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Collaboration - Enabling the Future of Work


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Andrew WoodKcomHead of Communications & CollaborationEmail - andy.wood@kcom.comTwitter – - 07778335635 Collaboration... “Enabling the future of work”
  • 2. Contents•History of work•Mega trends•Collaboration•The enterprise network•The next big things•Work place 2020 vision•Summary
  • 3. Work Place -1990 / 2000 1990 – First commercial dial up ISP 1990 – WWW protocols finished (HTML, HTTP, URL’s) 1991 – First web page created 1991 – First content based search protocol 1991 – MP3 becomes a standard 1991 – The first webcam 1993 – Mosaic – First graphical web browser 1993 – Governments go on line 1994 – Netscape Navigator 1995 – Commercialisation of the Internet 1995 – Amazon / Ebay launched 1995 – Geocities – Vatican goes on line 1997 – Term “Weblog” is coined 1998 – First news story to be broken on line – Monicagate 1998 – Google 1998 – Internet file sharing
  • 4. Work Place - 2000 / 10 2000 – The bubble bursts 2001 – Wikipedia is launched 2003 – VoIP goes main stream 2003 – LinkedIn launched 2003 – MySpace, most popular social network 2004 – Web 2.0 2004 – Flickr launched 2004 – Social Media & Digg 2004 – The Facebook open to college students 2005 – You Tube 2005 – Skype launched 2006 – Twitter 2007 – Iphone and mobile web 2008 – Internet Election 2010 – IPAD launch
  • 5. Mega Trend #1 – Economic / GlobalisationShort range UK economic trackers:-2nd quarter - 0.1 % GDPSeptember - Consumer price index 5.2 , highest measure since 2008September - Retail price index 5.6 , highest since June 1991September – Unemployment rose by 114,000 June to August to 2.57m and a 17 year highSeptember – Bank of England Interest rates 0.5% , 27 month in a rowLong range Global economic tracker:-Rise of the BRIC economiesLow cost – connected competition2025 BRIC’s half of the G6 economy2040 BRIC’s over take the G6 economy2050 Forecast that China will be the largest world economy, followed by USA and India2050 Forecast that Brazil and Russia will have larger economies than UK & Germany
  • 6. Mega Trend #2 UK Demographics / SocietalWorld population is very close to 7bn people an increase of 1bn during the last 12 yearsUK has an ageing and shrinking populationLow fertility – remember 2.4 children it is now 2.1Increasing median age - 39 in 2009 and projected 42 in 2034Gender and ethnic diversity – the rise of women in the work placeExtended retirement agesBy 2020 we could have 5 generations in the work place, 1946 traditionalists will be 74 years of ageAcute talent shortage – 1 in 20 work in IT & Telecoms in the UKGlobal talent poolLooming health strain on the NHSIn 1800, 97% lived in the country side, in 2000 48% live in an urban environment – innovation clusters!More divorcesSustainability – Green planetRise of Corporate Social Responsibility ISO26000Fragmented and smaller familiesIsolation & lonelinessPoverty and decline of happiness
  • 7. Mega Trend #3 Universal ConnectivityUK population 62m and 46m using the internet, 76% penetration of broad band5.3bn mobile subscribers thats 77% of the world populationGlobal mobile broadband subscribers to hit 1bn by the end of 20112003, 500 million internet-connected devices2010, 12.5bn – more connected devices than people – IP V6 and the Internet of things2015, 25bn growing to 50bn in 20202025, 5bn connected people Metcalfes law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system
  • 8. Mega Trend #4 Consumerisation - CoITMobile the primary device for web surfing1Bn UK texts per week, 4.1Bn in the US124M connected users on SKYPE now Microsoft25M active users of Google Apps, up from 15m 200990% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2013Users on Facebook 800M, Twitter 110M, LinkedIn 101M, Google + 18m25M iPads in just 14 months. 200M iOS devices, 15 Bn songs downloaded since 2003.130M books. 14 Bn apps downloaded from a store that now runs to 425,000 appsYou Tube 2Bn viewers per day, 24hrs of video is up loaded per minute3 Bn hours per week playing gamesMoore’s Law states the number of transistors that can be placedinexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years
