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  1. 1. ----------TOP SECRET----------____________________________________INTERGALACTICGOLF™, LLC EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Prepared By: INTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT Luke Kohl 818.813.3790 lukekohl@gmail.com http://www.intergalacticgolf.tv 11-29-11
  2. 2. Luke KohlIntergalacticLos Angeles, CANovember 29, 2011Kevin Plank, Scott Plank, Brad Dickerson, and Under Armour Executive TeamUnder ArmourBaltimore, MDDear Kevin Plank, J. Scott Plank, Brad Dickerson, and TEAM UNDER ARMOUR,I hope this email finds you excellent!! I hope you and all of your families had a great Thanksgiving. I am verygrateful to be here sharing with you this amazing project and opportunity called, INTERGALACTICGOLF,http://www.intergalacticgolf.tv.Thank you very much to all of your personal assistants who have assisted mewith delivery of this message. I congratulate you on the awesome innovation and the tremendous companyyou have created!! I love the quality, innovation, durability, and absorption power of your products!! Plus,your name best describes the mentality and lasting power I embody and have had to maintain during thisprocess. About 3+ years ago, I connected with John Moag, who then introduced me to his brother BrendanMoag, one of your sales professionals. I gained a lot of knowledge about your team’s excellence and vision byspeaking with Brendan. Both UNDER ARMOUR and INTERGALACTIC story lines are epic. Together wecan be a tremendous force for global growth, positive change, excellence, and incredible prosperity for ourcompanies and humanity. UNDER ARMOUR can be one of the major catalysts responsible for globaltransformation and massive growth. This is truly an amazing opportunity to work together and create anincredible tomorrow for UNDER ARMOUR and humanity!! Together we will heavily spread UNDERARMOUR around the globe, helping you gain massive market share, and in the process, grow golf by at least670 million over the next 5-10 years. INTERGALACTIC GOLF is an amazing project positively inspiringThe World. Please do not be dissuaded from the enormity of this vision. All teams required for properimplementation are standing by.My name is Luke Kohl, http://www.lukekohl.tv, Founder, Chairman and CEO ofINTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT, http://www.intergalacticentertainment.tv, creators ofINTERGALACTICGOLF, http://www.intergalacticgolf.tv. I have worked 9 years and more than 50,000hours full time without pay to be in this position presenting you with this material. I entered SportsEntertainment at 14 years old as the youngest professional caddy in golf working for The Legends on TheSenior PGA Tour. I helped my players break world records. I am the leading authority in the world on TheFuture of Golf and how golf directly impacts the economy, humanity, and The Future of The World. Golfneeds our help right now. By growing golf, we will create a better planet. INTERGALACTICGOLF willuse the strategic convergence of golf, entertainment, and the arts as a vehicle for global social and economicmobility for all people. Together we can create millions of jobs, jumpstart the global economy, empowerhumanity, and create peace and prosperity around the world. In this document and the adjacentINTERGALACTICGOLF IMPLEMENTATION PLAN, I will share with you more information about majorcutting edge technology in the form of a global framework of INTERGALACTICGOLF branded facilitiesand a very large live event platform traveling to these facilities. Implementing this vision will signal thebeginning of a new era, THE INTERGALACTICERA. I have lined everything up so we can beginimmediately. Its Time To Build. The World Is Waiting. I hope you are ready. I am ready.I humbly request your assistance implementing the largest positive global development andphilanthropic endeavor of all time. Some of the most important areas of impact this project will impactinclude: (1) Global Peace, (2) Human Empowerment, (3) Youth Empowerment (4) Social Mobility, (5) INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 1
