Veeam Backup V6 More great reasons to choose Veeam


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As organisations continue their path to the cloud it is vital not to let visions become clouded. With the capability of increasing capacity or adding new capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, virtualisation is very appealing. However the risks for data protection and management will intensify if not considered at the initial stages of implementation.

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Veeam Backup V6 More great reasons to choose Veeam

  1. 1. Veeam Backup V6More great reasons to choose VeeamAseem Anwar & Chris SnellSystem Engineers Release contents subject to change prior to general availability (GA)
  2. 2. Veeam MonitorMonitoring and troubleshooting for your virtual environment Performance metrics Events Workload Resource consumption Hardware status
  3. 3. Veeam ReporterEnterprise reporting, change management and capacity planning for VMware
  4. 4. Veeam nWorks Management PackVMware monitoring with Microsoft System Center
  5. 5. What’s coming in v6 Enterprise scalability Advanced replication Multi-hypervisor support Numerous enhancements, including 1-Click File Restore
  6. 6. Building on the success of v5 Continued innovation with vPower ● Run a VM directly from a compressed and deduplicated backup file ● Automatically create and maintain isolated virtual labs New patent-pending capabilities reinvent data protection 1. Instant VM Recovery: recover an entire VM in less than 2 minutes 2. U-AIR: recover individual emails, database records, etc. from a regular image-level backup—without agents, special indexes or extra backups 3. Sure Backup: verify the recoverability of every backup 4. On-Demand Sandbox: create VMs on the fly for testing or troubleshooting 5. Instant File-Level Recovery for any guest OS and file system
  7. 7. Building on the success of v5 (continued) Impressive results ● In the lab: for example, VM recovery 77x faster ● With actual customers Explosive customer growth ● 25,000+ customers ● 1,800,000+ VMs ● Adding nearly 1,500 new customers every month Exponential revenue growth
  8. 8. What’s coming in v6 Enterprise scalability Advanced replication Multi-hypervisor support Numerous enhancements, including 1-Click File Restore
  9. 9. Division of labor Pre-v6 v6 Backup Server Veeam “Backup” Administration Server Load balancing Schedule jobs Retrieve data Proxy Server Write data Repository Server
  10. 10. Example: scale-out Pre-v6 v6 Backup Server Backup Backup Backup Server Server Server Proxy Proxy Proxy Server Server Server Source Repository Server Target
  11. 11. Enterprise scalability Enhanced distributed architecture ● Before: Backup Server Now: Backup Server + Proxy Server + Repository Server ● Significant improvement in replication to ESXi ● Also allows backup to remote storage/over WAN (e.g., cloud-based backup) Intelligent load balancing—within and across jobs ● Not just round robin—considers datastore connection, parallel tasks, etc. ● Eliminates backup storms and target saturation (problems reported by users of other backup tools)
  12. 12. Enterprise scalability (continued) Simple scale-out ● Lightweight proxies ● Automated deployment and maintenance ● Streamlines ROBO and large-scale installations Enhanced Enterprise Manager ● Edit and clone jobs “We didn’t think Veeam could get any better, but they continue to listen to their customers and once again outdid themselves with the new release. We’re especially eager to take advantage of the enhanced distributed architecture in v6, which will fully automate maintenance of the backup infrastructure in our seven regional offices.” – Stephen Whiting IT Manager Adolfson & Peterson Construction
  13. 13. What’s coming in v6 Enterprise scalability Advanced replication Multi-hypervisor support Numerous enhancements, including 1-Click File Restore
  14. 14. Why replication? Virtualization enables cost-effective replication ● Inexpensive standby hosts ● Dissimilar storage ● VM-level (not application-specific) Virtualization enables unified data protection ● Image-based incremental backup ● Image-based incremental replication ● Only difference is the target It’s not just a commercial bundling of products… it’s a cohesive data protection strategy
  15. 15. Advanced replication 10x faster ● Leverages the enhanced distributed architecture ● Uses VADP’s Hot Add mode to perform writes ● Also speeds up restores (and unlike Direct SAN mode, provides fast restores even on VMware thin provisioned disks) Improved failover ● Re-IP ● Re-home (for example, data center migrations) Real failback ● 1-click and confirm—for one or several VMs ● Delta sync ● Re-IP
  16. 16. Advanced replication (continued) Other enhancements ● Seed from backup ● Replica mapping ● Preserve thin disks ● Replicate to cluster ● Traffic throttling
  17. 17. What’s coming in v6 Enterprise scalability Advanced replication Multi-hypervisor support Numerous enhancements, including 1-Click File Restore
  18. 18. 2-in-1 backup and replication for Hyper-V Comprehensive data protection Unified approach
  19. 19. Changed block tracking for Hyper-V Fast incremental backup—20x faster Near-CDP Supports VMs running on CSVs
  20. 20. Built-in compression and deduplication Manage large volume of data generated by image- based backups Included at no extra charge Also includes optional synthetic full backups to manage data volume
  21. 21. Unified data protection across hypervisors Single license, install and console Same data protection infrastructure but still hypervisor-specific (e.g., volume- vs. VM-level snapshot) Single console for VMware and Hyper-VSame dataprotectioninfrastructurefor VMwareand Hyper-V
  22. 22. Additional differentiators Free license swaps Restore VM on any Hyper-V host Protect all VMs, including VMs on hosts running Windows Server Core installation
  23. 23. What’s coming in v6 Enterprise scalability Advanced replication Multi-hypervisor support Numerous enhancements, including 1-Click File Restore
  24. 24. 1-Click File Restore Enhancement to existing IFLR IFLR = file-level recovery from an image-level backup Restore directly from search: 10:1 reduction in number of steps Delegated, agentless, secure
  25. 25. 1-Click File Restore (continued)Web-basedFind thefile Right-click to restore one… … or several files
  26. 26. 1-Click File Restore (continued) Restore directly to original location ● Uses guest interaction APIs ● Does not require:  Direct network connection to VM  User permissions on host or VM  Agent in host or VM Delegate file restores ● New “File Restore Operator” role ● Delegated operator does not need permissions on backup files, the host or the VM ● Secure: files restored directly to original location ● Can be restricted to certain file types (.docx, .xlsx, etc.)
  27. 27. Other enhancements 1-click VM restore VM migration for VMware… and moreWatch for the What’s New on
  28. 28. VM migration for VMware Wizard to migrate one or more VMs from: ● One host to another ● One datastore to another ● Both Instant VM Recovery aware Uses VMware vMotion and Storage vMotion, when available Otherwise uses new Veeam Quick Migration technology ● Between standalone hosts ● To new storage ● Other
  29. 29. VM migration for VMware (continued) Also uses new Veeam SmartSwitch technology, when possible ● Eliminates downtime from power down/power up ● Pause the source  copy the memory state  resume VM on target
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