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How to Build the Ultimate Cloud



Whether you are building a private cloud to meet your organisation’s internal IT needs, or building out a public cloud infrastructure for external service delivery, this lab session will walk you ...

Whether you are building a private cloud to meet your organisation’s internal IT needs, or building out a public cloud infrastructure for external service delivery, this lab session will walk you through one HSP's transformative experience in using best-of-breed technologies to build the ultimate cloud and achieve dramatic cost savings.



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  • Here is a screen shoot of VMware vCenter3PARs Mgmt Plug-In for VMware vSphere is available at no additional charge for 3PAR customers.You will notice the 3PAR Integration of VMware vCenter with the 3PAR tab in the upper right hand corner. This integration is another example of our approach on “applications managed” storage where 3PAR provides information that is native to interface of that application/OS environment In this box you will a list of virtual volumes/LUNs that have been presented to the ESX cluster. If you click on one of these volumes, you will see information on the VV in the “details section” belowDetails include – capacity and utilization savings, volume limits, drive and raid types, remote copy information all from within the vCenter interface and without having to go to an InServ array to get this information.Overall benefit is this allows admins to get access to information that maps across the different abstraction layers in virtual server environments as well as provide storage information to VM admins.
  • This next screen shows the Recovery Manager tab. Recovery Manager for VMware is a licensable product. Recovery Manager allows you to make hundreds of VM-aware space efficient snaps and enables rapid online recovery for VMware Vsphere environmentsIn this first half of the screen you will see the VMFS LUN snapshotWith this LUN, you can see the different Virtual Machine Disk Images (VMDKs) that are part of that VMFS. You can then choose copy these VMDKs to a different LUN or choose to mount/associate them with a different virtual machine

How to Build the Ultimate Cloud How to Build the Ultimate Cloud Presentation Transcript

