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Influence Investors: Secret Twitter Tactics for Fundraising
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Influence Investors: Secret Twitter Tactics for Fundraising


Want to learn more? Get this popular Udemy course for FREE here http://www.udemy.com/school-of-raising-money-use-twitter-to-find-investors/ …

Want to learn more? Get this popular Udemy course for FREE here http://www.udemy.com/school-of-raising-money-use-twitter-to-find-investors/

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  • 1. Course Objective To understand why and how to use Twitter to engage with investors and influencers.
  • 2. Key Learning Outcomes ● Build a Twitter Profile ● Twitter Best Practices ● Know how to find Investors & Influencers ● Understand how to use Twitter to Open and Engage in Dialogues ● Use Twitter as tool to demonstrate Thought Leadership
  • 3. Twitter is: ● A great way to find investors and influencers ● A great tool to learn about people ● A way to find commonality ● A tool that demonstrates social savvy Why Twitter is Important
  • 4. Unprecedented Access to People ● People have made a lot of money on their network and information sources. The value of that premium has decreased because you can now find and engage with people and quality information on Twitter. ● Real investors want to be found ● Real investors want to engage in dialogue ● Don't waste time with the wrong people
  • 5. Building a Robust Twitter Profile ● Quality Picture / Images ● Customize Name ● Description about your passions / capabilities ● Include handles to other affiliations
  • 6. How to use the Tool Establish a parameter that works for you: 1. Put on autopilot 2. Curate followers manually 3. Stay private factors ● Quantity vs. Quality ● Consumption vs. Broadcasting
  • 7. Integrate Twitter into Workflow ● Spend a few minutes every day ● Mention a person in a Tweet ● Share your thoughts, insights and what you find interesting ● Read up on what other people are saying
  • 8. ● Identify who follows investors ○ Other investors (VCs / Angels) ○ Influencers ● Searching ○ By title ○ By location ○ By company/industry ● Building a list of investors and influencers ○ Use a CRM! Finding Investors
  • 9. Engaging Dialogues ● Find Commonality ● Engage in current topics ○ Share thoughts on a point they made ○ Share things that your target may be interested in ● Do NOT ask for MONEY!!!!
  • 10. Eliminating Investors ● Use Twitter to eliminate people from your list. ● If they do not share your values, move on.
  • 11. Action Plan ● Establish robust Twitter Profile ○ Complete profile / brading "You" ○ Share personal passions ● Integrate Twitter into Workflow ○ Follow people after meetings ○ Interact with the people via the platform ● Publish Thought Leadership ○ Share insights / points of view ○ These will break down barriers with cold connections ○ Link to published articles ○ Link to videos
  • 12. Next Steps ● Join our Master Fundraising Course ● Join us now for 50% off ● "FAN" www.udemy.com/raisemoneyusingdigitalmedia/ ● Feedback: Jason (at) INVESTyR.com