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Cloud Infrastructure Launch – What’s New “Your Cloud. Intelligent Virtual Infrastructure. Delivered Your Way”


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VMware recently announced vSphere 5 and a range of tightly integrated solutions that deliver significantly enhanced datacenter and storage management, security and disaster recovery capabilities. …

VMware recently announced vSphere 5 and a range of tightly integrated solutions that deliver significantly enhanced datacenter and storage management, security and disaster recovery capabilities. This session will guide you through VMware’s latest announcements including the new VMware vSphere Storage Appliance which brings enterprise class business continuity within reach of the smaller organisation. Find out more about VMware’s latest server and datacenter technologies that can bring cloud computing to your IT infrastructure.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Cloud Infrastructure Launch – What’s New “Your Cloud. Intelligent Virtual Infrastructure. Delivered Your Way” Simon Marvell Systems Engineer - VMwareConfidential © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • 2. Virtualization is the Foundation for Cloud “Virtualization is a modernization catalyst and unlocks cloud computing.” ―Gartner, May 2010 vSphere vSphere vSphere2 Confidential
  • 3. Companies are increasingly virtualizing Bus. Critical Apps Improve App Improve App Accelerate Quality of Efficiency App Lifecycle Service The Niche Apps (LOB apps, Tier 2 DB, etc.) >60% Virtualized SAP Custom Java Apps SharePoint Exchange SQL Oracle 30% Virtualized The Easy Apps (infrastructure, file, print) vSphere vSphere vSphere3 Confidential
  • 4. In 2010 VMware Unveiled a Complete Hybrid Cloud Stack… vCloud Director vShield Security vCenter Management vSphere vSphere vSphere4 Confidential
  • 5. Bring Cloud Architecture to Existing Datacenters  Leverage virtualization to transform physical silos into elastic, virtual capacity  Increase automation through built-in intelligent policy management  Move from static, physical security to dynamic, embedded security  Enable secure, self-service to pre-defined IT services, with pay-for-use Organization: Marketing Organization: Finance Users & Policies Virtual Datacenters Catalogs Users & Policies Virtual Datacenters Catalogs Compute Storage Network5 Confidential
  • 6. In 2011 VMware is Introducing a major upgrade of the entire CloudInfrastructure Stack New vCloud Director 1.5 vCloud Director vShield 5.0 vShield Security Cloud Infrastructure Launch vCenter SRM 5.0 vCenter Management vSphere vSphere vSphere vSphere 5.06 Confidential
  • 7. What’s New in vSphere 5.0?Confidential © 2011 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • 8. VMware vSphere 5.0: What’s New? • Virtual Appliance vCenter Server •Web Client • New HA Architecture • 32 way SMP • ESXi Firewall • vMotion over • 1 TB VMs higher latency links Application Services Availability Security Scalability VMware vSphere 5 Compute Storage Network Infrastructure Services • Storage DRS • ESXi Convergence • Profile-Driven Storage • Network I/O Control • Auto Deploy • View Accelerator (per VM controls) • HW version 8 • VMFS 5 • Distributed Switch • Storage I/O Control (NFS) (Netflow, SPAN, LLDP)8 Confidential
  • 9. New Virtual Machine Capabilities Richer Desktop • 3D Graphics Experience • Client-connected USB devices Broader Device • USB 3.0 Support • Smart Card Readers • Multi-core virtual CPUs (in GUI) Additional Enhancements • Extended VMware Tools Compatibility9 Confidential
  • 10. vSphere 5.0 – Scaling Virtual Machines Overview • Create virtual machines with up to 32 vCPU and 1 TB of RAM Benefits • 4x size of previous vSphere versions 4x • Run even the largest applications in vSphere, including very large databases • Virtualize even more applications than ever before (tier 1 and 2)10 Confidential
  • 11. Profile-Driven Storage and Storage DRS Overview High IO throughput • Tier storage based on performance characteristics (i.e. datastore cluster) • Simplify initial storage placement • Load balance based on I/O Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Benefits • Eliminate VM downtime for storage maintenance • Reduce time for storage planning/configuration • Reduce errors in the selection and mgmt of VM storage • Increase storage utilization by optimizing placement11 Confidential
  • 12. vSphere 5.0 – Auto Deploy Overview vCenter Server with • Deploy and patch vSphere hosts in Auto Deploy minutes using a new “on the fly” model • Coordination with vSphere Host Profiles Image Profiles Host Profiles Benefits • Rapid provisioning: initial deployment and patching of hosts vSphere vSphere vSphere • Centralized host and image management • Reduce manual deployment and patch processes12 Confidential
  • 13. vSphere 5.0 – New HA Architecture Overview • New architecture for High Availability feature of vSphere Storage VMware Fault vMotion Tolerance, High Availability, DRS Maintenance Mode, vMotion NIC Benefits Teaming, Multipathing • Simplified clustering setup and configuration • Enhanced reliability through better Component Server Storage resource guarantees and monitoring • Enhanced scalability13 Confidential