  • How to build the ultimate cloud? James Hall, 3PAR Philip Longley, Attenda
  • Abstract  Whether you are building a private cloud to meet your organisation’s internal IT needs, or building out a public cloud infrastructure for external service delivery, this lab session will walk you through one HSP's transformative experience in using best-of-breed technologies to build the ultimate cloud and achieve dramatic cost savings.  As a top-ten global HSP, Attenda prides itself on providing end users with the most available and reliable cloud with 100% client referenceability. An award-winning cloud computing service provider, Attenda holds a significant competitive advantage in that it has achieved substantial cost savings through datacentre consolidation--savings which it has been able to pass on to its clients in order to stay ahead of the game.  Join this session to learn how Attenda build its Real Time Infrastructure by combining best-of-breed technologies from 3PAR (utility storage), HP (servers), and VMware (server virtualisation) to form the ultimate cloud, and how it was able to deploy a 100% shared services model as a result, leveraging shared processes, people, and technologies to achieve unprecedented cost-efficiency to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Attenda Company Information  Attenda operates and manages those business critical systems VMware “EMEA Hosting to ensure that they are 'Always Partner of the Year” at On'. VMWorld in Cannes,  We focus on IT Operations and February 2007 only IT Operations. VMware Partner Exchange  134 clients with industry leading 2010 - VMware EMEA & client satisfaction. Global Service Provider of  Endorsed by the industry’s the Year leading certifications & accreditations.
  • What we do?  Deploy, monitor, manage & support a range of industry standard infrastructure.  Industry leading Service Level Agreements & Service Descriptions – 99.5%, 99.9% or 100% Managed Risk.  Fixed price, 100% money back guarantee.  Application based Service Level Agreement for the industry's leading applications in:  Critical Application Hosting  IT Infrastructure and Operations  SaaS provider for ISVs  Experienced and expert staff working to vendor best practices.  Manage all applications & infrastructure that is vital to your business, at any location.  Best practice in IT Service Management (ITIL).  Flexible deployment models – Private and Public Cloud – Attenda RTI, Dedicated infrastructure and hybrid solutions
  • The Building Blocks of a Attenda RTI  Attenda RTI Capacity  Computing Infrastructure power from a pool of resources fully managed by Attenda – HP, VMware  Storage Infrastructure Services – 3PAR  Network and Security Infrastructure Services - CISCO  Virtual Server Farm  Capacity is configured as a Virtual Server Farm  Comprises Compute Units of Attenda RTI resource  The smallest compute unit available is 2GHz processor and 3GB memory in size  FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY
  • Attenda RTI Client Client Client A C D 4GHz + 6GB 2 GHz 2 GHz + 3GB + 3GB Client E 6 GHz + 9GB Client B  20 GHz + 30GB Client F  12 GHz + 18GB  Attenda RTI Platform  Additional Capacity  Attenda RTI comprises many HP Proliant Servers clusters - additional capacity can be added as required.  FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY
  • 3PAR InServ and VMware James Hall
  • 3PAR a Major Cloud Platform
  • InServ Architecture
  • 30 transaction-intensive applications typically demand response time < 10 ms 25 EMC CLARiiON CX3-40 Mid Range Response Time (ms) Jan 2008 20 NetApp IBM DS8300 Turbo FAS3170 Dec 2006 Jun 2008 15 HDS AMS 3PAR InServ 2500 F400 May 2009 High End Mar 2009 10 IBM DS5300 3PAR InServ T800 Sep 2008 Sep 2008 5 HDS USP V Oct 2007 0 0 25,000 50,000 75,000 100,000 125,000 150,000 175,000 200,000 225,000 SPC-1 IOPS™
  • InServ Performance in Virtual Environments host I/O Processing : Traditional Storage s Heavy throughput workload applied Disk Host Unified Processor interfac interfac disk and/or Memory e e Heavy transaction workload applied small IOPs wait for large IOPs to be processed = control information (metadata) = data I/O Processing : 3PAR Controller Node host s Heavy throughput workload sustained 3PAR ASIC & Host Memory Disk interfac interfac disk Control e e Heavy transaction Processor & workload sustained Memory control information and data are pathed and processed separately
  • 3PAR Thin Technologies and VMware?  Start Thin  Get Thin  Stay Thin Thin Provisioning Thin Conversion Thin Reclamation  No pool management or  Eliminate the time & complexity of  Free stranded capacity reservations getting thin  Automated reclamation for 3PAR  No professional services  Open, heterogeneous migrations for offered by Symantec, Oracle  Fine capacity allocation units any array to 3PAR  Snapshots and Remote Copies stay  Variable QoS for snapshots  Service levels preserved during inline thin conversion Buy up to 75% less Reduce Tech Refresh Thin Deployments storage capacity Costs by up to 60% Stay Thin Over time
  • Thin Reclaim and Vmware!  VMware recommends Eagerzeroedthick (EZT) VMDKs for highest performance  VMware requires EZT for Fault Tolerance & MSCS Clusters  3PAR Thin Technologies works with and optimizes EZT VMDKs EZT on other EZT on 3PAR arrays Data Data Data 00000000000000 3PAR Zero Detect 00000000000000 + Thin Persistence 00000000000000 Eliminates EZT 0’s 00000000000000 00000000000000 20 GB VMDK (4 GB Data, 16GB 20 GB VMDK (4 GB Data, 16GB Zeros) consume 20GB capacity Zeros) consume 4 GB capacity
