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Tackling Data Explosion Challenges: Information Management, Retention and eDisclosure Best Practices


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Attend this session to learn how to control the stress on your business and your budget by designing, building …

Attend this session to learn how to control the stress on your business and your budget by designing, building
and implementing an information management, litigation readiness and eDisclosure program that will ensure
you get the most from your information while minimizing the associated risks and costs.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Tackling Data Explosion ChallengesInformation Management, Retention and eDisclosure Best Practices
    20 October 2010
    Fred Nemeth, Associate Director, Consulting
    ©2009 Iron Mountain Incorporated. All rights reserved. Iron Mountain and the design of the mountain are registered trademarks of Iron Mountain Incorporated.
  • 2. Electronic Discovery Reference Model
  • 3. Presentation
    EDRM A More Worldly View (to scale)
    Information Management
    Legal Review
    Processing, Review and Analysis
    Preservation and Collection
  • 4. In1956, IBM launched the 305 RAMAC – the first computer with a hard disk drive
    The hard disk weighed over a ton and was capable of storing 5MB of data!
  • 5. Blanket Retention Policies – Unsafe Harbors
    “We save everything until our mail server gets full – then we delete everything and start anew.”
    “We save everything for 30 (60 or 90) days and we’ve never had a problem.”
    “We gave up trying to figure out individual retention rules and now keep everything for 10 (15 or 20) years.”
  • 6. Retention Periods for Email and IM -Customer Survey
  • 7. Blanket Retention Policy Pain!
  • 8. The Legal Standard for ESI Retention
    The regular policy-based destruction of ESI (electronically stored information) including e-mail messages is a legal and appropriate business practice if no law or other obligation requires retention.
  • 9. Corporate Challenges: Retention and Disclosure
    Corporate Security
    Corporate Culture + Busy Employees
    IT has no funding and long project cycle
    Escalating litigation and regulatory need
    Many IT Systems
    Email, SharePoint, Web, Apps, Actg, Storage, Eng, DMS, Archives
    Retention and collection is a low priority until there is a “Compelling Event”
  • 10. Not Speaking The Same Language?
  • 11. Creating a Coordinated Corporate Initiative
  • 12. Eight Tenets Of Effective Document Retention Policies
    Understand your regulatory requirements
    Understand how employees use data
    Create a common sense retention schedule
    Create a litigation hold process
    Inform and train your employees on the new policies
    Enforce the policies with audits and punishments if not followed
    Ensure the policy is defensible in the event of litigation by reviewing the policy annually and refreshing as necessary
    Document everything – “If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen”
  • 13. Email/ESI Classification Options
  • 14. Possible Retention Policies
    Universal retention period
  • 15. Possible Retention Policies
    Create role-based or “high water mark” retention polices based on regulatory requirements or best practices
    By corporate function/department
    1 Year
    3 Years
    6 Months
    Investor Relations
    7 Years
    3 Years
    30 Years
  • 16. Possible Retention Policies
    Manual - End-user driven…
    No Retention
    2 year retention
    Project 1
    Project 2
    3 year retention
    Project 3
    1 year retention after deletion
    Sent Items
    6 month retention
  • 17. Possible Retention Policies
    Automatic classification
    Project 1
    2 year retention
    3 year retention
    Project 2
    Policy Engine
    1 year retention after deletion
    Project 3
  • 18. Integrated Disclosure Meeting enterprise disclosure imperatives head-on
    Identify & Collect
    Early Case Assessment
    • Endpoint devices (laptops, desktops)
    • 19. Pattern matching algorithms for intelligence
    • 20. Policy-based identification and collection
    • 21. Metadata based repository
    • 22. Email, SharePoint, network file shares, additional data types
    • 23. Repository of record
    • 24. Retention policies
    • 25. Litigation holds
    • 26. Classification
    • 27. Transparently ingest data
    • 28. Faceted search, advanced analytics
    • 29. Identify and tag documents
    • 30. Develop case strategy
    • 31. Filter and reduce data volumes
    • 32. Load data into disclosure applications
    • 33. High productivity, scalable review
    • 34. Advanced analytics
    • 35. Multi-project/review team support
    • 36. Automated workflow
  • Don’t Let Perfect Be the Enemy of Good
    • Perfect policies and disclosure processes don’t exist
    • 37. Don’t get stuck on defining perfection at the expense of execution
    • 38. Develop good policies, processes and practices today
    • 39. Show the courts and regulators
    You have a policy
    You are taking reasonable efforts to follow your policy
    You have a disclosure hold process which you periodically test
    You know what data you have where
    You destroy unneeded, older, non-litigation or compliance related documents on a routine basis
    • Improve your policy and processes over time
  • IDC Whitepaper available
    The IT Manager's Role in Proactive Information Retention and Disposition Management: Balancing eDiscovery and Compliance Obligations with IT Operational and Budget Constraints
    Visit Iron Mountain
    On Stand 453