Drobo. Small Box. Big Storage.


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Drobo delivers "big storage in a small box" to create the best storage experience ever for small and medium sized businesses and departments at larger enterprises. Built on proven BeyondRAID technology, Drobo redefines IT economics by delivering award-winning iSCSI SAN storage and advanced capabilities usually reserved for more expensive enterprise solutions.

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Drobo. Small Box. Big Storage.

  1. 1. Storage for IT Managers not SAN Managers Marcus Thompson
  2. 2. Drobo Background• Founded in 2005• Shipped first product mid-2007• >200,000 customers – 20% of Fortune 500• 2010 revenue ~$40M• >75 Industry Awards• Very popular among Creative Professionals and SOHO• Growing in popularity with Business products in SMBs & departments in larger organizations
  3. 3. Target Customers Public SectorOver 90,000 organisations SOHO/SMBIn the CreativesUK Employ 20-249 people Connected Home
  4. 4. Positioning Drobo Products for Business• IT Target Profile – <250 users in company or within the department of larger org – Small overworked staff of 1 to 2 people – Responsible for a very wide range of activities and technology – Minimal budgets – Difficult to afford same products larger companies use• Technology concerns – Data growth, supporting virtualization and VM mobility 8-bay SAN – Sketchy backups – not often enough, and they take too long Storage for Business (model # B800i) – Recovery takes even longer – RTO and RPO concerns – No disaster recovery plan• Why Drobo fits 12-bay SAN Storage for Business (model # B1200i) – Lower cost, 30-50% less than comparables – Easy to use, more time for everything else
  5. 5. DROBO is EASY 5
  6. 6. Drobo Dashboard – V 2.0• Required only for initial config – Not required once Drobo is configured• Management of multiple Drobos• Runs as systray so you get alerts even if closed• Available for all Drobo products• Windows and Mac versions
  7. 7. Under the covers 7
  8. 8. BeyondRAIDDrobo can utilize the capacity ofdifferent size drives 2 TB 250 GB 750 GB 500 GB 750 GB 2 TB Used for Protection 500 GB BeyondRAID 250 GB Used for Protection RAID
  9. 9. Thin Provisioning built-in at no cost• Always Thin Automatically, no scripts to run Other RAID Systems BeyondRAID  Limited-to-no ability to reclaim blocks  Smart Volumes pull storage from from deleted data common pool of drives  Most thin provisioning pulls storage  Common pool eliminates need for LUN- from specific drives level capacity management  Still requires LUN-level capacity  Smart Volumes “stay thin” by management reclaiming deleted data blocks LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 SV 1 SV 2 SV 3 90% 15% 25% Full Common Full Full Drive Pool
  10. 10. Drobo Product Line – Business 8-Bay File Sharing Storage 8-Bay SAN Storage 12-Bay SAN Storage for Business, model B800fs for Business, model B800i for Business, model B1200iStorage Type File-Sharing iSCSI SAN iSCSI SANScalability Up to 100 users Up to 8 servers Up to 24 serversDrive Bays 8 8 12Drive Type 3.5” SATA 3.5” SATA 3.5” SATA, SAS, SSDInterfaces 2 x Gb Ethernet 2 x Gb Ethernet 3 x Gb EthernetForm Factor Desktop or Rackmount (3U) Desktop or Rackmount (3U) Rackmount (3U)Power / Cooling Fixed Fixed Swappable, Redundant  Built specifically for SMB IT, also great for departments in larger companies  Great fit for Windows, Linux and Mac servers, both primary and backup storage  Innovative BeyondRAID delivers powerful protection w/ automated management  Thin provisioning, instant expansion, single or dual-drive redundancy  Certified with VMware, Citrix XenServer, Symantec BackupExec, and more
  11. 11. Drobo B1200i – Uniquely Automated Automated Feature Problem AddressedRAID Management (BeyondRAID) Data Protection – all-the-timeThin Provisioning / Reclamation Capacity Planning / ProvisioningAutomated Data-Aware Tiering Application Service Level Optimization Free Upgrade For VMware, Exchange, and Backup 12-bay SAN Storage for Business (model # B1200i)
  12. 12. Automated Data-Aware Tiering New Traditional Storage Tiering Drobo Automated Data-Aware Tiering SAS SSD Drives Drives • Multiple storage units required • Single box; same or mixed drives • Need dedicated SSD unit or shelf ($$$) • Use mixed SAS/SSD for best price / performance• Benefits one application - dedicated per-tier • Benefits multiple applications; self-tunes • Requires extra networking, tuning • Data is handled in real-time, per-block Expensive, Complex, Manual Affordable, Simple, Automated Inefficient SSD use / Big-box granularity Most economic SSD use / HD granularity One App per unit / shelf, lots of tweaking Point all applications at one box & go
  13. 13. Drobo model B1200i – Uniquely Application-Driven  Automatically – based on I/O at a block level  Immediately – no testing, tuning needed  For mixed workloads Drobo fundamentally changes the economics of storage for SMBs
  14. 14. Thank youwww.drobo.com
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