  3. 3. Creation of Millions of Jobs around the world, (6) A $600 billion+ untapped market per year, (7) UrbanCore Stimulation (8)Trillions in global economic stimulation per year, (9) Hundreds of millions tobillions of dollars raised for charities, (10) and much much more for the arts, entertainment, education,technology, etc. The products and by products of INTERGALACTICGOLF are MOMENTOUS.We will accomplish this task by creating the hottest live event in the world traveling to a framework ofINTERGALACTICGOLF branded facilities. We are going to bring hundreds of millions of people togetherand grow golf into the largest and most exciting spectator and participatory sport in the world. I am sure wecan all imagine what 1300 INTERGALACTICGOLF branded facilities all promoting good times, golf, andexcellence will do for the world. Imagine on various nights throughout the week, sending hundreds andthousands of local, national, and international artists to these venues to perform and entertain.I would really like UNDER ARMOUR to assist us with fueling the largest positive global development andphilanthropic endeavor of all time. UNDER ARMOUR is comprised of big picture thinkers who understandthe Global Sport and Entertainment Universe. The Global Golf Industry and humanity need to be revivedASAP. I know you understand the current golf tours and golf brands are not activating enough golfers becausethe tours and brands are not connecting with the pulse points of humanity. Traditional golf events are notdynamic, nor fun enough to attract golf’s most important clientele, youth, women, and people of all ethnicbackgrounds. Plus golf presents MAJOR BARRIERS TO ENTRY dissuading potential participants fromjoining. INTERGALACTICGOLF provides incredible solutions for humanity, entertainment, the global golfindustry, and all industries strategically intertwined with the golf world. INTERGALACTICGOLF is theultimate integrated, marketing, advertising, and pr platform capable of creating massive growth for you and allparties involved. We are a strategic growth catalyst and change agent entering the golf market and realigningthis sport and the entire industry so that is can best operate for humanity’s benefit. We can work together tojump start the world and create incredible wealth for each other and humanity, all while making our planet amore clean and positive. I would very much love to work with your team at UNDER ARMOUR as a growthcatalyst and global spokesperson selling your incredible textiles and brand. Together we will also build somenew brands, i.e. INTERGALACTICGOLF and INTERGALACTIC1. To Achieve in Life, one must havemany layers of UNDER ARMOUR. I believe this project and my story best embodies THE UNDERARMOUR MENTALITY to go the distance in pursuit of your total excellence no matter how many times youget knocked over. I hope to create history with you. Thank you very much.I look forward to connecting with you after you have read thru and digested this email. It is important for youto know Deloitte and Booz&Co heavily support my work and vision. Both companies have put hundreds ofpro bono hours into building proper collateral for this project. There is still more documentation to create.Presently, The Golf Market is untapped and suffering from serious fragmentation. The global golf industry isready and waiting for MASSIVE GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT. When The Golf Industry is properly running,the rest of the worlds economic infrastructure will also function properly. This is a strategic time for The GolfIndustry to maximize this international opportunity leading up to the launch of the 2016 Olympic GolfPlatform in Rio. Golf is a premier global economic and job creation stimulation platform, however it is notworking because there are too many barriers and restrictions to becoming involved, i.e. cost-location-lack ofvalue-time involvement-lack of fun-environmental impact-barrier to entry-difficulty-etc. We must change thispronto. Get people golfing and you stimulate the economy. Get people really playing golf and the entire worldwill really turn around. Unfortunately, golf is not properly marketed. In its current state, Golf does notconnect with the emotional or social pulse points of todays most important fans, consumers, and participants.The most important customers for golfs future growth include a variety women, youth, and people of all ethnicgroups, religious, and socio-economic status. It is vital to embrace these aforementioned demographics. Golfis a gift for all of us and we will use this powerful sport as a tool for global rejuvenation, personalempowerment, and social mobility. Let us implement a universal approach and turnINTERGALACTICGOLF into THE STARBUCKS OF GOLF. INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 2