  • 9. Mega Trend #6 Enterprise ITSurvival:-Cost reduction / avoidance / cashable savingsSweat IT assetsSupplier rationalisationStatic / declining budgetsHard business cases with < 18 month ROIMain frame architectural principles – Centralise, Standardise , Consolidate, Virtualise Standardisation v InnovationLooking forward:-Innovation agendaGet closer to the businessBusiness strategy enablementUser experience, productivity, collaboration, federation, BYODCore v Context and exploit the Cloud
  • 10. Collaboration – Unleash the power of X!Does your IT strategy contain the following vocabulary:-Enterprise 2.0 PersonalisationSLATES Star ratedFlatness BYODProSumer ContextPeer Production LocationCo-Creation Meta dataParticipation HTML 5Crowd Sourcing Knowledge managementOpenness Content managementCommunity Business intelligenceMass Collaboration Social CRMOpen innovation Enterprise Social Software “If HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times as profitable” Lew Platt, Former CEO of Hewlett Packard
  • 11. The enterprise network“The forgotten cloud!”Is your network ready for ?Cloud ComputingPrivate Cloud / Data Centre fabricsSoftware as a ServiceIP V6Virtual desktop infrastructureFixed to mobile convergenceTelepresenceConsumerisation of ITContextual securityCommunity / shared servicesSIP voiceNext generation accessiCloud?
  • 12. The next big things....
  • 13. The user interface is transforming
  • 14. Gamification “A change tool for future leaders” Movo“By 2016, 70% of Global 2,000 businesses will have a gamified app” McGonigal
  • 15. The Internet Of Things ‘14 million people, or 6.2% of mobile users, scanned QR codes in June.... nearly 37% of users were in the coveted 25 to 34 age bracket and more than one in every three of them had a household income of at least $100,000’. Comscore’s first study on QR codes
  • 16. Augmented Reality
  • 17. Work 2020 Vision – Key trends 1 – 10 1. Hired / Promoted based upon your Reputation Capital 2. Mobile device will become your office / classroom 3. Global Talent shortage will be acute 4. Recruiting will start on Social Networking sites & first interview could be with your avatar 5. Web commuters will force companies to reinvent corporate offices 6. Companies will hire an entire team to tackle business problems – sourcing of Intact team 7. Job requirements for CEO will include blogging & twitter 8. Corporate training curriculum will use video games, alternate reality & simulations to deliver learning 9. 2020 mindset required to thrive in a networked world Source: The 2020 Work Place Book 10. HR focus will move from outsourcing to crowd sourcing for innovation programs
  • 18. Work 2020 Vision – Key trends 11 – 20 11. Corporate Social Networks will grow inside companies 12. You will elect your leader 13. Life long learning will be a business requirement (Jack Welch MBA) 14. Work / life flexibility will replace work / life balance 15. Companies will disclose their Corporate Social Responsibility program and progress 16. Diversity will be a business not a HR issue 17. The lines covering marketing, communications and learning will blur 18. Corporate App stores will enable employees to better manage their work life flexibility 19. Social Media literacy will be a requirement for all employees Telstra Policy – Responsible, Respect, Representation Source: The 2020 Work Place Book 20. Building a portfolio of contract jobs will be a way of sustaining full time employment
  • 19. Conclusion – Are you ready?The future of work in 2020 will be about :- Productivity, Innovation, Value Creation Leadership, vision and courage Maximise the potential of your people Empower them with the right tools Get ready to compete with BRIC’sEmpowered organisations will be :- Adaptive, Talented & Innovative Flatter Structures, Career Grids, Diversity & Crowd Integrated Collaborative & Intelligent Social, Federated, Visual, Augmented, Knowledgeable & Secure Smart, Hyper-Connected, Open & Virtual Devices, People, Clouds, Offices, Homes, Cities & Countries Responsible Sustainability, Integrity, Transparency & Admired
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