__________________________          INTERGALACTICENTERPRISES™                                       CONFIDENTIALLuke Kohl...
As the presentation indicates, the principal corporate entity through which IE will soon act, is calledIntergalacticGolf ...
IntergalacticGolf has designed and will soon launch a series of international programs centeredaround expanding the influ...
The IntergalacticGolf Implementation Plan and Executive summary is clear, concise, and cogent. Asnoted above, Intergalact...
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  1. 1. __________________________ INTERGALACTICENTERPRISES™ CONFIDENTIALLuke KohlIntergalacticEnterprisesLos Angeles, CADecember 14, 2011Attention Please:H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumH.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumH.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al MaktoumH.H. Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumH.E. Ahmad Humaid Al TayerH.E. Mohammed I. Al ShaibaniMr. Mohammed bin Ali Al Abbar and Mr. William Oburu of EmaarMr. Roger Duthie and Ms. Susan Brown of EmiratesInvestment Corporation of Dubai CompaniesDubai, U.A.EDear H.E.Mohammed I. Al Shaibani, H.H.Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,H.H.Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,H.H.Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum,H.H.Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,H.E.Ahmad Humaid Al Tayer,Mr. Mohammed bin Ali Al Abbar and Mr. William OburuMr. Roger Duthie and Ms. Susan Brown:As-Salāmu `Alaykum.It is my greatest pleasure and honor to connect with your team. Thank you for your time andconsideration for the following very game changing and highly historical email. My name is Luke Kohland I am the leading authority in the world on the future of golf and how we can both: (1) maximize thefull power of golf to positively empower and inspire humanity, while (2) jump-starting our globaleconomy. In doing so, we will make the U.A.E. the center of the universe. I write you this letter as boththe Founder and CEO of IntergalacticEnterprises (IE), a new international consortium oforganizations which has been in its planning and development stages since 2004. I have created thisorganization and vision with The United Arab Emirates, all of your businesses, and leaders in mind. 12-14-11INTERGALACTICENTERPRISES  lukekohl@gmail.com  818.813.3790 1
  2. 2. As the presentation indicates, the principal corporate entity through which IE will soon act, is calledIntergalacticGolf (IG). Indeed, within the next six (6) months, IG will initiate a broad range ofworldwide programs which will: (1) place golf in a new and exciting light; and, in so doing (2) popularizegolf to a long desired and exponentially greater level of participation and viewer ship never previouslyachieved by any sport.IntergalacticGolf is a multi-trillion dollar per year global economic stimulation platform, with itsfuture headquarters to be located in Dubai at The Burj Khalifa. IG will jumpstart the worldwideeconomy and create many millions of jobs, while positioning the U.A.E. as the most compassionate,creative, and culturally aware nation in the world dedicated to the excellence and positive advancementof humanity.IntergalacticGolf is a highly innovative pull marketing platform placing the U.A.E., Emirates, and all ofyour companies, at the center of the golf, entertainment, cultural arts, innovation, socialentrepreneurial, and socio-political universe. IG is one of the greatest comprehensive integratedmarketing, advertising, and pr platforms of all time. IG will drive millions of new citizens, spectators,vacationers, and real estate buyers to your region. Working together to implement theIntergalacticGolf vision described in this letter and documentation will promote global citizenship,peace, a knowledge and arts based world, and a smarter planet. IntergalacticGolf will be followed bythe development of other IntergalacticSports from years 2015-2020. In 2020, TheIntergalacticGames will emerge out of Dubai adding to your consistent flow of positive PR, againpositioning the U.A.E. as the all time global leader in sports, arts, entertainment, and culture.IG is a for profit entity with many associated non-for profit entities that will save lives around the world.The U.A.E. is the only country in the world that can properly implement the IntergalacticVision. It