000 / day / worker** Cutting costs of real estate Heightened awareness of workplace sustainability & continuity
    • 5. Meeting spaces: current state vs desired
      • Current State:
        • Delayed meetings, and frustration.
        • Little consistency between meeting spaces
        • Saving and distributing information from meetings a significant pain
      • Meeting Room technology should:
        • Be an enabler, not a barrier
        • Simple, consistent, easy to use
        • Low to no ongoing IT support required
        • Support ALL types of Meeting
    • 6. Different Types of Meeting Remote Local Relationship Building Problem Solving Information Sharing VC & TelePresence Face to Face MeetingPro Remote User Bridgit
    • 7. The Corporate Interactive Digital Whiteboard Wainhouse Research, July 2008
    • 8. Solution Architecture Port 80 External segment (Internet) DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) Internal Segment (LAN) 256 SSL Encryption Bridgit Collaboration Server Internet SMART Enabled Meeting Room SMART Enabled Meeting Room
    • 9. Global Server Network (GSN): For Resilience, Scalability & WAN Bandwidth Optimization B Typical Clustering Solution New Bridgit GSN Solution HQ Branch A Branch B Internet/ WAN Remote Total # Participants = 14 Total # of WAN connections to HQ =11 Total ~ Bandwidth required: 60Kb X 11= 660Kb HQ Branch B Internet/ WAN Remote Branch A Total # Participants = 14 Total # of WAN connections to HQ =3 Total ~ Bandwidth required: 60Kb X 3= 180Kb
    • 10. Form Factor: Flexibility and consistency is the key Software Meeting room PC Appliance Display Technologies Software or Appliance Onsite Server implementation Free Client for global access Bridgit Collaboration Server Wall Mounted Lectern & Desk mounted Flat Display Free Client Free Client
    • 11. Use Case: Write, save and distribute LAN SMTP
    • 12. Use Case: Distance and remote collaboration Remote Participant Meeting Room Participant Firewall Bridgit Collaboration Server(s) SMART Enabled Meeting Room SMART Enabled Meeting Room
    • 13. Use Case: C-Level Briefing
      • Next Steps
      • Recommendations
      • Finance Review
      • Executive Sign-off
      Remote Participant Meeting Room Participant Firewall Bridgit Collaboration Server
      • Effective Meetings
      • Sales & Marketing
      • Finance
      • Operations
      Conceptual Model 1 5 3 4 2 Incremental margin $ based on corporate solution sales Traditional margin $ based on IWB unit sales to Education
    • 14. What our customers say: "Our new SMART collaboration capability enables people to meet, irrespective of where they are in the world and interact as if they were in the same room. This has had a massive impact on travel costs and reduced our carbon footprint significantly. Last week I trained 34 people in India from Adastral Park and yesterday I trained a further eight – that’s a saving of a flight to India, plus my time, in just two weeks."   “ Ultimately we’re using this technology to change and transform the culture of the company.” “ After introducing this system my expenses dropped tenfold. You can imagine what the figures would look like if 4,500 employees all used the solution. If we rolled this out, suitable meeting rooms would need to be set up. Even though this would require an initial investment, the benefits outweigh the costs in every way.”
    • 15. A final thought on Return on Meeting Investment Months to recapture investment 3 <3 2 Number of employees 50 100 500 Number of meeting rooms 5 10 50 Average number of meeting participants 4 4 5 Potential annual savings – reducing meeting start by 5 minutes – reducing time (15 min.) to capture & distribute notes – reducing travel by 20% 166,400 124,800 58,800 332,800 249,600 230,000 3,250,000 1,950,000 2,073,600 Total annual cost savings $348,000 $ 811,400 $ 7,273,600 Capital Investment ($15K per room) $75,000 $150,000 $750,000
    • 16.
      • Thank You
      • Any questions please
      • visit us on our stand 510
      • [email_address]
      • +44 (0) 7584213025