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HP's approach to Desktop Virtualisation - from theory to reality how to determine the right solution for your organisation


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Hewlett-Packard's approach to desktop virtualization, from theory to reality. Join us for this session to learn from the experts in this field how to determine the right solution for your …

Hewlett-Packard's approach to desktop virtualization, from theory to reality. Join us for this session to learn from the experts in this field how to determine the right solution for your organisation.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. ©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice HP'S APPROACH TO DESKTOP VIRTUALISATION From theory to reality - how to determine the right solution for your organisation Jerry Walsh
  • 2. Extending the Value of Converged Infrastructure HP VirtualSystem HP CloudSystem HP AppSystems HP Converged Systems Networking Security Automation and orchestration Storage Servers 2
  • 3. CUSTOMERS NEED TO REVIEW THEIR DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT End of life for Windows XP: 4/2014 The Burden of Managing Distributed Desktops An Increasingly Global & Mobile Workforce Over a third of the world‟s workforce will be mobile by 2013 1 IT client side support is 80% of the annual $1298 client cost per user 2 1 in 10 laptops are stolen, average cost per stolen laptop is $50,000 3 Average annual cost per enterprise of stolen laptops $6.4 million 3 3 Intel, Ponemon Institute, The Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Study, 2010 The Impact of Security and Compliance Breaches Migration planning should begin NOW 1 IDC Mobile Worker Population, 2010 2 IDC, Understanding the Business Value of Centralized Virtual Desktops, 2009 70/30 Paradigm shift 3
  • 4. Manageability Flexibility Availability Security & Compliance 44% increase in IT support productivity CLIENT VIRTUALISATION DELIVERS Device Centric to Usage centric Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device Data never leaves the datacenter! Solves regulatory & compliance issues Environmental Up to 99% reduction in data backup time Built-in disaster recovery capability Up to 66% reduction in power usage Sources: HP customer data Forrester 1/2010: 2,000 IT decision-makers at North American and European enterprises and SMBs
  • 5. The Adaptive Client Traditional “Fat Client” • Personal to a single user type • Patch everything • Components „locked‟ together Virtualised Client • Any hardware • Patch once • Easily change OS • Flexible application pool Dynamic provisioning Any hardware type Patch once. Change easily Consistent experience 5
  • 6. HP CLIENT VIRTUALISATION SOLUTIONS Dedicated Remote Workstations Graphics Accelerated VDI VDI Session Virtualisation Hosted Desktop Application Virtualisation Provisioning / Management Task Oriented Productivity / Knowledge Desktop Power User Performance User Traditional PC Workstation High-endPC HP Client Automation – Image Management HP Insight Control Management Tools HP Client Infrastructure Services UserVirtualisation 6
  • 7. HP REFERENCE ARCHITECTURES • Easy to size, based on user requirements • Deliver predictable, scalable performance • Lowers implementation risk, simplifies and accelerates deployment • Completely self-contained – no switches needed, no external storage traffic • Enhanced security • Unified management • Managed and supported by a single vendor • VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop with MS Hyper-V & XenServer 7 Application Virtualisation User Virtualisation HP Consulting, Integration and Factory Express Services Device management Compute resource User devices Client Automation E-prints Universal Print Drivers
  • 8. OPTIMISED FOR ALL SIZES… Users 0 - 250 150 - 500 500+ Micro-branch Branch Department Enterprise 1,000+ Powered by P4800 SAN Utilises P4500 SANLeverage HP specific value in VSA 8
  • 9. ENTERPRISE REFERENCE ARCHITECTURE Under the covers • The World‟s #1 blade server with HP Blade Technology • Price optimised for proper VDI deployments • Stateless VMs • Virtualised user data • Unique integrated systems management with HP Insight Control • SSD with VSA is in use • The industry‟s first bladed SAN storage with the HP Storage P4000 series 9
  • 10. • SAN, DAS and accelerated storage layers • Architecture can easily be mixed and matched • Each layer is cost optimised CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTURE Storage choice SAN DAS Accelerated Storage VSA
