Experiences vs metrics


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Exposure to social networks and consumer cloud solutions has led to higher user expectations in the enterprise. Not for perfection, but for transparency. This trend is colliding with industry norms of measuring device performance rather than user experience.In this session, we draw from case studies of successful transitions to illustrate key factors network management professionals must consider. As help desks become virtual, anticipating questions(FAQs) and enabling users to share experiences are critical. The enterprise nervous system is becoming richer, and therefore more demanding. Will the nervous system’s custodians be able to develop leadership maturity to handle intangibles?

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Experiences vs metrics

  1. 1. Experiences vs metrics Puni Rajah Research Director The Governance Board @punirajahe: puni@thegovernanceboard.org
  2. 2. End user satisfaction is primary benefitSource: “More for Less” The Governance Board, June 2011. N=240Q: What benefits have been realised since implementing optimisation?
  3. 3. • What you will hear from other speakers in this seminar theatre• Our research• Your dashboard• Are you tracking what matters?
  4. 4. WAN WAN Optimisation 2.0 Kevin Suitor, Vice President, Marketing, Exinda NetworksClouds Blue Sky and Clouds: Trends and Challenges in Business IT TodayDavid Silke, EMEA Marketing Director, Brocade Communications
  5. 5. Architecture Architect, implement & manage IT infrastructure for optimal performance Mark Lewis, Snr Director Marketing & Alliances EMEA, RiverbedSecurity Secure Guest Access: Delivering Guest, Customer and Contractor Network Access - Roger Hockaday, Director of Marketing, Aruba Networks
  6. 6. Clouds Cloud - "The hype and reality" - Matt McCloskey, Senior Manager Applications & Services, Virgin Media BusinessImplementation Best Practices for Datacenter I/O InfrastructureMike Heumann, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, NextIO
  7. 7. Implementation Transition to IPv6: make it smooth - Nicolas Cartron, Pre-sales Engineer, Efficient IP - Simon Lowery, UK Sales Manager, Efficient IP
  8. 8. About usWe serve multinational businesses-CFOs, CIOs and their immediateteams 1,300 expert interviews since March 2007- focus on IT governance and sanity
  9. 9. •- What gets measured getsdone.- What gets paid for getsdone more.- What gets paid well getsdone even more … andbetter.
  10. 10. What’s on your dashboard? What needs Do they to change for Can all your agree that yourstakeholders these are the dashboard tosee what you right metrics remainare tracking? to track? relevant in 18 months’ time?
  11. 11. Usual Metrics
  12. 12. What’s Changed?• Exposure to social networks and consumer cloud solutions • higher user expectations in the enterprise• Perfection vs transparency• But, industry norms still measure device performance rather than user experience.• help desks are becoming virtual • anticipating questions(FAQs) and enabling users to share experiences are critical.
  13. 13. It’s 10:15 on Thursday- how are your customers feeling about their productivity and collaboration tools?
  14. 14. Intangibles• How satisfied are you with IT tools available to do your job?• How do you solve IT related problems?• Who do you turn to for ‘how- to’ assistance?• Where can you send suggestions for improvement?
  15. 15. Empower your customers.
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