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The latest enhancements in technology is allowing video to break free of the formal conference room to the desktop, helping organisations make decisions faster, and ultimately become more efficient. Personal interaction is changing within the business environment, high quality face to face contact is now a reality bringing a new era in enterprise communication.

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Personal Communications - Now I can see you in true HD

  1. 1. IPEXPO October 2011Personalised CommunicationsNow I Can See You in True HDMike Wheeler,Business Development DirectorAastra Telecom (UK) Ltd
  2. 2. Driving Forces & Influencers – Video Here, There, Everywhere! Consumer Devices driving video use Web Cam Social Networks driving video use SmartPhones Video content & video conferencing driving use YouTube Facebook Skype Tablets PC / Laptop
  3. 3. Driving Forces & Influencers Generation Y: a new type of worker• 1924 – 1945: Silent Generation. Job for life.Command and control mindset. Respects strongleadership.• 1946 – 1964: Baby Boomers. Live to work, willingto go the extra mile for the employer. Job stabilityand security important.• 1965 – 1977: Generation X. Work to live, focuson work/life balance. Less loyal to employer, notintimidated by authority. Relationships important.Willing to make lateral moves.• 1978 – 1995: Generation Y. Like Gen X onsteroids, but much more creative and technologysavvy. Grew up with mobility, video and socialnetworking. Seeks challenging, meaningful work.High maintenance, little loyalty to employer. Carol Bartz, CEO Yahoo Chris Barnard IDC EMEA Unified Communications and Collaboration Team
  4. 4. Market Size & Outlook – What the Analysts Say Video Endpoints to grow from $1.25B in 2009 to $3.13B in 2015 CAGR (2009-2015) in revenues of 16.5 percent Video Infrastructure to grow from $440M in 2009 to $1.2B in 2015 CAGR (2009-2015) in revenues of 18.2 percent Growth Opportunities & Challenges in the Videoconferencing Market, 2010-03-30
  5. 5. UK: Implementation Status of VideoVideo is moving to the desktop; key role for standards and interoperability Desktop videoconferencing 15% 53% 15% 11% 5% Traditional videoconferencing system (in-house) 14% 17% 47% 14% 8% Telepresence 11% 26% 26% 25% 12% Traditional videoconferencing system (managed by 3rd 5% 23% 37% 26% 9% party) 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% (% of companies) Use now Plan to use within 1 year Plan to use on longer timescale Have rejected it Have not considered it Q26. Apart from telepresence, can you tell me if your organization is using or planning to use the following type of videoconferencing?Source: IDC, WAN Manager Survey, August 2010 Chris Barnard IDC EMEA Unified Communications and Collaboration Team
  6. 6. Inhibitors & Challenges – Concerns before DeployingToo expensiveToo many concerns over complexity, reliability, security ……. Better wait and see
  7. 7. So… What Does it All Mean?That the market for video conferencing & collaboration is growing FASTThat by 2015 the market size could be $5 Billion or moreThat organisations are seriously considering buying product & services TODAYThat Reduced Travel Costs & Improved Staff Productivity are the majordrivers.That Consumer Devices & Social Networks are also driving video adoption &acceptanceThat perceived High Costs are a major barrier to adoption
  8. 8. Video: The New Dial Tone? • Bring down travel costs • Accelerated time to market • Cross-cultural collaboration • Improved relationship with customer and supply chain partners • Responsible energy usage • Enhanced employee productivity and satisfaction • Consumerization Chris Barnard IDC EMEA Unified Communications and Collaboration Team
  9. 9. Adding Business Benefit
  10. 10. Challenges for Vendors Video is escaping from the boardroom Has to be intuitive to use • You should not have to be an IT expert • Identify availability of colleagues • Allow peer to peer to multi participant views Allow natural collaboration • Deliver high quality video & voice • Document and screen sharing Openness • Enable bringing together of UC and business applications • Interoperability Users becoming more mobile Tackling the perception of high costs
  11. 11. Aastra Strategic Vision & Objectives Video is a major trigger to move to Unified Communication & Collaboration Video as an extension of existing communication systems Enhance the video conferencing offer with Aastra’s UC platforms with Aastra’s own expertise Provide native video to Aastra’s UC platforms, and a competitive standalone product offer. Develop new and evolve existing ViPr elements for the New BluStar Solution Product in line with Aastra’s values (for open standards, investment protection)
  12. 12. Introduction of the New BluStar™ 8000i Media PhoneAnnouncing the new video conferencing and collaboration solutionwith the Aastra BluStar 8000i Desktop Media Phone
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention Questions?Come and see us on Stand C31
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