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Defining the use case for Video & Collaboration at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

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Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children have always been pioneers within Health. In partnership with Block Solutions they have now put in to practise their future vision for High Quality Video & …

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children have always been pioneers within Health. In partnership with Block Solutions they have now put in to practise their future vision for High Quality Video & Collaboration services, enabling them to transform the way that they work and operate in Theatre, Clinical Health, and Consultation.This briefing will share with you their objectives, challenges and outcomes that are helping them become the hospital of the future.

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  • 2. AGENDA• Block Solutions• The benefits of Video• Defining the need• Health Objectives• Revelation not Revolution• Video - Why now?• What to do next?• Summary
  • 3. WHO ARE BLOCK? BLOCK is a consultancy specialising in solving business problems and issues through design, implementation and support of Data Centre, Collaboration and Secure Network solutions. We do this through fully understanding the people, culture and processes of the sector our client is operating within.
  • 4. THE BENEFITS OF VIDEO What type of situations need video? • You need to see people and collaborate • Weather or other conditions affect meetings • Distance/geography issues • Travel/Fuel costs & other financial reductions • Time constraints are an issue • Reduce worker/staff isolation • Learning/Training to large or remote groups What type of enablers drive video? • Productivity/Faster decision making • Health & Safety / Security • Environmental considerations • Cost efficiency • Convenience • Learning/Training/analysis
  • 5. DEFINING THE NEED ‘…80% of face to face interactions with the NHS are unnecessary…’ …moving just 1% online would save £250m a year.’ Andrew Lansley MP, Health Minister
  • 6. GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL FOR CHILDRENThe Block Health vision for video revolves around three keydeliverables; 1. A flexible and enhanced medical collaboration solution for theatre video 2. A reliable solution for enterprise video delivery and digital signage 3. A telemedicine solution for remote consultations
  • 7. REVELATION, NOT REVOLUTIONIn-Theatre Video• QIPP – Quality Control• Multi-feed imagery• Hi-Def Quality Live/Recording• Video and Data blending• Scale Expertise access – virtual consultation• Manage skills shortage• Reduce cost of on-site expertise• Reduce time and travel overheads• Post Op analysis & procedure improvement • Critical operations • Event timeline analysis• Augmented reality in Healthcare
  • 8. REVELATION, NOT REVOLUTION Cont. Video delivery & Digital Signage • VoD & Training • Video knowledge sharing/store • Post Op Editing & Publishing • Post Op summarisation (family) • Quality aspect as well as quantity • Extend the community beyond the individual • Post procedure analysis • Critical operations • Monetisation – new income streams • Multi-platform support • Faster access to expertise • Video and data blending • DMS & Signage (Notices & Clinical)
  • 9. REVELATION, NOT REVOLUTION Cont.Telemedicine• Maintain a richer experience• Access to specific Expertise• Reach more people, faster• Interact with geographic groups• Reach less accessible patients • Bed-ridden/Other • DOH ‘Equality of Access’• Specialised access advantages • reduce patient cancellations • reduce patient stress • reduce effort/time• Monetise consultation to new groups• Faster access to expertise• Signing (deaf & dumb) / Translation
  • 10. VIDEO – WHY NOW? Culture • We are in a visual age • Afar real-time is acceptable • Competitive market Innovation • Mobility • Quality • collaboration • augmented reality Cost • Decision delays (domino…) • Fuel & Travel • Cancellations • Time lost in transit
  • 11. VIDEO – WHY NOW?Federation • wider audiences • experts/knowledge groups • external guests/practices • patients & family • room to desktopReliability • bandwidth support • continuity/99.999% • Fast deployment over IPUser Demand • faster needs • more tech familiar clients • cost mitigation
  • 12. WHAT DO YOU DO NEXT?Create a Plan: 1. Establish your overall video objectives 2. Define the business drivers/issues that underpin your objectives 3. Consult with your Video & Collaboration partner to evaluate/determine the right solutions 4. Identify the key stakeholders who will drive/benefit from the changes 5. Determine a way of measuring the objectives success 6. Create a project roadmap 7. Deploy, measure & prove a Proof of Concept 8. Roll out the Solution in a phased manner
  • 13. SUMMARY • Understand where Video adds ‘real value’ when used in the right context • Video is a growing & acceptable medium today • Growing evidence exists of the cost, productivity and personal benefits Video & Collaboration bring • Video is transforming performance output and the way clinical and consultative care work is done • Video & Collaboration is helping achieve Govt. health savings and targets
  • 14. THANK YOU
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