  4. 4. Currently, less than 1% of the worlds population plays golf. Over the next 10 years,INTERGALACTICGOLF will grow The Global Golf Industry by at least 10% or 670 million. Toaccomplish our vision, we will buy up, build out, renovate and/or rebrand approximately 500 driving ranges,500 par 3 facilities, 300 miniature golf facilities, 20-40 traditional golf course resorts, and 20 Mega Multi-SportAthletic Facilities complete with spa-massive gyms-a full array of sport courts-with adjacent golf courses anddriving ranges. A good model for us to look at is The East Bank Club of Chicago, http://eastbankclub.com, aswell as The Athlete’s Performance Centers, http://www.athletesperformance.com/services/training. Facilitieswill be branded as INTERGALACTICGOLF. Our traveling 7 Star Golf, Entertainment, and EmpowermentTour, will travel to these venues. When ever the full INTERGALACTICGOLF experience is implemented, itwill act as a massive pull marketing platform on the masses and will be a global affair. The energy ourprogramming creates at these facilities is one of a kind. The overall concept will welcome all of humanity,creating community with golf radiating as a gift for all mankind and a sport for good. This Global Real Estate-Sports Edutainment-Arts-Philanthropic Platform is more than a golf brand; INTERGALACTICGOLF is thebeginning of a new culture and The New World. The Dawn of a New Civilization is upon us.I have had the opportunity to create a strong relationship with Karin Aghadjanian, one of UAE PresidentSheikh Khalifas Private PR Directors. Karin is championing this project from within the UAE Royal Cabinet,UAE Royal Council, and The UAE Ministry of Affairs. I was introduced to Karin by her brother, my financialadvisor. When her brother found out what I was creating, he said I must contact his sister immediately. Overthe last year, I have spoken with Karin in-depth and last month she requested the preparation of alldocumentation to be presented in early 2012 to The UAE Royal Council, Ministry of Affairs, and RoyalCabinet. In May 2012, I will present to the world live on a COMCAST/NBCUNIVERSAL/GOLF CHANNELPLATFORM. This presentation will be part of a major new television docu-reality series, INTERGALACTICADVENTURES, which follows TEAM INTERGALACTIC around the world as we implementINTERGALACTICGOLF accordingly. Karin will be assisting us from within. Karin has stated that she isvery happy and honored to be championing this vision. She has told me this project will happen and she willsee to this. Please see Karin Aghadjanian Here: http://ae.linkedin.com/in/karinaghaINTERGALACTICGOLF and LUKE KOHL require top-notch professional teams surrounding us who willremain consistent throughout development and implementation. I am very grateful for your interest andeagerly anticipate your participation. To help integrate this story and brand into mainstream humanity, we willretell the story, in major motion pictures, of my youth when I was the youngest professional caddy in golfworking from the ages of 14-24 years old for The Legends of Golf on THE PGA and THE SENIOR PGATOURS. With the help of ms. Rory Kennedy of MOXIE FIRECRACKER PRODUCTIONS, Steven Spielbergand DREAM WORKS, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer of IMAGINE ENTERTAINMENT, Robert Redford ofTHE SUNDANCE INSTITUTE/WILDWOOD ENTERPRISES, and other amazing production teams, we willretell the story of how this entire brand came into being and how this entire epic adventure unfolded. UNDERARMOUR can play a very significant role in this story as a founding corporate sponsor. Joining Forces will beMOMENTOUS. DREAM WORKS, IMAGINE, WILDWOOD ENTERPRISES will help us create all liveevent, major motion picture, animation, docu-reality, video game programming, and more.Per verbalization, "All teams are standing by." Please note the following 6 page document summarizing thedetails of INTERGALACTICGOLF. Please see Power Points Links on Page 9 that will help you get a betteridea of the work we will do. This is the world and framework I work best in. I will implement accordinglyand do a wonderful job for you!! Also, please note the dates on the large 49-slide Power Point Presentation areoff. Please use this power point as a visual to better understand the vision and direction. Thank you very muchfor taking this opportunity to heart. Let us make the future incredible together!! Happy Holidays!!All the best and continued success.Peace, INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 3
  5. 5. Luke Kohllukekohl@gmail.com818.813.3790*******************************************Luke KohllNTERGALACTIC ENTERTAINMENTCreators of The FutureCell: 818.813.3790Email: lukekohl@gmail.comFollow me at:http://www.linkedin.com/in/lukekohlhttp://www.imdb.me/lukekohlhttp://www.lukekohl.tvhttp://www.intergalacticgolf.tvhttp://www.intergalacticentertainment.tvhttp://www.intergalacticenergy.tvhttp://www.mackdaddycaddy.tvhttp://www.facebook.com/luke.kohlhttp://www.myspace.com/lukekohlhttp://www.twitter.com/intergalactic1 INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 4