  • 11. HP IO accelerator for BladeSystem c-class • Fast, Green, persistent storage – Flash (NAND) based, but more than an SSD • PCIe x4 Type 1 Mezzanine card for the HP BladeSystem c-Class and PCIe card for HP ProLiant servers • Enterprise capacities : 320GB and 640GB • Low power and cooling requirements • High Bandwidth – up to 750MB(read)/550MB(write) – No write performance drop – No read/write mix performance drop • High IOPS (up to 100,000 IOPs) • Very low latency (~50uS) – 3 orders of magnitude “closer” to CPU than disk • Scale – scales linearly with RAIDed IO Accelerators 11
  • 12. • Recommended for 1GB – 1.5GB VMs • 2P Xeon 5600 Series Westmere / Tylersburg 36-D • 192GB (96GB w/ 8GB DIMMs) • Two integrated 10GB FlexFabric LOMs • 8 physical adjustable bandwidth NICs REFERENCE ARCHITECTURE TESTED BLADES Server Scalability Most scalable 2P blade server BL620c G7 World’s best selling blade BL460c G7 • Recommended for 1.5GB – 2.0GB VMs • 2P Xeon 5600 Series Westmere / Tylersburg 36-D • 288GB (144GB w/ 8GB DIMMs) • Two integrated 10GB FlexFabric LOMs • 8 physical adjustable bandwidth NICs • Recommended for 2.5GB and above VMs • 2P Xeon E7-2800 and E7-4800 • 512GB (256GB w/ 8GB DIMMs) • Four integrated 10GB FlexFabric LOMs • 16 physical adjustable bandwidth NICs Large memory & high density BL490c G7 TW (1GB) PW (1.5 GB) KW (2GB) 88 - 96 62 - 64 48 TW (1GB) PW (1.5 GB) KW (2GB) 96 – 104 68 - 72 64 - 68 TW (1GB) PW (1.5 GB) KW (2GB) 116 - 124 75 – 79 71 - 75 12
  • 13. HW GRAPHICS ACCELERATED VIRTUALISATION Traditional Dedicated Remote Workstation Graphics accelerated VDI host 13
  • 14. LAN or WANCapture, compress & encrypt video Thin Client Provides workstation dual / quad monitor performance Complex 3D & 2D, Client OS applications run with NVIDIA Quadro graphics acceleration Server HP BL460c Blade Server Access broker Capture keyboard, mouse & USB Network HP Virtual Connect Flex10 3D Workstation HP ws460c Blade Workstation Management HP Insight Software Complete control and availability, deep partner integration, built in support automation. 3D Protocols • HP RGS • Citrix HDX 3D • VMware PCoIP (investigation) • MS RemoteFX HP WORKSTATION BLADE WS460c Extending to 3D and Multi-display
  • 15. GRAPHICS VIRTUALISATION • GPU (on host side) used as a computational resource • A single GPU can be used to create a rich, local-like desktop experience for multiple remote users • All graphics are rendered on the host into a single frame buffer per user • Changes to the buffer sent to the client at highly compressed and at a dynamically adaptable frame rate • Requires Hypervisor to support this capability GPU Virtualisation Virtualised GPU used to Capture, Compress & Encrypt Video Rich Graphics Experience 15
  • 17. IT PRIORITIES OVER THE NEXT 18 MONTHS Source: ESG Research Report, 2011 IT Spending Intentions Survey, January 2011. • Technology is maturing, market is strengthening and moving • Analysts estimate that between 20 to 35 million desktops will be virtualised by 2013, spanning all industries and with significant traction in healthcare, government, financial services, and education • HP has the broadest portfolio end to end 17
  • 18. CUSTOMERS Qualifying / Discovery questions • Are you struggling to keep up with ever-changing user expectations and application updates ? • Is it challenging and expensive to support desktop users in remote offices ? • Do you have transactional or remote workers requiring secure access to the corporate network ? • Are you seeking ways to extend the life of current client devices/desktops ? • Do you need high availability and disaster recovery solutions for your desktop environment ? • Do you have plans to migrate to Microsoft Windows 7? Do you have other desktop refresh projects planned ? …. FSI HCS Education Public Manufacturing Call Center
  • 19. KEY RESOURCES • HP Client Virtualisation • Solution Center Grenoble • Enterprise Solution Centre in Boeblingen 19
  • 20. The INSTANT-ON ENTERPRISE is here. A JOURNEY THROUGH IT INNOVATION 29TH NOVEMBER – 1ST DECEMBER VIENNA, AUSTRIA HP Discover is the showcase technology event where you will learn what it takes to start your Instant-On Enterprise journey. Held annually this event brings the power of people, technology and ideas together to solve your most difficult enterprise IT challenges. LEARN MORE and REGISTER
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  • 24. THE WHOLE TECHNOLOGY STACK from start to finish
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