Ioacon 2013 presentation for trade meeting


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Ioacon 2013 presentation for trade meeting

  1. 1. Welcome to IAOCON 2013-Agra 1 Agra Orthopedic Society & Organizing Committee of IAOCON 2013 Heartily Invites you to the City of Taj Mahal AGRA IOACON 2013 Goes Green…
  2. 2. Organizing Committee 2 Patron: Prof. K P Srivastava Organizing Chairman: Dr. K K Pruthi Jt. Organizing Chairman: Dr. Ashok Vij Organizing Secretary: Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi Jt. Organizing Secretaries: Dr. Sanjay Dhawan Dr. C P Pal Dr. Ashwani Sadana Dr. Atul Srivastava Dr. Sanjeev Vohra IOACON 2013 Goes Green…
  3. 3. Organizing Committee 3 Coordinator-Workshops: Dr. Ravi Sabharwal Coordinator-Scientific: Dr. A Khare Coordinator CME: Dr. Arun Kapoor Treasurer: Dr. Atul Kulshreshtha Jt. Treasurer: Dr A K Gupta Advisors: Dr. H Chandra Dr. J K Jain Dr. I A Khan Dr. S C Sahu Dr. A K Saxena Dr. G B Saxena Dr. A K Varshney IOACON 2013 Goes Green…
  4. 4. Conference Logo 4 IOACON 2013 Goes Green…
  5. 5. Conference Theme "Educate 5 Enrich Empower" IOACON 2013 Goes Green…
  6. 6. 6 For the first time in the history of IOACON conferences; A special initiative is being planned by way of a study on the prevalence of osteoarthritis in the Indian population and factors associated with it. A paper, based on the analysis of the data collected and collated, will be presented at the conference. This pan-India study will be conducted in metropolises, cities near metros, small towns and villages. We also aim to make this a green conference by using recyclable materials and making it as paperless as possible. Waste disposal, conservancy, vehicle emanation control are some of the areas where green measures will be taken. Online abstract submission and registration will be encouraged. IOACON 2013 Goes Green…
  7. 7. 7 • Green Conference Environmentally responsible meetings are not only good for the earth, they're great for businesstoo.
  8. 8. • Multilingual Hall • ADVANTAGE – • For increasing participation from Countries which are non English speaking 8
  9. 9. Green Initiative IOACON 2013 is intended to be a green conference. For this, we are trying to take following steps: • Online registrations to reduce paper consumption • CD’s to be distributed instead of books of abstracts • Abstract management to be online only • Recyclable materials to be used for conference collateral like signage, kits etc 9
  10. 10. • Endorsed by numeric scientific organizations. • Expected attendance of 5000 orthopedic surgeons & policy makers . • 1 single platform to showcase your product & equipments • Exposure to new technologies, equipments & devices • Multiple networking opportunity. • An Educational program that covers all aspects of Orthopedic Treatments. 10
  11. 11. • Multiple networking opportunities to interact with over 5,000 orthopedic specialists and thought leaders, over academic and social events. • Direct access to tomorrow’s leaders as the conference will attract participation from a large number of decision makers from tertiary care and super specialty hospitals. • Specially created combination of sponsorship packages to suit your needs & customized to your budget lines. • Brand Awareness • Souvenir advertising options • Multiple branding opportunities 11
  12. 12. 12 Domestic and multinational companies and entrepreneurs offering products and services as below : • Manufacturers and distributors of all types of orthopedic equipments (imaging, surgical, physiotherapy, disposables) • Laboratory testing aids (material testers, raw products for basic science) • Orthopedic implants, walking aids, prosthetics, living aids, joint replacements (bone plates, spreaders, ankle braces, artificial limbs) • Hospital furniture and utilities • Research consulting firms • Medical software solution providers • Publishers of medical books and journals • Real estate companies • Hi-tech appliances manufacturers • Automotive companies • High end gadgets & accessories manufacturers
  13. 13. 13 S.N Title Numbers Amount (Rs) 1 Titanium 1 2,00,00,000 (2 crores) 2 Platinum 2 1,00,00,000 (1 crore) 3 Gold 4 50,00,000 (50 lakhs) 4 Silver 6 30,00,000 (30 lakhs) Instructions : •As per category, each sponsor is entitled to some standard benefits which are mentioned in our sponsorship document. •From the list of offered items, the sponsoring company is required to choose items equivalent to their sponsorship amount. For example, one who desires to be the titanium sponsor, has to opt for items worth Rs 2, 00, 00,000 (Rs two crores only) to qualify as Titanium sponsor.
  14. 14. 14 S.No Particulars No. of Sponsors Amount Days Remarks Specifications 1 Main Hall 1 25 Lakhs 3 Days (Conf. Days) Hall to be named after the Sponsor's Company name, permission to put branding inside the hall. • Will be allowed to put 8 LCD Screens inside the hall & 1 outside the hall to be used for branding.(Own Cost) 2 Parallel Session Halls (5 Nos.) 1 per Hall 10 Lakhs each 3 Days (Conf. Days) Hall to be named after the Sponsor's Company name, permission to put branding inside the hall, as per pre- specified size & design. • Will be allowed to put 4 LCD Screens inside the hall & 1 outside the hall to be used for branding.(Own Cost) 3 CME 1 15 Lakhs Permission to put branding inside & outside the CME hall, Permission to run Company A/V during the break sessions & a welcome counter at the entrance gate • Will be allowed to put 4 LCD Screens inside the hall & 1 outside the hall to be used for branding.(Own Cost) 4 Hospitality Lounge 5 20 Lakhs each All Days Separate space will be provided to create the lounge, sponsor will take care of the installation of all necessary equipments, like furniture, tea/coffee/snacks counter etc. Permission to put branding inside & outside the lounge. • Will be allowed to put 6 LCD Screens inside the hall & 1 outside the hall to be used for branding.(Own Cost). Allowed to put branding on furniture at own cost. 5 Registration Area 1 50 Lakhs All Days Priority will be given to Titanium Sponsor. Company's logo will be displayed on the fascia of Reg. counters • Will be allowed to put 15 LCD Screens at Registration Area to be used for branding.(Own Cost)
  15. 15. 15 • We need your support for our initiative of making IOACON 2013 a green Conference. • We would appreciate use of recyclable & biological products & materials. • All the brandings are proposed to be done on Electronic Equipments like LCD,LED, Neon lights etc. • Less use of paper is appreciated.
  16. 16. 16 Home to Home Facility for Conference Delegates.
  17. 17. 17 • With the support of our Trade Partners, we can offer Home to Home facility to our conference Delegates. • To give an hassle free experience to Delegate & Our Trade Partners, we are planning for end to end arrangements. • Our DMC (TCI – Thomas Cook) will take care of all the logistics arrangements for your sponsored delegates. • Presence of DMC in all major cities will be an advantage. • Large buying power will ensure competitive rates & tariffs. • Chartered Plane services can be arranged for our delegates. • More personalized services to your doctors. • One point contact for all the services. • Easy to coordinate & assurance of high service standards.
  18. 18. Highlights of IOACON 2013, Agra • Efforts to make it a bio-friendly conference, initiatives taken to make it first ever Green Conference in IOACON history • Chartered Flight services for Registered Delegates. • Planning to have a Home to Home facility for registered delegate. • Introduction of latest Information Technology tools to make it more convenient for delegates to know about Conference. • Promoting less use of paper. • Promoting use recyclable & renewable material. • And Many More………………………….. 18 IOACON 2013 Goes Green…
  19. 19. We look forward to welcome you to City of Love Agra 19 IOACON 2013 Goes Green… Feedback & Suggestions are Welcome