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The Evolution of the Data Centre

The Evolution of the Data Centre



Consolidation, Virtualization, Convergence and Cloud Computing - all desirable objectives for the next generation data centre, but just how do they fit together, and what challenges do they present ...

Consolidation, Virtualization, Convergence and Cloud Computing - all desirable objectives for the next generation data centre, but just how do they fit together, and what challenges do they present along the way? Come and hear how QLogic's innovative I/O technology helps deliver a fully flexible and dynamic enterprise IT infrastructure.



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The Evolution of the Data Centre The Evolution of the Data Centre Presentation Transcript

  • The Evolution of the Data Centre IPEXPO 2011 Bob Aitchison Regional Director EMEA Bob.aitchison@qlogic.com
  • Adaptability and Flexibility are Keys to Success IT has become as Flexible & Adaptable as Consumer Electronics2 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • Computing as a Services Water SaaS Telephone IaaS Utility Services PaaS Electricity Computing Cloud Computing3 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • Market DynamicsCloud/Managed Services PaaS IaaS SaaS Managed/Cloud Services Ovum forecast October 2011 4 Keith Humphreys - EuroLAN 11 October 2011
  • Market Dynamics AMI Partners The rapid growth of cloud computing [will cause] the SMB channel to lose more than 200,000 IT jobs over the next decade. Managed/Cloud should sack their existing sales staff and replace them with Resellers Services sales staff used to selling annuity services euroLAN The worldwide cloud computing opportunity for channel partners will represent some $40 billion worth of revenue in 2011 5 Keith Humphreys – EuroLAN 2011 11 October 2011
  • Evolution of Business Models6 QLogic Confidential Month DD, YYYY
  • Evolution of Business ModelsThe transition to service based models will be lengthyPartners offering system solutions will continue to provide a critical part of thebusiness mixCustomers will demand Flexible, cost effective solutions from trusted suppliersComplexity exists and will continue to be a challenge for all IT Environments… 7 QLogic Confidential Month DD, YYYY
  • …. underlying networking requirements are still the same Source: Dell’Oro Group, May 2011 Server Annual Shipments Server Installed Base* 12 30% 44 20% Units in Millions (bars)Units in Millions (bars) 20% 33 % Growth (line) % Growth (line) 8 10% 10% 22 0% 4 0% 11 -10% 0 -20% 0 -10% 8 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • > 70% of IT budgets go to managing the Infrastructure9 QLogic Confidential Month DD, YYYY
  • Top IT InitiativesSource: 2010 ESG Research 10 QLogic Confidential 10/12/2011
  • IT Industry Challenges Compounding Challenges in the Data Center • Mission Critical Availability • Growing Infrastructure Options • Explosion of Storage Requirements • Security Escalating Demands Mixed Data Center IT Spending • Power & Space Limitations Models Pressures11 QLogic Confidential 10/12/2011
  • Evolving Technologies & Standards Multi-core / Multi-thread Server CPU Virtualization VN Link Servers will need 100X more bandwidth by 2017 CPU power doubling speed every 18 monthsEvolving I/O technologies to meet bandwidth requirements 12 QLogic Confidential 10/12/2011
  • Virtualization Benefits: LAN SAN IP/Ethernet Fibre Channel • 60% Reduction in Networking Infrastructure 10GbE 8Gb FC LAN SAN • Save 40% on Power and Cooling IP/Ethernet 10GbE Fibre Channel 8Gb FC Traditional Network Virtualized Network13 QLogic Confidential 10/12/2011
  • Converging the EnterpriseConsolidation Virtualization Convergence CloudOptimising data center resources Increasing resource utilization, Unified data center fabric Completing the journey availability and agility Everything as a Service (IaaS, Paas, SaaS, …)14 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • Converging the Enterprise - ConsolidationConsolidation QLogic’s commitment to I/O PerformanceOptimising data center resources • Fibre Channel: 4, 8Gb FC and 16Gb FC (soon to come) • Ethernet: 1 & 10GbE NICs & iSCSI, 10GbE FCoE • Stackable FC SAN switches – lower cost of ownership - Highly optimized for SAN fabrics Unified drivers Flexible management Fibre Channel Less Complexity Drivers Operating System Ethernet Drivers15 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • Virtual Machines in the Driving seat..16 QLogic Confidential Month DD, YYYY
  • Converging the Enterprise - Virtualization Virtualization Introduction of NPIV in FC HBAs and Switches Increasing resource utilization, availability and agility • Full support for virtualized servers for VMotion • NPIV also enable TR (Transparent Routing) on FC switches • Allows a QLogic switch to connect to a Brocade or Cisco FC fabric 10GbE NIC and iSCSI / FCoE CNA • NPAR feature allows for: - Carving up multiple NIC partitions - Provisioning bandwidth dynamically - The ability to perform switch-agnostic VM-to-VM communication within physical machines - Extensive Virtualization Support: SR-IOV, NPAR, NIV (VNtag), VEPA/VEB17 QLogic Confidential Month DD, YYYY