  6. 6. _____________________________________INTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY“It is my great honor and pleasure to connect with you today. Thank you for your time and consideration for,INTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT, our highly innovative, paradigm shifting sports entertainment platformdedicated to innovating and evolving sports programming, entertainment, and humanity. Throughimplementation of our programming, we will positively evolve humanity’s development and activate a GlobalRenaissance.” - Luke Kohl CEO INTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENTIntergalacticGolf doesn’t aim to change the sport. It aims to change the world.With the inaugural INTERGALACTICGOLF event, we will launch an event company with an integratedmarketing, advertising and pr platform, geared towards making golf the most popular participation sport in theworld. This will be the foundation for a corporation that establishes itself in the market as a diversifiedEntertainment, Marketing, and Real Estate Company with core competencies in Television and Motion PictureProduction, Marketing, Promotions, Strategic Consulting, and Communications.INTERGALACTICGOLF is a new live tournament experience, taking place at INTERGALACTICGOLF brandedvenues around the world. Live and made-for-television programming will project these events across the world.We are geared towards increasing participation rates by underlining the positive attributes and social mobilityqualities of the game, while reducing the major barriers to entry that hold golf back from massive growth. There arecurrently 45-50 million active golfers in the world. That represents less than 1% of the world’s population. Thatsaid, a report in 2007 confirmed that golf had grown to become a $76 billion industry. The largest sports economyin the world. With developing and emerging markets in the Middle East, China, India, South America, Russia andEastern Europe, those figures can be viewed as a proportionally low threshold, which we intend to transform.INTERGALACTICGOLF WILL:+Grow golf by 10% of the world’s population, or 670,000,000 people.+On average each one of these players contributes $1,000 to the golf economy each year.+That represents $670,000,000,000 of potential untapped revenue per year+Trillions in Global Economic Stimulation per year.+Create Millions of jobs globally+Put tens of thousands of artists to work+Promote Global Peace and Positive World Citizenship+Reduce Environmental Impact+Set new standards for golf courses via low impact methods, total sustainability, and sun and solar powered+Promote Human Empowerment and Achievement+Promote Youth Empowerment+Promote Social Mobility+Create Massive Urban Core Stimulation+Raise Hundreds of millions  billions of dollars for charities.UNDER ARMOUR WILL RECEIVE:+Founding Clothing Partner status+Total brand integration into all INTERGALACTICGOLF programming i.e.-commercials, billboards, docu-reality, live event, major motion pictures, animation, video games, globally televised press conferences, websites, etc.+Seat on INTERGALACTICGOLF BOARD of DIRECTORS+ Total Integration of your current spokes people and athletes into all INTERGALACTICGOLF Programming+Ability to clothe TEAMINTERGALACTIC and all participants+Ability to sell all UNDER ARMOUR CLOTHING at INTERGALACTICGOLF FACILTIES around the world+Global Brand Distribution+Luke Kohl will design two new brands, INTERGALACTICGOLF and INTERGALACTIC1.+UNDER ARMOUR will help market and distribute. You will have equity share in these lines.+Luke Kohl and INTERGALACTIC Brain Trust and Network+Brand Placement Opportunities at INTERGALACTICGOLF VENUES INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 5
  7. 7. This is a vision shared by the partners who have helped INTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT begin its journey,including Deloitte, Booz&Company, Populous, many Hollywood Heavyweights, VIP’s, World Leaders, and manymore organizations that will benefit. Per my conversation with The Royal PR Team, I have been told in or aroundMay 2012, I will present my work to The UAE President Sheikh Khalifa, his Royal Cabinet, and The UAE Ministryof Affairs. I should have all documentation ready to present to We will document and air all activities leading upto, during, and post presentation.Our expansion will take place through a global framework of INTERGALACTICGOLF branded golf academies,ranges, par-three courses, short courses, public courses, and private clubs located around