  • 14. Performance Guarantees – Network and Storage I/O Control 3. w/ Other VMs can 2. I/O controls, Overview give VIP VMs 1. VM requests are starved preferential access more resources  Set up SLAs for use of storage and for resources network resources  Added per virtual machine settings for Network I/O Control  Added NFS support for Storage I/O Control Benefits  Eliminate the “noisy neighbor” problem  More granular SLA settings for network traffic  Extend Storage SLAs to more VMs14 Confidential
  • 15. vSphere 5.0 – vCenter Server Appliance (Linux) Overview • Run vCenter Server as a Linux-based appliance Benefits • Simplified setup and configuration • Enables deployment choices according to business needs or requirements • Leverages vSphere availability features for protection of the management layer15 Confidential
  • 16. vSphere 5.0 – Web Client Overview • Run and manage vSphere from any web browser anywhere in the world Benefits • Platform independence • Replaces Web Access GUI • Building block for cloud based administration16 Confidential
  • 17. vSphere 5.0 – The Best of the Rest• Platform • Availability • Hardware Version 8 - EFI virtual BIOS • vMotion with higher latency links• Network • Management • Distributed Switch (Netflow, SPAN • Inventory Extensibility support, LLDP) • Solution Installation and Management • Network I/O Controls (per VM), ESXi • iPad client firewall• Storage • VMFS 5 • iSCSI UI • Storage I/O Control (NFS) • Array Integration for Thin Provisioning, • Swap to SSD, 2TB+ VMFS datastores • Storage vMotion Snapshot Support17 Confidential
  • 18. vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5 andvSphere ReplicationConfidential © 2011 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • 19. Traditional DR Coverage Often Limited To Tier 1 Applications Tier 1 Apps - Protected Need to expand DR protection APP APP APP OS OS OS  Tier 2 / 3 applications in larger datacenters Tier 2 / 3 Apps – Not protected  Small and medium businesses APP APP APP APP OS APP OS APP OS APP  Remote office / branch offices OS OS OS OS Small sites – Not protected Small Business Corporate Datacenter Remote Office / Branch Office19 Confidential
  • 20. SRM Provides Broad Choice of Replication Options Site Site vCenter Server Recovery vCenter Server Recovery Manager Manager VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM vSphere vSphere vSphere Replication VM VM VM Storage-based replication vSphere Replication: simple, cost-efficient replication for Tier 2 applications and smaller sites Storage-based replication: High-performance replication for business-critical applications in larger sites20 Confidential
  • 21. Planned Migrations For App Consistency & No Data Loss Planned Migration Overview Two workflows can be applied to recovery 1 Shut down 3 Recover app- plans: production VMs consistent VMs • DR failover • Planned migration Site A Site B Planned migration ensures application consistency and no data-loss during migration • Graceful shutdown of production VMs in vSphere vSphere application consistent state • Data sync to complete replication of VMs • Recover fully replicated VMs Replication Benefits 2 Sync data, stop replication Better support for planned migrations and present LUNs to vSphere • No loss of data during migration process • Recover ‘application-consistent’ VMs at recovery site21 Confidential
  • 22. Automated Failback To Streamline Bi-Directional Migrations Overview Automated Failback Re-protect VMs from Site B to Site A • Reverse replication • Apply reverse resource mapping Automate failover from Site B to Site A Reverse original recovery plan • Reverse original recovery plan Site A Site B Restrictions • Does not apply if Site A has undergone major changes / been rebuilt vSphere vSphere • Not available with vSphere Replication Benefits Reverse Replication Simplify failback process • Automate replication management • Eliminate need to set up new recovery plan Streamline frequent bi-directional migrations22 Confidential
  • 23. vShield 5.0 – What’s New “Trust your Cloud”Confidential © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • 24. New Features in vShield 5.0 Sensitive Data Discovery to meet standards & regulations Strong and efficient protection against network intrusions • Ability to quarantine compromised VMs • L2 Firewall Efficient Anti-Virus24 Confidential
  • 25. Sensitive Data Discovery to Meet Standards & Regulations Overview • More than 80 pre-defined templates for country/industry specific regulations • Accurately discover and report sensitive data in unstructured files with analysis engine • Segment off VMs with sensitive data in separate trust zones Benefits ! ! ! • Quickly identify sensitive data exposures • Reduce risk of non-compliance and Cloud Infrastructure (vSphere, vCenter, vShield, vCloud Director) reputation damage • Improve performance by offloading data discovery functions to a virtual appliance25 Confidential