  • Converging the Enterprise - Convergence Convergence Unified data center fabric IP iSCSI 10GbEE FCoE The QLE8200 is the ONLY CNA to run FCoE, iSCSI & Ethernet concurrently • Not on separate hardware • Not at separate times • No operational disruption18 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • The Winning Strategy — the Data Center Connectivity Layer Any Form Factor Any OS High Performance Efficient iSCSI 10GbE Scalable Adaptable FC FCoE Any Protocol Any Hypervisor19 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • The Intelligent Converged Data Center CONSOLIDATION VIRTUALIZATION CONVERGENCE of assets of servers & storage of networks LAN SAN FCoE IPC 20 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • Converging the Enterprise – Cloud ComputingCloud – Completing the journey Everything as a Service (IaaS, Paas, SaaS, …)21 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • Roadmap of FCoE standards 2009 2010 2011 2012 Enclosure Top-of-rack Enclosure Aggregation End-to-endEnabled & Top-of-rack End-of-Row Rack Aggregation CEE/FCoENetworks Eth FC FC Eth FC Eth 1 hop 2 hop Multi-hopFCoE Final Spec Ratified Spec Next Gen CongestionCEE Management Final Spec Ratified Spec Products CEE configuration Final Spec Ratified Spec protocol 22 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • Customers are demanding “Fabric Freedom” “Simplify Service Delivery” QLogic’s end-to-end Adaptive Convergence gives you Fabric Freedom to build YOUR cloud. ANY Storage Access ANYTHING… ANY Fabric LAN SAN DCBFC FCoE iSCSI Ether (Multi-vendor) ANY Host ANY Migration Path CNAs Public Private …on ANY port Hybrid HBAs NICs23 QLogic Confidential Budapest, October 11th-12th 2011
  • Rigidapproach - QLogic Flex Port give will have to TechnologyNew Infrastructures Cannot Survive Multiprotocol on One Chip Ethernet • This is the old way • There is a new approach • QLogic Flex Port Technology FC • Customers are forced to invest in fixed, rigid configurations • Too many rigid switches causes cracks in the infrastructure •DCB higher power, cooling and rack space requirements With The Collapsing of the Data Center24 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • New approach - QLogic Flex Port Technology It is an Advanced FCoE ASIC • Scalable, non-blocking crossbar switch architecture What is it? • Completely standards-based FCoE ASIC • Provides a multitude of connectivity options and management solutions with no lock-in features25 QLogic Confidential Month DD, YYYY
  • New approach - QLogic Flex Port Technology It introduces Flex Port technology • industry-first flex port technology that enables ports What is new? to be dynamically allocated • Flex ports can shift protocol support on-the-fly • Support TCP/IP, FC, iSCSI or FCoE data - instantaneously26 QLogic Confidential Month DD, YYYY
  • So What Problems Does this Solve?Network sprawl at the server edge • Driven by explosive growth of virtual machine loads increases cost and complexity; slows IT’s ability to respondUnder or over-provisioning of network capacity wastes budget • Complicates network wiring and creates bottlenecks that lower virtual machine performanceConfusion about the hardware to buy and the software to license for convergednetworking prevents customers from moving forwardHigh costs and lack of standards prevent customers from upgrading to the More Portsadvantages of converged network technology or using it effectively Gen More FCoE Next Bullet 2 FCoE Move Forward with QLogic Lower Latency Flex Ports ASIC Lower Power More Interworking27 QLogic Corporation July 2010
  • Universal Access Point Before… Now… Traditional Core/Edge Universal Access Point Server:Storage 10:1 typical Server Access to proprietary core Fabric Congestion 20:1 typical • Alignment of Servers & Storage • Optimized for PoD / Cloud Server:Storage 8:1 • Future proof converged access Intranet • Balanced Performance Core • Reduces TCO • External fabric for LAN, Data Extranet Migration, Shadow Copy Extrane t• Storage is remote from the servers • Direct connect Storage• Fabric Congestion Reduces Throughput • Optimized to Scale• Difficult to Scale, Balance and Optimize • Much improved balanced throughput28 QLogic Confidential - Do Not Distribute 11/2/2011
  • The QLogic Universal Access Point™ UAP 5900 The new look for powerful, easy to manage fabrics . . .Highest Port Count FCoE TOR Switch Hybrid Fabrics and Transparent RoutingNo connectivity limitations Easily attach to any SAN switch User Configurable Airflow Quick, simple set-up via modular Power Supply 1U Highest Density, Most Adaptable Switch 4 - 64Gb FC / 40GbE QSFP Uplink Ports 52 - 16Gb FC / 10Gb DCB E SFP device ports Each QSFP port can also provide four additional Pay as you grow with 4 and 12 port licenses 16Gb FC or 10GbE SFP ports 29 QLogic Confidential Budapest, October 11th-12th 2011