the world and promotedthrough incredible live events. With help from our strategic media partners we create, finance, produce, anddistribute a framework of live golf events, tournaments, concerts, and youth empowerment forums across variousmedia outlets and platforms to ensure maximum brand exposure. INTERGALACTICGOLF will be the heartbeatof a huge marketing platform that global brands can support and participate in. All participating organizations willhave a crucial role as part of this amazing tapestry that will place all participants at the heart of one of the mostseismic philanthropic projects in history. This will be the heartbeat of a huge marketing platform that globalbrands can support and participate in.Our first major event will be Luke Kohl presenting to The UAE Royal Council, Ministry of Affairs live oninternational television in or around May 2012. We will then prepare for our December 2012 launch in Dubai. Weask you for your assistance facilitating and championing our early events through your network and alliances. Thebenefit of your involvement will span across hardware, promotional, and philanthropic spheres. All participatingcompanies, brands, and professionals will be totally integrated into the websites, press conferences, live events,docu-reality, major motion picture, animation, television series, and video games that we request Steven Spielbergand a group of Hollywood A List directors, producers will direct. This story line will be largely shot in MajorUnited States Cities and strategic world cities including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This crucial role as part of ouramazing tapestry will place you at the heart of one of the most seismic philanthropic projects in history. The globalgolf industry brings the most economic, social, and business networking value to humanity and the world. Withyour help, we aim to carry this revolution into its next era. Thank you very much. Peace. INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 6
  8. 8. ______________________ INTERGALACTICGOLF™,LLC GOLF’s GOLDRUSH1) COMPANY PROFILEINTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT, INC. is an innovative entertainment, media, and publishing companywith a strong emphasis on offering revolutionary breakthroughs for explosive growth in the sports, arts, andconsumer goods markets. INTERGALACTICENTERTAINMENT has created INTERGALACTICGOLF TOUR anew 7 Star Global Golf and Entertainment League. Introduction of THE INTERGALACTICGOLF TOUR’sprogramming will create a massive global sensation around golf and entertainment, thus causing tremendousincreased global golf popularity and participation on INTERGALACTICGOLF BRANDED driving ranges, par 3golf courses, and miniature golf courses located as close to the urban core in strategic cities around the world.Implementation of INTERGALACTICGOLF will be tremendously positive for humanity, youth, associatedcharities, golf companies, consumer goods companies, artists, the cities where INTERGALACTICGOLF isimplemented, and those companies associated with the numerous “financial tentacles” of the Golf Eco System.There are currently 45-50 million active golfers in the world. That represents less than 1% of the world’spopulation. That said, a report in 2007 confirmed that golf had grown to become a $76 billion industry. Thelargest sports economy in the world. With developing and emerging markets in the Middle East, China, India,South America, Russia and Eastern Europe those figures can be viewed as a proportionally low threshold, whichwe intend to transform. INTERGALACTICGOLF will grow golf by 10% of the world’s population, or670,000,000 people. On average each one of these players contributes $1,000 to the golf economy each year. Thatrepresents $670,000,000,000 of potential untapped revenue plus trillions in global economic stimulation. Bymaking golf more fun and exciting, more accessible, more of a networking experience, and less expensive, we willbe able to introduce the sport to more participants, thus growing golf by hundreds of millions. With help from ourstrategic media partners, we create, finance, produce, and distribute a frame work of live golf events, tournaments,concerts, and youth empowerment forums across various media outlets and platforms to ensure maximum brandreach and awareness of golf’s changing image. INTERGALACTICGOLF represents a global framework of variouslevels of live and made for television programming including: pro/celebrity golf tournaments, golf course anddriving range festivals, golf resort festivals, urban golf events, music events, and multimedia museum toursfeaturing the