Visionary virtualization


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The Hitachi advanced virtualized infrastructure platform provides the availability, performance and reliability for today's business-critical applications and a foundation for tomorrow's computing needs.

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Visionary virtualization

  1. 1. Rapid ROI. Assured availability. Visionary virtualization. The most advanced storage infrastructure for today’s virtualized data center. Francois Zimmermann, CTO UK & Ireland (Twitter:@FrancoisZim #IPEXPO_HDS)1 © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2011. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Growing GAP between Business NeedsAnd IT’s Ability to REspond In a nutshell: What VMware does for Compute, the Virtual Storage Platform does for Storage2
  3. 3. Trusted by the Global Business Community  44 of the top 50 Fortune Global 500 companies  81 of the top 100 Fortune Global 1000 companies  The top 15 global commercial banks  The top 16 global property and casualty insurers  The top 10 global telecommunications companies  The top 10 global aerospace and defense companies  The top 7 global technology companies3
  4. 4. What the Analysts Say IDC Q2 QUARTERLY DISK TRACKER “Hitachis technology was the number 1 choice of Western European enterprises for mission-critical storage systems” “The big winner of the quarter is once again Hitachi Data Systems, with the ongoing success of the high-end Virtual Storage Platform. "HDS expansive strategy, its reputation for high quality and service standards, and the technical appeal of the VSP propelled the companys sales," said Daniel Bizo, research analyst at IDCs European Storage Group. The companys sales skyrocketed by over 50% year over year, earning it the fourth place market share position. HDS poses a serious challenge to IBM and EMC in the mission-critical storage space. When combined with HPs XP family sales (with the systems supplied by Hitachi under an OEM agreement with HP), Hitachis technology was the number 1 choice of Western European enterprises for mission-critical storage systems.”
  5. 5. Hitachi Leads in Storage Virtualization STORAGE VIRTUALIZATION SHIPMENTS 20,000 18,000+ 18,000 16,000 14,000 12,000 10,000 8,500 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 1,000 0 SOURCE: Company Public Information and Industry Estimates5
  6. 6. Business Demands Business Expectations  Leverage information as a IT Ability to Respond strategic and competitive asset – Accessibility (discoverability, availability) – Analytics (integration, repurposing) – Compliance (security, governance) BUSINESS NEEDS  Manage costs and efficiency Virtualization – In anticipation of data growth “Into the Breach”  Business acceleration from IT Lower costs Accelerate time to value IT COMPLEXITY Transform your data center6
  7. 7. Virtual Server Sprawl  IT Infrastructure as we know it today needs to reviewed, audited, redesigned and consolidated… Why?  Data Center Transformation with the adoption and evolution of Virtual Machines has introduced new challenges. We started with Then we saw Today… we spend The future… a few VM’s on savings $$$ - in $$$ + many scares us standalone came the ESX engineering hours Millions of VMs Servers for Dev cluster, SAN and managing 1000’s PB+ of storage and Test VM’s sprawling VM’s & TB of Very large out of control Storage clusters7
  8. 8. Phase 2 Virtualization SERVER VIRTUALIZATION ADOPTION IS INCREASING RAPIDLY “Two-thirds of all “Initial Adoption” Phase 2 (70% of virtualizable workloads will be servers) virtualized (69%)  Servers Virtualized – Test servers by 2013” – Development servers  Servers Virtualized – Print/file servers – Production servers – IT Admins gaining – Tier1 Applications new Skill Sets – Mail servers – Content servers – FTP servers Phase 1 (30% of – Databases virtualizable servers)  New Products – Desktop Virtualization – Cloud Services – Utility Computing – Automation – Disaster Recovery 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 PHASE TRANSITION8
  9. 9. Consolidation VS Virtualization? Compute Services TIGHTLY COUPLED Network Services Layer 2 Island Storage Services9
