Taking Backup and Recovery in a new direction – Do things differently!


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As organisations continue their journey into the world of virtualisation it soon becomes apparent they will face new challenges especially when it comes to their data backup and recovery strategy. The road to successful backup and recovery can be a bumpy ride, however if you have the right vehicle you can just sit back and drive. Potential failure looms when organisations look to use the same technologies for both physical and virtual server backups, as well as trying to make legacy processes fit into the virtual world. However, research has proven that when it comes to virtualisation you need a different approach to fundamentally deliver the results. Game-changing advances in technology overcome the limitations of traditional methods of data protection and management and help you leverage the power of virtualisation. Also understand how advanced monitoring helps you identify and respond rapidly to problems in your virtual environment and how accurate reporting helps you plan not just for the future but also help you understand your systems capabilities

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Taking Backup and Recovery in a new direction – Do things differently!

  1. 1. Taking Backup and Recoveryin a new direction– Do things differentlyJames SmithIPExpo October 2011
  2. 2. “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently!” Shiva Khera
  3. 3. Virtualization Change Server Utilization Server = File vMotion Change Block Tracking Memory Over Commit Storage Over Commit Data Protection?
  4. 4. The Way it was
  5. 5. Some early attempts at optimization
  6. 6. But would you try this?
  7. 7. Running a successful project
  8. 8. Virtualization Adoption See-Saw-ve +ve Virtualization Adoption Rate Management Data ProtectionCost Reliability+ve -ve
  9. 9. VMWare Adoption See-Saw-ve +ve Virtualization Adoption Rate Management Data ProtectionCost Reliability+ve -ve
  10. 10. Backing up virtual with traditional Legacy backup software Don’t fully embrace the virtual paradigm Agents bog down ESX performance Too expensive Additional product for disaster recovery
  11. 11. Veeam solution for VMs protectionDesigned for virtualization Leverages latest virtualization technologies Agentless, proven architecture Saves licensing, storage and operational costs 2-in-1: Backup and Replication
  12. 12. Veeam solution for VMs protectionDesigned for virtualization Supports ESX(i) and Hyper-V Makes full use of platform API’s Simple socket based licensing. No client or application licenses Full ESX and Hyper-V backup plus replication in one console
  13. 13. Backup scalability challenges Dispersed and growing virtual environments More VMs to backup Heterogeneous VM environments Backup to / from remote offices for DR Understand Cloud but struggle to work with it
  14. 14. Veeam solution for backup scalabilityBuilt for SMBs and enterprises Scalable architecture to fit backup requirements Supports heterogeneous environments Centralized management console with simple proxy deployment Optimized backup and replication to / from remote locations
  15. 15. Veeam solution for backup scalabilityBuilt for SMBs and enterprises Proxy architecture, optimized data transfer and flexible repository support Backup, restore, replicate to different hardware platforms – DR Failover / Failback Server console for deployment and configuration. Web based console for simple restores and job management Uses Dedupe and compression technologies. Also provides Re-IP for VMWare failover
  16. 16. Granular restore challenges Multiple backups for VM or item restore Restore a whole VM from backup in case of major failure Restore a file from Windows or Linux VM backup Restore individual items from any virtualized application Manual search for files within backups
  17. 17. Veeam solution for all types of restoreOne image-based backup for all types of restore 5-minute RTOs with Instant VM Recovery Instant File-Level Recovery from any operating system Universal Application Item-Level Recovery Automated file indexing and search in Windows- based VMs
  18. 18. Reliability challenges Recovery is unreliable Unexpected restore failures Backup testing is expensive Get latest production VM for testing purposes
  19. 19. Veeam solution for reliability100% recoverable backups Recovery verification of every backup, every time 100% tested backups Isolated virtual environment for testing
  20. 20. The complete pictureMultiple vCenter ServersAll hosts, including ESXi freeInside VMs: running processes, guest disk spaceStorageHardware statusReal-time and historical dataCorrelated performance and event data ● Displays vMotion, snapshot creation/deletion, backup and other activities directly on performance graphs ● Helps solve resource usage mysteries
  21. 21. Monitor and respond rapidly Summary dashboard for each object in the infrastructure tree Infrastructure overview dashboard Easily drill down for more information Understand you infrastructure from a business perspective Built in intelligence with predefined alerts and knowledge base
  22. 22. Veeam Reporter Complete picture of the state of your VMware Environment Understand where you were, where your are and where you are going Complete documentation Populate your CMDB and rapidly identify changes Plan accurately for the future and build accurate business cases
  23. 23. Veeam product strategy-ve +veCost Reliability+ve -ve
  24. 24. “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently!”• Doing things differently: • Backup when you want to • Replicate and failover to heterogeneous severs • Instant VM Recovery • Automated Recovery Verification • Dynamic Production Sand-box • Monitor and report rapidly and accurately
  25. 25. And using the right parts might just work
  26. 26. Thank you
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