  • 3PAR Agility and Tiering Dynamic Adaptive Adaptive Optimization Optimization Optimization (3 tiers) (SSD/SATA) Tier 0 SSD Tier 1 Fibre Channel Tier 2 Enterprise SATA Autonomic Autonomic Save ~30% on Region Data Tiering and $/IOPS and $/GB Movement Data Movement vs. Fibre Channel
  • Maximum Efficiency with Trade offs
  • Attenda RTI V3 platform and services
  • What does v3 deliver?  Protect your critical applications and data against site failure  Your critical applications will be back up and running with 24 hours  Provides protection for hybrid cloud solutions  Attenda RTI and physical SQL clusters  A Disaster recovery framework for DR testing  Based on VMware Site Recovery Manager, 3PAR and integrated into the Attenda M.O. platform
  • Failover Automation Detect site failures Raise alert when heartbeat lost Initiate failover User confirmation of outage Granular failover initiation Manage replication failover Break replication Make replica visible to recovery hosts Test failover at any time Higher level of protection for your key Data elements Execute recovery process Use pre-programmed plan Provide visibility into progress Orchestrated with Attenda Security and Network services
  • Conceptual view  DC1  DC2  Orchestration & monitoring  Attenda Management Platform – NETIQ Aegis  Network and Security Infrastructure- CISCO – NetIQ Aegis  Compute Infrastructure – HP, VMware -SRM  Storage Infrastructure - 3PAR NetIQ Aegis provides overall orchestration of physical and cloud resources.
  • 3PAR New Features for VMware SRM …
  • Advanced 3PAR Features Full Copy Virtual Copy Remote Copy  Thin, point-in-time clone  Instant readable or writeable  Initial setup in minutes  Variable QoS from base  Snapshots of snapshots  Simple, intuitive commands copy  Consistency groups  No professional services  Rapid resynchronizations  Reservation-less and non-  Native IP or FC duplicative  Mirror between any InServ  Scheduled creation/deletion  Complete distance flexibility  Point-and-click backup for with zero data loss Oracle, Microsoft, VMware Efficient Clone Copy for Full The Most Efficient Snapshot Flexible DR Protection at Volume Recovery on the Market Half the Cost
  • 3PAR Virtual Copy and Recovery Manager for SQL  SQL-aware • Auto discovery of SQL data structures • 100% application consistent snapshots Basic Local Configuration  Built upon 3PAR Virtual Copy • Non-disruptive, online, disk-based copies Production BackUp • 100’s of copy-on-write snapshots Server Server Rapid Exchange  Integration DB recoveries • VERITAS NetBackup support for off-host Off-host backup backup to tape • 3PAR Remote Copy integration Tape Feb 1 9AM Library Snapshot Images  Easy-to-use point-and-click GUI Space Efficient • Automatically handles snapshot SQLProducti Jan 1 10AM on Volume(s) management and database synchronization Jan 1 9AM • Can be scheduled with CLI script or Windows Scheduler InServ® Storage Server
  • 3PAR Recovery Manager for VMware: Array-based Snapshots for Rapid Online Recovery  Solution composed of VM 1 VM 2  3PAR Recovery Manager for Virtual Center  VMware With 3PAR Plug-In  3PAR Virtual Copy  VMware vCenter  Use Cases  Expedite provisioning of new virtual machines from VM copies DataStore A  DataStore B  Snapshot copies for testing and development  Benefits  Hundreds of VM snapshots granular, rapid online recovery • Reservation-less, non- duplicative without agents Volume   Volume Snapsh A B  vCenter integration – superior ot ease of use 3PAR InServ 
  • 3PAR Management Plug-In for vCenter provides enhanced visibility into Storage Resources  Improved Visbility  VM-to-Datastore-to-LUN mapping  Storage Properties  View LUN properties including Thin vs Fat  See capacity utilized  Integration with 3PAR Recovery Manager Native VMware Interface  Seamless rapid online recovery  25
  • 3PAR Remote Copy Integration with VMware SRM
  • 3PAR, Vmware 4.1 Ready and Available!  Available at vSphere 4.1 GA 7/13  Base qualification and certification of vSphere 4.1  Supported with InForm OS 2.3.1 and InForm OS 2.2.4  Support for vSphere 4.1 Storage I/O Control (SIOC)  Supported with InForm OS 2.3.1 and InForm OS 2.2.4  Support for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 4.1  Supported with InForm OS 2.3.1 and InForm OS 2.2.4  Recovery Manager for VMware (RM/V 1.1) for vSphere 4.1  Supported with InForm OS 2.3.1 only  Available in September (2 months post vSphere GA)  3PAR Plug-In for VAAI (vStorage API for Array Integration)  Supported with InForm OS 2.3.1 MU2
  • Hardware Locking – Greater VM Density VMFS  VMFS  3PAR Plug-In for VAAI  SCSI Reservation – Locks Entire LUN  ATS – Block-level Locked  SCSI Reservations used for concurrency  Provides block level locking that allows control concurrent access to same LUN  Entire LUN Locked impacting all IO for all  Allows bigger clusters and bigger LUNs other hosts without compromising service levels
  • Support for Storage IO Control  SIOC identifies high storage latency (20 m/s) at the VMFS level  Takes corrective action to protect high priority virtual machines.  Two key innovations in vSphere:  VMFS volume latency calculation  Throughput reduction through device queue resizing  When the volume’s latency crosses a user-defined threshold, SIOC acts.  Reducing the virtual machines’ aggregate throughput to protect mission critical virtual machines. More info: http://vpivot.com/2010/05/04/storage-io-control/
  • Summary  Performance  Ease of use  Efficiency  Agility on the fly  Advanced data protection  Automation and integration through 3PAR CIM/ API  Support for all VMware 4.1 features
  • Thank You! Any Questions