  • 26. Strong and Efficient Protection Against Network Intrusions Partner product Overview • Leverage 3rd party intrusion detection solutions (IDS) to identify network based threats • Automatically isolate compromised VMs quarantine IDS Benefits • Contain network intrusions and prevent them from spreading in the environment Cloud Infrastructure (vSphere, vCenter, vShield, vCloud Director)26 Confidential
  • 27. Efficient Anti-virus Solution to Protect Virtual Machines Partner product Overview • Offloaded anti-virus protection • Leverage 3rd party anti-virus solutions agent agent agent AV agent agent agent Benefits agent agent agent agent agent agent • Eliminate anti-virus storms Cloud Infrastructure • Rapid provisioning: deploy and patch (vSphere, vCenter, vShield, vCloud Director) • Reduce risk and improve performance by eliminating agents susceptible to attack • Lower cost and complexity to protect virtual machines against malware27 Confidential
  • 28. vCloud Director– What’s New“Your Cloud. Without Compromise” © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • 29. vCloud Director enables delivery of infrastructure as a service  Increase business agility by empowering users to rapidly deploy services on-demand with self-service portals  Reduce costs by more efficiently delivering resources and by consolidating and standardizing your infrastructure  Improve security and compliance within multi-tenant environments with strong access controls and vShield security  Enable application portability and interoperability across clouds while leverage existing investments Builds on vSphere and scales up to 10,000 VMs and 25 vCenter Servers29 Confidential
  • 30. New abstractions enable resource elasticity & lower costs VMware vCloud Director Organization: Marketing Organization: Finance Users & Policies Organization VDCs Catalogs Users & Policies Organization VDCs Catalogs Provider Virtual Datacenters (Bronze) (Silver) (Gold) VMware vCenter Server Resource Pools Datastores Port Groups VMware vSphere Secure Private Cloud 30
  • 31. What’s New in vCloud Director 1.5 Most Agile Access to Secure Isolation and The Only Hybrid Cloud Cloud Infrastructure Simple Management Infrastructure Fast Provisioning (Linked Clones) vCloud Messages vShield Edge VPN Integration vApp Custom Guest Properties Microsoft SQL Server Support Cisco Nexus 1000V Integration Expanded vCloud API and SDKs Globalization vSphere 5 support31 Confidential
  • 32. Fast Provisioning Using Linked Clones Overview • Provisions new VMs from a template without replicating the entire image • Instead, links the images (clones) so that common elements are stored only once vmdk vmdk vmdk Benefits • Dramatically speeds up provisioning time from >2 minutes to <5 seconds vmdk Template • Reduces storage footprint (and cost) by over 60%32 Confidential
  • 33. vApp Custom Guest Properties Overview • Allows developers and other users to 3 easily pass user data into guest OSes using OVF descriptors. vApp • Parameters available using VMware tools, 2 Deployment on an ISO, or in the XML for the vApp Configuration vSphere1 Deploy OVF Package Benefits OVF Package • Easier post-deployment configuration & provisioning of identity to VMs & vApps • Provides functionality to bootstrap a wide variety of guest customization solution 33 Confidential
  • 34. vCloud Messages Overview • Connect vCloud Director to enterprise systems through messaging to rapidly create end-to-end system integrations Benefits • Integrate vCloud Director with existing IT management tools • Reduce the cost of manually building CMDB IPAM Ticketing integrations34 Confidential
  • 35. vSphere Storage Appliance – Product Launch “Shared Storage for Everyone”Copyright © 2010 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. This product is protected by U.S. and international copyright and intellectual propertylaws. VMware products are covered by one or more patents listed at
  • 36. vSphere Storage Appliance - Shared storage for everyoneWhat is VSA? Customer Benefits VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) •1 Five click • Install in minutes simplicity • Easy to use • Saves money •2 High Availability • Survive server without the need failures for shared • No more planned storage hardware downtime Revolutionary software that •3 World-class • Set and forget delivers shared storage datacenter automation capabilities without the cost capabilities – • Get more out of your even for small hardware and complexity environments
  • 37. vSphere Storage Appliance – How does it work?VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) 1 VSA runs as a virtual machine on vSphere, in multiple hosts VMware vSphere Storage Appliance provides virtual shared storage volumes without the hardware Enabling key features from2 vSphere Editions Uses internal • Essentials Plus, Standard hard disk • High Availability (DAS) – no • vMotion additional hardware • Enterprise required • Fault Tolerance • Distributed Resource Scheduler 3 • Enterprise Plus Clusters storage • Storage vMotion across server nodes
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