greatest golf art and urban art.2) MISSIONGrow golf by 670 Million worldwide over the next 10 years, or 10% of the world’s population. To accomplish thistask, INTERGALACTIC will reduce the barriers to entry hindering the common man, woman, and child fromenjoying this amazing sport. These barriers to entry include: make golf more accessible via urban core location,more fun, more exciting, less expensive, more of a networking opportunity, less time consuming, less negativeimpact on the environment. We will bring extra value to the game and make learning golf as important as stayingin school. Doing so will create increased global golf popularity, participation, and value in the sport.3) VISIONINTERGALACTIC makes golf fresh, sexy, fun, exciting, socially and environmentally responsible. Innovativepublic relations, promotions, advertising, and multimedia marketing strategies and platforms positionINTERGALACTICGOLF BRANDED EVENTS, TOURNAMENTS, and VENUES as the place to be and be seen.Our unforgettable Celebrity and Professional Golf Tournaments take place on INTERGALACTICGOLFBRANDED facilities and add a new dimension to golf via increased excitement, intrigue, drama, and suspense.INTERGALACTICGOLF redefines what golf can be, increasing and strengthening golf’s fan base with exciting fanfair outreach building an international community. Our growth is achieved through becoming much more than agolf company, but a global lifestyle brand. We transform our global brand into experiences such as: brandedtraveling shows; competitive tours; reality programming; urban driving ranges; hotels and golf resort experiences;literature, merchandising, movies, clothing, video games, and more. INTERGALACTIC is known for ourinnovation, exemplary service, and superior financial performance. INTERGALACTIC will do for golf, what MTVdid for music and recording artists. INTERGALACTIC GOLF is THE STARBUCKS of GOLF. INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 7
  9. 9. 4) COMPANY STRATEGYThe golf market has been flat over the past several years, witnessing a -6.2% decrease in participation rates.The slow and ancient game has not and does not positively connect with a large enough percentage of the fastlychanging Gen X, Y and Z’ers, ages 5-60 years old males and females across the world. INTERGALACTIC will re-define, re-format, and re-brand the game to connect with Women, Teens, and Youth across the world.INTERGALACTIC leverages celebrity and our strategic partners with key insights in branding, production, PR,and advertising needed to attract the untapped markets. IGG partners with resorts, hotels, existing music eventsand traditional golf events on world tours, adding ancillary events at neighboring resort courses, par 3 courses,driving ranges, or urban locations in order to create exciting experiences for new and old golf fans alike.INTERGALACTIC is the Golf Market’s change agent and global growth catalyst for increased retention andparticipation rates. Over the next 10 years, we will implement: • 18 INTERGALACTIC MEGA FACILITIES LOCATED IN STRATEGIC URBAN LOCATIONS AROUND THE WORLD-Large Urban Driving Range, Par 3 Golf Course with Retail Space, A Massive Total Gym with Track-Trainers-Nutrition Experts, Technology Center, Basket Ball Courts, Swimming Pools, Steam & Sauna, Tennis Courts, Climbing Walls, Child Day Care--A Good Example of these facilities would be The East Bank Club in Chicago-http://eastbankclub.com/ o We will either build new facilities, buy and rebrand, or buy the naming rights to the facility. • 500 Driving Ranges-In Tier A, B, C, D, E, F Cities Around The World • 500 Par 3 Courses close to or in the urban core of Tier A, B, C, D, E, F Cities • 300 Miniature Golf Courses • 40 Traditional Size INTERGALACTICGOLF BRANDED COURSES • International Junior Golf Tour and Training Facilities-->will be purchased from Riverside Equity and we will rebrand it to Intergalactic Junior Golf Tour. We will turn this into a Global Junior Golf Tour with events taking place at INTERGALACTIC BRANDED traditional and par 3 courses • 30 Book Series-THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES OF THE MACK DADDY CADDY • 15 Major Motion Pictures • Animation Pictures • Docu-Reality Platform-Showcases the building of INTERGALACTIC GOLF from the beginning of the first partnership activation • Live Events-Major Events of all sizes taking place at our branded facilities, completely sponsored, some airing on TV and our new network, INTERGALACTIC.tv and or INTERGALACTIC1.tv • Creation of INTERGALACTIC.tv or INTERGALACTIC1.tv network • Intergalactic Golf Equipment and Merchandising • Intergalactic Clothing