ismy desire and complete commitment to work with and for the U.A.E. to help make your country themost popular vacation and residential destination in the world. I am here to serve you at all times and Iwill do a tremendous job marketing, promoting, and spreading good will and positive energy around theworld in the name of the U.A.E., The Al Nahyan and Al Maktoum Royal Families, and all U.A.E. Leadersand Dignitaries. I humbly request for the U.A.E. to please fuel the IntergalacticVision in the name ofAllah/God, thereby maximizing the incredible infrastructure and country you and your leaders havecreated.IntergalacticGolf (IG) has been established, with the general guidance and encouragement ofvarious entities affiliated with The United Arab Emirates. Over the past year, Karin Aghadjanian, PublicRelations Director of Special Projects for Sheikh Khalifa Al Nahyan, has been of particular assistance toIntergalacticGolf in suggesting, for example, that IG continue gaining momentum for our plannedDubai launch and global implementation by establishing dialogues with various strategic United ArabEmirates organizations.As Ms. Aghadjanian has suggested, as well as previous to her suggestion, over the past 24 months, I havepersonally communicated with key representatives in a wide spectrum of U.A.E. organizationsincluding: Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development’s H.E. Fawzia Hamad AlMubarak, Ministry of Foreign Trade H.E. Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Ministry ofForeign Affairs, Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development, AbuDhabi Sports Council’s Dr. Ahmed Saad Al Sharif, Abu Dhabi Media, LIVE, Abu Dhabi FilmCommission, Department of Finance, Department of Economic Development, Dubai Holding, SheikhaNajla Al Awadhi, Jumeirah, Dubai International Capital, Dubai World, Istithmar, Nakheel, Emaar,Tatweer, Hasaad Communications, Four Communications, Emirates Air, Ethiad, United Arab EmiratesGolf Association, and many others. It is my desire for all listed parties to begin speaking about theimportance of implementing IntergalacticVision in The UAE and abroad. As a result of suchcommunications, each of these entities has a general knowledge of IntergalacticGolf’s mission andplans, as well as the U.A.E.’s key role in implementing those plans. I am currently sending each of thesegroups the same packet you have in front of you today. Thank you. 12-14-11INTERGALACTICENTERPRISES  lukekohl@gmail.com  818.813.3790 2
  3. 3. IntergalacticGolf has designed and will soon launch a series of international programs centeredaround expanding the influence of golf as an enjoyable and affordable sport available worldwide topeople of all ages, classes, and ethnicities, especially low- moderate-income adults and underprivilegedchildren. In addition, IntergalacticGolf will demonstrate that the wide-spread development of thissport in the manner described in our materials will facilitate the creation and sustainability oforganizations whose visions, like IG’s, is to improve the quality of life of “ordinary” citizens.Towards that end, IG has already committed to donating at least ten percent (10%) of its net profits tovarious nonprofit organizations dedicated to facilitating systemic change in our societies, such as: AccessJustice PSC; Cirque du Soleil’s One Drop Foundation; The Boys & Girls Club; Red Cross; UNICEF;United Nations Millennium Development Goals; United Way; as well as other local, national,international organizations whose unselfish focus on social entrepreneurship and the compassionate useof our earth’s resources is helping to eliminate unfairness and injustice around the world.It is well established that the United Arab Emirates has long played a unique and strong role in theworld as a catalyst for innovation, social/human development. If, as we strongly hope, the U.A.E.determines that it wishes to join IntergalacticEnterprises/IntergalacticGolf’s vision, we will bepleased to discuss with you at an appropriate and mutually agreed upon time, the extent of financialsupport which our financial consulting firms (Booz&Company, Deloitte, L.E.K., and others) haveindicated as being required to effectively implement and sustain Intergalactic’s planned programs. Priorto that discussion, IG will naturally provide you and each of the U.A.E. affiliated entities detailedbudgets and other financial data which