  • UA5900: Customer-Paced, Adaptive Convergence World’s Highest-Density FC/FCoE Switch World’s Highest-Density FC Switch + 16 SFP ports Each QSFP port can be split to provide (4) additional Flex ports 1U 64Gb Trunking ISLs QSFP stacking ports (52) 16Gb / 10GbE SFP device ports + (4) 64Gb / 40GbE QSFP ports (52) 16Gb Unique Business Values > 2 Terabits aggregate bandwidth in 1U! > 300 device ports per stack • Protocol flexibility without port limitations  Expand from 24 to 68 SFP ports (with QSFP breakout)  64Gb stacking – mix/match & DCB Eth new cable • FC, FCoE, iSCSI, Eth with 5800 via  Hybridperformance, easy form factor,SAN switch • High Switch + ETR = low attach to any energy efficient Converged Networking  EVERY port can be FCat an industry low 200W immediately!) • 2Tbs bandwidth or Ethernet (attach CNAs (CVN) license option turns  FCoE w/VEPA = easy attach to any future migration agility • Backward compatibility with LAN switch switch into full FCoE TOR!  Best value: Lowest $/port30 QLogic Confidential Budapest, October 11th-12th 2011
  • QSFP+ = Industry-standard density solution  4X the bandwidth of standard SFP+ transceivers  40Gb Ethernet, 64Gb Fibre Channel  Copper and optical solutions  QLogic will release series of new cables, including QSFP-to-XPAK for stacking links to SB5800 Typical QSFP Business Values Unique port uses in next-gen stackables • Create a 64Gb FC or 40Gb E backbone to core Fibre Channel “Virtual Core” FCoE TOR Breakout (64 ports/U) switches • Transparent interoperability with Brocade and Cisco + 16 additional SFP ports Eth • Breakouts offer increased expansion options Cor • Legacy connection to existing QLogic stacks e 64Gb FC stacking 40Gb DCB E uplinks 16Gb FC / 10Gb DCB E31 QLogic Confidential Budapest, October 11th-12th 2011
  • Fibre Channel with a Future Before CVN License After CVN License• World’s best FC SAN switch • Connect to any host, storage or network –• PLUS…begin to deploy CNAs with ZERO on any port additional switch investment! CNAs Ethernet (FCoE or NIC mode) network FCoE NICs CNAs fabric (FCoE mode) LAN FCoE FC fabric HBAs Unique Business Values FC SAN • Connects to existing SAN, LAN and converged fabrics • Connects directly to core B & C FC SAN • Aggregate server racks to existing core SANs and iSCSI HBAs LANs FC fabric FC storage FC FCoE storage storage storage • Converts from Fibre Channel to a converged switch32 QLogic Confidential Budapest, October 11th-12th 2011
  • Interconnect Anything and Everything Hybrid Switch FCoE (Transparent Switch (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) + Full Fabric) • Direct & Fabric Attach• Partition switch into transparent and full-fabric port groups of any Storage Converged Ethernet size or distribution Unique Business Values• Transparent partition behaves DCB VEPA similarly to previous OEM blade Core • Interoperability with products ANY adapter (Virtual Edge Port Aggregation)• • Greatest edge switch versatilityFC Ideal for Point of Delivery (POD) FCoE deployments iSCSI • Unifies edge/core • Perfect for rack aggregation • Simplifies management • Future ready lowers OPEX and • Lowers OPEX and CAPEX CAPEX 33 QLogic Confidential Budapest, October 11th-12th 2011
  • FCoE Port Projected Growth 25,000 20,000 Key Takeaways:Ports (000s) 15,000  Fibre Channel market is healthy FCoE  FCoE business opportunity is limited in 10,000 FC 2011 5,000  2012 represents first significant, wide spread opportunity for FCoE 0  FCoE will drive dramatic growth in CREHAN 2011 Report additional fabric ports for the remainder of the decade Moderate FCoE Port growth Projected Footnotes: --For the time periods A= Actual and E= Estimate/ Forecast --for the FCoE. Ports included for 10Gbps, 40Gbps, 100Gbps FCoE --for the FC. Ports included for 4Gbps. 8Gbps, 16Gbps FC QLogic Confidential - Do not Distribute Month DD, YYYY
  • Next Generation Portfolio Cloud • Disparate networks • Inefficient use of resources • Any network • Expensive operating costs • Lower operating costs • Complicated migration path • Higher efficiency /performance • Reduced complexities4/8/16Gb FC 1/10Gb E 10 Gb DCB E • Flexible and agile migration 35 QLogic Confidential 10/12/2011
  • Our High Performance Networking Portfolio 12000 Series InfiniBand Switches 9000 Series InfiniBand 8000 Series Switches 3000 Series Converged Network 7000 Series Intelligent Ethernet Adapters InfiniBand Adapters Adapters Converged Networking HPC Networking 5000 Series 9000 Series FC Stackable 6000 Series FC Core 2000 Series 4000 Series Switches FC-iSCSI Routers Switches FC Adapters iSCSI Adapters Storage Networking 36 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • The Cloud is BRIGHT with Qlogic37 QLogic Corporation September 2011
  • 38 QLogic Confidential Month DD, YYYY
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