Lobby for complete oral rehabilitation


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Lobby for complete oral rehabilitation

  1. 1. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO Lobby for complete oral rehabilitation By INTERMEDLINE www.intermedline.com
  2. 2. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO Consequences of not treated dental diseases are both medically , but also in terms of social and relational rapport at work and at home.
  3. 3. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO Thus, the negative consequences are: - Internal / medical , personal health is affected - Internal / medical , personal hygiene is affected - Internal / medical when normal functions of the dentomaxilare device are affected
  4. 4. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO - External / social relationship with society - External / professional relationship with colleagues and business partners - External / aesthetics , personal, social and professional As you can see, any plan is affected by our dentomaxilare situation.
  5. 5. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO In most cases, patients come to the dentist for localized oral diseases, conditions that are known at the time of their presence in a dynamic clinical manifestations usually like: - Pain - most often - Redness - Swelling - Aesthetic problems, more or less stringent
  6. 6. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO Often, these patients do not complete dental treatment because they are unaware of all problems present. The satisfaction of the treatment that stops the pain, removes the treatment of the other disease that is present to another tooth , not understanding the fact that any problem will cause a chain , depending of the nature of dental disease, periodontal, occlusal, the occurrence of dysfunction in neuro-muscular system and finally the temporo mandibular joint syndrome.
  7. 7. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO Based on amnesty , exo and endobucal examination , the radiological examination and study models make diagnoses and formulate a treatment plan that will lead to an end in the complete oral rehabilitation. Success or failure depends heavily on the doctor's ability to understand the needs and requirements of both aesthetics and functional of each patient , but also by the collaboration of the patient with the dentist until the end of the treatment.
  8. 8. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO Treatment should be viewed as a set of dental treatments , periodontal, prosthetic , surgical, orthodontic , in close correlation with dental aesthetics and aesthetic principles in general. What we want and what we can do to get the shape , color, texture, smile - clinicians are aware of this overall treatment plan developed with the patient's consent.
  9. 9. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO Teeth occlusal relationship may change given the optimal functional occlusion. Any changes at this level takes its toll neuro muscular and articular. In this millenium , fixed prosthetics earn very much at the expense of moving prosthetics and expanded oral implantology. In this millenium of technological development must understand that role of oral rehabilitation complete as priority.
  10. 10. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO Once obtained this health condition, it must be maintained and for this purpose to be accomplished must be permanently controlled.
  11. 11. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO Patients must understand that it is always in a state of relative equilibrium - balance can be disrupted and altered by the action of various triggers , such as: - poor hygiene - age - stress - smoking
  12. 12. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO vicious habits - cariogenic diet - collateral medication -other diseases - harmful environmental factors
  13. 13. . PRESS THIS PICTURE TO SEE THE VIDEO CHANGE YOUR SMILE AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE! IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL TO SMILE ! JUST GOING TO DENTIST ! CONTACT NOW! Email: office@intermedline.com Phone: +1 518 620 42 25 Website: http://www.intermedline.com/ Follow us on: http://goo.gl/fck4cJ http://goo.gl/fbcA2a http://goo.gl/Xk3Q5g http://goo.gl/WvY8ul http://goo.gl/2YiL7I http://goo.gl/4qoeG3