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Implimenting and Mitigating Change with all of this Newfangled Technology
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Implimenting and Mitigating Change with all of this Newfangled Technology


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Mark Dehmlow, Head of the Library Web Department at the University of Notre Dame …

Mark Dehmlow, Head of the Library Web Department at the University of Notre Dame

At the University of Notre Dame, we recently implemented a new website in concert with rolling out a “next generation” OPAC into production for our campus. While much of the pre-launch feedback was positive, once we implemented the new systems, we started receiving a small number of intense criticisms and a small wave of problem reports. This presentation covers how to plan for big technology changes, prepare your organizations, effectively manage the barrage of post implementation technical problems, and mitigate customer concerns and criticisms. Participants are encouraged to bring brief war stories, anecdotes, and suggestions for managing technology implementations.”

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Thanks• People Whose Ideas and Work that Contributed to this Presentation – Dan Brubaker-Horst, Project Applications Developer ( – Robert Fox Sr Systems Administrator Fox, ( – Tim Jones, Interface / Graphic Designer ( (Timothy Jones 378@nd edu) – Tom Lehman, Digital Access Librarian ( – A Aaron Bales, Systems Librarian B l S t Lib i ( – Andre Murniek’s Design Class
  • 2. Overview• Motivations for Change• Cycle of Planning and Implementation• Tools for Web Development p• People and Managing Change• Personnel Needs• Continuous Integration• Next Steps
  • 3. What Precipitated Change• Website – Sense of overwhelm (particularly novice users) – Need for better marketing space – Enhance the visual character• Catalog – Meet our user’s search/retrieval expectations / p – Reduce the amount of work and expertise needed to get from query to research material – Improve service – Needed and extendable platform – Plurality of metadata y
  • 4. Outcomes• Provide access to a large number of dissimilar resources in a simple clean simple, interface that doesn’t overwhelm users• Meet needs of advanced/power users• Provide both search and browse access to resources and services to accommodate different information interaction styles• Enhance visual look of site
  • 5. Project Management Cycle Assess Implement Idea/PP Internal Maintenance External Test Test Development
  • 6. Assessment• Usability• Web statistics• Focus groups g p• Feedback – Anonymous – Targeted• Surveys• Competitive Intelligence
  • 7. Testing• Internal• Usability – Designed around a series of tasks• Release to stakeholders – What to keep in mind – Why formalize?
  • 8. Usability• Undergrads• Graduates & Faculty• Sample: p 1. Find three books discussing American department stores. 2. Find three journal articles on AIDS in Africa. 3. Does the library have access to the article "Reflections on the End Reflections of History, Five Years Later," by Francis Fukuyama, published in History and Theory 1995 34(2): 27-43? 4. What time does the Main Library close on Friday? 5. Find the page that tells how to renew books you have checked out online.
  • 9. Usability Cntd.• Keep it simple – Develop basic scale• What to consider – Time on task – Number of clicks – Success or failure• Morae – Measures clicks – Records session ( (screen and p p ) participant)
  • 10. Idea• Define problems• Brainstorm added features• Sketch wireframe and paper prototype <Test> <T t>
  • 11. Develop• Rapid development around prototype – Integrate basic design elements• Experiment with tools, decision• Formalize the design – IA• Construct Templates <Test>• Fi issues Fix i
  • 12. Wireframes
  • 13. Implement• Migrate site, prepare project for production d ti• Flip to production• Collect feedback – (Clear your calendar for 6 weeks) – Mitigate Problems – Fix issues
  • 14. Start OverBack to Assesment p g jpg p g jpg
  • 15. New Website - Decisions