  10. 10. Virtualization Phase 1 – Server Hypervisors Compute Services Network Services Layer 2 Island Layer 2 Island Storage Services10
  11. 11. Virtualization Phase 2 – End to End Virtualization Compute Services Network Services Storage Services11
  12. 12. Provide Consistent Services to Diverse Environments Diverse Compute Services Diverse Network Services Consistent Storage Services12
  13. 13. Consolidation VS Virtualization? “If we build it they will come” Virtualization is a tool for Data – Long and difficult transition Center Transformation – Low Utilization over Asset Life13
  14. 14. Storage Virtualization Services: Eliminate Technology Silos A consistent and technologically advanced storage services strategy across heterogeneous platforms Internal Logical Volume Nondisruptive Dynamic Management External Replication Partitioning Management Data Movement Provisioning Interface Replication14
  15. 15. Storage Virtualization Services: Virtual Partitioning Port Port Port Port Port Port Port Port Cache Cache Cache Cache Cache Cache RAID RAID RAID RAID RAID RAID RAID RAID Scale out to meet distributed server demand with load balancing and safe multi-tenancy15
  16. 16. Storage Virtualization Services: Virtual Partitioning VMware Oracle z/OS ... Partition Partition Partition Port Port Port Port Port Port Port Port Cache Cache Cache Cache Cache Cache RAID RAID RAID RAID RAID RAID RAID RAID Scale out to meet distributed server demand with load balancing and safe multi-tenancy16
  17. 17. Storage Virtualization Services: Resource Pooling and Thin Provisioning Pool 1 Pool 2 Internal Capacity External Capacity Reduced OPEX – Simplified provisioning, management, performance Reduced CAPEX for growth – Typical 30% capacity reclamation17
  18. 18. Enabling New Operational Models Tactical Tasks Pool 1 Pool 2 Internal Capacity External Capacity Strategic Tasks18
  19. 19. Storage Virtualization Services Data Center Level Tiering Higher Performance / TB Storage Tiers Data Heat Index High Activity Set Hitachi Dynamic Tiering Normal Working Set Lower TCO / TB Quiet Data Set One Seamless Virtualized Storage Pool19
  20. 20. VSP Architecture: Enabling 3D Scaling Configuration Maximums: 8 Virtual Storage Director blades 24 FED blades with 192 8G ports  Up to 1,024GB cache  8 BED blades with 64 SAS links  2048 Internal Drives  247PB Virtualized Capacity20
  21. 21. Hypervisor Development Trends: Offload the problem to the Infrastructure  VMware is leading a trend to move functionality from the Hypervisor Kernel to the appropriate Infrastructure Layer It is all about the ecosystem  Standardization and open for all vendors  OS is API-driven which eliminates custom plug-ins into the OS  APIs leverage each other under the covers22
  22. 22. VMware and Hitachi: Complete Solution for vSphere 5 THE INFRASTRUCTURE TO VIRTUALIZE ALL DATA CENTER APPLICATIONS Storage Virtualization Hitachi Virtual Storage Disaster Recovery Platform (VSP) and vStorage Site Recovery Manager APIs inherited by 100+ with Hitachi TrueCopy® external storage devices and Hitachi Universal Replicator VMware and Storage Hitachi Data Hitachi Dynamic Admin Management Provisioning and Tiering Systems Hardware-accelerated thin vCenter plugin and Hitachi Command Suite VMware provisioning for virtual machines (VMs) with autotiering and Solutions dead space reclamation Data Protection VMware Integration Hitachi Data Protection Suite, vStorage APIs powered by CommVault® and vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) vStorage APIs for Data vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) Protection (VADP) for hardware VM clones23
  23. 23. Visionary Virtualization  Simplify and unify storage management to maximize IT resources, reduce IT costs and minimize business risk  Achieve the highest performance and VM density for virtualized applications  Automate and consolidate tiered storage assets while ensuring the highest levels of reliability, performance and availability  Scale to support large-scale virtualized application environments, including VDI  Provide rapid migration path for existing workloads for further efficiencies Lower costs Accelerate time to value Transform your data center24 24
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