support the necessary commitment of funds to ensure asignificant and sustained Return on Investment (R.O.I.).It is generally known throughout the world that for many years the U.A.E has been at the forefront ofcountries that both emphasize and strongly support diverse programs in the arts, entertainment,technology, education, and sport. We believe that IntergalacticGolf is fully consistent with the long-term interests of the U.A.E. and your nation’s exemplary and ongoing commitment to both local andglobal economic and social growth. Therefore, it is Intergalactic’s view that The U.A.E. is the countrybest suited to provide the required broad platform for marketing golf as a stimulus for significanteconomic development in both the U.A.E. and abroad. Intergalactic has determined Dubai is the bestlocation for its worldwide headquarters.Intergalactic, in collaboration with several other international corporations and several global mediateams, are planning for the formal and public launching of IntergalacticGolf in Dubai in December2012, in conjunction with The European Tour Golf Championship. Intergalactic’s launch will be telecastlive throughout the world. James Cameron’s Cameron/Pace 3D Fusion Technology Group will film allevent programming in 3D technology. IntergalacticGolf will distribute that cinematic content onmobile phones, on selected stations, in IMAX theaters, and in a variety of traditional theaters around theworld so that those who cannot attend our live event, can still experience the magic (with free popcornand unlimited refills of course).IntergalacticGolf’s formal public launch will be preceded by a May 2012, or possibly earlier, meetingwith U.A.E.’s leaders (designated by the U.A.E. government) and many notable corporate partners fromaround the world who will serve as IntergalacticGolf’s Steering Committee. IntergalacticGolf’sSteering Committee will include, among others: Jerry Anderson, Jim Cohen, Jay Cooper, ChasHermann, Jordan Yospe; and many others, all of whom have previously been associated with similarlydesigned for profit and non-profit efforts. (See Biographic Sketches of Many of these distinguishedpersons in the Intergalactic Executive Summary under section 2.1 TEAMINTERGALACTIC.) 12-14-11INTERGALACTICENTERPRISES  lukekohl@gmail.com  818.813.3790 3
  4. 4. The IntergalacticGolf Implementation Plan and Executive summary is clear, concise, and cogent. Asnoted above, IntergalacticGolf plans to work principally out of Dubai and, hopefully, with majorsustained funding from the aforementioned groups. It is our sincere and humble belief that the U.A.E.’sstrategic financial backing for the designed programs will fit well within your 2030 plan, helping toaccelerate and increase the U.A.E.’s global impact in real estate sales and development; travel andtourism; entrepreneurship; and sports/entertainment/arts.Intergalactic is looking forward to creating a very positive and profitable relationship with the U.A.E..Our collaborative efforts will widely market the U.A.E. as the prime facilitator of all Intergalacticprogramming. We are turning to the U.A.E. certainly for financial support; but, far more importantly,for the enlightened approach that your country has taken to demonstrate that social entrepreneurshipcan significantly enhance the quality of life of its citizens and others around the world. Intergalactic andits distinguished team of advisers genuinely hope that the U.A.E. will be an integral part of the abovedescribed exciting venture which is now poised for implementation. Team Investment Corporation ofDubai, The Al Maktoum Royal Family Members, The Al Nahyan Royal Family Members, and all U.A.E.Leaders and Dignitaries, I thank you for taking the time to review this incredible vision.Please click on the following link or enter this web address into your computer, as the IntergalacticExecutive Summary was too large to send via computer. Please click here to be directed to SLIDESHARE PRESENTATIONhttp://www.slideshare.net/INTERGALACTIC1/12-1311intergalactic-enterprisesAt this time of Holiday Celebrations, and the giving of thanks, The IntergalacticTeam and I personallywish you, your families, and loved ones good health and blessings.Shukran ً‫ﺵﻙﺭﺍ‬InshaAllah ‫ﺇﻥ ﺵﺍء ﺍﻝﻝﻩ‬Salam,Luke KohlFounder & CEOIntergalacticEnterprises/IntergalacticGolf818.813.3790 12-14-11INTERGALACTICENTERPRISES  lukekohl@gmail.com  818.813.3790 4