Lines5) CORE COMPETENCIES1) Event and Tournament Programming and Production 2) Reality Television Creation, Packaging, Production3) Golf Instruction 4) Promotions 5) Public Relations 6) Advertising 7) Marketing8)Talent Retention 9) Booking 10) Photo shoots and Pictorial design 11) Clothing Design12) Merchandising 13) Venue Design and Construction6) EVENTS1) Urban Golf Events and Festivals 2) Par 3 Golf Course Tournaments and Concerts 3) Driving Range Events andConcerts 4) Golf Tournaments and Festivals with multimedia elements for children, amateurs, celebrities, andpros 5) Youth Education and Empowerment Forums 6) Urban Art/Golf Memorabilia within a Mini PuttInteractive Exhibitions 7) Golf Game Shows 7) Concerts 8) Art Events7) SHORT TERM DEVELOPMENT GOALS (0-3 years)1) 500 Intergalactic Golf Branded Driving Ranges 2) 500 Intergalactic Par 3 Courses 3) 20 Mega Facilities-Par 3,Driving Range, Fitness Gym and Cultural Arts Center with Retail Shopping Availability 4) 300 miniature golfcourses, 5) Clothing Lines 6) Merchandising 7) Event Production for Tournaments-Leagues-concerts 8) Concerts9) Reality T.V. Shows 10) Book Series 11) Major Motion Pictures 12) Network Creation 13) Golf ClubCreation/Merchandise 14) Tickets/Subscription Based Programming INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 8
  10. 10. 8) LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT GOALS (3-10+ years)1) Reality T.V. Shows 2) Major Motion Picture Series 3) Book Series 4) Live Events 5) International Junior GolfTour 6) Hotels and Resorts 7) Space Travel 8) Global Solar, Wind, Water Power Implementation9) PERTINENT TEAMS, MEMBERS, SPONSORS:The brands I have worked with in the past are heavily integrated into this platform and will be providing us capital,product, and services to implement accordingly. Multiple media conglomerates are contributing to this projectbased on my relationship with them. We are creating a very positive and community brand that competing brandsand Media Companies can feel comfortable contributing to for the benefit of humanity.Some of these brands and partners include: 1) COMCAST/NBC/UNIVERSAL/THE GOLF CHANNEL 2) TIME WARNER INVESTMENTS 3) SONY 4) MGM 5) SPRINT 6) THE BLACKSTONE GROUP 7) KOHLER 8) MICROSOFT 9) CBRE RICHARD ELLIS 10) DREAM WORKS 11) IMAGINE ENTERTAINMENT/RON HOWARD and BRIAN GRAZER 12) IMAGENATION U.A.E. 13) WILDWOOD ENTERPRISES/ROBERT REDFORD 14) WPP+DENTSU+INTERPUBLIC GROUP 15) VW GROUP-BUGATTI, LAMBORGHINI, BENTLEY, AUDI, PORSCHE, VW 16) EMAAR 17) POPULOUS /HOKSVE 18) GOOGLE/YOUTUBE 19) NET JETS 20) UPS 21) BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY COMPANIES 22) CATAPILLER 23) JOHN DEERE 24) UNDER ARMOUR 25) DIESEL 26) ORBITZ TRAVEL 27) ORBITZ GUM 28) ROYALTY of THE WORLD 29) SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUNDS10) INTERGALACTICGOLF POWER POINTS:A) 9 Slide Power Point by BOOZ&COMPANY:Future Global Golf & Entertainment Leaguehttp://www.slideshare.net/secret/EcmoO1yZq90bVjB) 22 Slide INTERGALACTICGOLF Mobile Application Power Point:http://www.slideshare.net/secret/aHBvB9p9pW0kp9C) 49 Slide INTERGALACTICGOLF POWER POINT:(Some dates are off. Please use this power point for visuals and overall energy. An Updated Power PointPresentation is being developed): http://www.slideshare.net/INTERGALACTIC1/june-18-2011-power-pointintergalactic-golf INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 9
  11. 11. 11) NEXT STEPS1) All programming from day 1 of our potential partnership activation will be taped and part of our Live and/ortaped and edited Docu-Reality Platform to air on all appropriate PARTNER DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS. Thisdocu-reality platform will document as we build INTERGALACTICGOLF and this entire vision from start tofinish. Sometimes programming will be live, other times taped and edited.2) I ask The UNDER ARMOUR TEAM to connect and discuss the incredible opportunity we have to create historyand direct humanity into a time of excellence and abundance. I am standing by to answer any questions. Whenyour teams understand the massive global value this project presents humanity, global corporate 1000,philanthropy, charities around the world, urban core stimulation, job creation, global economic stimulation, globalart and entertainment scene, and empowerment for youth and all humanity, you will realize this project must beimplemented immediately.3) I ask for us to communicate about this on the phone and go over the plan and steps required to make this visionreal as soon as possible. We must retain Deloitte, Booz&Co, Manatt Strategies, or an agreed upon consulting firmto build out the