  • 16. Tools• CMS• CSS F Frameworks k – Blueprint, jQuery UI CSS FW, Yahoo YUI• J Javascript Lib i i t Libraries – jQuery, Yahoo YUI, prototype ( p //jq ( y / /)• Widgets – Colorbox, jQuery UI, Carousel , jQ y ,• Analysis – Urchin, analog, google analytics , g, g g y
  • 17. Tools cntd• In browser analysis – Firebug (Firefox) Web Developer (Chrome) (Firefox),• Browser Testing – IE Tester (
  • 18. QA – Quality Assurance• Determine representative pages for testing t ti• Determine browsers and OSs – get from log analysis• Determine environments ete ee o e ts – Screen Resolution, W3C ( p p y p
  • 19. People• Develop Partnerships – Departments – Key stakeholders –OOpportunites t it • Design class• G t F db k Get Feedback• Integrate Suggestions• Determine appropriate level of committee decisioning g
  • 20. Change Management• Change is disruptive• People have different tolerances to change – Change Style Indicator (Discovery Learning Press) Conservers Pragmatists Originators
  • 21. Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model• Create Urgency• Form a Powerful Coalition• Create a Vision for Change• Communicate the Vision• Remove Obstacels• Create Short-term Wins• Build on the Change• Anchor Changes in CultureSource – MindTools - p // /p g / /
  • 22. Stages of ChangeResistance Confusion Integration Commitment Source: “Traveling Through White Water: A Manager’s Guide to Organizational Change.” Linda R. Fisher & Rose L. Kennedy
  • 23. Preparing the Organization• Garnering organizational support• Focus Groupsp• College Visits• Targeted Email g• Campus Newsletter• Story in Campus Paper• News Channel in Campus Portal• Online Feedback – incentives – 350+ responses p
  • 24. Mitigating the Fallout• What were the biggest issues – My stuff moved – Preferred Links• Dealing with upsets – Kill them with kindness – Don’t take it personally – Thank them for their input and address their inquiry
  • 25. New Website
  • 26. Enhancing the Catalog
  • 27. Enhancing the Catalog
  • 28. Enhancing the Catalog
  • 29. What it Takes to Bring it Together• Customization and development require – Programmers to lead developments and d l t d extend systems – Web Developers with basic understanding of patron scripting – Time and support for those with potential to develop needed skills – Willingness for some risk
  • 30. Learning Technologies• Learn through doing – Ti practical goal t Tie ti l l to learning technology• Choose “gateway” gateway technology – php – Perl 1/2/0/5/0/ar120996349105021.jpg• Graduate to more sophisticated technology – procedural code vs object oriented code
  • 31. Managing Programs/Site• Multiple Environments – dev, preprod, prod• Version management – Subversion, CVS• Build Tools – Ant, Capistrano• Continuous Integration – Hudson
  • 32. Deployment Subversion Hudson H d PPrd oh crap! rollback Prd Dev
  • 33. Next Steps• Post-mortem• Reorganizing• Communication• Implementing Recommendations• Future Planning• St t Strategy
  • 34. Post-mortem• How it went – First two weeks insane• What we missed – More communication, earlier – Education about CatalogPlus g – More testing of CatalogPlus
  • 35. Reorganization• Creating Teams – Advisory group – System Architecture / UI team• Leveraging existing teams – ELK – Library Communications Committee
  • 36. Communication• Move WPIT to WAG (formal input)• Annual meetings with key departments• Education / Outreach• Visit satellite sites
  • 37. Implementing Recommendations
  • 38. Implementing Recommendations
  • 39. Implementing Recommendations
  • 40. Future Planning• Primo Central – aggregated index• Content Management System – Integrated database driven data• Holistic Discovery / Services Approach – Integrated request queue• Developing technologies• Single sign on• Explore Portalization
  • 41. Strategy - Holistic desktop mobile syndication Production Test discovery services Exp. Exp content Beta
  • 42. Resources• Organizational HR trainings• O’Reilly Books (Safari)• Websites – 37signals Signal vs. Noise - – A List Apart - – Smashing Magazine - – UX Magazine - – Fast Co. Design - – Dribbble - – User Interface Engineering: http://www uie com/articles/ – Jakob Nielsens Website: Source: Tom Lehman and Tim Jones
  • 43. Thank You Mark Dehmlow Digital Initiatives Librarian 574-631-3092