IPA 'Game Changers' event, 13th May 2009 – Made by Many presentation


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Tim Malbon of Made by Many's presentation from the IPA Strategy Group's 'Game Changers: Strategy – Creativity – Technology' event on Wednesday 13th May 2009.

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IPA 'Game Changers' event, 13th May 2009 – Made by Many presentation

  1. 1. hello
  2. 2. we set up in September 2007
  3. 3. we make platforms, not banners...
  4. 4. we help brands and publishers create, manage and monetise community and Rich Internet Applications
  5. 5. we’re not game changers the game changed us
  6. 6. we embrace change
  7. 7. the lean years
  8. 8. get real, or die
  9. 9. we got real Lower Your Cost of Change Change Is Your Best Friend Hire the Right Customers Stay Lean Meetings Are Toxic Shrink Your Time Actions Not Words What’s The Big Idea? Have An Enemy Build Less Test In The Wild Rinse and Repeat
  10. 10. The competitive advantage of being small, lean and nimble http://gettingreal.37signals.com/
  11. 11. Agile methodologies
  12. 12. Conventional, linear development process Big ideas, big bang launch, big budgets measure new adjust design big strategy user big strategy and build research Iterative, Agile, emergent development process Micro-strategies, big insights, rapid iterations insights plan plan adjust design design adjust launch launch A. Continue plan little strategy measure measure design insights B. Try something else launch measure little strategy little strategy learning curve learning curve Nicked and adapted for Web from David Armano
  13. 13. act like a start-up
  14. 14. old new new vs new media media
  15. 15. orchestra jazz vs model ensemble
  16. 16. traditional creative vs leader leader
  17. 17. new new media rapid, iterative, visual strong vision small, evolving strategy lean, agile, open lightweight processes URL here
  18. 18. old new media big slow linear interruptive often tech-tied
  19. 19. articulate strategy through design 1800x
  20. 20. Amnesty.org Ghana (IS) Amnesty.org.uk United States Netherlands Getting Content Things Done Blogging Platform Visible activism Irrepressible Beijing Olympics Violence Unsubscribe Against Women
  21. 21. make models and prototype
  22. 22. work very fast 17 days 12 week s 5 days
  23. 23. work in real time client in the room
  24. 24. involve techies at the top table
  25. 25. be social & build your network
  26. 26. be social & build your network
  27. 27. be generous
  28. 28. you don’t have to change... survival isn’t mandatory
  29. 29. http://www.madebymany.co.uk http://twitter.com/madebymany