ENTIRE INTERGALACTICGOLF BUSINESS PLAN. I will work with the appropriate teams tomake this happen.4) UNDER ARMOUR will utilize the INTERGALACTICGOLF PLATFORM as THE ULTIMATE GLOBALINTEGRATED MARKETING, ADVERTISING, and PR PLATFORM. All brands will be appropriately integratedinto all platforms with the help of attorney, Jordan Yospe of Manatt and Phelps.Please see Jordan Here: http://www.manatt.com/JordanYospe.aspxJordan is CC’d on this email. Jordan Yospe of Manatt and Phelps will be contacted to activate my participation.You can reach Jordan directly at: 310.312.41215) A private Net Jet with a docu-reality camera team will be sent around Dec 15, 2011, to pick Luke Kohl, my mom,my girlfriend, my children, and my assistant up wherever we are currently located. I will only be traveling onprivate air and on our branded INTERGALACTICAIR JUMBO JETS during events (this part I will explain toyou). The camera team will begin filming and interviewing us from the get go about the last 19 year journey I havebeen on, where we are headed, and where this project will take humanity. This will signal the beginning of THEINTERGALACTICERA and implementation of THE NEXT LEVEL.6) I would like to fly to meet with your team in New York or Baltimore sometime around Dec 15, 2011. Shall wemeet in NYC, lets stay at The Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle. This is The Time Warner Building and downthe street from NBC/UNIVERSAL. Both these teams are investors. I am sure we will all be meeting together atThe Time Warner Towers and NBC/UNIVERSAL. I request 5 rooms for my mom, girlfriend and I, my children,my assistant, and attorney. I would like to present this project and myself to you as soon as you like. I will begiven the opportunity to begin implementing globally and take the necessary steps to implement accordinglystarting Jan 1, 2012. I will have an open budget and at least $3 billion to take care of year 1.7) A First Stage Investment of at least $3 Billion will provide Luke Kohl with Start Up Capital to:(a) complete a full business plan with either Deloitte, Booz, Manatt Strategies, or an agreed upon global consultingfirm, (b) activate sponsorship, (c) buy up, rebrand, renovate National and International Driving Ranges, par 3 golfcourses, and golf courses with the help of CBRE/Richard Ellis, (d) purchases of residential real estate forCorporate Executives to live in, (e) Build Infrastructure and teams. We will then build this project out over thenext 5-7 years with massive expansion coming in years 2-6. We will then sell this platform to The Royal Family ofThe UAE, ADIA, and/or a Group of Sovereign Wealth Funds for Trillions. The UAE wants this project. It will beone of the largest transactions of all times. Original investors and humanity will all greatly benefit.8) We will spend at least $20 Billion on at least 500 Global Par 3 Courses. We will rebrand and renovate withINTERGALACTICGOLF standards and Sony Technology.9) We will spend at least $15 Billion on at least 500 Driving Range Facilities located as close to the urban core aspossible. We will rebrand and renovate with INTERGALACTICGOLF standards and Sony Technology. INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 10
  12. 12. 10) We will spend approximately $15 Billion on 18 Mega Facilities that include driving ranges, par 3 courses, andfull work out facilities like EAST BANK CLUB of Chicago, http://www.eastbankclub.com. These monies will gotowards buying up the real estate, demolishing pre-existing buildings, and implementing our new venues, etc.11) We will spend at least $15 billion on our 15 major motion picture franchise, animation series, and video games.12) We will need approximately $100 billion to implement the vision completely. This will not be a problem.I have all proper teams lined up and at the table waiting for activation. In May 2012, I will address The UAE RoyalCouncil, Ministry of Affairs, and activate other large sums of money to complete this project.13) We will spend the remaining funds on salaries, infrastructure, long term goals, buy appropriate organizationsneeded to assist us, marketing and advertising, purchase Real Estate both Residential and Corporate for our teams,buy proper real estate and demolish standing buildings in location where INTERGALACTIC Facilities arelocated.14) We can turn this around and sell in 7 years time for many $$$Trillions$$$ to The UAE or takeINTERGALACTICGOLF public.15) INTERGALACTIC HEADQUARTERS will be in The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, located inDubai. ----------TOP SECRET---------- INTERGALACTICGOLF-lukekohl@gmail.com-818.813.3790-Pg. 11